Google Home: Cool New Product – Google

Google Home: Cool New Product - Google

Just the other day google announced a new product at the keynote at Google I/O 2016. It’s the competitor in the smart home assistance devices category called Google Home – Google Home: Cool New Product

It’s pretty much the same thing as Amazon Echo with a few extra features that really only google can do. This device is called Google Home – Google Home: Cool New Product.

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Best Uses Of USB OTG Cable

USB OTG Cable Adapter

OTG cable is very simple yet have so much potential and possibilities. It simply adds a USB port to your Android phone or tablet. With the help of OTG cable you can connect devices with USB output. Not every phone or tablet supports USB OTG Cable so be sure to check it before buying a OTG cable -USB OTG Cable Adapter

Keyboard and Mouse

You can connect your keyboard to your android phone with OTG cable. This come exceptionally helpful when you are writing a long archive or composing a long email.

Or connect USB mouse to your android device using OTG cable. You can open apps, play games as if you were on PC. It comes very handy when you are playing games like Modern Combat. But its better to buy wireless keyboard and Mouse.usb otg keyboard

usn mouse


It will cost you around $1 or $2 but its worth it. I will recommend you to buy Xiaomi Fan. The air from Xiaomi fan is like a cool breeze.

Particularly helpful in load-shedding days to cool you down or when your smart-phone is heating up.

usb otg fan

Card Reader

You can easily connect a Card Reader to your OTG cable. You can copy paste and can also delete the content.

It comes very handy if your device doesn’t support Micro SD Card.

Also if you don’t want to fill up the external storage of your phone.

usb otg

Game Controller

Some people don’t fancy mouse and keyboard for gaming and luckily most of devices support game controllers.

If your device doesn’t support game controller you need to root your device.

Games like Dead Trigger and GTA can be played very easily with the game controller.

game controller

USB Light

Working or studying late night? sure you have flash light in your phone to help you out with dark, but what if you need a powerful flash. OTG flash light can help. Very powerful and useful.

usb light

LAN Cable

That’s sound interesting isn’t it? Yes its possible to connect a LAN cable to your android device if you have an OTG cable.

If you don’t have WiFi in your home but have a broadband connection in your home and wants to access Internet on your cell phone you can easily connect a LAN cable to your device, but to do this you will need to buy a controller called LAN TO USB.

It will cost you around $5 but it’s worth it. So once you buy it just connect it with your OTG cable and enjoy Internet on your device.

usb lan otg

Hard Drive (HDD)

If you don’t have enough space left on your device you can connect a portable HDD to your device using OTG cable.

If you have a portable HDD like 500 GB, 1TB, 2TB. just connect it using OTG cable and do whatever you want to do.

With such storage data you can carry your entire media collection along with you. You can read the content, copy it, paste it, watch movies and many other things.

connect hdd with otg

DSLR Camera

Yes, you can also connect your smartphone to your DSLR camera. If you want to manage your DSLR on your device you must install “DSLR Dashboard” app on your smartphone.


Charge another Phone

Make your phone a power bank. Charge another cell phone with your phone. Connect OTG cable to your phone and then connect normal USB cable. That’s it, Another phone will start sucking charge from your phone immediately.

charge phone with otg


Top 7 Best Chrome Extensions for 2016

Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is known for its simplicity and features it offers to the customers. Chrome web store has lots of extensions but we can’t try all of them. Below is the some useful extensions for best Chrome extensions.

Password Alert

Password alert is a security extension provided by Google. Password alert extension will warn you if you enter your Google account details in a site that is not actually Google. It means that password alert is only for Google Accounts. If you are being phished it will alert you to change your username and password.

If you value security and privacy then its a very useful extension.

password alert



If you are trying to get some work done but are distracted by all those addictive websites out there  like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter etc. If your day-to-day productivity is taking a hit by wasting time on these websites, this productivity extension is just for you. Citrus is a very simple and easy to use extension. Add all the websites that distracts you from your work to the blocklist and set the timer. Once you have started the timer it can’t be stopped (well, unless you remove the extension) and the websites you have added to blocklist will be blocked. After the timer runs out you can access the blocked websites but make sure you set the timer so that you can get the maximum work done without distractions.




Whenever we search for gif image on google we only see the static images. The result which google display is not animated. So without clicking on it how do we know if the image is actually a gif?

With this chrome extension it will actually play those gifs instead of showing us the static images. You will get the preview of the gif instead of clicking on it.

image from GoogleGIFs


HTTPS Everywhere

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the protocol used to transfer data between your browser and the websites you visit. HTTPS  is a more secure and encrypted version of HTTP and it gives you privacy. As the communication is encrypted no third party can tamper with the communication between you and the website you visit. this protocol is specially useful for the online shopping websites and similar websites which include money transaction as you can be confident that your credit related details are encrypted and can’t be accessed by a third party.

HTTPS is an encrypted and more secure but not all websites offer the user to use it by default. By using HTTPS Everywhere you can  access the HTTPS  version of any  website  whether  the website allows it by default or not,  provided it supports HTTPS. When enabled, HTTPS Everywhere will force the  HTTPS  on any website that supports it.

https everywhere internetseekho



This extension allows you to hover over an image and if is shrink it will expand it so you don’t have to click through it. it support thousands of sites across the web, including the popular ones such as Reddit/Imgur, Wikipedia (or any WikiMedia based site), deviantART, Google services (Images, YouTube, G+, Picasa…), Facebook, Twitter, Flickr…

make money



One tab is a great extension. It allows you to clean up your tabs and put them in one place. It can also be used to save them so you can revisit them, or organize them. Overall it just makes your browsing experience more organized and also save some amount of memory for you.

one tab internetseekho


Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Action is a great extension for youtube with many useful tools which you can set up very easily. It adds a TON of features to YouTube like dark theme, infinite loop, cinema mode, force a specific resolution, mouse wheel volume control, filters, screenshots of the video etc.

earn money



Some Useful Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

Chrome Tips And Tricks

Right from the beginning google chrome aimed to be a simple and user friendly browser. That’s the main reason why most of the people love Chrome as a browser. Even though Google Chrome has some advance features other than just browsing the web. That you may or may not know before – Chrome Tips And Tricks

Use Google Chrome as Calculator

The google chrome omnibox work as a calculator. Type any numbers like 1+2 and the result will be displayed in the auto suggestions.


Use Chrome as Image Viewer

Google Chrome supports most of the image formats so why not use Google Chrome as image viewer. Just drag and drop image directly into Google Chrome and see the result.


Use Google Chrome as Media Player

You can not only watch online videos, audios and photos on your Google Chrome but here you can also play anything you have on your PC whether offline or online.

Just drag and drop the particular file to the chrome and chrome will start playing the video. You will also see the media controls here.

chrome video

Use Google Chrome for Quick Note

You can open a text editor on your browser and can easily take any notes. For getting to text editor on Chrome go to this link data:text/html, <html contenteditable>.

Copy and paste this link in your chrome address bar and press enter.

chrome notes

Pin Frequently Used Tabs

If you open lots of tabs and want to save some space in your browser then simply pin the tab.

it will definitely free up some space for you. To pin a tab simply right click on the tab and click on Pin Tab option.

pin tab

Chrome Secret Pages

Chrome has some hidden set of pages. These are hidden because its too complicated to use and only for coders and developers. To access these pages just type chrome://chrome-urls in the address box.

chrome secret url

Task Manager

Just Like Windows and OS X Chrome has its own Task Manager. Chrome Task Manager shows all the processes running in the background and also shows the system resources which chrome is using.

Chrome Task Manager comes very handy when you get any problem in the browser and want to fix it. In Chrome task manager you will be able to see the CPU resources, Network Activity and the amount of memory used.

There are three different ways to open task manager on Google Chrome.

Firstly you can open the task manager by pressing Shift+Esc key.

Secondly right click on the upper side of the chrome and click on task manager option.

Thirdly go to the upper left corner of the chrome and click on the hamburger menu>more tools and here you will see the task manager option.

chrome task manager

Autofill Feature

Chrome Autofill is a very nice feature. it will save you a lot of time if you are shopping online or filling the registration form, instead of typing again and again just used the autofill feature. It’s a huge time saver.

To use the Autofill feature, go to the hamburger menu at the top right side of your chrome. Now go to settings and scroll all the way down you will find show advanced settings hyperlink. Just click on it. It will show the advanced options. Scroll again and click on Manage Autofill settings. From here you can add your information’s. if you go to forms or any signup procedures it will fill up literally everything for you.

chrome autofill

Reopen Accidentally Closed Tabs

If you are doing some important work and accidentally close all the tabs, and want it to open it again. Well you can easily open all the recently closed tabs by pressing Control-Shift-T.

ctrl shift t
Shortcut for Opening Recently Closed Tabs

Enable Guest Browsing

If someone wants to use your Laptop and you don’t want any changes in your browser then guest mode is the perfect option for this. Just enable Guest Browsing and don’t worry if your friends sign out you from gmail, facebook or other social accounts.

To activate guest browsing go to chrome settings scroll down and in the people section Enable Guest Browsing. To switch to the guest account, at the top right corner click on your username , then choose Switch Person and click on Browse as Guest.

guest browsing

if you know any other Google Chrome Feature, let us know in the comments below.

Super Power Your Gmail by Installing These Extensions

gmail tricks

Gmail increased current standards for what we expect in an email service, however in the event that you’re just utilizing its local components, you’re getting only an essence of its energy. There are an abundance of Chrome augmentations that grow Gmail’s capacities and help you streamline your work process -Super Power Your Gmail by Installing These Extensions

Below are some great extensions for Gmail to get the most from it.

Full Contact

Full Contact’s Gmail app is the ultimate unified address book solution, it is perfectly simple yet powerful and is endlessly convenient for managing multiple address books in one place.

Basically this extension shows all the profiles of the Professional contact when you receive email from them.

If you receive an email from some professional contact this extension will help you to learn more about this person by searching their social profiles like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks within your inbox.

Any changes made (taking notes, tags) are synced directly to your Google, I Cloud and other devices.

Full Contact also has support for Android and IOS.


fullcontact extensions

Snap mail

Want to send your contact a sensitive email but also want to make sure its deleted and no one other than the recipient sees it.

Snap Mail is just the right extension to make this happen.

When you install Snapmail extension it will add a button next to Gmail’s Send button.

If you want to send sensitive information over email you will need to hit the “Snapmail” button instead of the regular send button.

After pressing the Snapmail button it will send the recipient a hyperlink to the self-destructing email along with this message: “Sending you a secure message via Snap mail. It will self-destruct in 60 seconds.”

Image from



If you are someone who uses your email a lot – it could be prospecting, networking etc., you would certainly need this add-on. It simplifies your task and keeps you efficient and helps in maintaining clean email inbox.

And that’s not just it, with the availability of several great features this extension offers you can easily manage to achieve a high level of productivity on your day to day activities by cutting down the time spent on sending emails, invitations and arranging meeting schedules.

Some of the great functions which MixMax adds to Gmail, include ‘instant’ meeting scheduling, embed polls and surveys, business templates, personalizing bulk emails and email tracking.

With email tracking, you’ll know about the status of your email just like a WhatsApp message. MixMax gives you the ability to track whether your email has been opened/read by your recipient.

The snooze feature lets you automate the follow-up and lets you defer emails until you can actually take action on them which helps you stay inbox zero.

Overall Solid add-on for regular and power Gmail users.

mixmax extension
image from



Sometimes it is critical to know if important emails are read and when, especially if action needs to be taken within a certain time frame.

If an email is not read in a timely manner, a phone call may be necessary. Without MailTrack, it is a guessing game.

On the off chance that somebody read your email MailTrack Add the twofold check marks (✓✓) to your Gmail.

MailTrack tell exactly the time at which the email is read by the recipient.

If you send your email to several recipient MailTrack help you track which of the recipient from the list has read your email.

MailTrack’s double check marks for ‘read’ receipts are completely free and unlimited.

mail track
Image from



if you know any other extension for Gmail let us know in the comments below.

Windows Shortcuts ! 10 Amazing Windows Shortcuts keys You Should Be Using

Windows Shortcuts keys

We all find our self in a situation where we are looking at something on our computer and it needs to go immediately because maybe someone is coming down the hallway or your boss is walking towards your cubicle. Well that’s needs to go..Windows Shortcuts keys..

Here is a simple shortcut to save yourself in these situation.

Windows Shortcuts keys

Quickly Minimize to Desktop

All you have to do is put your finger on the windows key and the D key and press both buttons at the same time. Voila you are back at the desktop. Now act like you are doing something important.

shortcuts ctrl d internetseekho


Reopen a Closed Tab in Your Web Browser

All of us browse lots of thing on the internet. For this purpose, we open as many tabs as we can. If accidently we close the browser, then it becomes very difficult to recover all these tabs. It takes lots of time to open all the tabs one by one.

With this little shortcut all you have to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+T and it will open all your closed tabs. The shortcut works in every browser like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+T and it will start opening all the previous tabs.

ctrl shift t


Quickly SNAP Windows to the Side

If you want to put two windows side by side for comparison use Windows+ → or ←.

Just select one window on your screen and hold down the windows key. Now press the left or right arrow key it will shift over to the other side. Do the same thing for other window and you can compare it side by side. It also works if you want to maximize or minimize the window. To maximize it just press the up arrow. If you want to minimize it press the down arrow key.

snap windows shortcut


Paste Text Without Formatting

If you have ever written an email on online platform like Gmail, Yahoo. You may have noticed that when you copy something from another page and the paste in into your email it retains all the formatting. It looks very strange when you paste it in there and you are about to send it to someone else.

To make all the text uniform here is a simple shortcut for that. Instead of hitting CTRL+V use CTRL+SHIFT+V. it will paste unformatted text directly into your email.

paste special


Instant Screenshot to a File

Taking a screenshot in windows is used to be a big issue. Either had to use snap tool or hit the PrntScr button then paste it into paint and exported out as an image. Will there is no need to use any of these methods.

If you want to quickly screenshot the active window just hit Windows+PrntScr utton. It can also be done by hitting the Alt+PrntScr button. Images will be saved to your photos folder by default.

print screen

Quickly Lock Your PC Screen

If you are doing something important like writing research and you don’t want anyone to see it but you are late for the meeting. Just hit Windows+L key. This shortcut will lock your PC or Laptop.

lock windows

Copy a File with a Simple Click and Drag

If you need to make a copy of a file there is no need to do the copy paste it. Just hold down the CTRL key and drag the file over. It will instantly make a duplicate when you release the mouse button.

Delete Entire Words Instead of Just Letters

If you do a lot of online trolling, you will know the importance of finely crafted words and proper grammar. Sometimes you realized that you have missed up and you couldn’t be more insulting. Now removing the words by pressing the Backspace key can take a lot of time. Letter by letter by letter by letter…

However, if you hold the CTRL key with Backs
pace you can delete the entire words in one stroke. It will also save you some time.

ctrl backspace sortcut

Magnify Your Screen

If you want to magnify the screen press CTRL++. You can go back by pressing CTRL+- key. This will work on any app running from the desktop. It comes handy when your grandma is using the computer.magnify screen

Quickly Access your Hard Drives

Sometimes you have like 20 windows open and you need to get to your E drive or D drive. If you want to quickly access your drive just press Windows+E buttons. It will open the My Computer directory and give quick access to your drive.

windows e

These shortcuts are global and works on Windows 7, 8, 10.


Top 10 Best Android Apps of May 2016

Best Android Apps

There’s are lots app of applications in the Play store. No one has enough space on their smartphone for those – and to be completely forthright, a large portion of them you wouldn’t really need. That is the reason you require basically the Best Android Apps – Android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Below are some best apps for May 2016.

Best Material Apps

This app shows the list of best Material Design Apps that you can get for your Android.

There are three categories which are Hot, Trending and New. According to the categories you can search for the app. You can also up vote the app by liking it or you can check it at play store.

In slider menu you can choose between Phone, Tablets and Android Wear. Also there are option for Dark Mode and showing the rooted app.

Overall it’s a great app if you are looking for some cool material design apps.

android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma keyboard is one of the best keyboard for your Android.

Basically Chrooma keyboard is a material design keyboard which changes its colors according to the apps color.

The best thing is it’s available free on the play store.

You can change the size of the keyboard and also the language. Some features are available in the PAID version.

chrooma keyboard - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Gallery Doctor

Some time you take a lot of similar photos and forget to delete it. It takes lot of space in your device.

Gallery doctor scans your phone for unwanted junk, photos and videos.

At top of the app you will see gallery health, space left and all the information about your gallery.

You can also go to settings and custom scan your gallery. Overall it’s a great app for gallery if you are running low on space.

Gallery Doctor - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

ML Manager

ML Manager is an apk extractor for your android.

ML Manager lets you extract and share the apk on android.

Looking at the app you will see the list of all the installed application. On the next tab you will see all the system apps. You can also take the apks of the system apps.

You can also uninstall the apps but uninstalling the system app will require root permission.

ml manager - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Pixolor is very useful and simple app for android. Basically this app gets the color codes that are present in your screen.

If you tap the app it will start giving you the circle which detects and show the color to you. Once you get your color you want to copy you can check it in your notification panel.

You can also share the code with other people or just save it on your clipboard.

Pixolor - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Unclouded is a really clean material design app and all in one file manager.

You can link all your cloud services in this one app.

If you want to add more than two services than you need to buy the premium version.

unclouded - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Universal Copy

Sometimes when you want to copy text from an app like youtube and you are unable to use the default Android long press. This is where this app comes handy.

By using this app you can copy anything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Universal Copy - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Wallpaper HD

This app provides ton of HD wallpapers. Open the app and you will see recent wallpapers.

You can also go to the slider and check different categories.

wallpaper hd - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Instadict is very unique dictionary app. Just copy the word and shake your device horizontally to get its meaning.

No need to interrupt what you’re doing. You can also use it offline by downloading the full mode.

Instadict app - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Xda Labs

Xda labs is a completely material design app. On the home screen you will four tabs News, Apps, Xposed and Wallpapers.

It also has slider menu which contains Xda Labs updates, Xda forums and app xposed updates.

xda labs - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Best Hidden Features in Android

Hidden Features in Android

Android is a highly customizable operating system. The user has complete control over his device and can change everything from how the device performs and how the device looks -Hidden features

But did you know there are a set of hidden options in Android settings targeted towards advanced users and developers. It’s called the Developer Option.

The reason they are called Developer option because they are in Android Settings.

To turn on the Developer Option you will have to scroll down in Android settings and go to about device. Now scroll down and tap on the build number six times. It will give you a pop up saying that you are a developer now.

Go back you will see a new tab appear above about devices tab called as Developer Options.

Open the developer options you will see different options. Depending on the manufacture and Android version some of the options might be missing.

                                                             android settings developer options

Most of the options are targeted towards developers but some of these options have a very interesting use like the Mock Location option.

Mock Location

By turning on the Mock Location option you can fake the GPS location to anywhere in the world. To do this you will need to install an app called Fake GPS.

mock locations

Best Android Games For May 2016

Process Stats

Next option down the list is process stats option. This option shows the device memory or the RAM usage.

Here you can check what are the apps that are consuming most amount of RAM in your device.

It also shows the current status of your device RAM. If you find an app in the list that you don’t use much and it’s consuming a lot of RAM, then you can easily stop the app directly from here.

It will help you to save some battery.

process state

Show Pointer Touches

Another option is Show Pointer Touches. When you turn this option on it will show the touches registered in your Android device.

                                                                  Screenshot_2016-05-08-20-08-29 show touch

Hardware Acceleration

Further down the list there is Hardware Acceleration Option. These are the most useful settings specially if you are into heavy apps and gaming.

Forced GPU Rendering

The first option in Hardware Acceleration is Forced GPU Rendering. This option render 2D objects on the GPU. If you have an app or game lagging on your device, then turn this option on and it will run smoother.

Force 4x MSAA

If you have a high end phone or tablet with great graphics performance and you play 3D games on it there is a way to make those games look better by enabling Force 4x MSAA. It will definitely look much better than before.

hardware acceleration

Transition and Animation

Probably the most useful feature in the developer option is the ability to control Transition and Animation of your device.

Here you will have three options windows animation scale, transition animation scale and animation duration scale. All these options control the speed of animation flows in your device.

By default, all of these are set to 1x, but if you change it to 5x the animation will move very slowly. You can lay back and enjoy the beautiful animations, but it will slow your device speed.

If you turn the Animation off it will make your device much faster.

The recommended option for Transition is 0.5x.

animation scale

Show CPU Usage

This options shows overlay at the top right corner of your device showing what processes are running on your CPU and how much load your CPU is taking.

background cpu

And at the very end of the list we have very good options which can literally speed up your device and can be a life saver for low end phones.

Don’t Keep Activities

The first one is Don’t Keep Activities. This option kill app activity as soon as we leave them

android activities

Background Process Limit

Android is a pure multitasking operating system. But too many background activities can slow down your device. With background process limit you can set a limit on how much background activities can run in the background.

background process

The cool thing about all these options is that they are absolutely safe. They won’t harm your device in anyway.

In case any of these option created an opposite effect on your device you can always turn them off.


Best Android Games For May 2016

Best Android Games

Google Play Store is updated daily with new apps and games. It becomes very hard to track all the newly released games. Below are the some best Android games of this month.

Dream Machine

Dream machine stars a robot that wants to break free. Doing so sends him on an epic journey where you will encounter unusual contraptions and even some bosses.

The main idea is to get your robot from point A to point B. The robot moves continuously once it started and if it gets to a point where it can’t go forward it reverses it course.

You can also upgrade your robot by collecting cogs. If you love puzzle game you need to check this out.

dream machine

google play

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City

In GTA you accept and complete missions eventually coming across all the other characters who give you their own missions and through doing all of these the greater part of the game slowly revealed.

Liberty city features new character art high resolution texture rebalance controls and enhanced draw distance.

You can also save the game in a cross platform clouds so you can play on other devices and start from where you left off.

gta liberty city

google play

Barrier X

Barrier X is a game that makes you play it even if you fail numerous time.

The graphics are very colorful with techno music. The game has very simple control tap left or right dodge obstacles or enemies.

Overall it’s a very hard game to play but it’s very well design and easy to understand. Its available free on play store.


google play

Last Journey

The game protagonist a small girl wearing a hooded red coat. You can turn the stage around by full 180 degrees.

By doing so you can change the properties of the world around you with the process of flipping the stage turning thin air into solids and causing other objects to disappear entirely.

You can use this mechanics to solve simple puzzles.

last journey android

google play

Sine Line

Sine line is a very fast paced and simple game. What you are basically doing in this game is to tap the screen to accelerate oscillating particle and avoid obstacles.

The long you survived the more score you will get.

You can grab this game free on the play store.

side line android

google play

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best car simulator out there thanks to its advance real physics.

The car details are good and so are the controls. You can switch between three types of controls analog, white left buttons or tilting your phone.

You have your reverse and accelerator button present in all of them. You also have the option to toggle the ABS and Traction control. All in all, it’s an amazing car simulator game.

Its available free on the play store.

extreme car simulator

google play

Tap Tap Dash

Tap Tap Dash is an amazing game. In terms of gameplay this game has only one button that covers your entire screen.

You might think the gameplay might be easy as you just need to tap but in fact your tap need to be so precise.

As the gameplay progresses the difficulty level also increases. The game contains over 1000 levels each more difficult than the other.

tap tap dash

google play

if you know any other game please let us know in the comments below.

Best Android App Store Alternatives For 2016

Android App Store

Android devices are known for giving user options. You can choose between apps, launcher, themes, icon packs and even change your entire Android System into something else. When it comes to play store you only stuck with this one app, well not any longer. Today we are sharing some best Android App Store Alternatives.

Android App Store Alternatives

Below are some best alternative to Google Play store.

Amazon Underground

Amazon underground is also known as Amazon app store. Amazon underground is really need place to download apps for your android device. Most of the apps available on play store can be find here.

The cool thing about Amazon underground is they are giving away the paid apps for free. Amazon underground is giving away a huge collection of apps and games which is paid in google app store.

They are also giving away free in app purchases such as coins, credits on popular games like Angry Birds.

The app is very user friendly and it’s easier to use.

The Amazon app store also has a huge collection of books, movies, and songs often at a lower price than google play store.

amazon underground


Aptoide looks pretty similar to Play Store. Aptoide has a huge collection of apps under various categories. It has a depository system where you can grab new apps and games on daily basis.

The best thing about Aptoide is that apps that are not available in play store like Tubemate, Lucky Patcher can be found here.

Whenever you download an app you actually download .apk file of that app which mean you can uninstall and reinstall the app as many times as you want without the need of re downloading the app.

Play store Alternatives

SlideMe Market

Slideme market is the most polished and well-made market. The app has a tile based user interface. It provides a combination of free and paid apps as well.

Apps are categorized excellently, which makes it very easy to find the app. Apps on the homepage are arranged randomly.

You well come across with very cool apps that you haven’t seen before. Apps that you might like are featured at the top.

The best feature of this app is it has reward system in which you get paid apps for sharing apps with your friends. You can use the reward money to buy paid apps on slideme market.

slideme app market

F Droid

F droid provides free and fresh approach towards getting apps on android. The app itself is pretty simple straightforward and gives a great list of productive and free apps.

Other than a brief description the app themselves don’t have any review or rating but all the apps that you are gonna get here are absolutely free and open source.

All the apps in F Droid light useful and completely ad free.

F Droid store is pretty basic and it’s very easy to use and has a list of categories with hundreds of apps.

You won’t find a single app with advertisement, Popups, user tracking or in app purchases.

fdroid app store

9 Apps

9 app is the lightest and the most diverse app store on the list. This app provides a lot of features which other don’t. Here you can download beautiful wallpapers for your home screen.

It also has a huge collection of ringtones, stickers and emoji to share with your friend. There is also a video portal which categorizes some of the most popular videos and fun videos from YouTube for the entertainment.

This app also has reward system. You will get paid in the form of coins for simply using the app.


If you know any other play store alternative let us know in the comments below.