10 Best iPhone Apps For Daily Use – May 2017

Every body knows that Smart phone now a days are not just used for calling peoples or receiving call of other people.. Now a days smart phones are smart mini computers which can be used to do your daily chore efficiently and easily. But its really difficult to find an app that suites you and work better for you from the thousands of apps of available in the market, especially when things comes to find free apps. – 10 Best iPhone Apps For Daily Use – May 2017

We don’t hesitate to first test hundreds of free iPhone apps and share the best one with our audience. We have tested and found a list of best iPhone apps that will help you organize your daily routines in better manner weather that is waking up early in the morning or keeping your self updated with news, or managing your to-do lists..

Before getting started I just want to let you know that these apps are not recommend or new or something like that its just my personal favorite..

So Lets get started.

1. Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD

First app on our list is Alarm clock HD which will wake you up with your favorite song early in the morning or it will remind you for doing some at some specific time like suppose you have meeting with some people so for that you can set your alarm to some thing that reminds you the meeting at that time or your girl friend have birthday at some date and you don’t want to miss that or you want to be the first one to wish so you can set the time and date both and be the hero. It also come with facebook and twitter update which is also a great thing keep your self updated.

Below are some images that show all of the features this app have also it comes with a weather update thing too..

2. Map My Run

Map My Run

Maps My run is another interesting app that keeps track of your running routes on google map like suppose you are jogging in the morning so it keeps track of your time as well as your speed and the path your are running on also it offers you a nutrition plan or nutrition information. It also tracks the distance you have covered weather your are improving day by day or not..

It also have this nice little feature about posting your status to all the socials accounts logged in.

3. HopStop


Another app HopStop is really handing tool when thing come to public transportation. Like some times the public Transportation could be real mess, but don’t worry this app got your covered, because this app come with handy tools like finding you the shortest routes possible it also keeps track of the service changes in the area.. It has the routes available for 62 cities and the figures are growing..

4. FlipBoard


FlipBoard is Pocket size magazine that creates magazine from every thing on your smart phone or iphone to be more specific like it will gather similar tweets from twitter and will create a magazine from it and it will also gather posts from Facebook and it will create a magazine from that. It also does the same with your picture or with your instagram posts to wrap a long story in short it create magzine from every thing in your mobile. With this app you can flip your finger on to your mobile phone and you will always find your self into loop..

5. Spotify


This app is a paid app but it also have a limited version which comes free. Well you can use this free version will let you stream million of songs arranged in the form of playlists arranged by your mood, or according to seasons or genera etc but the only option its don’t have in this free version individual songs which you can get in their paid version…

6. Crackles


Is an app that hosts hundreds of tv show and movies so by using this you can watch all of your favorite movies and tv you can stream them any time you want on demand and guess what its all free.

7. UrbanSpoon


If you have no time and willing to find a perfect place to eat or arrange a meeting this app got you covered because this allows you to find a perfect spot for lunch or dinner or meeting it will also allow you reserve a place from the palm of your hand.

8. DropBox


If you are guy who travels quite often for business or other purpose and need some files or documents so this app got your covered all you do have to is upload the file you need to this app and then use it where you want because it will give access to those file where you go as long as you do have connection to internet it will allow you to access your file…

9. EverNote


EverNote allows you can take notes, like if you are guy who always forgets thing so what you can do is take note or meeting or other thing or make your to-do lists or take screen shots of things like white board ideas or paper drawings etc it also allow you record your vice for later reminders. With the help of this app you can share your notes and to-do lists with your friends or family or coworker.. It also do have nice little search app which you can use to search through things..

10. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

Another cool app which can be used to create radio station base on your favorite songs, or gernra artists etc the main feature that make this app special is it will introduce you to new songs based on that radio stations created…

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