Most of online stores compromised by credit-card theft


Every new technology website have a lot of services and benefits to the people and also having disadvantages like hacking, not using by a lot of users, and many other. The hackers are not only hacking the websites or webpage but also creating other problems. So we are going to tell you in our today’s article about the stores which are stolen by hackers -Most of online stores compromised by credit-card theft

Nowadays hackers have hacked more than 6000 online shops payment process by attaching specially crafted codes in order to steal the payment card details. This is made very easy by the theft and hackers to steal money attacking by some particular codes. About a year ago, Willem De Groot, a Dutch Researcher, he had identified these attacks; he found almost 3501 stores that had harmful JavaScript code in their PCs. After that situation was going worst but not better.

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De Groot mentions that on March the number of infected shops grew by almost 30 percent to 4,476, and by September, it reached 5,925. More than 750 online stores who were complaining skimming payment card details for attackers in 2015 are still doing so today.

De Groot also suggested that there is more than one group who has been busy in such activities. As compared to 2015, the variants of the malware code have been increased. Further he added that the first malware just intercepted pages that had checkout in the URL. The innovative and new versions also check for popular payment plug-in such as Fire checkout, and PayPal

The malicious code is added into the system using the known vulnerabilities in e-commerce software and content management solutions which websites holders are not able to patch. There are a lot of things that are not good like many owners do not understand or take these issues serious. When De Groot was trying to inform owners about such kind of problems and vulnerabilities, he got different sort of answers from the owners but most of the owner’s replays were negative.

Some of the worst answers from the owners are mention here:

1: “We don’t care; our payments are handled by a Third party payment provider”

2: “Our shop is safe because we use HTTPS”

3: “We are protected because we have many ways to manage these issues”

What is HTTPS & How it protects?

HTTPS is very important for different business and it can also protect the user from the man-in-the-middle attacks, where the attacker has a solid position to stop the interface between the user and the server. Due to which code is operated on the HTTPS and the attacker can see the information on a server that user enters.

According to De Groot, he mentioned that if someone can enter and inject JavaScript into your site, so your database is hacked.

Record of Hacked Stores?

Most of the shop owners have been taking action in result within 48 hours so 334 stores are recovered while recovering 170 new stores were hacked. So it’s very easy for the hackers to enter to any site or page very easily.

So that’s all, we hope that you can get enough information about hacking and can protect your site and business from any of hacking actions.



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