Best Android Apps October of 2017

A bundle of apps have been released in a duration of one month.they cannot be accessed at once. to acquire your favorite apps released in last month, this  list have been accumulated the following are the best android apps of  the month Of October  Search all of the apps.


Everybody know about blue apron. It is a home meal kit delivery service ,   Previously they had  an app oniso and then they launched an android app.the app includes all the step by step guidelines needed to make delicious meals which allows you to access your subscription.


Most of the times we don’t contact each other,but there are a lot of for people to connect with you. Can’t talk can auto respond to a group of different apps.,which include facebook messenger , whatsapp , slack  SMS and phone calls.


IF you are passionate about ellen tube app, the ellentube app is just right for you. Ellentube belongs to its own youtube app. Ellentube show can be accessed inside the app. You can put photos and videos and get ticks for the show


The artificial intelligence have been  processed by engkoo.  it can accurately find the English pronunciation,pitch and speed.


Fenix launched it’s app in 2014 and has been popular for some time. the evolution of the app has been remained for years.  a new design and some new attributes have been created by them. some include several accounts, changeable feeds, gorgeous UI ,mighty mute system and more.


Findit is similar to medium and tumblr, everybody can make a findit website. findit website can be accessed by everyone.  it’s easy to produce a findit site and the results provide visibility


Hide the disturbing “running in the background” information with this easy and small app.install the app and this disturbing app won’t come again.


This is a new app for all the people of runtastic. With a big database of regional foods, you can get all snacks and meals. Food values have been  automatically you can be  informed whether your consumed calories, fat and protein are perfect for what is suggested for achieving your goals.


Fuel pump skimmers can thieve your debit or credit card information without letting you know. This app utilizes your phones Bluetooth to discover  a common radio component in modern fuel pump skimmers (HC-05) and warn you if you’re about to get scammed.


Sleep mapper is an app from Philips that helps you make better your sleep . The app works with Philips Somneo, which is a sleep and wake-up can change the color of your sunrise and use breathing exercises to fall asleep.


Tinycards is a new app from duolingo. the amazing thing about the tinycards is that it creates learning into a game..enjoy opening new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn.

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