Top 10 Android Apps: January 2017

android app 2017

There are millions of apps in Google Play Store. We cannot check each and every app because we don’t have enough space in our smartphone. That’s why we have gather some of the Top 10 Android Apps: January 2017.

Pixoff: Battery Saver

This app allows you to switch off your pixels. This app only works on AMOLED devices. When AMOLED screens display becomes black they simply switch off the pixels so in effect you can save power.
You can also make your own template overlay or you can choose from four options you can also change your density.

There’s also options to simply keep your screen off when facedown in your pocket you also have the AutoStart option.

Pixoff: Battery Saver

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This is a really nice app which allows you to make ugly icon slightly better looking.

You can choose from a template on the screen to make icons round square with the material design look a 3d look as well as a page over effect.

You can change your size of the icon within the actual shape outline itself and you can also set the background color as white as well as auto.

You can also search as well as show your system apps. There’s a bunch of cool options in here and overall you can make your own icon pack in this way.


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Galaxy Buttons

This app is for guys who have Samsung devices. This app allows you to change the duration time of the backlight on your sensitive capacitive buttons at the bottom.

You can easily turn them on turn them off, set it to default as well as create your own custom time, so you can go between one and ten seconds.

It just gives you a little bit more control over your back lights.

galaxy buttons

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This is a really cool widget which allows you to create huge icons on your home screen. All you do is you add the widget to your home screen you scroll through your apps and select whichever icon you want.

You can also add an icon pack affect and change the size and it’s really cool if you want to position apps around it or just make your home screen a little bit more fun.

You can do this on your stock launcher as well overall it’s really simple and I definitely recommend it.

Giganticon - Big Icons

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This app is really good if you want to meet some new people some friends and people with similar interests.

You can add your interest like technology photography and it’ll actually search your area from meetup groups around you and it will come up with them all here.


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App Info Mini

This app shows you how much data we’ve used on Wi-Fi cellular how much cache is used how much internal storage is used and a bunch of other information.

So it’s really nice definitely recommend it if you’re a little bit nerdy go check it out.

appinfo mni

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Urban Wallpapers

This is a really nice clean wallpaper app. There are actual pictures taken by professional photographers. You can save the wallpapers apply them set them as your favorites as well.

urban walls

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Gravity Gesture

This is a really neat one if you want to set up tasks for the way you shake your phone.

So you shake your phone is set orientations you can actually trigger things for example if you shake your phone up and down it will actually open google now and then it can go ahead and ask a question.

Now this is really cool if you already have an action save on your home button but you don’t want to turn on your microphone all the time because it uses so much power so this app actually allows you to use gestures by tilting your phone which is really cool.

Gravity Gestures

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Sensors Multitool

This app is really cool if you want to experiment around with your settings and your sensors on your phone. I will show you all the sensors information and settings supported by your phone.

Its really cool for experimenting around with you can go through all your sensors even your proximity as well as your light sensor and you can see how much Lux is currently on the screen.

You can also check some compasses and your orientation and loads of settings like that obviously you can go into the settings and change all the measurements so you can change the units from imperial to metric or vice versa.

Sensors Multitool

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Flat Material Zooper

So the last one up is flat material. This one has a bunch of really cool wallpapers in as well which I think is good so definitely, if you’re not interested in the widgets, go check it out for the wallpapers.

These widgets are highly customizable you can get some really cool toggles on your home screen to easily access settings switch things on and off the other bunch of really cool search bars as well and weather which is and things like that

Do check it out If you want to spice up your home screen a little bit.

Top 10 Android Apps: January 2017

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