New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

After the success of iPhone 7, now the Apple Company is going to release three new models of iPhone 8 in next year. In this article we are telling about the new models and the variants of the new models-New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

According to some analysts that the iphone 8 will have three different models. There will be both LCD and OLED technologies in the three different models. You might have enough information about iPhones mobiles and the company (Apple) that is organizing the mobiles. If you want to have a look at the market of iPhone,so there is a good market and a lot of people are earning through the iPhone mobiles because these mobiles are quite different than the others  in the market.

Size of New iPhone Models

Another analyst has claimed that Apple has two LCD iPhones which under work, and he also mentioned the size that the first will be 4.7-inches  and will be having a single camera lens as in iPhone 7 it has, and the other will be 5.5-inches dual-inches lens solution, same like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now it is declared that what will be the screen size of iPhone 8 because no words has appeared yet about the screen size, but it’s possible that the iPhone 8 would be larger than 4.5-inches in size.However,the analyst believes that this device will be featured by two cameras not one.

iPhone in LCD and OLED Models

As we told about the new models of Apple 2017 that is iPhone 8 but in three models, because every model of Apple has changes than the previous one, so in this model there will be some new changes than the others. We will show that are the difference between LCD and OLED.

Difference between LCD and OLED

LCD model will be 4.7-inches in size. It will be having two cameras.

OLED model will be 5.5 inches and it will be also having two cameras with 5.5 inches display. Models will be having different from each other and some analyst has predicted that the market of new iPhones will be more beneficial than the previous one which will be good for the mobile marketers too.

A Japanese publication Nikkei has reported that Apple will sell their 3 new models in next year and every model will have different screen size. According to his report, a 4.7-inch, 5- inch, and 5.5-inch are coming in 2017 year.If we compare iPhone 7 with iPhone so there is difference in features because the new iPhone will have extra features such as in camera, size and many more. Different analysts have described the features of the new iPhone 8 with their own mind. We showed you about those analysts who are working in Apple company.

That’s all were about the new models of iPhone that will be introducing in next year (2017), and with the help of this article you can know easily about the new models and features of upcoming Apple iPhone.