Chrome adds Download Manager, Offline Pages, Performance Improvements etc


According to the social media’s websites that is using a lot by the users such as Youtube, Google, Facebook etc, provides enough facilities and different videos about sports, movies and many more. So we want to tell in our article about Chrome or Google which adds important functions and features -Chrome adds Download Manager, Offline Pages, Performance Improvements etc

You might have noticed that earlier this year, Youtube has offered offline videos feature to its users through which they can see videos offline when they don’t have an internet connection and also such kind of videos that can be enjoyed by a user in his/her spare and free time. There is another large website that is Google which also working to provide a similar feature to its users on mobile devices that can be watched without any network or internet. This feature will allow users to download web pages to visit later and can watch all the downloaded videos. So this is a very good facility for those people who have problems or internet. Now you can easily see your wanted videos while there is no internet.

The update also includes a built-in Download manager, low memory usage, and web sharing features. Before this, Google added download feature in Chrome S5 beta program, but that update was for only desktop users.

Chrome 55 adds

Important Steps

We want to give step by step ways in order to download webpage, here you need to perform the following steps:

1: First press the three doted line at the top of the screen.

2: You will see the option so in option press on download option.

3: The WebPages will be saved for offline view until you delete it.

After these steps you will also be able to download videos and audios if the website uses the custom control. You don’t have to be worry because you can easily download all sorts of videos.

The innovative and new update will let you ignore the conventional Android Download manager as the update will provide you a built-in Download manager.

There are some new changes that have been made to enhance the performance and these changes are following:

1: JavaScript is made more effective

2: JavaScript is also very efficient

3: Reduces RAM usage

4: It frees the unused areas in script after page loading

5: Improvement in Search and Spellchecking


After the step by step information you are able to search for in videos, now you can see your videos whether there is internet connection or not.  In new update Web share API that is also a part of the updates which allows WebPages to instantly share the contents with the app installed on the particular device.

As we mention that Youtube has offered last year offline videos now with the help of our step by steps advices you are also able to have offline videos by Chrome.

Final Words

So we hope that you can carry out our information and can be able to watch offline videos about sports, movies and for entertainment.


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