How to Invite Your Creative Angel and Devilish Editor to Help You Write


If you are writing about any of topic so there are many ways to write and writing must have a great idea because you need to motivate your audience to read your information. Today we are going to tell you how to invite your creative angel and the editor that can help you to write -How to Invite Your Creative Angel and Devilish Editor to Help You Write

Easy steps for writing

There are many ways for writing that we are going to tell you step by step.

1: You have to choose a topic for yourself and have full command and ideas about your topic whether you can motivate your readers or not.

2: Think about the topic in case you have enough information to present your topic.

3: Start brainstorming to provide strong reasons for your topic.

4: Write good information in your body of paragraphs or topic that look like interesting.

Writing $ Editing

Now here you have two steps the first one is writing and second one is editing and the reality is that Writing uses one part of your brain and Editing uses another one. Your editing brain is not the same as your writing brain that is why you kindly ask the editor to step outside while you’re more imaginative.

If you understand about writing, editing, and trying at a time from your mind, you can work with it. And it all starts when you think about those two sides of your brain in terms of two characters that we are going to introduce for you:

1: Your Creative Angel

2: Devilish Editor

Meeting your Creative Angel

Creative Angel is your part of brain that encourages you and tells you about the expected phrase that, You Have This and it can support you through the writing process. Your Creative Angel helps you think of new angles for your writing. It pushes you gently toward finding the snarkiest word, the most precise phrase, and easy arguments you use in your writing. It also helps you to write everything easily from your mind. Your Creative Angel is creative, so its focus is on production. Your Creative Angel delivers the words onto the page.

How Creative Angel Help you?

Your Creative Angel helps you go from a blank page to a type of page that is full of words that are ready to be edited. And in the next step, your Devilish Editor takes those words and ruthlessly deletes, changes, and polishes what remains until it’s an engaging package of information.

Meet Your Devilish Editor

The Devilish Editor is playing a vital role. Its job is every bit as important as the Creative Angel’s job. The only problem is that the Devilish Editor really cannot be in the same room as the Creative Angel. You have to change the place for Devilish Editor. In a perfect world, your Devilish Editor comes around after your Creative Angel has written its last word and has been whisked off to a safe location to rest, relax, and eat bonbons or chocolates while waiting for your next creative project.

Your Devilish Editor doesn’t just edit, proof, and polish your words. It represents the skeptical voice that stands in for your readers.

Your Devilish Editor does his or her finest work when there’s not a whiff of your Creative Angel hovering around your writing. So this means letting your writing sit for a while unattended so all that creative fairy dust clears off it and there’s no magic left. There are only words.

How Devilish Editor Help you?

It gives your Devilish Editor the support it needs by taking a break from writing before you refine your words. And then cut, rewrite, and proofread until it shines and look like good. Editing and proofreading lessons to help you elevate the quality of your content.

How to invite your Creative Angel and your Devilish Editor to your keyboard

We want to tell you in two steps or ways, so the first one is

1: Invite your Creative Angel in to help. And remember the creative angel will tell you “Write forward, not backward”

So it means don’t look back at the words you’ve written. Forget about the delete key. Just get the ideas in your head into written form. Leave the editing to later, you will edit later on.

2: Invite your Devilish Editor to sit at your keyboard because the editor can understand your all mistakes by his/her own eyes.

You need to create an optimal working environment to your devilish editor by getting into critical and careful proofreading mode. This is not another writing day but it’s a day to polish and get your writing ready for sharing to all the people.

Finally you have to step back and give each part of your brain the space to perform its job. You will soon find out that the Creative Angel and the Devilish Editor are your best allies but you have to be very careful here, you are not supposed to call them at your keyboard at the same time.



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