Best Android Apps JUNE of 2018

As you might know its over ten year since the Google Announced Android first it was slow but now its never been better cause people exploded the google play store with app in these few recent years, That full fill your every need but the only problem is that with have these many apps in play store its really difficult to decide which one is best for your specific need so that’s why we are here. Once again we back with our own list of android apps, filtered just for you guys.

So the first app on our list is.

1. Hulu

Hulu andriod app

Hulu is an android plus app that lets you watch video on your Android and IOS phone. The subscription has monthly fee just like Netflix. It also provides you a free 1 week trail as the Netflix provide you 1 month.

The app has really simple and nice look with having thousands of video in it which can be watch in its free time as well as once you do the monthly subscription also the doing the subscription is also easy in just few click everything is done. They have two type of service one the Netflix like in which they have a lot of shows and you can watch then other one is Hulu with live tv which lets you watch live TV.

You can check out the hulu on IOS and Android by using the link below.

Hulu Screen Shots

You can find the app on playstore by click the button below.


google play


2. McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock android app

Mcafee mobile Security and Lock is a free android app that is tailor made for your mobile virus cleaning and enhancing your phone performance. It also protects your phone from virus as well it do have really nice feature of anti theft and lost phone finder App which have won an award due to its good performance. Some of its higily greate feature includes.

  • App Privacy Protection
  • Antivirus
  • Lost Phone Finder
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Malware
  • Virus Removal
  • Performance Optimization
  • SMS Backup
  • Contacts Backup and Security features

McAfee Mobile Security & Lock Screen Shots

You can find the app on playstore by click the button below.


google play


3. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 Android App

Action launcher 3 is an app that brings all the features of Pixel Launcher and Android Oreo to your phone. It also adds a lot of other color customization and other unique feature so that you can make your own customize home screen tailor made by your self according to your work routine and your needs.

Includes All Pixel Launcher Functionalities : If you swipe up your dock will reveal full screen in all apps mode, you can also tint your dock in it, As well you can use the circular folder style, you can also place the google Pill as well the date the widgets and much more available for free in your default settings.

Fully customize search box : You can customer the search accourding to your own needs like you can change its color as well its icon and every thing else.

Quick Access At a Glance Widget : Quickly view the date, next appointment and the weather.

Use Short Cuts for Apps : This launcher would enable you to use Android 8’s shortcuts, on all devices having Android 5.1 or Later.

Action Launcher 3 Screen Shots

it do have much more you check the details on their official website or you can get from playstore.


google play


4. Google Assistant

Google Assistant Android App

Google assistant is google voice control assistant application. The purpose of its create was to enhance the capabilities of google now. Google now is an app that was able to pull information if you say something to it. Like you would ask for something and it will pull up relevant information.

But the google assistant is something next level this is an application that will auto call for you suppose you want to make a hair cut appointment instead of you calling the salon it will do that for you below is an example video that explains everything…

Home the video had cleared everything.

Google Assistant Screen Shots

Check it out in playstore.


google play


5. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Android App

Nova launcher is highly customize able and performance driven home screen you can use on your android phone.

Nova launcher is a launcher that accepts no substitute according to their publisher its been created for modern phone embracing full material design throughout.

By installing this launcher it will replace your home screen with something that you can control and customize according to your own needs and mood some of best feature are listed below.

Nova Launcher Screen Shots

Themes for Icons : The nova launcher has really nice collection of icon themes on the playstore which you can find and use with it for free..

Grid Position Control : The nova launcher has grid snapping option through which you can snap your apps or widgets to different areas of your mobile desktop.

Control Over Colors : In nova launcher you can control color for any thing or everything like  labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds and much more…

Fast : Nova Launcher have been intelligently made for the purpose of optimization which let you do stuff quickly without disturbing the animation or any other thing and let you use your phone as you want it fast and free.

Nova Launcher Screen Shots

For full details and download please visit the playstore…


google play


6. Swiftkey


Swiftkey is a keyboard application that uses AI algorithms to learn how we type and how we write certain words in our language, it even learns about how we use emoji’s. the way we write.

It adopts our complete style and everything. Some of its best features are listed below.

  • Kills your typos
  • Type faster with A.I.-powered predictions
  • Simply swipe-to-type with SwiftKey Flow
  • Auto-correct that actually works
  • Always learning your slang, nicknames and phrases
  • 80+ colors, designs and themes
  • Emoji keyboard – learns and predicts your favorite emoticons
  • Bilingual auto-correct across 200+ languages
  • Teach the auto-correct your quirks from your online accounts


It also support over 200 hundred languages you whether you are typing in English or in another language you can use it..

  • English (US, UK, AU, CA)
  • Spanish (ES, LA, US)
  • Portuguese (PT, BR)
  • German
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Polish

Swift key also includes some theme that you can choose of also you can customize its colors etc..

SwiftKey Screen Shots

You can find it complete details and download on playstore.


google play


7. Evernote

Evernote Android APP

Evernote is a task organizer app that lets you take notes as well make your schedule and organize tasks. It also help you change they way you organize your professional and personal tasks. You can also use its todo list create tool which allows you add images scan images and type or take hand written notes as well you can create sketches etc.

Evernote Android APP

SYNC ANYWHERE : It also allows you sync between all of your device if you used multiple create one note and then you can access and edit it from multiple devices..

SHARE YOUR IDEAS : It also provide you the ability to share with other people what you have create its best for productivity and mutual collaborations.

EVERNOTE IN EVERYDAY LIFE : Using evernote you can create personal check list for certain task weather they are completed or not you can also set some reminders in order to keep everything up to the schedule and on time.

Evernote Android APP

For more info and downloads please check it out on playstore.


google play


8. WPS Office +PDF

Evernote Android APP

WPS office is an application that have over 1 million downloads is the smallest app size ( less than 35 MB ) on entire playstore. Just to given a short introduction to it is a complete office suite which is available for all android devices. Its can indeed be integrated with office word processor functions: Word, PDF, Presentation, Spreadsheet , Memo and Docs Scanner, and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Doc and Adobe PDF format.

The main aim of this software was to provide you one-stop office solution embedded in a unique UI design.

Evernote Android APP

Some of its best features are listed below.

All-in-one Complete Free Office Suite App
• Integrate with Memo, Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF
• Fully compatibility with Microsoft Office( Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Txt), Google Docs, Sheets, Slide, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice.

Free PDF Converter, PDF Reader and PDF Editor
• Convert all office docs ( word, text, excel, PowerPoint,doc ) to PDFs
• Scan paper docs to PDFs/images using mobile camera
• Support PDFs viewing, Add bookmarks and Annotations Viewing
• Support PDF Signature,PDF Extract/Split, PDF Merge, PDF to Word

Make Presentations on-the-go
• Dozens of new Presentation layouts, animation and transition effects
• Make presentations using WIFI, NFC, DLNA and Miracast
• Touch controlled laser pointer, Ink feature lets you draw on slides while in presentation mode

Easy to Use and Powerful Spreadsheets
• Complete predefined formulas makes you do basic data and digital operation more conveniently

Connect to Cloud Drive
• Automatically save office documents to the clouds: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote and OneDrive. Keep your all documents always up-to-date via cloud service.
• Easily access and edit office documents directly from any devices

Documents Encryption&Recovery
• Support documents encryption, keep your office documents &data safe
• Easily recover deleted documents in 30 days as you want

Easy to Share/Transfer Documents
• Easy to share office documents via WIFI, NFC, DLNA, Email, Instant Messaging, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter

Fully supports Multi-window mode
• Allows you easy to deal with different tasks at the same time

Unique and Intuitive Mobile Office Experience
• Special Night Mode and Mobile View mode for Documents viewing and PDFs reading

Supports 51 languages and All Office File Formats
• File Formats: doc, docx, wpt,dotm,docm, dot, dotx / xls, xlsx, xlt, xltx, csv, xml , et, ett / PDF / ppt, pot, dps, dpt, pptx, potx, ppsx / txt / log, lrc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp, bat, bas, prg, cmd, Zip

Various of Value-added in-app Products
• Exclusive authorized Fonts Package and Presentation Templates;
• Convert texts to fine images;

Evernote Android APP

Find it on playstore.


google play


So this was list for the month of june we hope you like it and you did benefit from you our list if there is any suggestions of idea you can just leave a comment down below..

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