How to Hack Windows Password Using Windows Magnifier

hack windows password

If you lost password to your Windows Admin account, there are many ways to get in to your Admin account. However, using Windows Magnifier for hacking any Windows Admin Account would be quite easy. Windows Magnifier also focused on changing, adding and deleting admin level account on any windows. Moreover, there are also some other methods to hack different computer labs at school or an office. So in this article we are going to tell you How to Hack Windows Password Using Windows Magnifier.

In case you forgot or lost the password to your Windows Admin Account, no need of getting nervous because it’s now very easy. Follow our step by step methods that can make you able to hack any Windows Admin Password.


If you breaking into someone else’s PC so keep in mind it’s considered a serious crime in most places. In case you change something else, your Windows may become a non-boot.

Some important points to be noted

1: While trying to hack a coworker or your business or life partner’s account, you get terrible because they won’t be able to use their old password anymore.

2: The hack works on 7/8/10 or any other but they must be having “Ease of Access”.

3: If you do not undo the hack after you change the password, you will get the magnifier every time you use CMD or nothing else.

4: In case you delete any other files in Sys32, your next boot up may be disturbed.

Step 1: Boot Some Flavor of Linux Live CD

In this step you have insert a CD or DVD in drive for rebooting the system or machine. Get start you live DVD and then you may get to BIOS screen and change the boot-up order to CD/DVD first and secondly change it to HDD

 Step 2: Navigate to Sys32

In this step you should the file browser in the environment of your Linux, then navigate to %windir%/system32/. You may have to right-click and start the Windows partitions and drive first or use the NTFS-3G command.

Step 3: Rename Magnify.exe

Now in this step you are supposed to find and rename magnify.exe (Magnifier file) to magnify. Old.

Step 4: Rename CMD.exe

In this first of all you will find the CMD then rename cmd.exe to magnify.exe.

Step 5: Shutdown Linux + Reboot Windows

In this step you have to Logout then remove DVD and after this you have to reboot into Windows.

Step 6: Get CMD Prompt Modify Accounts

When your Windows reboots, then click on the ease of access button in the bottom left corner.

After all there will be a magnify so click on it and then hit “apply”. So you will be having a system level command prompt. In this point you can’t create any changes rather than Admin password.

Short Tip:

In this tip you should right-click on CMD.exe and then on run as administrator at inside of Windows for rapid privileges. Editing files wouldn’t allowed at basic admin level.

Choose one of your options

Change Password: net user username then new password
When you do the same, then the password changes without prompting you again.

Add an account: net user then username password and add, If your username has a space, like Adnan Sherzad, use quotes like “Adnan Sherzad”.

Admin that: you will be having net local group and administrators username /add

Delete that: net user username /delete

Remote Desktop Users Group: this is optional, net local group Remote Desktop Users UserLoginName /adds

Net User Syntax Reference: here mention net user command

Domain i.e. Servers: here mention net user for domain.

Step 7: Reboot Linux & Fix magnfiy.exe

So here you are, now you can insert your Linux Live CD or DVD and can make the files in original name.


 Finally these are the important steps that you can easily hack a Windows 7/8/10 or you want to create some changes and deleting Admin level account. So let’s hope it help you in many ways.


Please note that this article is just for educational purpose only. using this technique to attack some one can put you in a serious trouble.