Best Step for Launching a New Product in a Week

If you might have thought about new and different product in your own occupation, or maybe you are coming up with new ideas to manufacture own brand in your existing category without any investment.

Best Step for Launching a New Product in a Week

This isn’t as difficult as you think, we have made it very easy for you that how to launch a new product in a week. There are some important steps if you are interested in launching a new product.

1: Lock down a “MBA” name

MBA (Memorable Brand able Available)

Your name should be memorable and easy to be branded. It also needs to be exist in your website’s domain name to all of the social media platforms where you plan to use.

We would suggest going with a .com domain name simply because it’s the universal extension that could’t be changed in any case or situation.

As far as if you have a look at social media, you will want to make sure the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles are available, at the bare minimum.

2: Interview Potentials Manufacturers

It is very important that you secure a manufacturer that can deliver the product on time and making communication is the key to this relationship.

If they didn’t fully understand the expert’s request or took too long in giving a reply so they kicked out of the list.

Production delays due to poor communication and also it can crush your brand before you even get it introduces to the ground.

Make sure you are 100 percent confident and you must have commands on your manufacturer before pulling the trigger.

3: Create your logo, packaging, and websites

Freelance graphic designers working concepts is required. There’s no need of 100 % to be perfect in the beginning. In case you move quickly at any stage of new brand or product releasing, then you can finalize the design, logo, packaging, and websites almost in 3 days.

4: Get your website live immediately

You can get your website live and fully functional immediately ASAP, even if you don’t have your products in stock. However, at the initial stages every single visitor and conversion give you unimportant data just to use for user’s experience and conversion rate.

Improving user experience is also important. You might be facing with some excuses such as; we are going to wait until we think the website will convert high. Another excuse is the only way to know is to convert and then improve that rate, by getting real visitors on the website.

From there, you will need to test, optimize and then test some more. If your website is coded, change the switch to “live” and start sending traffic.

5: Establish advertising channels and revenue goals

In the beginning you must move as fast as you can because it’ll show a kind of confident in your site. You will have a limited budget and you will identify a few solid advertising channels before moving onto another traffic source.

We are running targeted Facebook ads that are mixed in with some influence marketing.

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