Top Android Apps September 2017

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Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top Android Apps September 2017.


Sign for Spotify

If you use a Spotify as your primary music player you will love this.

Sign basically lets you create widgets shortcuts to your favorite Spotify content whether it be a playlist an album and artists page single tracks and more.

All you have to do is go into Spotify and just head over to the content that you want on the widget hit the share option copy the link go back to the sign app hit add you can change the title and whose playlist it is and then after that you’re good to go.

The widgets themselves are very resized friendly you can customize the cover shape so you can customize the background colors and overall, I think this is a really nice add-on if you’re a heavy Spotify user.

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Text Repeater

This is basically an application for those of you that would like to spam the same thing over and over whether it be a word a phrase or even an emoji yep that’s pretty much it just spam stuff.

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TV Time

If you’re someone who watches a lot of TV shows then this is easily an application you should try it out.

With this app you can create your own TV show calendar for the shows you’re choosing you can set up reminders and notifications for when shows are live and you can also keep track of the shows you’re currently watching.

The app will also suggest other shows you should watch based off the ones that you do watch and on top of all of this the application is also sort of a community so when you’re done watching an episode you can check out what other people are saying about the episode which takes things to the next level.

google playChanges

This app basically gives you the change logs of all of the applications installed on your phone. The application itself has a very clean user interface and has a dark mode as well and if you’d like to keep up to date on everything new, everything fixed and everything updated in your applications definitely give this app a shot.

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Eye Shield

This is a blue light filter application these filters of course are meant to help you shield your eyes from the blue light emitted from our devices which can in fact cause negative effects to our health things like migraines chronic headaches and a lot more.

What’s cool about this app is that you can create your own presets set to the levels optimal for your needs with different colors different color temperatures different filter intensity and brightness levels.

You can also schedule these filters to automatically enable themselves at different points during the day so that you don’t have to go in and turn them on and off yourself.

This is a super handy tool to have on hand and a it can help you sleep better.

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AMOLED Live Wallpaper

The main focus of this app is to show off the capabilities of an AMOLED display. You’ve got these colors flying around and of course wherever the colors are not displayed those pixels are not lit up so in terms of battery consumption this live wallpaper drinks a lot less than most of the ones out there overall it looks great and it even reacts to your tabs in your swipes and if your phone has an AMOLED display then this is a play


Vinilo Icon Pack

This icon pack has over 1,700 icons and Counting and it comes with over 40 different wallpapers as well.

The icons are high quality and very well made and the great thing about this pack is even if an application doesn’t have its own unique icon just yet it’ll still get masked with its own white outline so that it matches the rest of the icons.

google play

Amazing Weather

Amazing Weather give you weather information in a super clean and very simple live fashion.

Each location will be accompanied by the proper live weather animations in the background and there’s also a live wallpaper that will reflect the weather patterns in real time again this application is still very young but I’m sure as time goes on it’ll continue to get better and play

Seven Time

Seven Time is a super simple resizable clock widget that’ll look great on pretty much any home screen setup.

In the app itself you’ll find a handful of different themes to choose from. You can also head into the color editor to edit the color and adjust the shadow effect as well.

You can also adjust the widget size and its overall spacing.

google play

Split Screen Creator

Now one of the features that debuted with the Galaxy Note 8 was the ability to open two applications simultaneously into multi window mode but with this application you can get that feature on your phone as long as it’s running Android 7.0 or higher.

All you have to do is add the widget to your home screen select any two applications that you want give the combo a label and you’re set.

Just know that not every application will work 100% here there is a pro mode that unlocks the ability to hide the application from your launcher and it also enables icon pack support too.

So if you like to multitask this is a great way to quickly hop into two applications you need to use at the same time.

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10 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know

cool websites

Websites!!!  There are at least a thousand of them but which ones are the best? Obviously, we can’t really answer that but we can at least tell you about some that you should definitely know about. So we are sharing 10 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know.

Virus Total

This website is in the extremely useful category it’s called virus total. It’s actually owned by Google now. What it does is lets you upload any file and it will be scanned with pretty much every virus scanner software out there which is over 60 of them.

This obviously can’t replace having antivirus software on your computer because it only scans individual files but it’s great if you come across something suspicious maybe you download something and your antivirus software says it’s fine but you want to be sure or maybe your antivirus says it’s a virus but you think it could be a false alarm in both cases you can use virus total to compare it with all the other anti-viruses out there to get a better idea.

Also, they even have a feature to search websites as well. So, if someone sends you a link that you’re not too sure about you can check it out.

But don’t rely on it completely if it’s a brand new phishing site or something we don’t know if it would be able to detect it.virus total

Have I Been Pwned

It seems like all the time now, we hear about a new website getting hacked and passwords being leaked but how are you supposed to know if your data has been leaked?

Well that’s the point of this site.

You just type in your email address and it will tell you if your email address along with your password and any other potential info was included in any breaches in any of the databases they have.

That way you know not only to change your password on that site but also never use that same password again that’s because hackers frequently use leaked databases to try email and password combinations on a bunch of sites.

So if you use the same password on multiple web sites they can easily get in.

Another really important feature of this site is you can sign up to receive an email notification if your email has been found in any future breaches going forward.10 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know

10 Minute Mail

This website generates a temporary email address for you that expires in 10 minutes.

This is great if you come across a website that requires you to sign up for an account to use it but you’ll probably never use it again and you don’t want to give away your real email.

Now you can just sign up with a throwaway email address get whatever you need from the site and leave.

10 Minute Mail

Windows 93

This site is just for fun it’s called Windows 93. This website emulates a theoretical version of Windows that would have been from 1993.

It’s not exactly historically accurate in fact it’s mostly just humorous but is actually surprisingly complex it has an internet themed often Stein game a drawing program like paint even half-life 3 which apparently never finishes loading and you can also start a virtual machine which runs Windows 93 inside Windows 93.


Get Human

This website is for anytime you call customer service for any company and you just can’t seem to talk with a real person with this you just type in the company and it will tell you exactly what steps to take to get connected to a human customer service agent assuming it’s possible.

For example, if we try Sony it tells us the phone number to call and then what numbers to press that will get you through to someone in this case you press 5 then 0 and then 0 again.

They also apparently have a paid service where they will literally call the company on your behalf.

Get Human


This is an awesome stock photo site accept every single one of the pictures are royalty-free.

Specifically, the pictures are all released under a creative commons zero license meaning they are released into the public domain.

There are a surprising numbers for stock photos on here like right now there’s over a million and that’s nowhere near some of the page stock photo sites that might have over a hundred million but hey you can’t really complain its free.

There are still a ton of really cool high quality images on here that you can use from anything from desktop wallpaper to being put in YouTube videos.

You’re also able to filter for specific types of images like actual photos or vector graphics or ones that have transparent backgrounds for example.


Down for Everyone or Just me

This website is great and it’s so simple it’s called down for everyone or just me.

All this site does is tells you if any website you type in is currently up or down. I’m sure it’s happened to you a million times you try to go to a site and it either takes forever to load or won’t load at all and you’re wondering if the problem is on your end or not.

There’s not really much more to say about what it does if the websites up it’ll just tell you it’s just you and if it’s down it will say it’s not just you.

Just Watch

You can type in any movie or TV show that you want to watch and it will tell you what streaming service is having and it supports pretty much every streaming service out there or at least the most popular ones.

It also works for movies so if we type in something like Doctor Strange right in the results we can see that it’s streamable on Netflix and most of the other services allow you to either rent or buy the movie.

The results will definitely vary by country but at least it seems like it also supports a bunch of European based streaming services as well so it should work no matter where you live.

just watch


This website basically connects the API’s of a ton of different websites and services all together to interact however you want.

For example, you can make it so anytime you get a new Twitter follower your smart light bulbs blink or any time you post a photo on Instagram it automatically posts it to Facebook as well.

The possibilities are pretty much endless you could even do weird pointless stuff like any time you upload a YouTube video it turns your thermostat up or something like that completely ridiculous but you get the idea.

ifttt examples

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a really cool website to find out about brand new products that have just been released or announced.

These might be physical products apps or services on websites.

New products are posted every day and a lot of them are from random startups you’ve probably never heard of but you’ll also see people posting stuff released by major companies like Apple or Google and usually before they’re widely advertised.

product hunt logo

Top Android Apps June 2017


Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top 10 Android Apps June 2017.

Flick Launcher

For those of you who love experimenting with new launchers flick launcher is now another choice.

It’s still an alpha so expect plenty of bugs but it’s open source and inspired by the pixel launcher bringing in some sweet features that we all know and love.

You have apps shortcuts notification dots support for custom icon packs a custom search widget like the one found on the pixel the ability to lock outs with a fingerprint swipe up gesture to get into the app drawer and so much more there’s still a lot that needs to be done and you’ll definitely notice the issues right play


This app is filled with plenty of stunning wallpaper from a lot of these pictures are in high resolution which you can download and set as your wallpaper for free.

You can search for a specific genre, set some as your favorite, tap on the owner’s name to go to their profile page and even come back daily for a newly featured play

Text Converter

With this app you can convert text into a number of different formats whether it be Morse code binary hex you can flip the text upside down you can write it backwards and more.

You can also choose from a number of different text styles you’ve got different effects and if you want to go the extra mile when you’re messaging someone why not decorate your text to each style and effect.

It has a copy and share button as well to help you quickly show off to play

App Sales

If you’re always on the lookout for discounted apps on the Play Store you should check out app sales.

If you didn’t already know app developers have the option of making their paid app become discounted or even free for a short amount of time and app sells keeps track of most apps that go on sell in the Google Play Store.

For example, just recently simple for Facebook pro and runtastic push-ups workout pro were made available to download for free and you would have never known about these huge discounts if it wasn’t for this app.

Not only that but you can also see the price history filter the list of sales by category any description of every play


This app Instagram your brain with some cool facts you probably didn’t know about in a quick and simple fashion.

Each fact is accompanied by its own background you can like bookmark and share facts you’d like to keep track of you can also flag facts if you feel the need to do so if you’d like to know more about a certain fact you can get a shortcut to a wiki page or an article online where you can learn more and if you’d like to check out facts of a specific type you’ve got 47 different categories to choose from so if you’re totally bored or if you really want to learn something new then give this app a play


This app automatically enables do not disturb mode when you’re at a certain place or timeframe.

It’s perfect for when you forget to silence your phone while you’re at the movies library class or even at night.

It’s really simple to use just add a location by circling a spot on Google Maps within the app set the amount of hours or minutes you would like the mode to be enabled while being at that location add exceptions to who or what can override your silence phone and even create automatic message replies to people who are trying to call you.

If you’re worried about battery drainage you shouldn’t be as Wandle doesn’t require a continuous internet connection to find out where you are.

You can also do this with schedules as play

Aerial Live Wallpaper

This app provides you with some pretty dope drone shots taken from different places across the world you’ve got New York City LA Hong Kong Dubai Hawaii and more.

The shots are nice and smooth and you’re now given the ability to slow down the clips or speed them up if you wish.

There are quite a few wallpapers to choose from in the app so if you’re looking to bring your homescreen to life then check out aerial live play


If you have a tough time staying away from time consuming apps then you should use Zen lock .

This app lets you choose an addicting app such as Instagram and then allows you to choose a set amount of time before opening the app to remind you that your time is valuable.

Then it will give you an X amount of minutes to use the app normally once the timer is up the same countdown message will appear when you open the addicting app again.

It’s not meant to lock you out of any app but let you know how much time you’re play


If you’re someone who’s easily distracted while doing something important download  Engross. This app aims get better focus on the task at hand.

So you start off by setting a timer for how long you’ll be working on your task then whenever you get distracted hit the button in the middle.

The main objectives here is to end your work sessions with the least amount of tabs on this middle button as possible so the lower your score the better and the more you do this the better you should want to do the next time moving forward by getting lower and lower scores.

You can set specific times for breaks so that’s good and you can even set the app to turn off Wi-Fi while you’re working so if you find yourself daydreaming or wanting to check your phone or pretty much anything that will take your focus off your play

Radio Player by Audials

This app is for those who love listening to the radio and want a free alternative media player to Pandora or tune in radio. It has over 80,000 radio stations that you can choose to listen to it.

it has every music genre, hundreds of channels from different countries and when you’re in a station you can see the previously played tracks.

You can even record whole songs while they are playing live to listen to them later and an option called alarm clock to have audios wake you up in the morning with your favorite radio stations.

Not only that but you can listen to over a hundred thousand podcasts ranging from technology, games comedy, sports, movies and more.

If you don’t like either of those options then you can just listen to your own music found on your play

Top Android Apps May 2017

android apps may 2017

Google Play Store is updated daily with new apps . It becomes very hard to track all the newly released apps. To help you out we have gathered Top Android Apps May 2017.


Rullo a very neat game that tests your math and puzzle solving skills.

The objective here is to make the complete sum of the numbers outlining each row using the provided numbers in red but what’s tricky is that you have to do the same for the outlining numbers on each side meaning you just might run out of numbers to use and you’ll have to make some adjustments.

The UI itself is great it runs smoothly complete with nice sound effects and overall, it’s a great brain teaser.

google play


This app allows you to create some pretty neat graphic posters with pictures that you’ve taken.

You’ve got different photo filters, text fonts, font sizes and more. Using this app is super simple and you can come out making some pretty legit looking stuff definitely give this app a shot.

google play

Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher is inspired by Google’s pixel launcher but it does have a nice selection of tweaks.

You can adjust your home screen layout, you can edit the app drawer, you can edit the search bar you can add gestures, icon packs and more.

Very rarely do we come across a launcher this solid clean and loaded with these many features.

google play

Icon Pack Studio

This app will allow you to actually create your own icon pack. You can change the icons shape, background, you can add special effects and more.

This is a serious addition to the Android customization space and it’s especially great for those that enjoy making their own stuff.  The app is pretty easy to use and it’s supported by most of the major launchers out there.

google play

Wall Ethics

Wall Ethics is a pretty solid wallpaper app that’s sure to keep your home screen looking fresh with a nice collection of walls spread across ten different categories.

The app itself has a clean and simple UI and the walls themselves are pretty clean as well.

google play

PIX IT Icon Pack

This icon pack #is easily one of the best icon packs out right now. We’ve got nearly 5,000 different icons with new ones added regularly and a handful of wallpapers to match.

The best thing about this icon pack is how the icons just jump out at you. They’re colorful bright vibrant.

google play

Particle Garden

If you’re looking for a new live wallpaper give particle garden a shot.

It’s a super chill live wallpaper with a bunch of particles flying all over the place. The customization is somewhat limited but it does let you adjust a few things.

Overall this is a fantastic live wallpaper. It runs smoothly and it just looks great.

google play

Zed for Zooper

This is a very solid skin pack with 60 different widgets to choose from. Half of which are dark and the other half is light and along with that you’ve got over 60 different wallpapers to match.

The widgets themselves are nice clean and simple and will definitely add a minimalistic touch to your home screen.

google play

Best iPhone Apps For May 2017


Micron is yet another puzzle game. All you have to do here is place specifically tilted pieces on the grid to deflect these little energy dots towards the exit to complete the level.

The app is rhythm based as well which is a nice touch you get 51 levels and after that you get 12 bonus levels to keep you entertained.

google play

Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather is a super simple weather app that’s got a very nice and clean material design user interface.

You get a 15-days weather forecast as well as the forecast for the next 24 hours and you also get a bunch of widgets to toss on your home screen.

google play

How to Enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode Layout!

youtube dark mode

You may have already heard about the New layout for YouTube and also along with it a new secret YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode feature. That’s been tested in the past couple months some people small number of people have been getting this test randomly but now you can actually enable it manually yourself if you want to.

So, the first way to do this is all the way at the bottom of the page on YouTube you can click the link that say test out new features and it will take you to the good old test tube for YouTube and it should have a way to test out the fresh new look for YouTube and you just enable it and then that should make YouTube look much different although the general layout is the same just looks much more fresh I guess as they just said.

YouTube's Hidden Dark Mode

If you don’t have this link to enable it in the test tube you can actually go into the google chrome console in the developer mode and enable it with the following command:

Dark Mode Console Command:


To enter in Chrome Console just press ctrl+shift+ and type the above code in the console press ENTER and that should enable the new layout.

With this new layout if you want to enable the dark mode you can go to just click the avatar top right like you normally do except this time the menu looks a little bit different and there’s an option to enable dark mode and it does exactly as it says you just click it and it makes the layout for YouTube from white to black.

So this could be useful especially if you tend to watch youtube videos late at night definitely a good thing to know about.

If you don’t like it you can disable it as well at the bottom right of the screen there is a little icon with a man running out of door and if you click that it restores the old version of YouTube and goes back to normal at least for now eventually I’m sure they’ll make it of course so you can’t disable it but for now while it’s just being tested you can.

youtube dark mode

Top 10 Android Apps April 2017

Top 10 Android Apps April 2017

If you are looking for some cool android apps we have got you covered. We are sharing Top 10 Android Apps April 2017.

Today Weather

Today Weather is easily one of the best weather apps I’ve come across in quite some time from its clean user interface with nice colors customizable icons and weather animations to loads of weather information getting thrown at your face.

The app comes with a number of awesome looking widgets and overall the app has a very attractive UI and it is an absolute breeze to use I highly recommend you guys try this out.

google play


It’s pretty refreshing to come across games like this all you have to do here is tap the screen to release these orbiting projectiles into green circles and that’s pretty much it.

But what makes this a great game is its minimalistic design as well as its chilling music and sound effects as you progress the game does get more difficult challenging your reaction and timing skills.
google play

My Walls

This app is yet another very solid unsplash client. Each photo is manually selected from the site ensuring that you’ll be getting the best of the best.

The walls are displayed in a simple grid order you can favor walls to better keep track of them and there’s a dark mode.

Other than that you’re getting some very attractive and high-res wallpapers that are sure to keep your home screen looking extra fresh.

google play

PixUp for Zooper

In PixUp each widget is very well made and you’ve got nearly a hundred of them to choose from.

The pack is mostly based off of Google’s looks. You’ve got things like search bars weather widgets Google now inspired stuff the list just goes on and on.

google play

Poet Assistant

Poet Assistant is a handy tool that’s got a thesaurus dictionary and a rhyming engine all in one app, making it the perfect assistant.

This app does have other functionality like a text-to-speech engine where you can plug in your own text and have it read it back to you.

You can also favorite certain words to keep better track of them and I think the best part is that the app doesn’t need an internet connection because everything is built into the app.

On top of that, the app comes with a dark mode and speech settings allowing you to adjust the pitch and the speed of the voice and even the voice itself.

Lastly, if you want to make sure that you’re learning something new every day there is a word-a-day notification you can get using this application.

google play


This app allows you to extract all the main colors of a picture giving you the hex codes for each one so if you’re some sort of designer or artist and you need to get the exact color code this is the app you want.

It’s super easy to use you can choose photos directly from unsplash or you can select your own from your gallery.

google play


Lookup is a really handy tool for those of you that read a lot and perhaps come across words that you need the definitions of.

When it’s enabled long press on a word hit the three-dot menu and there you’ll see look up tap on that and up will pop the definition of that word and everything else you need to know about it along with the audible pronunciation a translate button and add favorite button.

This is a really useful tool especially for those that are coming over from the iOS side of things and missed the lookup feature from over there.

google play

Real Notepad

This app is pretty much a direct port of the Notepad app you’ll find in Windows.

You’ve got the usual font formatting and you can actually open up .txt files and you can save files as HTML CSV and pretty much any format that could be opened up on the desktop version.

So whether you’re a coder or you just want to take some notes in Windows fashion then go for it.

google play

Elegance UI Icon Pack

This icon pack supports the look and feel of the icons that you’ll find on the galaxy s 8. The pack is over 300 icons as of now more to come soon of course and 30 different wallpapers to match.

This is a great choice if you’re looking to get that clean bright and colorful galaxy look on your device definitely check this one out.

google play

Xim Icon Pack

This pack is easily one of the most unique icon pack out there. Each icon supporting bright punchy colors complete with a dark outline which adds a nice contrast.

As of know, the pack has 2370 icons and 35 quad HD wallpapers with muzei support.

google play

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus – 10 Things Before Buying!

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Could the Samsung Galaxy S8 be the biggest smartphone of 2017? Well After Samsung’s recent press conference announcing it that could turn out to be true. It has some very interesting new features as well as some that are a bit questionable.

So, we could go over the most significant stuff that you guys might want to know about.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

First of all, Samsung actually announced two versions of their new flagship the S8 and the S8 plus totally didn’t copy that from Apple but it’s pretty much the same last year they had the S7 and S7 edge.

So, as you’d expect the S8 plus is physically larger and has some slightly better specs but for the most part they’re almost the same.


Probably the biggest feature on the whole phone is the screen which they’re calling the infinity display and like the previous edge phones it kind of wraps the screen around all the way to the edges so there’s basically no side bezel at all.

The top and bottom bezels are tiny as well meaning that almost the entire front of the phone is just screen.

Both screens have a resolution of 1440 x 2960 so it’s a bit wider aspect ratio. With the S8 being a 5.8 display and the S8 Plus at 6.2 inches those screen sizes sound huge and they are for phones but the actual body of the phone are just a couple millimeters wider and taller than previous S7 models.

So, the screens are way bigger but hopefully shouldn’t be a problem to hold. Then again, it’s still being difficult to reach the top of the screen with one hand because the screen is a lot taller.

Invisible Home Button

The other really cool thing about the screen is that they have an invisible home button which is embedded right below the bottom of the screen. So, they didn’t have to put it in the bezel itself and by the way they presented it, it doesn’t seem to just be a software button but it seems like there’s actually some hardware for it so could be really cool to see how this works in reality if there’s some haptic feedback I think it’s pretty excited.


The other major difference between the two models is the battery the S8 has a 3000mAh battery while the S8 Plus has 3,500.

Now these aren’t amazing but they’re pretty good especially considering that both phone have the new Snapdragon 835 processor which is supposedly much more energy efficient than previous processors.

Multi Frame Processing

One of the other neat features was the cameras multi-frame processing.

Now with this when you go to take a picture it actually takes multiple frames instead of one then it chooses the sharpest and best one of them and it uses the image data from the others to reduce motion blur improve low-light quality and just make the picture look better overall.


Also, just looking at the paper specs for the camera are pretty good. Both phones have a 12-megapixel main camera and 8-megapixel front camera. So, it definitely seems like they’re going for better image quality over just the pure number of megapixels because the less megapixels the bigger you can make those pixels’ better image quality because they can take in more light.

Bluetooth 5.0

Another small but important feature is Bluetooth 5.0. They didn’t really talk about this in the press conference but it is listed in the specs.

This is one of the first phones to have it even though there aren’t really many actual things that use it but for those that do it can improve Bluetooth range by up to like four times and potentially double the speed so that’s pretty cool.

Device Security

There are also some different security options for logging into the phone. You can use a fingerprint or password obviously but they’ll also allow for facial recognition and iris scanning.

As for the fingerprint scanner, it’s really located in a stupid spot. Now the iris and facial scanning are interesting but it could be very easily defeated maybe with like a picture or video of yourself I don’t know probably not secure at all.

Bixby Assistant

The final big feature they talked about was the Bixby Assistant.

Yes, another AI assistant as if we did not have enough of those and for the most part to be honest this one seems kind of generic but it does claim to have a couple features that would be cool assuming they work as well as they say.

For example, it can apparently recognize things you point the camera at such as location or an object. if you point the camera at a famous landmark or something it can provide info on it and if you pointed at something you want to buy it will search their retail partners to see if it’s on sale.

Though interestingly they did put a dedicated Bixby button on the side of the phone so it really looks like they want to push this as something you use a lot I guess.

Other Specs

Most of the other features weren’t really new or exciting in my opinion I mean it has water resistant ip68 and wireless charging which are both great but that’s to be expected at this point and it does have 64 gigabytes of memory with expandable storage 4GB of RAM again those are good but anything less would have just been disappointing.

Also, it ships with Android 7.0 which definitely is disappointing not sure why they wouldn’t ship it with the latest 7.1 kind of a dumb move if you ask me.


The Unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is priced at $720 and $840 respectively.

wanna purchase [su_button url=”” target=”blank” size=”4″] Click Here [/su_button]

Top 5 Must Have Android Games

super mario run

Looking for new and cool android games for your smartphone? We have compiled a list of Top 5 Must Have Android Games.

War Robots

War Robots is a great multiplayer game where you can use a giant robot to fight against other player control giant robots.

There are up to 12 players per match and as you level up you can upgrade your giant tank to produce more destruction. This game is pretty addicting especially since your objective is to destroy the other team with ballistic missiles huge weapons and even plasma guns and capture all the beacons before the other team does.

Graphics are good it’s very action-packed and it’s a pretty fun game overall.

Top 5 Must Have Android Games

google play

Super Mario Run

You probably heard of Nintendo second smartphone game Super Mario run well it’s out on Android now and it’s free to download but don’t get too excited because you can only play three levels before you have to pay ten dollars to continue.

Still, it’s pretty fun you just tap on the screen to make Mario jump and you try to get him to the end of the map by avoiding monsters and cliffs.

Not only that but you can also compete against other players to see who gets the most coins in the same exact stage and the prices you receive will help you build your kingdom.

Super Mario Run free download

google play


If you’re into simple endless games try Hardway.

All you do here is tap and hold on the left or right side of the screen to connect roads onto the island.

If you miss an island or your road interferes with an obstacle than your car runs off the road and you lose.

best android games

google play

Llama Llama Spit Spit

Nickelodeon just released a game as well called llama llama spit spit which is just a top-down shooter with general randomness to the enemies and appearance of different bosses.

It’s a kid-friendly game but it’s quite enjoyable as you get to shoot some pretty crazy enemies such as squids, rabbits with hats penguins with headphones and bosses are just downright hilarious. There’s a boss that’s just a giant chicken that shoots out eggs for its weapons.

Graphics are also good and who knows you may actually like it.

new android games

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This game is a great option to play with your friends but if you don’t have any then the AI is just as good.

The objective here is to jump and shoot the other guy on the platform before you shoot to you and see you.

This game is extremely hard to shoot even on the first stage but that makes it all the better plus they have some crazy upgrades as you move on so it’s not a bad choice to kill time.

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Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps

Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps

There are so many free android apps out there that it’s hard to find the best one. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps that you’ll definitely want to know about if you don’t have them already!

Parallel Space

This app basically allows you to clone apps on your phone and then run separate instances of them.

What this means is if you have an app that for example only allows you to log into one account once you can clone that app and have separate instances of it one logged into one account and a second with another account then you can just watch each one individually.

It’s not perfect though sometimes the clone app just won’t work so either crash or not let you log in or some other issue but those problems typically get fixed after update.

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SnapSeed is probably one of the best if not the best photo editing app. Its actually made by google themselves.

It has all the basic photo adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness and everything else you’d expect.

Also, it has some really cool advanced tools as well for example it has curves adjustment so you can finally tuned the brightness and contrast of the image and possibly the coolest tool is the perspective tool.

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Authy is an excellent app for two-factor authentication code.

How it usually works is on that site that supports it you enable two-factor authentication so anytime you want to login from a new computer or in even any time you login you not only need to type in a password but also type in one of the rolling code from a code generator app like Authy.

There are several of them out there but I especially like Authy because it allows you to backup all your code tokens encrypted so if you lose your phone or you get a new one you don’t have to set up everything all over again.

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This app is more or less a glorified barcode scanner but it can definitely be useful in certain situations.

Basically, what you do is you point the camera at a bar code for some product and it will look up what the thing is then show you the price on amazon.

You can scan things back-to-back one after the other and it makes the list of the things you just scanned.

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Google Opinion Rewards

It’s an app by Google where they occasionally ask you some survey questions and then give you google play store credit and exchange.

The surveys are typically very short and easy for example you might just answer two multiple choice questions and then get fifty cents of credit.

So it’s not like you’re going to make a lot from it but it can add up over time.

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Mr. Number

This is a great app for identifying and blocking potential scam or spam phone call.

It has a bunch of different things and settings that allow you to filter phone calls from numbers that are either known scam suspected scans or even just all unknown hidden callers.

What’s more useful i think is that if you get a call from a number you don’t know you can look at it and see reports about that number from other users of the app.

For example you can look up a number and see everyone reporting that it’s a credit card offer or they just didn’t leave a voicemail or something like that or maybe they called about some other scam and if you really want to lock things down you can just have it blocked any calls from numbers that aren’t in your contact at all but that would be kind of an extreme case.

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Feedly is a news reader app and it basically just give you all the news stories and articles from any news sources you choose to be in your feed.

In addition of the app you can also use the website as well

The interface is nice as well it shows you a little header image that goes along with the article so you don’t have to just read the headline.

So, it’s a great way to quickly get all the news you care about and want without having to check every single website individually.

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Google Trips

This app is a relatively new one for google and no surprise it’s meant to help you plan trips to places you are visiting.

So what you do is type in what city you’re going to be in and it will give you a list of things to do places to eat transportation options and a bunch of other info you might need.

It also ties in with your google account so if you have any hotel reservations it will see that in your email and automatically show you some suggestions based on that.

If you want to know where to eat you can look up one of the top spots the ratings of those spots different types of food to look for that sort of thing.

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Google Keep

This one may actually already have been preloaded on your phone when you bought it but if you’re not using it I’m telling you you’re missing out.

Google keep is a very powerful note-taking tool to say the least.

Of course, you can just type in text notes to write something down but you can also add images checkbox list and audio recordings to your notes and you can set up reminder times so it will give you a notification for the note whenever you want.

But probably the best thing about it is that it syncs everything to the cloud through your google account so you can access all your notes through any device that you’re logged into and even on the computer through

So say you’re on your phone or your computer and you want to copy a bunch of texts or something between the devices you can just paste it into a keep note and it will sync to everything you don’t have to email yourself anything.

This is also useful if you want to type up a really long note you can just type it out more easily on your computer keyboard then copy it to your phone instead of having to type it out all on your phone’s keyboard.

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Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is very useful app for when you need to scan or take a picture of a document but you don’t have to go through that hassle of scanning it on your computer.

With this app, you just take a picture of the document through the app and it will automatically resize crop and fix the perspective of the picture so it looks pretty similar to as if you actually use a real scanner and on black and white images it will actually remove the background too so it makes you look pretty good.

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Top Android Apps For March 2017

android apps march 2017

Looking for some cool apps for your android device? We have got you covered. We are sharing Top Android Apps For March 2017.


This is a really simple application that helps you get the lyrics for that song that you just can’t figure out the words to.

All you have to do is start playing a song on your phone the app will detect what the song is quickly grab the lyrics and boom there you go.

By default the app automatically scrolls and highlights the lyrics as the song goes on or you can have it display them normally allowing you to scroll freely.

You can also easily search up lyrics if you choose to do so rather than having to play this song just to find the lyrics.

What’s cool about this is that you can share the lyrics via NFC and you can access saved lyrics offline so you don’t have to copy and paste the lyrics to a Notes app or anything like that.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access song lyrics this is the app you want to download.

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Pixon Icon Pack

This icon pack is very similar to the pixel icon pack. With this one each icon has its own outline to make things look more uniform.

In this pack you get over 2,250 icons along with 12 wallpapers to match.

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Volume Slider

This is a simple yet very useful app for those of you that hate having to mash the volume buttons when adjusting media volume.

So with this you can just slide on the side of your screen to adjust the volume but what’s cool about this is that it’s not just for media volume.

You can adjust notification volume, ringer volume, system volume and you can even adjust the screen brightness.

There is an in app purchase here that allows you to enable four different sliders at once for different settings as well for added functionality.

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Wallzy Pro

This is one of the most solid wallpaper apps that I’ve come across so far this year.

It’s got a great selection of high quality wallpapers as well as a mind-blowing amount of different categories to choose from like nature, typography, minimalistic, food there’s a category dedicated to wallpapers for AMOLED displays and much much more.

There’s also a built-in editor so you can do things like add your own text and if you want you can blur the wall out completely.

The app has a clean smooth and easy to navigate UI with the option to change the theme color and you can favorite the ones that you like the most as well.

This is the pro version it costs 99 cents but don’t worry there is a free version.

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Also Check Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps

Pizza Boy

This is a Game Boy Color emulator.

With this app you can relive your childhood and play some great games like Super Mario Bros. The emulator has slow-mo and fast-forward capability it supports Bluetooth controllers and the best part is that it’s free and ad free as well.

As far as getting games to play well for legal reasons all I can tell you is that roms are just a quick Google search away definitely try this out.

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This app allows you to make your own notification.

So if there’s something that you need to remember this is a great way to keep you reminded since the notification shade is something we always look at.

You can add notes to your reminders you can set the notification priority and you can select the type of notification as well.

This is a pretty neat way to keep yourself in check and i’d say it’s worth a shot.

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Camera Launcher

Some phones like galaxy phones, Pixel, Oneplus 3t and others can easily access their cameras by double pressing a button either the power or home button.

If your phone doesn’t have that this app allows you to jump straight to the camera from any application by long pressing the home button now if your device has google assistant then this function will replace google assistant but don’t worry you can always change it back into system settings it doesn’t go and delete Google assistant or anything like that.

So, if you’re someone who’s always taking pictures this is a great app.

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This is probably the best quote app you will come across on Android.

So if you’re looking for one Eve quote is the way to go not only does this have a nice user interface with material design a real slick looking dark theme for night reading pictures for whom the quote comes from a humongous selection of categories but there’s also an entire community in this application where random people can post their own quote.

Each quote has three buttons for favoriting sharing and copying the quote to your clipboard.

This is a very well-put-together application and i recommend it to everyone looking for a laugh or perhaps some inspiration.

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Rain Paper

Forget those cheesy low quality video loops with this you’ll get high quality and realistic raindrops on your home screen.

You can customize pretty much anything from the background image itself. You can even replace the rain with snow.

The rain is so incredibly realistic. It does go for two dollars but I highly recommend it.

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Night Screen

This is the simplest app on the list but it might be the most important app on the list.

This app helps prevent your eyes from getting damaged from the screens emission of blue light it not only has a blue light filter which can easily be adjusted but it also allows you to lower the screen brightness lower than what these phones itself normally can.

So if your phone’s screen brightness doesn’t go low enough for your taste you can make it go super dim. If you do a lot of browsing and reading at night the combination of the blue light filter along with the ability to dim the screen to incredibly low levels it makes this app and absolute must-have.

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Top 10 Hidden Features in Windows 10

windows 10 features

Windows is the most popular operating system for computers, but most of the people don’t know about the main features of it. So we are sharing some of the cool hidden features in windows 10. These are all in windows 10 at least but many will also be in earlier versions of windows as well

Secret Start Menu

Hidden Features in Windows 10


Everyone knows that ever since Windows 8, Start menu generally sucks and it’s hard to navigate usually takes a while to get to where you want.

But if you right-click on the start menu button it brings up a different context menu with lots of quick access shortcuts.

You can go directly to the task manager, the command prompt or even command prompt as an admin the device manager network connections and even the control panel.

Storage Manager

windows 10 storage manager


Now for this, you do actually have to go to the Windows settings. Then once you’re there you click on the storage tab and this show you some basic info about all your drive but if you click on one of these you can get some interesting data.

It will show you which types of files are taking up how much space so you can get a better idea of where all your free space went and if you click on one of these again it will show you specifically what is taking up the most space.

God Mode Menu

god menu

It’s also been referred to as the windows master control panel where the all tasks folder and this one has been around since Vista but it’s still pretty neat.

Now, this is basically a list of shortcuts to almost every settings menu in Windows.

To get to it you simply create a new folder anywhere probably on the desktop and then rename it to the following string


Most of the time you see instructions that say to rename it to god mode period and then all those characters but really you can replace god mode with anything you want as long as the rest is the same.

In any case, the icon will change to the same one as the control panel and inside you will get a huge list of organized shortcuts to pretty much every window setting you can imagine.

Also, another thing you can do is if there is one of these settings you need often you can right click it and hit create shortcuts to put a link right on your desktop so you don’t have to search for that setting anymore.

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool

This is certainly one of my favorites and probably one that you guys already know about a lot of you but it’s not you’re going to like it.

Snipping tool is a built-in windows programs that simply let you highlight and screenshots things on your screen very simple but very useful.

You can get to it just by going to the start menu and searching for snipping tool.

To use it you just hit new and then highlight whatever you want and then you can draw on it or save the screenshot right away.

Also it doesn’t have to be just a rectangle, if you click on the drop-down next to New you can snip a specific window, the entire screen or even free hand it .

But keep in mind the freehand one doesn’t put a background of transparency it does a white background so just keep that in mind if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

This one is pretty simple. it’s another built-in app that you can find by searching in the start menu or looking in the programs list and it’s just a way to write notes and stick them on your desktop to remember stuff.

it’s extremely basic the only real options are to change the size and color the notes and you can’t even change the font or text size but if you’re on a tablet you can use Windows INK to handwrite on these.

However, one cool feature is if you choose to enable insights by clicking on the three dots at the top and then click on the gear you can enable it there.

With insights, it will look at the content of the notes and use Cortana the AI to show more info about that based on context.

Like if you type in what looks like a reminder like go to the bank tomorrow it will ask if you want to make an actual reminder and if you type in a stock symbol, for example, it will show you info about that all sorts of other stuff you can look at all the features that it has.

Windows Remote Assistant

Windows Remote Assistant

Remote Assistant makes it easy to either get assistance or give assistance to someone remotely who is having trouble with their windows computer.

To get to it you search for remote assistance in the start menu and depending on your version of Windows you might see something different but here we’re going to click invite someone to connect your PC to help or offer help.

Then the next window you choose whether you’re the one that needs help or not and it guides you through it.

You can connect a few ways including emailing someone to connect file or manually typing an IP address even or using the Easy Connect feature if it works.

Then you can just control the person’s desktop do whatever you got to do fix it pretty simple.

Problem Steps Recorder

Problem Steps Recorder

Another feature for fixing the computer is the problem steps reporter.

You can get this by simply searching four steps recorder and it should bring up a small and very simple window bar.

If someone’s having a problem with the computer like it’s showing an error message or something you can record exactly what you’re doing to reproduce the problem.

After you start and finish the recording it will generate a page with screenshots and a description of what you did such as what you clicked on it what time that sort of thing.

So, for example, if you’re trying to help someone and they’re not being very descriptive they’re just saying it’s not working without actually describing what the problem is in any way you can add them do this to figure out what they’re talking about.

Now the other possible use for this is if you need to show someone what they need to do to fix the problem.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to walk someone through what they need to do so with this you can just do it yourself and send them the file to show them and guide them through what they should be clicking on and when so it makes things a lot easier.

Voice Recorder

steps recorder

This one is dead simple so you just search for voice recorder in the start menu click it and it will bring up the most simple program you can imagine it’s literally one button you click on it and it just starts recording through the microphone.

During recording you have a wide selection of options including pause unpause and add marker or stop recording and once you stop recording it saves the file and while you can’t choose where it goes you can right-click on it and hit open file location to find it and then move it wherever you want to have to that or if you click on the recording it does let you trim the audio but that’s the extent of the editing you can do with it.

Malicious Software Removing Tool

You can get to it by searching for the whole name or just typing in mrt into the start menu and hitting Enter.

This one is kind of interesting because unlike the name suggests this isn’t a full-fledged antivirus program.

Its purpose is to search your computer for widespread viruses for windows and it’s also periodically updated through windows update as the program will tell you it’s not meant to replace your regular antivirus and it doesn’t do automatic scheduled scans it only runs when you manually run it.

it’s definitely best to run alongside your current antivirus and I’d say it’s a good starting point if you suspect you have a virus.

if the virus happens to be one of the very common ones detected by the tool this is an easy and quick way to get rid of it.

So if for some reason you currently don’t have an antivirus program which you should this is definitely something you can at least try first.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Before you run this keep in mind that it will try to restart your computer if you click on the wrong thing so pay attention before you go searching for it.

To get to it you can search for memory diagnostic in the start menu and then click on it but again watch out because you can see that the first option says restart now which you probably don’t want to do.

You see the tool is actually run outside of windows when your computer boots so your computer is therefore needs to restart to use it once you do it will check your computer’s memory AKA ram for any issues.

Top 10 Android Apps February 2017

android apps 2017

Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top 10 Android Apps February 2017.

Macro Droid

Macro Droid allows you to set up your own task and the trigger so when the trigger is activated the task will actually happen.

The free version allows you to set up a maximum of Five tasks. You will need Pro version to create more than Five tasks.

Macro Droid

google play


This app only works on Nougat devices. This application will round your display corners to merge it with your case corners.

There are not too many options in here however if you buy the pro version you can change the radius and some extra settings and stuff like that.

google play

Pixel Widget

Pixel Widget allows you to get the google pill widget on any Android device. This app works with all launchers, therefore, there is no need of downloading additional launchers.

You get three options here you get the weather which is nice.

You also get simply just the solo pill option which has nothing else to it simply just that little Google pill and you also get the final one which is the date so it just tells you the month the year the date stuff like that if you click on it brings to your calendar.

google play

Candy Zooper Widget

In this zooper pack, you can find 25 beautiful widgets. There are some really nice widgets inside here other than that there are some really material design ones there’s some really nice google search bars as well as clock widgets and stuff like that.

Candy Zooper Widget

google play

Summary Scanner

summary scanner this is a really nice app if you actually have a printed out tax document and you don’t actually have the original file.

This app allows you to scan in the printout and it will convert it back into a tax document so I think this is really cool it’s scan all the texts and it makes the editable on your device you can share it with anyone in your contacts list you can email to people so you can change it within the app as well or you can export it to word or something like that.

You can also translate this into different languages which are also really cool.

Summary Scanner

google play


This app allows you to live stream to a bunch of different viewers. You can meet new peoples and also allows you to just have a little bit of fun by watching people’s day, talk to people, you can send them stuff as well like little prizes thumbs-up, likes things like that.

You can meet new people so quickly you can add them as friends they can come back and talk to you and watch your live streams.


google play


This app allows you to select a photo from your gallery and edit it quite a bit with different shapes.

You can actually import a photo and add a shape on top of it.

There’s a bunch of different ones to choose from there are only three sections but there’s still quite a lot if you want more you can buy the pro version.

Android Apps February

google play


This app gives you the Bluetooth battery level of your devices.

Let’s say my headphones are connected to my phone it will actually tell me how much charge is left.

google play

Get Current Wallpaper

Current wallpaper is a really nice app which actually allows you to export your current wallpaper and share it with other peoples.

It’s really simple there’s nothing else to at all it’s simply just get your current wallpaper and that’s it and you can share it.

Get Current Wallpaper

google play

Pixel Wallpaper

These are basically the wallpapers on the google pixel and allows you to get them on any Android device.

You can easily go and set them straight away as well as cropping them and you can download them if you want to share them with other people or you just want to save them offline on your device.

google play