New Innovative & Latest Technology Inventions


The IT Professionals has predicted about the innovative and latest technology inventions in cloud computing will affect that how we use our computers and mobile devices. Today we are going to tell about the latest technology inventions and the features along with disadvantages -New Innovative & Latest Technology Inventions

What is Technology?

Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of material. The term Technology is wide and everyone has their own way of understanding the meaning of technology. We use technology  to accomplish various tasks in our daily lives, in brief; we can describe technology as products, processes or organizations. We use technology to extend our abilities, and that makes people as the most important part of any technological system.

Technology is also an application of science to solve a problem. But what you have to know is that technology and science are different subjects which work hand-in-hand to accomplish a specific task or solve a particular problem. It is technology which has provided many facilities for human body in this world and has made it easy for spending life.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many benefits such as it tasks and file storage on your computer are performed and can be stored elsewhere. By using an internet connection you can connect to any kind of service that has the architecture, infrastructure and software to manage any task or storage requirement at less cost.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

There are several benefits of cloud computing but the important are that it eliminates the difficulty and expense of maintaining, upgrading and scaling your own computer hardware and software while increasing efficiency, speed and resources. Your computer’s processing speed, memory capacity, software applications and maintenance requirements are minimized and important ways.

You could store and access any size or type of file, play games, use or develop applications, word process, make scientific calculations, or anything you want, by simply using a smart phone. It depends on your mind, whatever you like you can have by using your mobile device.

The famous companies like Microsoft, IBM and Google are that are investing heavily into the research and development of cloud technology. Most of the companies are trying to create heavy technology equipment and tools in this modern world.

3D Printed Car

3D Printed Car

This is the latest technology inventions in 3d printing that is rapidly changing how things is being made, and it is emerging technology that is an alternative to the traditional tooling and machining processes used in manufacturing.

This technology has also a vital role in at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, a little known Arizona-based car maker created a media sensation by manufacturing a car at the show. This car was scale fully and fully functional car that was 3d printed in 44 hours and assembled very soon even in two days.

The car is called a “Strati”, and it means Layer in “Italian” it is named by and automotive designer Michele Anoe because the whole structure of the car is made from layer of Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene (A.B.S.) with reinforced carbon fiber into a single unit. This average car has more than 20,000 parts but this latest technology reduces the number of parts to 40 including all the mechanical components.

Car Gps Tracking

Car Gps Tracking

Car Gps tracking system is common in new vehicles, providing drivers with tracking and navigation, but latest technology inventions have made car gps tracking systems more common, provided many ways for tracking new latest cars. One example of how car gps tracking systems are being used to lower car insurance is Smartbox Technology.

Car gps tracking system that integrates with traffic information would make the drivers to select routes in real time that were more fuel efficient, less congested, faster or shorter. A driver’s recorded routing selection could then be used to penalize or reward drivers by lowering or increasing their related licensing fees or by calculating mileage based “road-use” fees. Finally this is such a system would that replace gasoline tax since these revenues will decline as more vehicles.

Air into water

Air into water

This latest technology invention produces fresh water and also having a cost of about 3 cents a liter. This Watermill is for households that prefer an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to bottled water. Atmospheric water generators convert air into water when the temperature of the air becomes saturated with enough water vapor. It will also tell you when to change the carbon filter and will shut itself off if it cannot make pure clean water. There are more good jobs of this features you have when you want.

Veins Identification

Veins Identification

This is another latest technology innovation that is the biometric identification and security device known as PalmSecure which works by identifying the vein pattern in the palms of your hands.

This is same like fingerprints; vein patterns are unique to each individual. This technology has also gotten other advantages like that it is less expensive, easier to manage, and is more reliable than traditional methods of identification. This technology is also having a vital role in online and technology world.

World’s Fastest Motor

World’s Fastest Motor

This is a new motor that is developed by expert researchers at ETH Zurich’s Department of Power Electronics and marketed by the Swiss company, Celeroton. This can spin in excess of 1 million revolutions per minute.

This is a matchbook-sized motor that has a titanium shell, ultra-thin wiring and a trade secret iron formulated cylinder. The need for smaller electronic devices requires smaller holes, which means smaller, faster, and more efficient drills.

Walking House

Walking House

This is a prototype house that walks around the campus of Wysing Art Center in Cambridge shire, England. The eco-friendly house is powered by solar cells and miniature windmills.

This walking comes with a kitchen, a composting toilet, a system for collecting rain water, one bed, a wood stove for CO2 neutral heating and six legs that is used for standing on it or walking. The legs require a software algorithm to calculate the movement and position of the legs to provide stability over varying terrain. This house can be turn left/right or to any direction, can be move forward or backward, change height as required and can be operate with GPS for travelling to different destinations.


If technology is well applied so it can give many benefit to humans, but if it is wrongly applied, it can cause harm to human beings. This article can make it easy for you understanding about the innovative and latest technologies.



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