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Be a Boss in Ramadan with these 5 Apps

You might feel difficult with your Smartphone notification to remind you the time for worship and devotion to God. There are a lot of Ramadan apps that can provide you easiness to worship or in another way. Following are the 5 apps that could very useful for you in this holy month.

Muslim Pro 2016

This is the most popular Muslim app providing many good reasons and including same functions on the other apps. In addition, it also providing you the fasting time, exact prayer times based on your location and audio recitations with phonetics and translation. This app also comes with a digital rosary (Tasbih) that helps you to keep track of your dhikar along with complete hijri. Muslim Pro 2016 has the built in recommendation feature that will direct you to the nearest Masjids and Halal Restaurants. Moreover, you can have all 99 names of Allah’s complete list in this theme along with meaning.


Muslim Dua Now

This is a free theme which provides you access to an array many traditional Islamic Duas. This theme has a catalog that is divided by 18 complex categories while searching on the go. Muslim Dua Now is convenient access to memorize new duas and perfect for kids, adults and those who are new to Islam. The translation feature will make to understand the true meaning of specific recitations. Whenever you invoke for traveling, meals or other needy things, Muslim Dua Now will cover you to get them.

iPray (Qibla Compass and Prayer Times)

iPray is designed to help you in finding your correct location and time zone. This theme also notifies you when to perform your daily five prayers. Simply keep your device in landscape mode that will view the arriving schedule. In addition, iPray introduces the qibla compass feature that points you in the direction of Mecca and informs you the current location of the moon. iPray will never navigate you to any wrong direction in Ramadan.

Quran Majeed

To carry Quran to an office or to your organization could be inconvenient while traveling or getting to work. However, Quran Majeed theme is the serves as the initial Quran that allows you to read and search for complete text from your Smartphone. This app provides translation in 45 different languages and verse by verse recitation feature furthermore. You will listen to the famous orators reciting the Quran.

Lose It

Although having long hours of fasting, it’s possible to take care of diet in Ramadan. Lose It is a free Ramadan theme that’s very easy to gain or lose weight without signifying it. Luckily, this app will help you to check your daily caloric schedule and keeps you away from unimportant lose or gains. You can have a huge database of food items where you can log everything from your post-iftar dates to your halal dishes whenever you want.

Finally, all these apps can assign you the easy way of fasting and can be used in iOS or Android devices. You can give us feedback and for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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