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There are many reasons to choose a place that you are going to visit, most of the people are having their own interests in visiting a place. Today we are going to tell you if you are planning to visit to Dubai so what should be the reason or what you are visiting for –  Plan to DSF for 2016 2017

Why to visit Dubai?

Dubai is one of the greatest place for vacation in all over the world because this place has got the top most shopping malls, resorts, beaches, restaurants, amusement parks and many more this things that can created by human. So these all things are enough for having a good vacation and to spend your free days but if you are still looking for another reason to visit to Dubai so that is DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) that can be a good choice of having a trip to Dubai.

What is DSF?

DSF is one of the greatest shopping festivals in Dubai which can be held in every year, this shopping festival is on second after the United States. So if you are free and thinking about a place to visit then DSF is the best place to visit, you can enjoy, shop, and entertain yourself.

Exact Date for DSF

This huge festival is organizing at the end of December and last in January, so beginning date is 26 December 2016 and the ending date is 28 January 2017. You can have shopping for more than one month. If you are free so this is a good chance for visiting to Dubai.

Attraction of Dubai Shopping Festival

There are several programs to attract the people during the starting of the festival to attract the tourists, most of the tourists are visiting to this festival and a lot of tourists are coming from different part of the world. Some special performances are taking held at the first day of opening the festival; such actions are mention here for the attraction of tourist and visitors.

1:  Amazing fireworks are displayed

2:  Dropping discounts on most of the things

3:  Playing music at the beginning

4: Fantastic lighting system

5:  Having a good view of the shopping malls

So this festival is not only for shopping but you can have a chance to meet with the celebrity people because most of famous singer, actors, actresses, and players also are visiting to this festival, that’s why this is a very good chance for meeting with them. Most of the musician are having live performance, jugglers, street performers and many magician are showing their skills to keep the excitement of the festival flowing. This place is the second favorite places after the famous shopping malls in United States, so never miss a chance to visit there for shopping and sightseeing, you can have economic packages from sites, even you can take help from tour guide or tour information office.

Final Words

So this was our information about DSF which is a very famous festival and you can have also shopping. We hope that you can take help from our article.



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