10 Amazing Android Secrets Tips and Tricks

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All of us recognize that our android phones have massive capacity, however are we using them to their full capability?

Today we will share 10 Amazing Android Secrets Tips and Tricks.

Share Files

You want to share some files between your computer and your smartphone but you forgot your USB cable or you don’t have a USB cable.

Some files cannot be shared over email and messages or too large to upload some cloud service.

In this case you need to download the portal application.

With Portal you confessed to share any files with any size between your computer and your smartphone.

To share files just launch the portal application and go to portal website. To connect your smartphone just scan the barcode from portal website using your smart camera and now sharing files will be more easy and fast.


Black Wallpapers For Amoled

Did you know that if you have a smartphone with an AMOLED panel you can actually save battery just by changing the wallpaper to a black color.

Contrary to most displays when a pixel is displayed as black on an AMOLED panel the pixel itself switches off and that’s partly the reason why the contrast is so high on these displays.

Wallpapers For Amoled


Photo Math a revolutionary mathematical application.

For all you guys sitting or exams right now this could be a lifesaver because just hovering your camera over a mathematical equation it solves them instantly.


Airplane Mode

If you’re in a serious hurry to charge your smartphone turn it on to airplane mode.

Disabling all the phones communications can actually speed up the charging process by about fifty percent.

android airplane mode

Speed Up Your Phone

You can drastically speed up your phone just by reducing the animation time.

The default settings on a phone will be made so that it gives you kind of a smooth and slick experience but not a fast one.

It’s simple too because all you have to do is to go into settings tap build version seven times and it will unlock developer options and from there it’s just a click away.

Speed Up Your Phone

Offscreen Control

Now there is nothing more annoying than walking down the street listening to your fire playlist and then out of nowhere a bad song comes on.

You have to take the phone out you have to turn the screen on and then manually skip track.

All the Frinky Music Controller gives you full control of the song just by using the volume keys once you’ve installed a single tap will skip the song if you multiple tap that will raise and lower the volume and if you double tap on the often than the down button that will stop the song.

Frinky Music Controller

Ethernet Control

During playing your favorite games probably have too many boring adds.

You’re probably going to disconnect your smartphone from internet because of ads but if you want to be connected to internet chat with your friends of social networks and playing games without ads then you need to download No Root Firewall.

With No Root Firewall you can block internet access to single application or game.

You can manually choose which application will be online and which application will not be online when you will be connected to internet.

no root firewall

Hidden Game

Most of android devices have a hidden game.

To find the hidden game go to settings scroll down and select about phone in about phone keep pressing android version.

Now you can play your hidden android game.

android hidden game

Manual Updates

Almost any Android user have installed many applications and games.

But most of android apps and games going to update automatically when you connect your android device to internet.

To turn off automatic updates and update your apps and games manually open google play store and go to settings and select out the update apps.

Here you can turn off auto updates or you can select updates over Wi-Fi only.

playstore update


Probably sometimes you getting too many notifications from some application or game.

If you want to turn off notifications from some application or game, then go to settings and select apps now find the application or game for which you want to turn off the notifications select the app or game and go to notifications here we can enable and block notifications.

android Notifications

If you know any other tricks please let us know in the comments below.

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