10 best programming languages of 2017

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There are some programming languages important for every new programmer. You can choose any programming language from that can analyze your needs such as web application, app development and web designing. If you are interesting to choose an easy and useful language so we are going to present you the most needed programming languages about 2017 year -10 best programming languages of 2017

Whenever you want to learn a language so before choosing just have a look over the latest trends. This latest trend can help you in many parts of the future and also shows the importance of a language. It provides you the opportunities for your career. It can also make you easy on solving your problems that you are suffering from.

10 best programming languages

Here are the important programming languages for this new arrived year;

1: JavaScript

It is also known as the language of web, which is the top and the basically everywhere. JavaScript can support all new web browsers and is also a high level, dynamic and interpreter programming language. It can help the developers in creating web applications and other elements to the websites.

2: Java

Java is an object oriented and a general purpose programming language. It helps in creating the server side applications, mobile applications and video games. This programming language is also the core element of native android applications so it give the chance of enjoying a lot among the developers.

3: Python

Python is famous and general purpose programming language. Python is having simple syntax and because of the simple syntax, it is recommended the first programming language. In 2017 Python could be a successful programming language that you can run. You can have the python framework in your jobs.

4: Ruby

Ruby is an object oriented and general purpose programming language. It can support multiple programming paradigms and also used to create web apps. This language is also famous for power and for high demands in these days. It is also very easy to use in for anytime in program.


This language focus a lot on web development and is also a server side scripting language. It is also same like a joiner or connector because it forms the base of two internet giants that are WordPress and Facebook. In case you would like to become a web developer, so PHP is going to be your first choice.

6: C++

This language is based on C and is also a general purpose programming language that has impressed other programming languages. A lot of programs are written and are using in C++ including daily applications, software, drivers and firmware. This is also called intermediate level language that can control both the low level and high level programming language.

7: C#

C# (C-sharp) designed by Microsoft, general purpose, modern object oriented programming language. This is the extremely newer language with a wide range of Microsoft applications that is powered by .NET framework. The programming in C# is very close to C and C++. If you are having the idea of C or C++ so I don’t think so that C# will be a problem for you.

8: Go

Go is an open source programming language that can help you in making reliable and simple software. Google’s three employees  created in 2007. It is emering as one of the most popular programming language recently. This language is used by many Google’s won production system. Go projects are using for web servers and for web applications frameworks.

9: Scala

Scala is also a general purpose programming language that fulfill shortcomings of Java. Its source code is intend and compiling to Java bytecode to allow the resultant code that is running on a Java VM. Scala is also design for growing with the demand.

10: Swift

Apple decided to create a new programming language for its iOS and OS X application development in 2014. They got to the result which Swift was born. Then, it has been in great demand and the developers are using and learning this in a wide number. Swift is allowing a developer to create good and important app.


So, these are the popular programming languages, now it’s up to you the one that suits your needs and interests can be your choice. Hope our ideas can help you a lot in choosing your first language. You can visit to our website for further information on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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