Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Review


Macbook Pro 2016 is free and having attractive features, this 2016 Macbook Pro is not only thin, attractive and smart but also it has completely changes the way of using Macbook. So, today we want to tell you about the Apple MacBook 2016 with features – Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Review

We want to introduce the new features of Touch Bar that allows you to do different tasks like switching music, scrolling without getting off your hands from the keyboard and it also provides fingerprint lock security. Likewise the new MacBook has come with 3 variants in which two of them are 13 inch display and the one 15 inch display. All of them are thinner and lighter, impressive audio quality, and having good speed. This capacitive strip of OLED glass above the keyboard is supposed to change everything.

 Apple’s MacBook Pro

Apple’s lineup is an excellent piece of machinery, with a sturdy, subtly-curved aluminum chassis and strikingly skinny edges that measure just 0.61 inches thin. This Apple’s Macbook is also portable with a weight of 4lb and is lighter than all of the previous and old models.

Other features of Apple’s MacBook Pro

The important point is that Macbook Pro does not contain any of function keys, touch Bar is located above the keyboard where function key was before. NO need of getting worry about providing access to the brightness, volume, media playback, and window swapping control that also provides a virtual version of function keys, whereas the touch pad also provides mouse-based functions through which you can also save your time. The touch bar changes automatically, and based on you relevant tools that you are going to show.

Ports of Apple MacBook Pro

The ports in Apple MacBook Pro are having a name of slimness costs the ports. It is consist of one headphone and 4 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 connections ports. A USB-C port performs many tasks such as integrates data transfer, charging, and video output by using a single connector, there exist is neither single 2.0 ports nor SD card slot, you can easily connect Thunderbolt 2 devices and other of your devices by means of an adapter. Having two Thunderbolt controllers in the new MacBook Pro, you can send graphics to dual 5K displays for the perfect and high-resolution photo and video editing setup. With the help of these USB-C ports you can be allow to transfer up to 40GBps of data, that is twice faster than Thunderbolt 2.

Keyboard of MacBook Pro

The keyboard of the new MacBook Pro uses the same super-flat butterfly keyboard as the 12-inch MacBook was using. Now Macbook Pro has 6.1×3.9 inch touchpad, which is large on this model. You have a little of space for moving your finger rather than getting off your finger many times.

Keyboard of MacBook Pro

Specification of 15 inch having Touch Pad

1:  720p FaceTime HD camera

2:  Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz

3:  6MB shared L3 cache

4:  256GB PCIe-based onboard SSD

5:  16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory

6:  Radeon Pro 450 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory

7:  Intel HD Graphics 530

8:  2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7

9:  Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology

10:  Up to 30 days of standby time


To know about the Apple’s new MacBook Pro which has an old display and is still Retina, that means the new MacBook is having an old display which was amazing in 2012.

Designing /Graphics / Gaming

The new MacBook Pro have come with AMD Radeon Pro 455 graphics which makes it very easy and interesting for video editing, designing work, and gaming.

Long Lasting Battery

Apple MacBook Pro is provided with long lasting battery with slim size that provides 12 hours backup using continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi which is longer than most popular Laptop of the year Dell XPS 13.


Heating tests conducted by laptop Mag measured heat less than 95 degrees which are under comfort level.

Battery Size

The new Apple MacBook Pro is equipped with all perfect tools and the size of battery is slim and is free of any burden on mobile.


There are lots of benefits of New Apple MacBook Pro including faster graphics,  slimmed-down design, brighter screen, improved disk speeds and many more. So this was our new article and we hope that you can know enough about Apple MacBook.


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