Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website

Beginner Guide

All the companies are trying to create different experiences to their customers. However, some companies willing to bring some changes required delivering on the promise and some don’t realize how bad their experiences are. This year 2017, WordPress crossed the 27% mark which runs fast than a quarter of entire websites. In this article we’re going to provide the best way to run a WordPress website for those who either are new or regular users. You will learn about working with domains, installing WordPress, managing content, using plug-in and theme that secure the websites and content. Regarding this article, we will tell you the important points to be noticed – Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website

The Domain Name should be proper

Domain name is an identification of your website to users. So the best way is to keep an easy domain name which should not be confused with the URL. The domain names are also a part of URL. The only part you shall focus in the domain name because this is the way where users will refer to get to your website.

Choose the Right Name

Choosing a domain name is not very easy because it needs some tips that domain keeps the name short and easy to type. In case you are having such a brand consist of proper English word, then the domain name will already be taken.  All tips can be finding in order to choose a domain name, but try to keep it short and memorable. The Smashing Magazine has a long domain name, now it lost much traffic due to the name. Finally we advise you to have short and sweet domain name for your website. You are not supposed to choose the copy name or copyright to your domain name

Buying a Domain Name

You can get hosting through buying a domain name and for sake of security, your domain and hosting should be separate. Someone could easily get into your hosting account to steal data and files; they could possibly transfer the domain away if your domain name is registered. So this will leave you with nothing, if this is your first project, I suggest you to buy domain name providing hosting. All this will make your process easier and you could easily transfer domain to another company at any time when you want. Two points that you must know while buying a domain, if you are serious about branding and have funds, you have to buy a number of TLDs with the same name. For example, if you want to register, so you might buy the .net, .org, .info or the local version likes Finally, if you are having funds then register for five or six years that is the most convenient way. &

Lets us to make it clear for you about and, but first it’s better to know about WordPress. WordPress is a source of software package that you can get it free from any part of the world. is a central location of WordPress software projects where you can download it, view the documentation, answer and ask questions in the forms. On the other hand, is a service serving websites that run on WordPress. You can get full functioning websites and sign up for free account. Here you will only use a subdomain like However, if you are a new user for the first time, the restrictions are negligible.

Choose anyone is same digging well for water, in somewhat places water is close to ground water commonly, which is better for watering garden for free. You don’t need or stress for the municipal water system. You can also dig a well if you have machinery where you won’t pay for water but for the service of forming well. So this all is same like, you are paying for using WordPress but to pay for subdomain, file hosting and management of the software.

Choosing a Hosting Package

It’ll be a bit difficult to choose a hosting package but switching hosts is easy enough where you can change it at any time. You have to follow one way among three if you are looking for a good package.

  • Shared hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting

Any one you are going to pick depends on your website’s needs and your funds. Because all of them are having their own pros and cons that can make you decision easier.

How to set up a domain?

First point is this that you must have a hosting package and a domain name and in case you buy a domain by your hosting provider then you can skip this step. All domains need to point to the hosting provider so that users access it by their browser; they are directed to suitable server. You’ll also need to log on into the website that you registered your domain name and change the nameservers for the domain. Through Media Temple, you can add nameservers by using an easy form. After that you host will inform you that what nameserver to specify and SiteGround account has different information like,

  • While changing nameserver, you’ll wait for 72 hours
  • It depends on where you relative to the server
  • If the server is in the US and you are in Europe, the website will work fine in a few hours
  • Changes usually take more time for propagating overseas

How to install the WordPress?

You can do this with the help of filling a simple form if you managed WordPress host. Adding a number of WordPress installations to your account depends on your account type. With Kinsta, you shall fill out a quick form and you will be finished. If you a VPS account or shared, then follow two options, first click installation  or manual installation and many hosts offer WordPress installation tools for minimizing the work in this step.

If you want to take the manual root which is not difficult, you need to download WordPress. Upload all the files in the domain folder, create database and then follow instructions on the screen. WordPress Codex is having a complete installation guide. In case you are stuck or want help to create a database then take a look for short time.

How to choose a Theme and Plug-in?

You can choose theme in many ways and plug-in are more specific where you can install one to perform a single task. Themes are simple to add the visuals to the front page and testing them are getting more complex. You might don’t know, theme has parts such as the 404 page, search page, the archive etc. Some themes provide many features like support for WooCommerce, bbPress and many more. Choosing plug-in depends on your website like having a personal blog, a store, a forum etc, you will need different sorts of plug-in.

Keep your WordPress Secure

We have already mentioned our steps with backup and security plugins; however, I’d love to provide you a section of simple rules to follow. Most of the time hackers follow the least resistance path. They find the common flaws to be exploit easily. There are two tips to get by all right with the help of these two rules;

1: Keep all plugins, WordPress and themes up to date.

2: Try to use strong password and change your password after every two months.

So follow these rules, you will get rid of all attempts 99% on your website. For the rest of 1%, use a variety of tactics. If you like our article, you can leave a comment. Moreover, for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Security & Risk of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Whatever we love about the civilization is a creator of intelligence; to amplify the human intelligence with artificial intelligence is having the ability to help with civilization. In this article you’ll learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve real-world problems and the way to apply them.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

All the technology position, from SIRI to self-driving cars, web search, face recognition, industrial robots, missile guidance and artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly with the time. Whereas science fiction often portrays AI as robots with human-like characteristics, AI can easily grid anything from Google’s search algorithm to IBM’s Watson to self-governing weapons.

Today Artificial Intelligence is known as narrow AI or weak AI that is designed to perform a narrow task. For example only facial recognition, internet searches or only just driving car task are performed. On the other side, long-term goal of researchers is to create the general AI or strong AI like playing chess or solving equations, AGI would outperform humans at nearly in every intellectual task.

What for Research AI Safety?

In the near time, AI’s impact keeps the society beneficial and motivates research in different areas, from economics and law to technical topics such as verification, validity, security and control. Whereas the short-term challenge is preventing a devastating arms race in lethal autonomous weapons. A question arise here in long term that what will happen if the investigate for strong AI succeeds and an AI system becomes better than humans at all cognitive tasks. According by I.J. Good in 1965, designing better AI systems is a cognitive task by itself. The invention of revolutionary new technologies like Superintelligence may help us eliminate war, disease, and poverty. Also the creation of strong AI might be the biggest event in the human history.

Some experts have question whether the strong AI will be achieved or not, while some other insist that the creation of Superintelligent. Both of these possibilities are recognized potentially for an artificial intelligence system to deliberately or undeliberately create big threat. We do believe that research will help us better prepare for and prevent from such kind of potentially negative harms in the future.

Threats of Artificial Intelligence

Most of the researchers are agree that Super-intelligent AI is same to express human emotions like love or hate. There in no way expecting hostile or tolerant, in addition, there are two scenarios to show how AI might become a risk.

1: The AI is intended to act like devastating programmed: The autonomous weapons bases on artificial intelligence systems that function to kill. If it comes to the hands of wrong person, these weapons can create massive casualties. Moreover, al AI arms race could lead an AI war unintentionally to cause mass causalities. By avoiding thwarting by the enemy, these weapons would be created to be extremely tough to simply “turn off” where humans could possibly lose control of such cases.

     2: The AI wants to act beneficially, but it destructed to achieve its goal: This can happen whenever we fail to fully align the AI’s goals that are difficult. If you are asking an obedient intelligent car to get you to the airport fast, it may get you there chased by helicopter and covered you in vomit. This is what you don’t want but asked for it. A super-intelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we may face with problems. A key goal of AI safety research is to never place humanity in the position of any threat.

Why the Recent Interest in AI Safety?  

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, and other big names in science and technology have expressed recently in the media and via open letters about the risk and threats of AI. Most AI researches at the 2015 Puerto Rico Conference stated that human-level AI is centuries far away. that may happen before 2060. AI has the potential to become more intelligent than the humans; we have no way of predicting how it will behave. We can never use any past technological developments because we have never created such thing having the ability to outsmart us. People are controlling the planet now, not because we are the fastest, strongest or biggest but the smartest.

Top Myths about Advanced AI

There is a controversial conversation about the future of artificial intelligence and the meaning of it for the humanity. There are also more fascinating controversies where the world’s leading experts disagree like AI’s future impact on the job market; when human-level AI will be developed; whether this will be leading to an intelligence explosion; and whether this is what we should welcome or fear. To help ourselves focus on the interesting controversies and not on the misunderstandings, there are some common myths to clear up the questions.

Timeline Myth

This is related with the timeline that how long will it take until machines supersede human-level of intelligence? The famous myth is that we are sure we’ll get superhuman AI this century. However, our history is full of technological over-hyping. Where are such powers plants and flying cars we had promised that we’d have now? On the other hand, a popular counter-myth is we are sure that we won’t get superman AI this century. The researchers have made a wide range of estimates for how far we are from superhuman AI. However, we can’t say with courage that the probability is zero in this century.

For example, Ernest Rutherford, the greatest nuclear physicist of his own time in 1933, said that less than 24 hours before Szilard’s invention of the nuclear chain reaction; that nuclear energy was ‘moonshine’. After that, the astronomer Royal Richard Woolley stated interplanetary travel ‘utter bilge’ in 1956. The most extreme form of this myth is that superhuman AI won’t be arrived because it is impossible physically.  \

Controversy Myths

The second common misconception is that some people have boring concepts about AI. When Stuart Russell, the author of the standard AI textbook, stated this during his presentation, the audience laughed. A related misconception is that all the supporting AI safety research is controversial. Actually, supporting a generous investment in AI safety research, the people don’t need any motivation about high risk. Media have made the AI safety debate seem more controversial than in reality it is. As a result, two people who only know about each other’s positions disagree more than they do. For example, a techno-skeptic who just read about the position of Bill Gate in a British tabloid may think Gates believes super-intelligence mistakenly.

Myths Related to Risks of Superhuman AI

The fear of machines turning evil is another type of getting worry; the real worry isn’t malevolence, but competence. The humans never hate ants but we are more intelligent than them in common. Therefore, if we want to build a hydroelectric dam and there’s an anthill there, so sad for the ants. The beneficial-AI movement wants to prevent placing humanity in ant’s position. The consciousness misconception depends on the myth that machines don’t have aims. Obviously, machines have goals or aims in the narrow sense of expressing goal-oriented behavior. In case you feel threatened by a machine whose goals are misaligned with yours, so this is its goal that troubles you.

Finally, the misconception of robot is related to the myth which can’t control the humans. The Intelligence enables control: the humans control tigers not because of we are stronger but smarter. This means that if we keep on position as smartest on our planet, it’ll be easy and possible that we may also keep on our control.

Tesla Model X The Safest SUV Ever


Tesla announced that the Model X is now the world safest SUV in the history of vehicles and also scored as the fastest SUV ever. It’s important for the company which is more obsessed with vehicular safety rather than anything else. In this article you’ll have further description of                      – Tesla Model X The Safest SUV Ever

Comparison of Tesla Blog Post 2013

As compared to the Tesla blog post in 2013 about the S Model, time to break the NHTSA’s record. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has awarded the Model X five-star ratings in every one of its nine test categories. The NHTSA’s testing has shown that the Model X is having the lowest probability of injury. All the cars that NHTSA has checked out, the Model X is having less injury and second to the Model S. The Model X boasts calling Tesla “Bio-weapon defense mode” uses for a state of the art air filtration system. This system is using for cleaning the air inside the cabin.

There is one reason that why the Model X performed as well as it did. Well, it has the lowest center of gravity, a result of the vehicle’s hefty battery pack being positioned on the bottom of car that decrease the chances of a rollover incident in any crash.

Structure of the vehicle

NHTSA’s tested the structure of the vehicle and stated a report that the car absorbs much more energy. The seat-belt and airbag restraint system maximize injury mitigation in the event of crash. Tesla’s track record at this point is as same as speaks for itself. Over a few years in the past, you might have noticed the steady stream of events involving Model S and Model X passengers surviving horrifying crashes. Earlier this year, a Model S got had an accident that ends up with flying 82 feet up in air. Luckily, all of the passengers in the car emerged with no life harmful injuries.

Tesla Model X to Receive 5-Star Crash Rating

The new Model X is trusted to be the safest SUV ever and NHTSA states after testing, it has awarded Model X a 5-star safety rating in every category and sub-category. This is the first SUV ever that is going to earn the 5-star rating across the board.  The data from NHTSA’s testing shows that the Model X has the lowest probability of injury that no one SUV has ever tested before.  Model X performs much better in any crash than gas-powered SUVs because of electric architecture design. Moreover, the fortified battery pack that powers Model X, is mounting below to the floor of car. In the past no other SUV has ever come to meeting and exceeding as close as to this rollover requirement.

Finally, never get confuse about the event of a serious crash, Model X occupants have an overall 93% probability of driving without having any serious injury. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

10 best games of Famobi July 2017


Most of you might know about the Famobi Games that are for all genres and all devices.The best cross-platform games gathered in one spot, now also available as apps. It’s a lot of fun to see how HTML5 games have improved in quality over a rather short period of time. Well, in this article we are going to tell you about the best Famobi Games of Feb 2017.

What is Famobi?

Famobi is an HTML5 games affiliate service. We aggregate the best HTML5 games from developers and offer them to publish worldwide. Developers and publishers both can earn lifetime revenue with Famobi through ads and in-game purchases. This is a going to be a good source for new developers and publishers in near future. Moreover, there are some companies that aren’t communicating with HTML 5 Games. Famobi wants to join all these companies to be in touch with HTML and other resources.  Famobi’s ambition is to connect companies worldwide that haven’t got in touch with HTML5 games yet, independently from the sector or size. The games should run smoothly cross-platform on PCs and mobile devices. Following are the 10 Famobi interesting games;

1: Doctor Teeth

This is the Famobi game which is related to our health in which you have to become a dentist and take care of your patients’ teeth. In this game you will be using different tools for treating caries, extract teeth and bad breath. You can also play funny mini games, when stuck on to do list then you can also play funny mini games. So, you can you give all your patients their smile back.

2: Casual Dress Fashion

With the help of this game you have takes it to become a top model, you have to have a good outfit and must be ready to photo shots. All the photos will be taken by the professional photographers. The casual dress also uses a lot for social media photos. This game’s a bit complicated than the others, you will follow the dress codes. All the sessions should be completed by you to unlock freeplay mode. Work in the Candy Shop if you need additional money to buy new clothes. Do you want to become a model super star? You can also buy some new clothes in order to work with Candy Shop.

3: Beauty Cat Salon

This is the 1st time in Playstore Cat Beauty Salon, that makeover & dress up 3 in 1 game. The cutest Cat Beauty Salon game has arrived, now you can dress up Cat the way you want to. The cats are very cute in this game; some of them are waiting to be groomed. The assistant help her mess up the styling and create some truly unique cat looks while her boss is distracted by the phone. Don’t let the boss catch you and you can have some mischief in this game.

4: Slacking Gym

The Slacking Gym game which is related with movement and exercise. Lucy is not in the mood for gym class, so she is Slacking Gym. Your job is to make her go to gym and get rid of boring exercise. In the caution you must be careful to finish them while her coach is not present. You have to stop your action before she arrives, if your act isn’t over so you can do it later on. The game will over in case the Lucy catches. With good reactions you can avoid being caught and finish all tasks.

5: Mommy Washing Toys

Well, as you know that Christmas is just around the corner, but all the presents somehow got dirty and some of them out of service. Be a true angel and help your mommy to sort, wash and dry the presents for your siblings. After all is done, wrap the gifts and make your mommy happy. This is also a very emotional way of making your mommy happy.

6: Italian Tiramisu

 This game is related to cooking which is the most favorite for those who love food. It will show you how to prepare a popular dessert of the Italian cuisine with this new game of the Cooking. The tiramisu recipe is suitable for a vegan and vegetarian diet. You can help with Emma in measuring, mixing and baking the healthy ingredients. The great entertainment is at the end about the usage of recipe. You will get the whole recipe and can prepare the sweet course for your friends and family whenever they want you to make.

7: Speed Maniac

If you are the fond of car racing so here you go! In Speed Maniac an exciting neck-and-neck race for you. In the rules of this game you have win the cups and prize money and buy new, expensive racing cars to have an even better chance at beating your opponents. Win the races in different categories and outpace your rivals. This game is free and you can run free at every time.

8: Yeti Sensation

This is very important game that is about running. In this endless runner you have to help the big Yeti on its way through snow and ice. You have to collect delicious berries, avoid dangerous obstacles and unlock cool power. If you want to earn some points so you should go up to earn as many points as possible. You will be facing with tough challenges in this game.

9: Fancy Constructor

Most of the people want to have puzzle game in which Fancy Constructor is one of them. Your job is in this colorful game to fill out all the white shapes with some blocks. The blocks will be given to you in this game and available in front of you. You have to simply move them on a spot and make sure to cover the entire white space as quick as you can. You have to make yourself able for solving all levels to earn high score.

10: Soccer Bubbles

This is an ultimate Match3 sports challenge for you that are same like in time of the European Soccer Championship. Soccer Bubbles is the special version of the smash which hit smarty bubbles is getting your adrenaline pumping. You have to combine at least 3 same-colored balls to remove them from the field. The bigger clusters will give you bonus points. You can clear all the colors and try to reach to have high score.


These are the best games of Famobi for February 2017; we hope our ideas and information could help you. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM



App of The Month June 2017 Moveit Secure Data Transfer Android App

Android App

Is your Android phone filled up with Images,Videos and Audios which does not let you use your phone for any other purpose because of Low Storage Space? Are you tired of the Low Storage Space and Want to Move your Images,Videos and Audios to SD Card to free up some Storage Space.

Now effortlessly Move your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card and vice versa using MoveIt.

MoveIt help’s you to Move your Images, Videos and Audios altogether to SD Card and vice versa easily and without any difficulty. It also has a inbuilt cleaner,Media scanner and many more features.


  • Move Medias to SD card – Images,videos and audios altogether can be moved to SD Card using MoveIt.
  • Move Medias to internal storage – You can also Move Images,videos and audios altogether to Internal Storage using MoveIt.
  • Auto Transfer – With this unique feature Move your Images,Videos and Audios to SD Card automatically without even opening the app.
  • Cleaner – MoveIt has a inbuilt cleaner that clean’s junk files such as Apk Files, Temp Files , Thumbnail etc to boost your phone’s speed and also helps to increase storage.
  • Media scanner – MoveIt also has a media scanner.It has both a internal storage media scanner and external storage media scanner which helps in finding all the media in your phone which are not being displayed.
  • Search – Search for Images,videos, and audios in Internal storage and SD Card easily using MoveIt.
  • Media player – View Images, Play Videos and Listen to your Audios before selecting them so that you know that you are selecting the right Media.
  • Delete – Delete Your Medias using MoveIt.
  • New Folder – MoveIt lets you create New Folder while Moving your Media so that you know where your Media are kept.
  • Multi select – MoveIt can Move your Images,Videos and Audios together to SD Card and Vice-Versa.
  • Large medias – MoveIt has the capacity to Move Large amount of Medias to SD Card and Vice-Versa.
  • Sorted Media – All your Medias are sorted out Date-wise so that you can find them effortlessly.
  • Media Manager – MoveIt lets you Move your ,Delete your Media, View Images, Play Video and listen to your audios.


If you are the one who regularly suffers from Low Storage Space then MoveIt is a must have app for you as it lets you move your Media to SD Card which helps you to free up your Storage Space.

What’s different about MoveIt is that all the Media are sorted out Date Wise, and the size of the app is less than 5 MB which means that it won’t occupy much of your Storage Space.

The app is free and can be downloaded From Play Store

BlackBerry offers software to run PC on cars


Blackberry said that it has developed new software that will help automakers create safe and secure connected vehicles. This will be the best service in running complex computer systems on vehicles. Well, in this article we are going to tell you about the new software of BlackBerry that will help in running complex computer systems on vehicles.

The company has not pointed out any automakers that have used this technology neither intended to recommend any company to use. But the senior BlackBerry executive, John Wall, told that many companies are incorporating this technology. So other description about the software that BlackBerry launched for running computer systems on cars, are mentioned below.

Structure of the Software

The new software platform called “QNX Hypervisor 2.0” that bases on QNX SDP 7.0. It is secured by BlackBerry 64-bit embedded operating system which can enables developers to partition and isolate safety-critical situation from non-safety critical situation. It also provides a chance to minimize risk. The new BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor 2.0 secures all the hackers attacks.

How QNX Hypervisor 2.0 Works?

The QNX Hypervisor 2.0 is a way to make vehicles more secure from hacking. It can isolate multiple systems to run on a single piece of silicon and won’t create vulnerabilities in other domains of the car. It also allows them to isolate functions critical to safety from systems exposing to wireless networks. The company also announced that Qualcomm Technologies has adopted this software as part of certain digital cockpit solutions. The Vice President of Qualcomm Technology said that this software will assist automakers in taking greater advantage of the power of their Snapdragon automotive platform.

Example of using QNX Hypervisor 2.0

Just suppose a burglar is getting into a room in a house. As the burglar gets into that room, the door is locked, now he can’t get out of that room. Even if he gets into the hall, the other rooms are locked. So you can use this software as same as the burglar and rooms. The parts of vehicles won’t let hackers to attack on them. QNX is having strong position in the market for internet-connected car systems. Moreover, it is looking to boost sales by expanding into more of the vehicle.

Automotive Industry in Technology Market

Now a day the automotive industry is the fastest-growing parts of the technology market. The automakers race to produce more autonomous features and seek to build self-driving cars. The Qualcomm Inc has said that the new hypervisor is compatible with its Snapdragon 820Am automotive processor. It’ll easy enable carmakers to reduce hardware complexity and costs by putting many systems on a single platform.

The BlackBerry shares had changed a little in morning trade. They have flown up almost 63 percent since late March. Finally, as we mentioned that the company declined to name any automakers to use the technology but in near future this software will be using in the market.

If you like our article, you can leave a commit or share your idea with us. For further information or asking any question you can visit to our website. You will have more information by visiting our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Canada to come with New Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R

The new Honda Type R is based on the Civic hatch, but built with an upgraded body and chassis. A short stint behind the wheel of the new Honda Civic Type R is enough to get us very excited for our full review of the hot hatch. In this article we are going to describe you the New Honda Civic Type R.

This car bases on the Civic hatch but built with an upgraded body, the Type R is the fastest and most powerful Civic ever made.  It also becomes first Canadian Honda with a Type R badge. Honda is planning to issue only three or four vehicles to each Canadian dealership.

Structure of New Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R

New Honda Civic Type R is fully loaded version with a seven inch integrated touch screen, having embedded Honda Navigation where both Apple Carplay and Android Auto Compatibility are well sufficient. Moreover, best service took place by Honda LaneWatch blind spot display. The interior structure is quite sharp and perfect choice for sports having bolstered sport seats, leather steering wheel and aluminum shift knob. In addition, aluminum sport pedals and red Type R badge. The vehicle comes with 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels along with performance tires. For comfort and sport mode, the vehicle has a +R option to wish for more dynamic driving.

Other Features

The features of New Honda Civic Type R are as much as you might hope; the engine is so sweet that you never have before. The car is essentially all new from top to bottom and every part beside from engine and braking system has been replaced. The Type R is 35 per cent stiffer than from the past versions. The kerbs are neither large nor really kerbs, however, more than a set down change of surface from smooth Tarmac to broken concrete.

The Seating Position

Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R

The seating position of New Honda Civic Type R is much improved than before. It’s lower than the rest of them that gives you a sensation of sitting in the car. The seats remain a standout feature and very comfortable. It’s also a perfect choice for sport lovers, because the seats are as close to as sport car’s seats. The dash is no longer like an afterthought and is very slicker.

How Much does it Cost?

The pricing has to be released yet; however, the expected price that most of the vehicle’s dealers stated is above $40,000. The location of the vehicle is Tochigi, Japan and the price on sale in July starts from £30,995. The engine consist upon 4cyl, 1996cc, turbocharged, petrol; Power 316bhp at 6500rpm. Top speed is 0-62mph tbc; and the rivals of the vehicle are Ford Focus RS, VW Golf GTI.

Finally, we hope that you won’t be having any question about the New Honda Civic Type R or related to it. If you want to share your ideas or information with us so you are warmly welcome. For further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Best WordPress Themes of June 2017 for Business & Personal use

Best WordPress Themes

There are numerous premium WordPress Themes available on the Web designers’ market. You can use these themes for your business purposes and for other usages. We’d love to present you some of the best premium WordPress themes for 2017. Such are categorized according to their relative fields and features – Best WordPress Themes of June 2017 for Business & Personal use

Porto: WordPress + eCommerce Theme

Porto has the ability to work with indefinite variations. You can choose Header Style, Select Colors, and Styles etc. With Porto it’s easy to customize the styles, color and layout in a few minutes. Porto is also a fully responsive theme and suitable for any type of portfolio, business, blog and ecommerce sites. It’s a great choice for your custom projects. Porto is having almost 20 homepages and huge variation to be ready for every purpose.


  • Woo Commerce compatible
  • Different 17 headers
  • Many shop pages
  • Power full Page Option
  • Multipurpose design
  • WordPress Multisite tested and approved
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Indefinite Colors and Layouts
  • Having Wishlist, Ajax Search, Filtering & Sorting
  • Single Page Template
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social sharing features
  • WMPL support
  • Bunch of useful demos

Salient: Multi-Purposes Theme

It is multi-purposes WordPress theme that has many header layouts and responsive ready to Retina. Salient offers premium Woo Commerce integration with multi product form. This theme is a stunning and makes a great first impression. It builds a beautiful website without any prior coding knowledge.

Main features

  • Amazing theme option
  • Ability of creating online store
  • Feature of single-click demo
  • Lifetime updates & SEO optimized
  • Different 9 Portfolio styles
  • Having smooth animation
  • Strong social media integration
  • Highly documented
  • More heading layouts
  • Nectar full screen rows
  • Advance adaptive images
  • More than 500 short codes and configurations options
  • More than 150 useful templates

Shopkeeper: eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopkeeper is a fully responsive Premium WordPress theme for Woo Commerce that comes with a great design. It puts your products in the best light and saves most of your time. It doesn’t require any coding and providing you unlimited header styles. You can sell anything of your own choice online through this theme. You can get that only for $69 online whenever you want

Main features

  • Custom header images to categories
  • Portfolio Functionality
  • Fully responsive designs
  • Fast loading & build for performance
  • Blogging in style
  • A flexible shop layout
  • Things can sell online
  • Drag and Drop page building
  • Saves most of your time
  • Support YouTube videos
  • Woo Commerce Theme

Uncode: Multi-use WordPress Theme

Uncode is a perfect creative multipurpose WordPress theme that is designed with terrific attention and performance. It is features by the biggest web design blogs and tech magazines. Uncode is fast and powerful with unique content block headers. If you are searching for any innovative, modern and clean WordPress Theme, we recommend you Uncode.

Main features

  • Fully integrated for Woo Commerce
  • Limitless layouts
  • 100% responsive
  • Superb media galleries
  • Intensive Thumbs variation
  • Easy to customize
  • More than 6 menu types
  • Smooth CSS3 Animations
  • Having big text fonts
  • Having custom maintenance page
  • Single blog layout
  • Modern Pixel and perfect design
  • Single Blog Layout

Bridge-Creative Multi Purpose Theme

Bridge is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that can customize anything without going to the code. You can create the perfect website navigation for your needs. It also comes with a tremendous collection of flexible short codes and fast loading. In addition, Bridge is the feature rich, easy to customize, compatible with many plugins and other features are following below;

Main features

  • 100% customizable headers
  • Easy to use powerful admin interface
  • Customized title area
  • Customized mega menu
  • Full Screen menu
  • Section video background
  • Fixed and sticky headers
  • Different Logo Version
  • Section and content menu
  • Ajax Animation On/Off
  • Woo Commerce ready
  • Portfolio and Blog Layouts
  • Single page site
  • Full screen sections layout
  • Add custom styles and retina ready
  • Full responsive and fresh, modern, & professional designs

Finally, these are the best 2017 selling WordPress themes for your business, education and many more. We hope you can take enough information from our article. Moreover, you visit to our site for more information at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Best iPhone Apps of June 2017 that Cost Nothing

Best iPhone Apps

Do you look for free superb iOS apps that can save your money? There are many apps through you can get downloading and all the themes are free for news, entertainment, photography and work. If you are iPhone 7 or 7 Plus user, you can have free apps in apps store and most of which are as same as paid. Well, in this article we are going to provide you the best and free iPhone themes -Best iPhone Apps of June 2017 that Cost Nothing


Reddit is a free iPhone app replacing the old Alien Blue Reddit app. However, Reddit comes with its own app through which you’ll see latest news, memes and trends in the browse. It’s easy to interface and give you access to your inbox to stay up to date with messages, comment response, mentions and post replies. You ought to hold on using AlienBlue still Reddit creates a dedicated iPad app if you are using an iPad.


It’s a clean tool through which you share pages to different social media accounts and post easily. Buffer is the best way for media and business that are using analytics to find optimal time for sending tweets and Facebook events. With the help of buffer you can set a series of strong posting times. All the updates are automatically queue to the next window. If you want to download Buffer, you can have it freely.


This is the first app to download on new iPhone if you are on Facebook. Facebook is free and sets in with the design of any iOS device. It lets you to find where your family or friends has been on the weekend. If you are searching for sources that can entertain you, Facebook is the best way to choose. You can share your thoughts and ideas, watch news & viral videos, news about sports & politics etc. moreover, this is also a good way of communication and interface.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is having a pleasant makeover of the release of iOS7. It’s good for those who are interested to check their friends’ wife daily routine. It’s making sure they don’t end up in the same pub. If you haven’t tried Find My Friends, it’s free to download and easy to use.


Gmail app is an awesome one to try if you are reliant to Google’s mail. It’s free and very useful for business, education and for all age’s people. Gmail is tightly integrated with the other Google services. Employees can take help from Gmail while sending documents or Resume for a job application.


Messenger is introduced by Facebook in 2011 with several changes. It enables the functionality of sending and receiving messages as an app rather than getting to browser. You have to sign in to Facebook in order to use messenger or create account in Facebook. Messenger is also free and can be use in any device.


Periscope is a bit same to Snapchat, but for live videos. You can start a broadcast that your followers can view as usual. The video can be watched for 24 hours after you finish. Later on, it erases from existence and Periscope is great choice for journalists. You can have it free and also have a lot of fun through this app to try out.


This is a superb and flexible alternate of Face Time when you want to video-call with friends and relatives without having Apple devices. It features user friendly interface and giving access to make calls over 3G. Skype is a free and has the easiest way to communicate with your friends.


As same as Facebook, Twitter is a free iOS app which is very simple and effective. It is ideal for more basic aspects of using any service and also intuitive while using.

You can check the posts of celebrity people and can know about politics almost all around the world.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the app that can divide the people in camps, no one has heard of it. It’s superb that keeps you in contact with groups of friends without spending any amount. It allows you to send text messages, images, audio and videos to your friends. It has the easiest way of using for your family and other relatives.

Finally, these are best and advanced iPhone apps that save your money and get you download. We hope you can take enough help from our article. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice’ is ready for this August


According to a new update of Ninja Theory on their site, both Ninja and Sony finally nail down the release of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice this summer. Well, today we are going to tell you summarily about the new release of Ninja Theory and Sony for this summer – ‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ is ready for this August

How much you know about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice?

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an action-adventure video game that is the upcoming version. It is developed and published by the British developer Ninja Theory. It’s ready to release on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in 2017; it described as an “independent AAA” game by the developers. The game also bases on digital system for a PC and PS4, as we mentioned.

Story of the game

According to the story which is bases on Celtic mythology and Norse mythology. The game focuses on Senua’s (Melina Juergens) point of view, as she embarks on a very personal journey through a hellish underworld. All this made up of Senua’s psychotic manifestations of her own mind and reality.

Development of Game

The Ninja Theory is calling Hellblade an “independent AAA” game, it means that it will develop and publish independently. It will include all the quality and production values of any AAA game on the market. Ninja Theory has developed three key strengths over the course of last 14 years accordingly which define their games: ninja-class combat, strong character stories, and a unique art vision. Well, in Hellblade they prefer to take these three key strengths to the next level. Hellblade will focus on delivering a deep character in a twisted world having brutal uncompromising combat.

The game was announced at Sony’s Gamescom in 2014 while media briefing on August 12, 2014. In that announcement the developers showed a trailer of the game. Hugues Giboire, the art director of previous Ninja Theory game Heavenly Sword, also returned to work on the game. The Microsoft Windows version of the game was announced on 9 January 2015. The title of the game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, was announced in March 2016.

Structure of the Game

The post further included a new trailer that should be popular with the game’s existing community. However, the trailer leaves the audience some questions about the structure of the game because of more navigable environments shown are not much more than highly decorated corridors. The game announced three years ago, finally, you can pre-order it right now and also get a digital comic that is Hellblade: Senua’s Song. We learned that Hellblade will be much shorter than the average AAA game, almost half as long, according to Ninja Theory. We also learned that the game would follow a Celtic warrior who lost her friends and family in a Viking attack.

Finally, the studio is hoping to other companies try to bridge the gap between modern indie games, tending to be very low-res. So we have to wait still August to find out whether Ninja Theory will have that goal or not. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

What are the features in New WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 is released recently that is the first major release of 2017 with many new features. Before starting the update, you need to have a complete WordPress backup. Well, in this article we’ll present you the new features WordPress 4.8 that you could try after the updating of you website.

There are many features in the new WordPress 4.8, but the most important is the Widgets that are three in number. Most of the users had been asking for a long time for these widgets. We are going to describe all the widgets step by step.

Image Widget

When users wanted to add an image to WordPress sidebar, they used to write custom HTML or any plug-in. However, with WordPress 4.8, you have to just drag and drop the image widget to a sidebar. You can click on ‘Add Image’ button in the widget setting to have a familiar WordPress media up loader. Now it’s up to you whether you upload image from previous media library or from your computer.  Once you upload, just click on the ‘Add to widget’ button, you would see the image in the widget preview. Finally click on the save button to keep store your widget setting.

Video Widget

You are supposed to upload any video to WordPress sidebar or you display a video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video provider app. We recommend you to select a video from hosting provider like YouTube or Vimeo. First, you have to click on the ‘Add Video’ button that will open up a media uploading popup. Second, click on the ‘Insert from URL’ and paste the video URL. As you paste it, WordPress will bring the video thumbnail and show the video. Finally, click on the ‘Add to widget’ button where you will see the video thumbnail in widget area. Never forget to click on the save button for storing your widget settings.

Audio Widget

Audio Widget is as same as the image and video widgets. It allows you to easily add any audio files to your WordPress sidebar. Simply click on the ‘Add audio’ button to upload your audio file. So the widget will easily embed the audio file in a HTML5 audio player. It also supports MP3, WAV and OGG and other audio file formats. If there is any setting then don’t forget to save the setting.

Visual Editor in Text Widget

In the previous the default text widget was simple a plain text area where you had to add your own HTML even for basic formatting. However, the new WordPress 4.8 serves new and improved text widget along with visual editor support. This is the light version of same visual editor for writing posts and pages. You can make the text italic or bold with the help of button that it takes. Furthermore, you add lists and different sorts of links.

WordPress News & Events Dashboard Widget

WordPress 4.8 introduces ‘WordPress News and Events’ dashboard widget this time. It is fixed on the dashboard screen of the admin area; it displays WordPress news and events closer to your area. Each user can see the events near their own location, in case you many users on site. Moreover, the widget automatically tries to guess the user location with the help of their IP address and timezone. You can also change the location in order to see events near to you or from different place almost all around the world.

Improvement & changes under the hood 

The new WordPress 4.8 has come up with some interesting changes for developers. We are going to present you some of those under the hood improvements.

  • Change in editor API: New API for the TinyMCE editor that is dynamically expressed via JS.
  • Variable Customizer Width: You might have used live theme on huge screens where you might noticed that sidebars are looking narrow. So WordPress 4.8 makes the customizer sidebar width that can be proportional according to the users screen size.
  • User’s name displayed on edit user screen: In WordPress 4.8 the edit user screen will display the user’s name in the heading where it’ll be very good for all the users.
  • Tag cloud widget won’t use title tag: The previous tag cloud widget was showing number of posts in the title popover. Now the title tag in the code is replacing with more accessible attribute.

Finally, this article served you a good scope of the new WordPress 4.8 version. If you want to share your own idea with us, so you are warmly welcome to our site. For more information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Google Helps Kids to Fight Hackers

Google Helps

Google is planning on a new program that might help kids about online safety and teach them how to protect themselves from scams and other troubles. This is an educational campaign that Google is spearheading to teach children how to protect themselves from predators and hacking attacks – Google Helps Kids to Fight Hackers

What is called to the Program?

The program is called “Be Internet Awesome” which is started by Google and small kids ranging from eight to 12 years old are being participated. This is not the first time that Google is starting a project for kids but many times in the past. It was a time when many of children using their own Smartphone and devices to connect to the internet. Therefore, Google and its partners developed a game called “Interland” to teach children about the online safety. Interland is a video game that seems less like a training tool and more like a sweetener to catch student’s interest in the material.

How to support ‘Be Internet Awesome’

Google is motivating teachers and instructors to use elements of its program in their classrooms. The program is including a limit of specific resources for the kids, educators and parents. So everyone is having the tools where they need to participate in the conversation. Google will make the kids to create most part of the web and to make their decisions online. When school out and summer break in, as usual kids give more time to the internet. That’s why, this is suitable time to start ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program. Teachers can even use the game in the classroom as part of the curriculum to the students. Not only have the kids who are learning the dos and don’ts of being online but the adults needed some of these lessons too.

There are many sections in this program that how to limit sharing personal information with online people; prevent falling for scum attacks, creating strong passwords and avoiding bad manner or racist ideas.

Blog of Vice President of Engineering for Kids

The vice president of the Engineering for kids and families, Pavni Diwanji, also present his report on this program. He said that “For kids to really make the most of the web, we need to provide guidance as they learn to make their own smart decisions online. This is a new way to motivate digital safety citizenship”.

This program is compliant with the International Society for Technology in the field of Education standards. “Be Internet Awesome” is the latest in Google’s string of educational programs, that ranges from promoted Chromebooks in the classroom to offering virtual reality field trips by Google Cardboard. Moreover, this program can save the spare time of the kids as well as adults. Most of them spend time by using other internet websites.

By using such site on the internet, kids can be affected by racist blogs or ideas. they are in most of the sites in internet. So ‘Be Internet Awesome’ is source to save the time of kids, because it provides a chance to children to make their smart decisions online.


Finally, Google is having good plans and thoughts for upcoming generation to prevent cyber attacks, hackers and other scum and troubles. You can leave a commit if you like our article. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM