18 Useful Tricks To Speed Up WordPress & Boost Performance

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If you want to speed up your WordPress for fast loading pages,improving user experience,increasing your page views and helping with your WordPress SEO,so you need some useful tricks.In this article ,we will share you the most useful WordPress speed tips to boost WordPress performances and speeding up your websites – 18 Useful Tricks To Speed Up WordPress & Boost Performance

First of all why speed is important and what has made your WordPress performing slow actions?You can take to improve your WordPress speed for performing actions with a high speed.

We have arranged an informative table of contents which can help speeding up your WordPress sites.

Table of Contents

Basic of WordPress Performances

Why make your WordPress speed full?

What has make your WordPress performing slow actions?

How to know about the current speed of your WordPress?

Benefits of good speeding WordPress

Speeding Up WordPress in Easy Steps (No Coding)

Install a WordPress Caching Plugin.

Optimize images for speed.

WordPress Performance Optimization Best Practices

WordPress Sire should be updated

You have to use Excerpts on Homepage and Archives

Split comment into pages

CDN(Content Delivery Network)must be use

Videos should not be upload directly to WordPress

Must use Theme Optimize for Speed

Use a Faster Slider Plugin

Use a Faster Gallery Plugin

Fine-Tuning WordPress for Speed (Advanced)

Split Long Posts into Pages

Reduce external HTTP requests

Reduce Database calls

Optimize WordPress Database

Limit post-Revisions

Disable Hotlinking and Leeching of your Content

Why is Speed Important for Your WordPress Site?

Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site?

You don’t have time enough to stay with the users on your site.You have to convince them in short time to show your content.If your website is slow then the users are leaving it even if it loads or not.

According to a StrangeLoop case study in which the Amazon, Google, and the other famous sites,by one minute late timing of loading there is 7% conversion loss.

If you want to have a lot of traffic,subscribers on your site then you have to make your WordPress site fast.

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?

It’s not important if your site doesn’t feel slow then it will be OK,it’s a big mistake.

You can check your website speed from many locations.You can understand about your Website speed by loading a page withing 2 seconds.

Here is a fee online tool through which you can your WordPress Website Speed.

What Slows Down Your WordPress Website?

Because of many reasons, your website speed is getting slow here are the important points which cause your website.

Web Hosting –The first reason is when your Web Hosting is not configured, it may reduce your Website speed.

Web Hosting –If the WordPress site is not serving cached pages then it may overload your server which causes your website slow.

Page Size –Mainly images which aren’t optimized for the web.

Bad Plugins –If you are using a slow coded plugin,then it makes your website slow.

External scripts –Some external scripts such as font loaders,ads,etc can have a very bad impact on your WordPress website.

Now you got which things has made your website slow down and the causes of making your website’s speed reduce.

Now we will tell you how to speed up your website.

Importance of Good WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting service is an important service which has a very good role in website performance.

There is good Shared Hosting provider such as BlueHost or SiteGround which has extra measures to optimize your website for better performance.On shared hosting, you can share the server resources with other customers.It means that if the traffic got a lot on your neighboring site so it affect all the server performance and it can make your website slow.

Next point,by using a managed WordPress hosting service which gives you important optimized server configurations for running WordPress.Companies which are managed WordPress hosting offer automatic backups,automatic WordPress updates,and advanced security configurations to protect your website.

There are many WordPress hosting provider but we recommend WPEngine as our beneficial managed WordPress hosting provider.It is also very important and famous one in the industry.

Speeding Up WordPress in Easy Steps (No Coding)

If you are not a tech-geek so for the beginners making changes to your website configurations could be terrible.But you should not be worry because we have helped thousands WordPress users for improving their WordPress performance.

Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

The WordPress pages are dynamic. They are built on the fly every time some people visit a post or page on your website. For pages building,WordPress has a process for finding the required information.

This process has a lot of steps.When multiple are visiting your site at a time so it really slows down your website.

For this reason, we have recommended every WordPress site use a caching plugin. Caching plugin can easily make your WordPress  website anywhere from 2x to 5x faster.

Here is the way how it works.

Optimize Images for Speed

Optimize Images for Speed

Images are very important to your content.According to the researchers,they have found that the colored visual can make the people 80% interested to read your content.If your images are not optimized,so it can not attract the readers,because not optimized images are the big issue for the speed on beginner websites.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)


The usages of CDN(content delivery network)will help to speed up loading times for all the visitors.

CDN is a network made up of servers all around the world.Every server will store static files used to make up your website.These static files can not be changeable such as images,CSS,and JavaScript.

When you use a CDN,everytime a user will visit your website.Your own web hosting server will also be faster because the CDN is doing a lot of work.

We hope from this article and tricks you will have enough help to speed up your WordPress speed and Boost performance.

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