Best Uses Of USB OTG Cable

USB OTG Cable Adapter

OTG cable is very simple yet have so much potential and possibilities. It simply adds a USB port to your Android phone or tablet. With the help of OTG cable you can connect devices with USB output. Not every phone or tablet supports USB OTG Cable so be sure to check it before buying a OTG cable -USB OTG Cable Adapter

Keyboard and Mouse

You can connect your keyboard to your android phone with OTG cable. This come exceptionally helpful when you are writing a long archive or composing a long email.

Or connect USB mouse to your android device using OTG cable. You can open apps, play games as if you were on PC. It comes very handy when you are playing games like Modern Combat. But its better to buy wireless keyboard and Mouse.usb otg keyboard

usn mouse


It will cost you around $1 or $2 but its worth it. I will recommend you to buy Xiaomi Fan. The air from Xiaomi fan is like a cool breeze.

Particularly helpful in load-shedding days to cool you down or when your smart-phone is heating up.

usb otg fan

Card Reader

You can easily connect a Card Reader to your OTG cable. You can copy paste and can also delete the content.

It comes very handy if your device doesn’t support Micro SD Card.

Also if you don’t want to fill up the external storage of your phone.

usb otg

Game Controller

Some people don’t fancy mouse and keyboard for gaming and luckily most of devices support game controllers.

If your device doesn’t support game controller you need to root your device.

Games like Dead Trigger and GTA can be played very easily with the game controller.

game controller

USB Light

Working or studying late night? sure you have flash light in your phone to help you out with dark, but what if you need a powerful flash. OTG flash light can help. Very powerful and useful.

usb light

LAN Cable

That’s sound interesting isn’t it? Yes its possible to connect a LAN cable to your android device if you have an OTG cable.

If you don’t have WiFi in your home but have a broadband connection in your home and wants to access Internet on your cell phone you can easily connect a LAN cable to your device, but to do this you will need to buy a controller called LAN TO USB.

It will cost you around $5 but it’s worth it. So once you buy it just connect it with your OTG cable and enjoy Internet on your device.

usb lan otg

Hard Drive (HDD)

If you don’t have enough space left on your device you can connect a portable HDD to your device using OTG cable.

If you have a portable HDD like 500 GB, 1TB, 2TB. just connect it using OTG cable and do whatever you want to do.

With such storage data you can carry your entire media collection along with you. You can read the content, copy it, paste it, watch movies and many other things.

connect hdd with otg

DSLR Camera

Yes, you can also connect your smartphone to your DSLR camera. If you want to manage your DSLR on your device you must install “DSLR Dashboard” app on your smartphone.


Charge another Phone

Make your phone a power bank. Charge another cell phone with your phone. Connect OTG cable to your phone and then connect normal USB cable. That’s it, Another phone will start sucking charge from your phone immediately.

charge phone with otg

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