24 Best WordPress Themes for Family Blogs (2017)

You can use WordPress to build small family blogs as most of the users are using. The question is what family blogs are important for. This will allow you to share your family news, ideas, photograph and events with friends or other family members. You can also entertain yourself with the help of WordPress themes. So, in this article we are going to tell you about the best and important WordPress themes for family blogs – 24 Best WordPress Themes for Family Blogs (2017)

How to create a family blogs with WordPress

It’s our duty to provide the easiest way and method to you for creating blogs in WordPress. Following are the required points to notice for creating a family blogs

  • Your family need a right platform to choose
  • You will need a domain name and web hosting. Domain name can be your website’s address on internet and website’s home is your web hosting.
  • For family blog, installing a WordPress is important.
  • After using our step by step information, your website is up and ready to run. You can choose a theme for your website.

Check out our step by step information that how to install a WordPress theme tutorial and how to create a family blog.

1: Pretty Chic

This is the pretty and the most beautiful WordPress theme which built on top of Genesis framework. This stylish theme is well to use for family blogs, wedding websites, and baby blogs and for many other actions. It comes with 3 navigations bars, full width widget area and beautiful page templates.

2: Family

Family is a free WordPress theme for family blogs. This minimalist theme is design to express your family photographs with minimal clutter. Family theme is also child theme of Omega and inherits all its capabilities such as custom logo upload, custom header, custom colors, custom menu, and custom CSS and custom header through featured image.

3: Family Board

Family Board which is famous as a bright family blog theme, it is also free WordPress theme. Family Board is famous for bright colors features and a slideshow of latest posts on top using full width images. Beside this, it also has multiple post formats, built in support for galleries, custom header, widgets and more than 80 shortcodes. This theme is fully customizable and very easy to setup.

4: Wedding Day

You can understand from its name, Wedding Day is a WordPress family blog theme that is using for wedding websites. This theme features a filterable photo album to easily share photos, a countdown timer, an RSVP form and some events section. You can easily share wedding photographs with friends and family, share event details, guide guests to location by using Google Maps.

5: Minblr

This is a free WordPress theme that can be an important family blog. Minblr is a responsive, tumbler like micro blogging theme. This theme is ideal for personal and family blogs; it comes with having 10 skins. Minblr is also multiple page layouts, multiple widget areas, and support for post formats.

6: Baseline

This is a free and a minimalist style WordPress theme that is suitable for family, photography, and for personal websites. Baseline is also an ideal theme for magazine websites. Baseline has many features like content carousel, category header menu, and stunning typography. It is also having multiple page layouts, custom widgets, social media integration, and having the easy theme setup panel.

7: Aesthetic

Aesthetic is a modern WordPress blog theme that is designed to elegantly show images that makes it ideal for family blogs. Aesthetic comes with a visual drag and drop and drop builder, contact form, slider, mega menu and lots of other features that is same like a premium theme.

8: Kiddo Turf

This is a WordPress theme for kids that are related to websites. It features are bright colors, beautiful illustrations and an attractive look. It comes with HTML 5 animated slider, contact form. Furthermore, you can also have SEO options, page layout builder and a very easy to use theme setup.

9: Paperbag

For family blog Paperbag is a minimalist WordPress theme that is also for personal or photography websites. This theme has two fantastic features that are image display and beautiful typography. Paperbag comes with multiple layout choices like more than color, template schemes, theme customizer, multiple sidebars and widget ready areas.

10: Candid

Candid is a brilliant WordPress theme that is ideal for personal and family blogs. It most often focuses on displaying beautifully and also makes it ideal choice for sharing family photos. Candid is highly customizable and also using the live customizer. You can choose your own colors, upload logo, background etc.

11: Extant

Extant is a free WordPress theme that is also very for photographers. It is also a perfect choice for sharing photos of family or your own photos. It has a top bar as header, sliding panel menus, slide panel search, colors, custom background, and multiple layout choices.

12: Brigsby

Brigsby is a free WordPress theme and has very good features including light color schema with beautiful display of featured images. This is a multipurpose theme so it can be easily uses for a blog, personal and family websites, and photography and for magazine sites. It has two navigation menus that are social menus and live customization.

13: Salt and Pepper

This is a WordPress recipes theme that is ideal for a family website with food and recipes related content. The theme includes a handy recipe filter, ingredients list and cook methods. On the homepage there is a section that beautifully display recipe gallery. There is one another blog section and more than tons of customization options.

14: Wedding Bride

This free WordPress theme is very important for wedding websites and is perfect for all kind of family blogs. The features are including a front page template which can be setup using theme customizer. Wedding Bride is a good resource of sharing a special day by large header images, beautiful menus, and elegant typography. It makes an ideal choice to share your special day with family and friends.

15: Hueman

This is the most popular free WordPress theme and also a multi purpose theme that uses for any kind of website including family blogs. This theme has two and three column layout. Hueman has two navigation menus, custom widgets, custom header and background support.

16: Brittany

Brittany is multipurpose blogging WordPress theme with gorgeous typography and also beautiful display of image. This is a perfect theme for family blogs with lots of videos, photograph and text.

17: Uberto

Uberto is a free WordPress theme that is suitable for personal and family blogs. It is having multiple color schemes and even lets you assign color schemes on per page basis. This theme also includes several custom widgets for content discovery, social media, flicker, Twitter, etc.

18: Memories

Memories are gorgeous WordPress theme that focuses on photography. This is also very perfect for photography, fashion, and family blogs. This theme is having 2 or 3 column layouts, multiple page templates, and multiple color schemes. With custom widgets and tons of customization options you can select it for your family blog.

19: Peak

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that focuses on the beautiful display of photos. Peak is perfectly well choice for family blogs to share photos, events, or general news. It is having sliding menus, sliding sidebars, full-width single pages, and multiple layouts for the display of single posts. It also comes with a mega menu that expressing your most prominent entries.

20: Ruffie

Ruffie is a uniquely free WordPress theme that is inspired by comic books; this theme features bold typography and colors. This is having 6 color schemes, social media icons, breadcrumbs, and 7 widget ready areas. This theme has very easy customization using the live theme customizer.

21: Wedlock

When you need a website for family wedding, so Wedlock is a suitable WordPress theme. Wedlock features a simplistic approach to design focusing on photos and typography. It has a page templates, custom header and background, widget ready areas, and live customizer.

22: Nightjar

This is the free WordPress theme which is a good design special for sharing photographs. It is also very important theme for family blogs, photography, and blogging. It has full screen featured images and beautiful typography. You can add your own logo and social media profiles.

23: Foodie

Foodie is a WordPress theme for food, family, and healthy living blogs. It is having a recipe-builder; you have to enter ingredients and quantity in order to create beautiful lists for you. A food blog is incomplete without lots of photographs. Foodie always focuses on beautiful display of photographs, large featured images and thumbnail displays.

24: Byline

Byline is free WordPress blog theme that displays entire articles including comments on your homepage. It is having a beautiful unique layout focusing on readability and photographs. It also has custom header, featured image headers, custom background, editor styles, widget ready areas, and a beautiful sliding menu.

Finally, we hope this article helped you find the best WordPress theme for your family blog. For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM







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    It is Excellent List.
    I like to share one of the good theme that I have visited and it is Bloggers Lite WordPress Theme. It is completely free and fully responsive with any devices, 5 different layouts and many more features are available. The download won’t cost you any money and it gives you the basic tools for leaning the ropes.


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