Launching of 5 New Android Smart Phones in 2017 by Nokia


This is the great and pleasant news for the mobile lovers about the new Android Smart Phones that are going to come to the market in 2017. This is was the Nokia which make it easy for the people to have an easy use of mobile almost in the past. In my opinion all mobile users and non users are aware of Nokia because it is the Technology World before the Galaxy and iPhone companies and now the Nokia which is going back to the Smartphone world and very soon you will be having the 5 new androids in 2017. So we are going to tell you about the new android Smartphone of Nokia for 2017 year.

Nokia in MWC (Mobile World Congress)

Nokia in MWC (Mobile World Congress)

Nokia is the company that today sales are right now related to HMD, it has the way of launching new handsets in 2017. Nokia will have a lot of advantages from MWC that is going to held in Barcelona in February month of 2017. MWC is the biggest mobile industry event in the world.

Before many days some images that were expressed by the company and a Nokia P flagship device that was manufactured by HMD that would be having 835 processor, 6 GB of RAM and 23 Megapixel Camera with having Zeiss Lens. We informed you once earlier about the price of new Nokia Android Smartphone and now we are going to present the reports of Nokia that it won’t waste the time during 2017. There were rumors of a presentation for the MWC 2017, but according to HMD Global, there won’t be a single Smartphone they are going to launch 5 smart phones based on Android OS in congress.

Expectation of People about Nokia

Most of the people expected that the new Smartphone that are going to be launched by Nokia Company will be having the screen between 5 to 5.7 inches and might be FHD or QHD, they will also be having the impressive specifications like RAM, good Camera and high Processor.

New Rumors

According to the new rumors and news that the information we have gotten is that HMD has requested to the providers and the users to be prepared for cooperation with the company’s production to the upcoming 4 phones. So it is expected to be presented between or after second and third quarter of upcoming next year. But some of the people are also expecting from the company that what type of devices could be expected by MWC in Nokia. The more you think deeper about the new Smartphone will create the more questions in your mind.


So this was the information about the new smart phones of Nokia android for the future that will be a great step of Nokia to its users as many times in the past has taken. We hope that you would get enough information from our article and for further information you can visit our website mentioned here WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM





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