Advice to Beginners by WordPress Community

WordPress Community

WordPress Community wants to know that what advice they would give to people who are new. Most of us are new and today many websites are inaccessible. WordPress asked designers, developers, hosting companies, security experts and themes shops etc to provide new suggestions and advice to the beginners. Well, in this article we’ll explore some tips for advanced WordPress users and the offers that WordPress community is recommending to beginners – advice beginners wordpress community.

Get Involved with the WordPress Community

From all over the world, WordPress is having a firm and fix community with active contributors. To wish for learning and get to help will take you far. You have a lot to learn, but the actual way to ensure you’re learning the right way to do things. It means that the more you learn, the more you can give back helping the community to grow fast. As you start to give back, you got the real help to learn even more. So be a part of WordPress community that is the way to bright your skills and experience. The second best thing in getting association with the community is to make friends and creating a support network. The network could be beneficial in case you go wrong in future so that the people can help you out.

Never feel fear to Experiment

Tinker is the best way to be accustomed with new products and it’s also a good way to learn to take stuff apart and put it back together. It will help when you want to break anything or to fix anything by force. Experts says that always be fearless even if things are going wrong. You can install a new copy of WordPress and start again. You can also add content to your website and utilize it and do try out themes along with plug-in. It is easy to take your time troubleshooting without worrying about your website to be down.

Try to Read & Write

As you internet is full of important information makes you confuse from where to start. A great place is and both forums and Codex are the ways to learn how WordPress works. You can have a few of advice outside of the Codex. WordPress has made it easy for you to achieve your goal by learning the tutorials. As everyone knows that today no one give time to read same like old jokes. Also people read fewer instructions as it has ever been.

You might remember at first when you start writing blogs, in case you find a solution to any WordPress problem so share it with all the community. This is the way you are helping people who have same problems. It will also help you in future when you go wrong, someone will tell you the better way to do it. Moreover, when you feel comfortable with writing on your blogs, do try writing on WordPress Codex. This is the platform where you can check to examine whether you can make your ideas as same in writing as it is in your mind.

Choose the Themes & Plug-in Wisely

Everyone at the beginning of WordPress prefers to free themes and plugin excitedly. Keep in mind that the free things are not important to be good. The same in the WordPress if something is commercial, doesn’t well either. There are more than enough powerful, secure, free WordPress themes and plug-in and also plenty of poor quality commercial themes and plug-in. we will clear you the differences in both of them.

Never install crappy plug-in and themes, if you are not confident to know which one is good, do not start to install directly but ask someone to help you while choosing. You have to avoid of using Google to search for free themes and plugin and also stop searching other websites. Whatever you need, take from reputable plug-in and theme shop.

Do Learn the Basics

According to the theme development, some experts have learned on default themes like Classic and Kubrick that are simpler that the latest. For example Twenty Twelve is the latest default that shows the WordPress beautiful but not useful tool for beginners. Following are the suggestions for beginners who are looking for simpler themes to learn from.

  • Creating a theme that lists blog post is having a single post template
  • Implementing comments should only be on a single post template
  • Creating a custom widget
  • Create a child theme which does nothing
  • Implement date, category and tag archives
  • Implement a custom output for comments
  • It’s also good to implement a widgetized sidebar
  • Create a child theme which changes the posts while displaying

Read the Code

You are not supposed to look only to Codex or online tutorials; this will take you to start but won’t provide you everything you need to be a developer. According to the documentation that the code is supposed to do while the code says what it actually does. All the documentation can lag behind the code, for example when core the core patches are getting merge. Moreover, when you poke around the code, you might notice about other things that are getting helpful. Also you can file them away for upcoming time or future.

Finally the last advice for the beginners is to set something basic up quickly and start writing if you have an idea for blog or website. We hope you can take enough help from our website. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Difference between Unity Source 2 & Unreal Engine

Unity Source 2

There are several engines to be used for developing games. If you want to develop game, you have to consider a few important things before starting your journey. Free game engines like Source 2, Unity etc that provides guidance to develop any game. But which one is essential among them, for this question follow our step by step information -Difference between Unity Source 2 & Unreal Engine

The most powerful game engines that are using in a large expanse are Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Source 2 and CryENGINE. Using any game engine depends upon you whether you develop a 2D, 3D or mobile game. All these engines are cheap and better features while using. You can decide which one to choose, but first read about each engines that we are going to describe them.

Source 2:

During 2015 GDC, Valve had many announcements where the biggest in gaming world was Source 2 engine announcement. Source 2 is also used in the most famous games of Valve like Counter Strike, Half-Life 2 and some others. In a press conference Valve’s Jay Stelly said that the Source 2 engine available for free to all the content developers. This seems that Valve is ready to be in game engine race with Epic and Unity and also providing more options to game developers. Source 2 are using by professional developers, also enabling gamers to take part in the development of their games. As Jay Stelly suggested that Source 2 is going to be free and also going to be a strong contender against the Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Unity Game Engine

Unity game engine offers a high array of features and is very easy for interface. The games are very easy and quickly can port onto Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 etc. This is a great engine for the development of mobile games. It has the ability of development for consoles. However, keep in mind that new developers are not able to get access to console SDK. So if you are a new developer getting access is not as easier. The game engine supports assets from the massive 3D applications for example, 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D etc, means that there is no restrictions to any file formats. Unity 4.3 also has a native 2D capabilities, supports sprites, 2D physics and making it a great game engine. The engine supports integration of any 3D application. Unity has no real modeling or building feature  but few primitive shapes so everyone need to create in a third party 3D application.

License Fee list of Unity

There are different licensing fees for Unity, the first one is the Pro version that is $1500 and you can also have for $75 monthly per seat. The Unity 5 Personal Edition is a free and including many of same features. The features are as the Professional Edition, including Profiler, Physically-based shading and more. If you want to qualify for Unity 5 Personal Edition, you need to have a small studio earning almost $100,000 per year.

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)

Unreal Engine 4 is the brand new engine that is released from Epic Games and the successor of it to UDK. This engine has interesting graphical abilities like advanced dynamic lighting and new particle system. Whereas it can monitor up to a million particles at a time. Unreal Engine 4 is the successor of UDK, so it is must that there are many changes to the engine. These changes could not be bad and Unreal Engine 4 is much more appealing for fresh and new game developers. In the scripting language for UE4, there is a change to be noticed. The Unreal Script is completely replacing by C++ in UE4 and the Kismet is by more inborn BlueScript.

You might know that Unreal Engine is always running of off Unreal Script. Right now, UE4 games are released on PC, Mac, iOS, Xbox, Android and PlayStation 4. The pricing structure is like that it’s providing enough doors to aspire game developers. You are supposed to pay 5% royalty in case you earn $3,000 per quarter per game. Now if you have four games earning $2,500 per quarter so you won’t have to pay for each royalty.

What’s the right to select?

All the game engines are the greatest choice for you game development process. The Unity is good for mobile, 2D and 3D as we mentioned above. Unreal Engine 4 provides the ability of creating games with graphic or 2D side scrollers along with normal price. One thing is to keep in mind that you won’t face with shortage of game engines. In case your mind is not still sure so you can play almost with all of them and observe which one you are perfect with.

What types of games are interested in?

The important point is to decide with yourself why you need to use game engine. Of course, to make a game because game engines are using for game development. Following are the important questions to be answered while creating a game;

  • Do you like to create a 2D plat former or a 3D action adventure game?
  • Do you want your game to launch on a web browser or mobile?
  • What’s your plan on making money off the game?
  • Do you purchase price alone or through in app purchases?

To answer such questions it’s totally depends upon you whether to use Engine 4 or Unity. All engines can perform well job but depends on what you are creating. Finally, these are the engines that you can select any of them as your favorite. For further information you can visit to our site at


Full free course unity 3d

How to Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress Menus without Plugin

Font Awesome Icons

If you want to add icons to your site’s menu, it’ll give your visitors some visual clues about the content. You will also be able to add a nice design touch to your own site by following our step by step instructions. Well, in this article we will show you how you can easily add icons to custom WordPress Menu without any plugin or images. At end when finish you’ll have some icons next to each item in your navigation menu. Moreover, you won’t need to upload any images or files which make your site slow down – How to Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress Menus without Plugin

Create a Child Theme

In case you don’t have a theme, then you will need to create one to work with. We recommend you the child theme that is the easiest way of an existing theme. It means that you can easily add your own changes without doing even a single thing to original theme. You can create a child theme of the default theme. If you are new to the child theme then you can need some guidance from our site or internet.

Activate the Font Awesome Library

In next step you need to activate the Font Awesome library in your theme.

The Font Awesome is the library of icons created to sue icon font. Simply it means that it doesn’t use any background images. In place of it uses CSS classes, to add a pseudo element to anything with an icon class.

The pseudo element adds a special character before the element along with the icon style. You have to get start by activating Font Awesome in your theme. Then create a new file called function.php in your theme folder. Furthermore, if your theme has a functions file, start to open it.

Add CSS to the Menu Items

Up to this stage your Font Awesome is registered, now you can use CSS classes which provides adding icon to your menu items. Go to Appearance>Menus in the WordPress Admin where you can edit your navigation menu. In case you are not having or haven’t created a navigation menu, create on the spot and tick the checkbox in the menu screen. So that it is in the ‘Primary Navigation’ slot in your own theme.

WordPress is letting you to add a CSS class to every item in your menu. However, you are not able to see the field to this by default. First you must switch on it;

  • Click the Screen Options tab on the top of the screen
  • Check the box next to the CSS Classes
  • Close the Screen Options tab

Finally, you can add a class to any of your menu items. You can start with the ‘Home’ menu item. After that click on the downwards arrow next to the menu item, it will view more options related to that menu item.

fa fa-lg fa-home


is used for all items with a Font Awesome icon


sets the size of the icon to large


relates to the specific icon you want to display.

Give Style to the Menu Item

First take a look to your site’s menu in the front end, the fonts in your menu will have changed. The icons will be above the text when you want them to the left. All of your menu items will be next to each other when they need to be one above the other.

If you are working with your own theme, you could know that your menu looks worse or better than before or for the first time. You will also need to make some different tweaks.

When you want to fix the problems in your site, you need to add some styling to your style sheet.

Keep in mind that if you are working with your own theme, you might need to target different classes or IDs to your menu. It depends on how you have coded your theme. So let’s start by making the menu items that are one above the other. First open your theme’s style sheet and add the following code;

  • .main-navigation ul li {
  •        width: 100%;
  • }

This will ensure that each menu item takes up 100% width of its containing element. Now when you refresh your screen, the menu will be looking better than before.

Your menu items are in the right place now, however, the icons should be to the left of each menu item. For doing this, fix the following by adding to your style sheet.

  • .fa::before {
  •      float: left;
  • }

Finally, save your style sheet and then refresh your screen. All the icons will be in right and better place. So that’s all, we are sure that you can take enough help from our article and instructions. For further information you can visit to our stie at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Create a Photo Album Gallery in WordPress without a Plugin

Photo Album

The previous gallery in WordPress was using with a lighbox effect. The users wanted to create a photo gallery organizing by monthly albums. However, in this article we will make you able to create a photo album gallery in WordPress without any plugin – Create a Photo Album Gallery in WordPress without a Plugin

Before starting, lets some points to be cleared. Whenever a user is clicking on the album page, they will see an archive in grid display where each album starts with different cover and all the photos in it. So this was the idea to have one album per month. In case any user clicks on the photo, so they will be taken to the single photo page. They can see there the title of the photo without any hesitation.

How you will make it?

All the required features can be done using the built in WordPress functionality. It is easy to treat each monthly album as a post, so each album could be having a single page with some info. The information is including background information etc and each image will treat as an attachment. You are able to use the default posts or you are also having a blog then this need to be created in a custom post type.

Tips to create a Photo Album Gallery

In the first step, you should have to create a site-specific plugin or a project specific plugin.

In case you want to use Custom Post Types for your projects, then you need to produce codes and paste it in your specific plugin.

Next, you need to register additional image sizes in WordPress for the grid display for example;

1 add_image_size (‘album-grid’, 225, 150, true);

After the additional image size, we are going to show you how to add some additional fields to the Media Uploader. It will make you able to add Photographer’s names, URLs and related info while you are uploading each image.

Tips for adding additional fields to WordPress Media Uploader

Once it finished, let’s move to add some albums, so upload all the images you want to attach to that album. After that attach a particular cover photo and set it as a featured image. The background info can be added in the content area of the post.

In the backend few albums are left, so you put the code to display it.

Now you will create a template file that is called archive-albums.php. You have to paste the header codes, footer codes, sidebar and other design elements you want. After that create a post loop and we will display all attachment from a post inside the loop. However, the thumbnail that will link to the single image page won’t be displayed.

<li class=”album-grid”><a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” title=”<?php the_title(); ?>”><?php the_post_thumbnail(‘album-grid’); ?></a></li><?php if ( $post->post_type == ‘albums’ && $post->post_status == ‘publish’ ) {
$attachments = get_posts( array(
‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’,
‘posts_per_page’ => -1,
‘post_parent’ => $post->ID,
‘exclude’ => get_post_thumbnail_id()
) );

if ( $attachments ) {
foreach ( $attachments as $attachment ) {
$class = “post-attachment mime-” . sanitize_title( $attachment->post_mime_type );
$title = wp_get_attachment_link( $attachment->ID, ‘album-grid’, true );
echo ‘<li class=”‘ . $class . ‘ album-grid”>’ . $title . ‘</li>’;


The main CSS style that the most people are getting worry for is the class. Album-grid

.album-grid{width: 225px; height: 150px; float: left; list-style: none; list-style-type: none; margin: 0 18px 30px0px;}

Well, this would allow each image replacing in the grid and you could get the style whatever you want. Next, you need to do is to create a single-attachment template. This is the page where the user is taking to, so they can view each individual image. Here you will see the image title, photographer’s name and photographer’s URL.

Now the last point is left in the list is to create an individual albums page. Let me clear it to you that your custom post type is called albums. You need to create a single-albums.php file. Then try to copy all the header, footer, sidebar and more design elements that you want to have.

Element do the same in the loop as we did with the archive albums template. You must add the album and title description before you add the featured image and attachment grid. You need to add code for this that is here below;

<h1><?php the_title(); ?></h1>
<div class=”entry-content”><?php the_content(); ?></div>

//Insert grid code below this line

Finally, these are the tips for creating a photo album gallery in WordPress without a plug in. We hope that this article will provide you more help. For further information you visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Free SSL for all WordPress Websites

Free SSL

SSL is necessary for e-commerce website to safely processing credit cards. If you don’t process payments, still you need to consider secure HTTP. In this article we will tell you how to set it up quickly and free – Free SSL for all WordPress Websites

What is SSL?

SSL is the ‘S’ in HTTPS which adds a layer of encryption to HTTP. It ensures that the authorized recipients can decrypt the message to see its contents. SSL runs above the transport layer and network layer which are responsible for the transport of data between processes and the routing of network traffic over a network between client and server. The credit card numbers or any private information always serves through HTTPS. But an increasing tend towards the served content via HTTP is existing.

How to set up HTTPS for free?

To set up HTTPS for free is to sign up for a could DNS service. DNS is the system where domain name gets link to IP address. You can carry out many options but we recommend you CloudFlare which is very easy and fast to set up. It has many features and the dashboard is intuitive.

How to set CloudFlare?

After you register for a CloudFlare account, you’ll be passed by a wizard to configure your first website. Moreover, it will culminate with instructions for how to log into your domain registrar and points name-servers to CloudFlare. You should wait for some time for changes and after it completes, CloudFlare will host DNS record of your website. Then, turn on CloudFlare’s ‘flexible SSL’ feature at the end. ‘Flexible SSL’ setting important and you won’t have to buy or install it.

Reconfigure WordPress from HTTP from HTTPS

In the first step you have update the “WordPress Address” & “Site Address” settings in the dashboard. After that again you have to log into the dashboard again. There is risk locking yourself out if you update these settings prematurely.

For example, in case your website doesn’t configure for HTTPS and settings are updated, you could cause a redirect loop which will break the website. It will also prevent you from accessing the dashboard. Up to this point, you will be able to visit the home page of the website via HTTPS. But the page links would be getting point to HTTP URLs. If you want to ensure that the website is served via HTTPS, then need to update all the legacy contents.

How to Update Legacy Content?

The fastest option for small website with a few pages is to simply update the URLs by editing existing pages in admin interface. In case the website is large or has high active blog, then the manual editing is not practical. If your gives phpMyAdmin or some other interface to run MySQL queries, this could be done by few MySQL queries. At the risk of stating the obvious, then replace in the queries with the actual domain.

Update the wp_postmeta table

Update wp_postmeta SET meta_value = replace(meta_value, ‘’, ‘’ ) ;


Now, update the actual contents of posts that will update any back links to HTTPS.

UPDATE wp_posts  SET post_content = REPLACE (post_content, ‘’, ‘’) ;


You have to refresh your permalinks after running all these queries. By doing this, simply go to “Setting” and click “Permalinks”. Then change the setting back to default. After that set it back to click the menus and link the website.

Get the Flexible SSL to work with E-commerce plug-in

WordPress is having a core function that is is_SSL() which plugin rely on to determine if the traffic is encrypted with SSL. Luckily, a free plug-in could easily fix this quickly, so install the plugin and activate it. This tip doesn’t need any other security. The traffic between CloudFlare and your website’s server is still not encrypted.

Redirecting HTTP Requests to HTTPS

To enable any website to run on HTTPS never ensures that requests will actually be using the protocol. Your website might have bookmarked with HTTP if it has been around for a while. You can redirect all HTTP requests to new protocol by adding different snippet to the top of the .htaccess file at your website’s root. In case .htaccess file is existing, keep in mind don’t bring changes between the # BEGIN WordPress and # END WordPress lines in the file. WordPress is managing those lines and when the permalinks refreshes, the content gets overwritten in that section.

By upgrading your website to HTTPS, your website has improved, protected and participated in advancement of internet. As we mentioned this is free and you won’t have any problem. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

5 Free Important Plugins for WordPress Blog

Important Plugins

Most of the bloggers get confuse initially introduced to WordPress. User interface is quite important, so for the user’s initial experience with the user interface is plugins. There is stunning number of plugins for the WordPress platform. You can have many free plugins at Plugin Directory but to find plugin that matches with your needs is very difficult. Luckily, in this article we’ll make you to take the essential plugins for your WordPress blog – 5 Free Important Plugins for WordPress Blog

Page Load Speed

This is very important for all the bloggers and one thing is proven that site speed can affect Google ranking and visitors. You blog is same like an engine; if there isn’t someone on the throttle then you can’t go or leave anywhere. If you enter you new best friend WP Super Cache so the plugin changes the dynamic content into HTML that is produced by WordPress. This way it loads faster.

Social Media

Social media is the best source of blogging and it is same like a body part for blog. As search engine provides a lot of traffic, social media delivers the highest level of targeted visitors to your site. We recommend you Digg Digg plugin which is very effective, easy to customize and free. You can download it if you want and it has the best customization and allows you to add services you like.


After getting famous of blogging, one of its prime selling points is the concept in the community. The concept is derived from ability for a visitor to communicate through commenting. Comments connect you with the visitors and very crucial for a blog. You should motivate your visitors for commenting or asking questions through comment. This way your site or blog will get as famous as you have considered.

Comment Spam Protection

Comment spam is destruction for many bloggers. However, it’s good that WordPress comes re-bundled with Akismet Spam Blocker. Most of high profile blogs have protested many times that it has become unreliable. In simple term, plugin provides a check box that your commentors should click. The click will just confirm that they are not spammers. You can also use GrowMap which is without problems and many other bloggers do so.

Contact Form

At the end point, a contact form is required to your blog because your visitors are able to contact you. Most of the bloggers don’t wish to publish email address because of the potential spamming implications. But doesn’t matter, Fast Secure Contact Form is a plugin that easily delivers by the promise of its name. The plug-in features all of the functionality you really want has got more customization options that you can install.

Finally, these are five must plugins for your blog that can help you in many ways. We hope our article can help enough. You can comment for any feedback or asking any questions. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Bulid Twitter Cards in WordPress Beginners Guide

Bulid Twitter Cards

With the Twitter cards you can possibly attach media experiences to your tweets that link to your content. It is same like sharing a link on Facebook that show a preview with title, summary and thumbnail of your content page. Well, in this article we are going to tell you the tips and method of How to Bulid Twitter Cards in WordPress Beginners Guide

How does Twitter Cards Work?

Any tweet which is having a link to a site with twitter cars enabled, an option is occurred there to view the summary. Now if any other user clicks on the tweet, so he/she can see the summary.

Twitter cards increases the number of people following your twitter account with the help of content attribution. You might don’t know that most people tweet on your links without sufficient attribution.

We observed from most of the popular content caretaker who tweet our article without any RT @internetseekho. They can do it, however, the publishers like you and we miss out when other people tweet again your content with different attributes. It will be clear for you with the help of our example.

For example, @aamirali tweets again on a post from @internetseekho without any attribution and the people are retweeting @aamirali. Of course the users will be viewing those retweets that are more possibly to follow @aamirali rather than the @internetseekho. Most of the content keeper is doing this to keep the length of the tweet short and confirm the retweets of their own tweets. With the help of twitter cards, this problem will exist not anymore because you get credit to your site from every tweet in your article. Keep in mind that we are keening on content keeper, but twitter is helping to fix it with the twitter cards.

How to add Twitter Cards in your WordPress?

We are providing you the method to add twitter cards in WordPress and you have to follow our rules step by step.

First, if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, so it is very good for you. Yoast is having built-in integration for the twitter cards.

So simply click or go to the “Social” page of Yoast SEO setting page and enter your Twitter username then save the changes.

Then click on the Twitter tab, below the tab you have to check the box to add Twitter card Meta data. Now select a default card type for choosing to show summary with a large image.

In next step, you should go to Users>>My Profile page where you will see a new field under the Contact Info for you twitter username. Now enter your twitter username here to carry on.

If you have a multi-author site, so advise your author to complete the part in profile. This is the way through which each specific author gets credit by their work.

If you are running a multi-author site, then advise your authors to complete this part in their profile. This way each specific author gets credit for their work as well.

Finally, you have done to all the rules and successfully added Twitter Cards in WordPress. We hope our article helps enough for you. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Easy Tips to Make your WordPress Site Multilingual

Site Multilingual

You need different tools, plug-in and translation services to make your WordPress website multilingual. According to the new survey, in top 10 languages using on the internet, English ranks first with 950 million users. The Chinese ranks second with more than 750 million users then Spanish with 270 million users – Easy Tips to Make your WordPresss Site Multilingual

These three languages make a great market for the customers all around the world. If anyone want to expand business, it’s better to make the website multilingual. So in this article we’d like to provide you easy tips to for making your WordPress multilingual.

Why to make WordPress site Multilingual?

Making your WordPress site multilingual could help you to get more global customers. For example, if Chinese online store translates its website into English, it can easily provide its product to nearly 900 million extra users. It also helps the people in the daily life when they want a better place for lunch, so just Google it in English version. Multilingual site magnifies your professional image and your brand awareness.

Different cultures and countries can understand your products through multilingual. It’s better for the users to understand your services and the process that your business runs. You can boost your CEO with multilingual and you can get your site visitor’s trust.

Method for Translation

You can translate your site with the help of a few different methods in which the fastest is machine translation. This is very important and good for urgent translations and messages to be translated quickly. However, machine translation is full of misspelling and errors that lead to misunderstanding the actual content.

You can also use a Google Language Translator plugin but the results will unreliable. On the other hand, human translation is a good source of translation and only human beings are able to understand the different cultures, linguistic and lifestyle that are able to understand and translate the context fully. Moreover, human translator is important for things like poetry, jokes, idioms and expressions etc.

You need to follow the method before sending your website for translation. Following are the points to be considered;

  • What effect you need to get?
  • Are you interested to translate your whole site or such parts that allows different language users to find their content?
  • Are users from same cultural circle?
  • Would it work to change only specific website elements language like text, headers, buttons and etc?
  • How the translation will affect the layout of your site?

In most of the cases you don’t need a plug-in like you can create only one page in the second language with required information. Furthermore, if you have enough knowledge, you can run a WordPress multisite installation.

Useful Plugins

We suggest methods for you, if none of the methods work for you then you ought to use a plugin. All these plugins are free and you have to try to check before you choose a premium solution. You have to check that how they work for you.

1: Multilingual Press

Multilingual Press is bases on multi-site and a powerful WordPress core features. It allows you to create a network consist of sites in different languages, all interconnected with each other. You can this plugin in two versions the Free and Pro along with dedicated Premium Support.

2: Polylang

Polylang is also a free plugin through which you can write posts, pages and create categories. You can create post tags as usual and then define the language to each of them. The language is set by the content or by language code in the URL. You can use a different domain or subdomain per language. It comes with customizable language switcher provided as navigation menu or widget.

3: Bogo

You can Bogo easily and it is also a free plugin. It needs to assign one language per post and doesn’t create any additional custom tables in the user’s database. In case this free plugin is not acquiring your needs, there are some other premium options that you can use.

4: Straker Translations

This is a high quality translation services along with top level automation of workflow processes. In this plug-in you need to do is select the content that you want to send for translation. Get the quote and enjoy your content being that are professionally translated and directly published to your website.


This is the most famous paid multilingual plugin. WPML is a massive solution with tons of features and support globally. It allows you to create translator accounts on your website. WPML is highly integrated with translation service ( and it allows you to send your content to the translator.

That’s all, most of the common issues are related to performance where the resources are minimal that are less enough to support you website. We hope that you can take enough information from our article. For further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to learn WordPress in one week

learn WordPress

Most people come up with an idea and free time that can develop a product or service on WordPress to start a business easily. If you have free time, there are different resources available for free on WordPress. But you need to have full command on WordPress to use for more uses. So in this article we’ll guide you step by step to be master with WordPress over one week – How to learn WordPress in one week

Points to be known before learning WordPress

  • You must have installed and used WordPress
  • Provide two or three hours per day to learn about WordPress
  • You need to accustom with HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Follow our step by step information till the end line

We have divided the expected week in which you are going to learn WordPress. The week is divided by a single day through a schedule and you must have to complete each day routine.

Monday (WordPress Codex, TV & WordPress Core)

This Codex is not only for beginners but necessary for all of us. It contains everything that you ought to know about the WordPress. Codex will tell you to quickly look to new things. As you know most of the articles are encyclopedic, however, there is much information from working with themes, writing plug-in for contributing to core development.

WordPress TV contains many hours of presentation that are recorded at WordCamps around the world. You can learn easily to search any topic from well known developers. If you want to contribute with core and want to know where WordPress is headed, the better way is to Bookmark Make WordPress Core. If you want to keep yourself aware of what’s happening in WordPress, this is the place what you want

Tuesday (How to Getting Most of Themes)

Get to know how vital is learning WordPress, choosing a theme is the first customization to your site. In Codex, first port call is the Theme Development section. This is the section that offers you to know how themes are building. It’s a worth reading even if you know enough about themes. You need to check the Child Themes section of Codex before reading A Guide to the Options for WordPress Theme Development. This is a great read which looks at different approaches to development like building theme or hacking an existing theme.

The next one is the theme frameworks; the WordPress Theme Frameworks Starter Guide at WPTuts+ is an entrance to frameworks if you have started. WPTuts+ will also guide you to Developing Your First WordPress Theme.

Wednesday (Getting the Most of Plugins)

As you know WordPress is nothing without plug-in, to develop any plug-in is very easy. The first post of calling is writing a Plugin in the Codex. The Smashing Magazine’s WordPress Essentials: How to Create a WordPress Plug-in is the greatest introduction to plug-in development.

Thursday (Hosting & Backup Solutions)

Web host is important that make your site to run smoothly without downtime. There are more than hundreds web hosts where choosing one is not easy work. We pointed you five most popular hosting options. Managed WordPress hosting is more and more famous as new competitors enter the space. Wp Kube is guiding you an up-to-date guide for hosting in 9 Best Options to the Managed WordPress Hosting section.

Some of the hosts are providing backup solutions, if you want to have it so Snapshot by WPMU DEV is the greatest solution for scheduling backups. Whether you use them in Dropbox or Amazon S3, it depends on your choice. Recently we published How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for WordPress Site, a superb guidance to make you for the worst.

Friday (SEO Optimization)

Moz provides you an important Beginners Guide to SEO and makes you able to know about everything that you need about SEO. It contains engine marketing, keyword search, measuring, tracking access etc. Optimizing your site is beneficial to make the most of SEO, whereas, the Codex offers a basic guide to optimization. WPTuts+ takes it another step in 10 quick tips: Optimizing & Speeding up WordPress Site.

Saturday (Customization)

You might be stressed, of course after consecutive 5 days work on WordPress can make anyone feel stress. This is the time that we are going you to customization. Press-coder serving you step by step guide to How to Customize a WordPress Theme with full guidance. After carrying out this guidance, you won’t be any problem while customization.

Sunday (WordPress News)

Well, after your hard work of a week, now you are free to enjoy coffee with a piece of cake and read news. WordPress community has viral network of news sites like, WP Tavern, and Post Status etc. The sites provide a window for products and other services built on WordPress. You can check these news sites that can help you to know how WordPress is evolving.

Sunday doesn’t mean that your learning week is over but to check different resources of how to be a WordPress Developer and some other. Finally, we hope that you can take enough help from our article. For more information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Disable Pings & Trackbacks in Existing WordPress Posts


Both Pings and Trackbacks allow blogs to notify each other they have linked to the post. These days, the spammers are using it to send trackbacks from spam websites. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how to disable pings and trackbacks on your existing WordPress posts.

Why you need to disable them?

You might know, in the beginning stages of blogging, both pingbacks and trackbacks were used as a way for blogs. They were introduced to get notify each other about links.

For example, you are writing an article and add any link to a post at your friend’s blog. After that your blog will automatically send a ping to the blog.

Then this pingsback could easily appear in their blog’s comment moderation queue with a link to you website.

Nowadays, the spammers are using this feature for sending thousands of fake trackbacks and also pings. Even these trackbacks are probably using in Akismet.

WordPress make you to turn off this feature with easy tips. You have to just go to Setting>>Discussion page where you’ll see a box. So here uncheck the box that is next to ‘Allow link notification from other blogs on new articles’ option.

Why you need to disable them
Why you need to disable them

But it turns them off in case you are writing new articles that are you going to publish. If you have old posts, they still have trackbacks and pingbacks that are enabled. WordPress can even easily add trackbacks to those posts when you link them on your blog.

Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts

We are going to provide you step by step information for this process. First you have to visit Posts>>All Posts page. After that, click on Screen Option button at the corner of the screen.

Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts
Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts

Secondly, enter 999 next to ‘Number of items per page’ option and click on apply button.

It’ll reload post’s list and will show up to 999 posts in the same page.

Next, select all the posts by checking the box which is next to title label.

Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts
Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts

Then, select ‘Edit’ from Bulk Action drop down and click on the ‘Apply Button’.

Here, WordPress will show you bulk edit box along with all posts on the selected page
Here, WordPress will show you bulk edit box along with all posts on the selected page

Here, WordPress will show you bulk edit box along with all posts on the selected page.

There in the bulk edit box, you shall look for the pings options and convert to ‘Do not allow’.

There in the bulk edit box, you shall look for the pings options and convert to ‘Do not allow
There in the bulk edit box, you shall look for the pings options and convert to ‘Do not allow

Moreover, you should to click on the update button for saving all of your changes that you have done.

Now, WordPress will update and also will turn off pings on all the selected posts.

In case you have more than 999 posts on your WordPress site, so the better way is to go to the next page and should repeat all the process.


We hope that from this article you would learn how to disable trackbacks and pings on the existing WordPress posts. If you like our article or want to share your ideas with us, you can visit to our site. For further information you can visit to our site at