10 Tips to Get First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

You might have seen some channels that grew their views up to thousand of subscribers. It’s also possible for you to have more views or subscribers in less that you have never thought. So we’re going to provide some tips which helps you getting more YouTube subscribers to your vlog channel.

Create Audience Profile for Your Channel

For getting more views you must know who your viewers are. Try to know to about your audience’s interests, hobbies, ages, groups etc. after that you have to use this information for creating a profile of your ideal target audience. The questions you ask them can lead you to target your videos to them and can create such of content that they are interest in.

Finish Your Video with Subscriber Call to Action

This is one of the most important tips to end your video with a call to action and in other words try to motivate your viewers to take certain actions. If you really want to have more subscribers so this is very important to end a video with a call to action like “If you like this video so you can click on ‘Subscribe’ to have more videos as usual”. In case your videos end with the same way, the returning viewers will skip past them so vary the things to ensure that more people will can action for having more viewers.

Create & Promote a YouTube Schedule

Creating a consistent uploading schedule and promoting it is the best way to get more viewers returning to your channels. Basically, you will need to at least one video or more in one week. Further more you will also need to tell your audience when they want content from you. So that’s why you have to decide when to upload a new video according to a schedule. Then publish that schedule on your YouTube channel, on social media pages and promote it at the end. You have to take every single opportunity to tell your viewers when they should come back for new videos.

Always Create Content for Your Audience

Creating your schedule is just the beginning; you need to stick to that schedule for getting more YouTube subscribers. Point it out the time does it take you to write your script, practice, film, edit and update your videos. After all working with that information, figure out the schedule for when you have to do each task to upload even one video per week. Try to upload the new content on the days you promised it for the audience.

Never Sacrifice Quality for Quantity

Never sacrifice your quality that comes to your YouTube videos. If you are too busy because uploading two or three videos in a week so it’s good. If you are uploading one video each week but if you get experience then you have to work fast. There are few steps to streamline the video creation process. Suppose you film your video with a specific design setup or background at home, may be you need to keep things in place between videos. If it’s not possible then look at ways to cut down on the time it takes for your video creation and completion. If you work more efficient in the process of creation, you will never feel any problem or rush.

Make Your Viewers Engage in YouTube Videos

You can take help from the camera like you are talking to your best friend to get more engaged viewers. Don’t end your YouTube videos with a direct call to action, but engage with them in your Videos. You have many ways to make them busy like

·        Talk to them

·        Ask them questions

·        Provide them chances to create questions

·        Share ideas with each other

·        Motivate them to leave a feedback

Respond to Your Video Comments

Never ignore your viewers comment but always answer. If they have positive feedback so thanks them and engages them professionally. When you post a YouTube video and want your comments to tailor to a specific subject area, just go ahead and have the conversation by asking questions in the comment. You can engage viewers in the comments and in your videos. If your YouTube channel’s community is strong, more people will start sharing your content. This is the best community for making your YouTube channel to get more subscribers.

Don’t Work Just for a Channel but Community

If you get engage with your viewers so start to think of your YouTube on the behalf of a community, not only a channel. You have to create the Q&A videos related to your viewers. Try to host chats on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. It is also good to create a Facebook group and Google+ community for your audience. If you work to build the community so the community will provide you getting more YouTube subscribers.

More Viewers Lead to More Subscribing

Most of the people are watching your videos by which you can get more subscribers. You can also promote your channel by engaging with your viewers on YouTube. You have to promote your channel and videos on YouTube on social media. After you finish all this marketing, so be aware that the people can your videos on their own as well. So make sure that you provide relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. Try to use high quality custom thumbnails and more relevant video tags as you can. Make it easy for search engines and then add interesting details for attention of people.

Use Annotations & YouTube Cards

With the help of annotations and YouTube cards, you can add links within your videos. It’ll be use to sell branded merchandise, taking viewers to your social media profiles, website, blog and collaborate with many other YouTubers.      These links are very useful tools as you work to get more YouTube subscribers, as they make videos more interactive and give you more options to link viewers to your other media.

The great use of YouTube cards are that they never visible on desktops or laptops. They just work on YouTube app and you’ll always have added level of interactivity. You don’t have to be worried that how and where you viewers find your content.

That’s all, if you follow these tips, it’ll be very easy for you to get your 1000 subscribers on YouTube. May you will have more than 1000 subscribers. For more information you visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.

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