10 Projects Showing Google Has the Future Figured Out


As you know about the Google that has a vital role in social media world and our daily life and it is best for many reasons. First, Google is good search engine which can provide us enough information about something and someone. Second, it is also a famous Android OS and it is as a search engine it is very good for humanity because of the new science and technology. So in this article we are going to tell you about what has been up to Google and what will be the new projects for the future.

1: Robotics

Boston Dynamics

Google is planning to build such a kind of robot army, this is the first time that Google is going to create robots for driverless car and Google is successfully awarded to control the robot armies. Google is trying to build many new technology based machines as in the past it has built like Google’s self-driving cars having the ability to communicate with each other while on the road, avoiding collisions, managing traffic on their own and predicting the routes.

2: Self- Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

The autonomous and electric cars are getting famous in all over the world and from many years. Most of the big companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes, General Motors and Google are trying hard for driverless cars. The goal of every company is to solve out the problems to people like long standing distance and this cars can also creates problem to us. The Google’s self-driving cars are involved in 11 accidents in last six months but none of them were caused by car’s own fault.

By introducing the autonomous cars that can compute faster than hundred sober minds combined. Driverless cars can help those who don’t have capacity for driving, may be because of health reasons or over aged problem.

3: Space Exploration

Space Exploration

Most of the countries and technology based companies are focusing on space exploration; the same Google is also trying to going back to space. In fact, Google has leased a NASA Airfield for 60 years and for a cost of $1.16 billion, and also having a promise to grade up facilities, help in educating the people to tell them about the importance of space exploration. Actually this is a plan to back to the moon for good and telling getting there by help of the private organization privately funded organizations.

There are three things that Google has offered a cash reward to whoever accomplishes will be rewarded for $20 million.

1: Landing a robot on the surface of the moon

2: Make it move above or below 500 meters on the surface of the Moon

3: Send back HDTV streams to earth for us to enjoy.

4: Project Ara

Project Ara

You might have gotten tired changing of your phone because of the new models of mobile phones that are coming to markets after six or eight months. So here you may be excited about the announcing of Project Ara. So the concept is clear try to use your phone as it is a Lego toy. For example you are a photographer so you will be focusing on upgrading your camera or lens, your mission is for better speakers and audio quality longer extends batteries for time to listen.

Project Ara is not only going to let you to update your required hardware, but also ensures you to not change your whole phone just for having a part broken.

Project Tango

Project Tango – 3D Mapping

This is the important point for our daily life, Project Tango has brought a kind of awareness to the world that how to handled the devices. We can navigate and communicate with each other from any corner of the world. With the help of Project Tango mapping the world in real time will not be a problem. The easy way of using is that just imagine you are entering to a building and walking in it, so your Smartphone’s map is everything for you


Calico – Immortality

This is a research and development company that was founded by Google Inc and Arthur D. Levinson. This project is about health that focuses on aging and tells how to slow it counteracts age-related diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration through new treatments and therapies.

Everyone is not supported to know what Calico is doing, recently in blog Bill Gates has criticized the timing of Calico’s objective to deal with it while we are still trying to find ways to demolish malaria and tuberculosis.

7: Liftware (about disease)


Liftware is a self-stabilizing handle that can use as spoon or fork, this is very important for people who are suffering from muscle problem like patients of Parkinson’s disease. The problem with all Parkinson’s Disease patients are having the problem of inability or reduced speed to eat by themselves. Losing control of their motor skills make it easy feeding themselves that much harder than it is for those who do not suffer from the disease.

It is not important that only Liftware reduce the speed of spoon’s shaking by 70% it can also boost the patient confidence, since they can simply eat anytime they want without anyone helping with them.

8: Google Contact Lens

Google Contact Lens

This is another essential project for health that can help in to fix or monitor the sugar level on diabetic. This sound like a small and unimportant deal but if you suffer from diabetes then you will need to give the same blood samples for analysis of your blood sugar level. With the help of smart contact lens blood glucose levels can be measured through tears. Actually the idea is to have glitter thin microchips and an antenna even smaller than human hair embedded in soft contact lens material. In the future with the help of round clock monitoring, the smart contact lens can also make a problem incase glucose levels are getting down or above from the normal range.

9: Makani (about world problem)

Makani – Google’s Airborne Wind Turbine

In the world the fossil fuels is getting decrease and every country is on a race to find the alternate and more sustainable sources of energy, the same Google is facing with this problem and has turned the attention to such a type of energy that can be harvested or gain from the wind.

Google is trying to get its energy from harvester to the air by their project Makani, Google has required to harness wind energy from the air or flying, using the turbine in the air same like flying of a kite in the air. As it gains more altitude, and therefore faces more wind, the energy output also increases. This is possible due to the recent advancements in the shrinking of computers. So the Makani energy kite is cheaper and everyone in the world can use it everywhere.

10: Project Loon (internet in a balloon)

Project Loon – Internet In A Balloon

You might know better than us the using of internet that in one minute how many people are getting connects, which is growing after a minute. The numbers of people who are using the internet are getting a lot per year, but the majority of the people are not the part of internet in the world.

The new Project Loon is trying to solve this problem by taking it to the stratosphere. With the help of balloon Google plans to help with the internet connection all around the world. The balloons are flying 20 kilometers that is equal to 13 miles above the ground. And Loons, powered by solar energy, can use the wind in the stratosphere to work on it across the land. It needs the solar energy.


We have mentioned many projects of Google for future but there are other projects also that Google plans to release. We hope that our article helped you to know about the new projects of Google for the future.


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