New Ockel six-inch Touch Screen Windows Desktop


According to demand of users, Dutch has planned to establish six-inch window 10 desktop computers that are same like the tablet. The company also thought that the world will need such a type of phone which is very small and that is the new Ockel which is going to be the best in upcoming future. So in this article we are going to tell you about the new Ockel six-inch touch screen and the features of it.

Importance of Ockel Six Inch Touch Screen

There are many good points about Ockel, first of all it is performing a great role in the market. Ockel is famous for establishing such kind of PCs that can be taken with a person easily. You can walk along with your PC wherever you go with your desktop. Secondly, Sirius B both are very popular and the company is also famous for building good version like a Wedged shape device with having touch screen on the top and eight similar ports. Finally, the company has many more plans for upcoming future about the new models of different designs.

Features of Ockel

Both of the versions are pitched same like full bodied desktops that is also having full size of USB, Display Port, HTMI and Ethernet Jack. There are many high qualities of Ockel, including 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage. If you want to compare the pro version so it uses Windows Pro and packs 8GB RAM and 128 GB Storage.

There are many more features which has made it the best choice of users. For instance, company will be designing the long extant battery that can work for 4 hours at a time. The company will run the same Intel Atom X7-Z8750 processor.

Saying of a Competent Ockel’s Nathalie

The Ockel’s Nathalie has said about this device that is going to be the first six-inch touch screen Windows desktop. The descriptions of Nathalie about this device are mention here;

1: This device is not a Smartphone, not a tablet and even not a desktop

2: This device is the collection of Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet.

3: This device is having the same features as the others (desktop, tablet and Smartphone).

4: This device will easy for doctors in a hospital during their round.

5: This is also same like an elegant remote control for a smart home.

Finally, these are the informative features about the new Ockel.This device is having six-inch touchscreen desktop and can easy to take with yourself everywhere you want. So let’s hope this device be a great choice for people in future. If you want further information about this device, you can have our services at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM



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