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Best WordPress Resume & CV Themes for (2017)

WordPress Resume

You might be searching for resume or CV theme for WordPress that can help you building a personal brand, finding job and making new contacts. WordPress is the ideal platform where you can build your professional online presence. In this article we’ll show you the best WordPress resume themes to start your career.

Let’s Start With Your Online Resume Website

You need to have a domain and hosting in order to create an online CV or Resume website in WordPress. So we’d like to recommend you to use a Bluehost which is an official hosting provider. Once you setup your domain and hosting then you must install the WordPress. Also once you install WordPress, after that you can install a WordPress resume theme in your website. You can pick the best WordPress resume themes and the ways by following our information

1: Freelo

Freelo is a free designed WordPress theme that can help in resumes, portfolio and geographical websites. This theme is having a portfolio section with different styles to display it using beautiful CSS animations. You are also supposed to choose from different color schemes and also create your own as well. Freelo has support to use Google Fonts and it allows you to change the fonts easily. There are a number of multiple page templates and unlimited sidebars.

2: OneEngine

This is the one page WordPress theme for professionals. OneEngine is having a fantastic layout builder and sections for adding different services and portfolio items. It is having a homepage features and beautiful animated counters, skills section, contact form and social media integration. It has the easiest way of setup with indefinite customization options.

3: Marvel

Marvel is a free theme uniquely designed WordPress theme for resume websites. It has important features including two column layouts with a sticky sidebar on the left. The second one is a full screen slider to the right. It can be used as a single page theme along with vertical navigation.

4: Get Noticed

When you need to create your personal brand on the web, Get Noticed will help you the most in this case. It is the most expensive and premium WordPress theme. The setup is very easy and is very flexible while using. The perfect place to use it is the personal website.

5: Resume

This is the important theme for online resume, CV and personal website. Resume comes with an online built in portfolio type and easily use as one page theme. It has been created with different sections such as skills, about, projects, portfolio, blog and forms for contact. You can also use it as a multi page website.

6: Creative

This theme is having highly flexible options and a multi-purpose WordPress theme that includes many layout choices. Creative can be use as a single page theme. It has built in sections for making easy to add services, portfolio, photo galleries etc. It ships with slider plugins and premium page builder.

7: Nico

It’s the interesting design WordPress theme for resume, photograpy and portfolio websites. Nico will help you to showcase the important in your work with the help of filterable portfolio with grid layout. This theme is also a bit flexible with having custom colors, background, header and social media options. Nico comes with custom theme panel to setup your website quickly.

8: Hired

Hired is a free WordPress theme that is designed to make an online resume website. It has many features but the most important is a two column layout with social media menu on the left. It also has a full screen header image on the right. The homepage shows a welcome message, email, address and phone number.

Hired has a lot of templates for the regular pages and for a blog section. It has quick and easy setup to customize. The premium version of this theme has additional page templates and new customization options.

9: My Resume

My Resume is specifically designed to create a quick resume websites and a free WordPress theme. My Resume comes with a pre defined sections for education, skill, experience, work etc. You can set up all theme options by using live theme customizer.

10: Personal Page

Personal Page is a WordPress theme for all the personal websites and resume. The feature of homepage parallax layout with the help of bold typography animation.  This theme has built-in portfolio, services and testimonial sections. It comes in multiple colors and layout choices for customization. The social media widgets and live theme customizer support.

11: Designer

Designer is creative free WordPress theme that can showcase your resume and portfolio. The homepage is having two column layout on desktop and one single column layout on mobile. Designer has collapsible sidebar, crisp typography and very simpler to setup.

12: Aperture

This is a free WordPress theme which is perfect for a resume any website. It is specially design for photographers and artists and it pay attention to beautiful display of any image. It’s an interesting full screen slider on the hompage that allows you to display your photographs in full glory. A full screen background image can also be used. This theme has beautiful gallery layouts, blog and page templates.

13: Parallax

This is also an interesting WordPress theme having full screen parallax backgrounds and also a unique layout. Parallax comes up with 40 more different layouts and an easy to use like drag and drop page builder. It includes the custom widgets for the social media, portfolio section and for image filters. It can also be used as a single page theme or regular multi-page theme.

14: Eclipse

Eclipse is the simpler theme for your resume website. It is design specially to showcase all of your creative work with elegant typography and earth tones color schemes. It has a portfolio section, custom widgets for the social media profiles and Instagram photo. Eclipse is also fully WooCommerce supported theme.

15: North

This is an amazing WordPress portfolio theme that is use to showcase your resume along with a work. The features are including a grid layout with minimalist approach to design the typography. There are multiple templates in this theme for your blog, portfolio and static pages. It comes with different colors and support the post formats, custom header and some social profile menu.

16: Remi

This is a clear WordPress theme all artists and designers to express their skill. Remi includes a portfolio section that can show your project easily. It is having different templates for your homepage, blog and for static pages. As usual the homepage features a two column layout with a sidebar on the left. Remi theme is very simple while using to setup a professional resume website.

17: Freelancer

You can understand from its name, Freelancer is a personal WordPress theme that can be used for freelancers and for professionals. It is design to showcase all of your professional skills and a profile. This is also having a one-page layout with vertical navigation. The homepage is divided into various sections to show your skills. The first one is portfolio profile and second is contact form. You can also use it as a multi page WordPress theme with a blog section.

18: Ambianco Pro

Ambiance Pro is a WordPress theme for the professional through which they can show their resume. It is having built on top of the Genesis theme framework and a Ambiance Pro features layout with a welcome message. It has different templates for homepage, blog, and for landing pages. This theme comes with a straight forward setup along with full live theme customizer.

19: Argent

This is a free WordPress theme for all the personal websites. In Argent the homepage layout is design to show your portfolio items on the FrontPage. It is also having navigation menu on top which is followed by a large header image along with custom welcome message. All theme options can easily setup by using the live theme customizer.

20: Online CV

The Online CV is a new and modern WordPress resume theme having a corporate look. It has many features but the important is a fullscreeen background on the homepage with your name or site title displayed in the large font size. A video can also be used as the background. The homepage is also having a parallax scrolling effect with an interesting animations. The Online CV provides multi layouts and color schemes choices among many other customization options.

21: Saturn

It is a one-page WordPress theme that can showcase your resume, product or any of your businesses. You can it as single page theme with an interesting slider on top followed by different sections. Saturn is having a built-in support for adding your portfolio, services, skills or professions and also about section. You can start by importing the demo content with single click and can replace content by your own.

22: Web Designer Resume

Web Designer Resume is a WordPress theme for all the web designers to show their work in any part of job. In this theme the homepage layout features full screen background with bold site title and welcome message. You can use it as a single page theme with sections for showing you work experience, skills and also a contact form.

23: Libretto

Libretto can be used as a simpler classic blog theme for all the personal websites. It features an earth color scheme with interesting typography which makes it ideal for any resume website. It also a single column layout for blog as well as static pages that provides help to set it up.

24: Profile

Profile is designed to build an online social media hub with your resume, blog and social media activities. It is also a personal website theme with a custom recent Tweet widget, social profiles menu and slider. The homepage features your profile photo at the top and followed by your Twitter feed and social profile link. Finally this theme is easy to customize and having several short codes, page templates and also custom widgets.


We hope that this article can provide help finding a good resume and CV theme for your WordPress site. You can leave your feedback after reading this article. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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