Are You Choosing a Hosting Provider 5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Choosing one

Are You Choosing a Hosting Provider 5 Reasons to Think Twice Before Choosing one

With the abundance of hosting providers we have today, it is easy to be misled by the claims on their websites – with so many companies appearing to be flawless, you may be caught up in the misconception that any will do. Why not, if they all advertise the same supposedly perfect services? So the big question what do you need to know before Choosing a Hosting Provider..

Virtually all of them blow their trumpet and promise you 100% uptime, mind-blowing speed and excellent customer support. Well, that’s just one of the consequences of everyone using the same will-do-anything-for-traffic marketing strategies. In fact, not all hosting providers are the same. Some of them are more reliable, others often fail to perform up to the mark – with no apparent difference in claims in their ads. Here are 5 reasons why it is worth doing research before choosing a hosting provider.

1. Consider checking hosting speed before Choosing a Hosting Provider†

There are many factors that affect the load time (or speed) of your website. If it is slow, some part of the blame may be put on the code and content you use. Errors in code and “heavy” images and videos can slow down your pages, but it is not the only thing that contributes to the problem. Your hosting provider’s equipment also matters, and load time depends on hosting performance as well. Before buying a nice digital apartment for your website, check this provider’s load time stats and make sure it is fast enough. What speed can be considered decent depends on what kind of a project you are going to launch.

2. Consider checking Uptime before Choosing a Hosting Provider†

Site down text when website is unavailable because of maintenance or network problems

What was said about load time in the previous paragraph also applies to uptime. Uptime is how often your website can be accessed by potential customers. It is obvious that the desired result is “always”, but it is not always the case. However, there are many hosting providers out there that are quite affordable and ensure uptime of 99.9% or better, which means their servers are down for a couple of minutes a month or so. For most projects, it is more than satisfactory.

3. Consider checking customer support before Choosing a Hosting Provider†

If problems with the control panel or some other thing related to the hosting provider occurs, you will need a helping hand of its support team. There are usually many ways to get in touch with such teams, including tickets, phone, chat, etc., but not all teams are equally helpful. Some companies outsource customer support, and it often results in people being unable to solve their problem because all they get is a series of “I will escalate your issue to X”. Google and look through reviews or try talking to the team yourself via chat (if there is one) before subscribing.

4.Is it suitable for your project?

Not all hosting services are the same. Depending on what kind of a website you want to set up, you will need different options and features. Consider what CMS you will need and find out if this particular hosting provider supports it. What security measures are taken? What plugins can be used there? Are there any limitations? Compare the list of your requirements with the list of the features offered.

5.Neither tricks nor traps – are there any up sells or hidden fees?

Read terms of use carefully before signing up and making a purchase. Some companies include conditions that are stated only in such documents. There may be hidden fees, increases in prices,


For short conclusion there are tuns of other things you need to keep in your mind before Choosing a Hosting Provider but just to give you a small start these 5 reason would be enough hope this help…

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