BMW remotely locked a vehicle & can trap a thief while stealing a car


Stealing a car for a thief is a kind of profession that now a day’s most of the people are facing with it. Auto thieves have simply used their techniques to steal an expensive car. We want you not to worry about stealing the cars because according to the new technologies of modern world there are some well equipped vehicles are introducing to the market. So today we are going to tell you about a new BMW car that can remotely locked and trap a thief inside the car – BMW remotely locked a vehicle & can trap a thief while stealing a car

Stealing a new BMW  

It difficult for auto thieves and will think twice before jacking a brand new BMW vehicle because they are willing to get trap inside a stolen car. Here is a report about the car thieves.

According to the CNET report, The Seattle Police received assistance from car-maker BMW to judge a criminal by remotely tracking a locking him inside the very same vehicle he managed to snatch.

He added “A car thief awoke from a sound slumber Sunday morning to find he had been remotely locked inside a stolen BMW”

. According to the report mentioned in it that the suspect allegedly decided to take someone else’s car for a spin when he stumbled upon a key fob by mistake and left inside the vehicle. After reporting by the owner about the missing car, police got in touch and asked about the stolen car from manufacturer BMW. So the company who used the car’s tracking system answered that the vehicle is locating in Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle. They got reached to exact place and near to the stolen automobile and found that car parked with the thief snoozing behind the wheel.

The thief was 38-year-old suspect was then taken into police custody on charges of theft and drug possession, because police discovered he was also carrying a small amount of cocaine and marijuana along with him. The Seattle Police Department has an extended tradition of infusing their criminal reporting with comedy.

BMW employees were able to remotely lock the car’s doors and there is no any other chance for thieve to get out of the car. This car can do many tasks such as:

1: Trapping the suspect inside the car

2: Presumably while hissing something terrifying

3: A line from the popular superhero movie Watchmen.

4: Users great choice

Finally this BMW new model car that remotely locked a vehicle for trapping a thief inside the car while stealing. We hope you can distinguish between vehicles through our article and can never be worry about car stealing.



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