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Android Security Solution App – Systweak Anti Malware

Systweak Anti-Malware:  Perfect tool to keep your device Secure

Systweak Anti-Malware has created a niche for itself in anti-malware software tools. This state-of-the-art app works on advanced techniques and smart algorithms to find, locate and remove all malicious content from your device instantly and accurately. This smart app scans your complete device including SD card and updates you about privacy and security status of different apps. It offers all competitive features to become a perfect tool to keep your device performance intact. Let’s discuss more about the app in this review – Android Security Solution App – Systweak Anti Malware

Features of the App

Scan: Here, app display various useful information like status of database versions (whether it is updated or obsolete), real-time protection (on or off) and last scan date. It scans your device to find security status. It displays green background when it doesn’t found any malicious content with message “No threats detected” and red background when it found malicious content with message “Malware detected”. It displays results with information like file scanned, time elapsed and malware found.

If it doesn’t find any threat, then you can move on to next step by pressing “Security Checkup” button. In case it has found some threat then you can view it by pressing “View Scan results” button. In results, it will display all malicious apps found on your device and malware type next to them. You can swipe left on the malicious apps to uninstall or whitelist them.

Security: Under this feature, app display all non-secure settings on your device. It helps you manage them here.

Installing from an unknown source: You can avoid installing or downloading apps or other content using this feature of the app.

Development Mode: Developer’s mode on your phone helps you tweak many settings instantly. You can manage this feature of the phone here.

NFC: Near Field Communication or NFC feature on your device helps you transfer data, access mobile payment services and read & write to tags when you touch your phone with another device. You can manage this feature here.

Android Beam: Similar to NFC feature you can also manage Android Beam feature of your device here.

Privacy: It scans all apps on your device and displays all permissions accessed by them under different categories. You can tap on any of these categories to manage permissions accessed by different apps.

Settings: It allows you to customize scan options. You can turn on or off the real-time protection here and select from Quick or Deep scan mode.

Whitelist: here, you can find all Whitelist apps.

Scan History: Here, you can find previous scan history.

Apart from these features under More, you can share app via different mediums, share feedback and find information about the app.

Verdict:Systweak Anti-Malware is designed to protect your phone from all malware threats efficiently. It works on smart techniques to keep your device safe from all malicious content. It helps you improve your device performance by removing all malicious content. It offers various useful features to keep your data safe on your device. It offers detailed information on privacy and security features also to provide extended security.

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