What is Python and why you should learn it.

What is Python and why you should learn it

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What is python

Python is a general purpose object-oriented language initial it started as scripting language by one person for his own use but as people go to know about it they got interested and python become more and more popular to add further more about python, python is a high-level interpreted programming language with having a semantics that’s dynamic in nature. Python has built in data structures on top of that it does have dynamic binding and typing.. having all these feature makes it really a great choice for people that want Rapid Application Development. Python is very easy to learn if you are beginner or an expert in another language.. its simple syntax gives special importance to code readability which makes it easy and cost effective to maintain software. The big advantage of using python is the code re usability and builtin libraries which helps do the stuff by importing a library and doing stuff in one or two lines.. and the good thing about those libraries is that they are all free to use and distribute as well..

Just to explain why programmer fall in love with python is the reason of its no compilation. As discussed above python is an interpreted language so when every or where ever some error comes it just stop there and once you sort that error its just starts from there again no going back and executing the entire segment again just that one line having the error so this feature of python made it super fast for developer to test and debug their code when every errors occurs in their code..


To summarize the what is python part python is a great language that can be used for programming anything weather a website or a game or a mobile etc.

Python is super easy to learn and it has a lot of builtin libraries so doing something is python is super easy the code readability is very high as well as the testing and debugging is very easy when every we get stuck in errors..

Comparison with other languages

In order to make you fully understand on what python really is I would like to compare it with several different languages so that you can get the idea of how its better and what is that thing that is different in python and makes it a better choice for programmer to choose it.

Java VS Python

Most of you would argue that Java application are much faster than that of python and this is indeed true.. But the Up side is to that is that you can take 3-5 times less time to develop the same thing in python in that of java which is less time to give to development more time to app testing and optimization and if struggle hard and implement every thing the same way indeed your python program will be equally faster to that of java but its just the bad code that makes the python slower..

You would say how is it possible to takes less time for development that is that python has an ocean of libraries that you can use which are tested and are surely work better than the code you will write so you just import something and then write three to four lines of code and your feature is complete this is the thing that we lack in Java..

Also in python you don’t need to waste time in writing the type and then variable name as well python don’t the strick rule of doing everything in side the class you can create a class where you need it..

As we are here lets also discuss why python is slower than java well python is slow let take an example of a – b and understand the problem well if this problem is given to java, Java will directly execute it because it already know what type a is and what type b is and in what java has to return the result but in case of python first python has to figure out what type both a and b is and then due to dynamic typing it has to figure out what would be type of its result so this is the thing that makes python slower because it has to try harder in figuring out stuff..

Lets take another example of a + b well python also support the operation overloading so in this case python has to first figure out the variable type then it has figure if or not the + is overloaded and figure the solution for that as well but in case of java the variable are already declared and it doesn’t support operation overload so java will take the operation out efficiently than python..

Now, keeping the above reason in our mind we can come to this conclusion that Python would be a much better choice for gluing stuff together on the other hand java has better characteristics as low level implementation language. And combining both of them together we can create far more better apps with them like components can be made with while creating form apps in python..

JavaScript VS Python

JavaScript the famous among programmers, this language in its object based subset is equivalent to python what that means is, it supports the style of programming in which you can declare simple function and variable without the need of embedding it in classes and then calling then from its objects but what makes python a better choice at least in my opinion is that python has more better object oriented system and it can be used in more larger programs this point can be argued as the node.js came in to play in JavaScript but but over all the classes and inheritance and other object oriented concepts plays a better role in python then they do in JavaScript.

Perl VS Python

Python is from the same family as of the Perl both started as Unix scripting languages and then grown up from there and they also have many similar feather but they where being made with different philosophy. As Perl is mainly amid towards support of task oriented apps like suppose if we want to do a file scanning task it do have regular expressions for that.. While python was built on keep in mind solving programming methodological issues.. Such as data structure design and object-oriented programming…

Why you should learn python ?

You may be aware of the popularity of python. If not python will soon be the number 1 language in the world, thanks to machine learning and data science

To sum up why you should learn python? The reason would be that it is the future or programming.. Any if you are still not convenience here are 7 more reason why you should learn python that is..

  1. Python is beginners friendly language. Its pretty easy to grasp hold of python as its syntax is really easy. There are no datatype declaration no semi colons and no facing things just some normal English words…
  2. You can develop a website or create desktop apps with it. As well as you can create a game with it a mobile app to. So there is nothing that you cannot do with python..
  3. You know python programming language is base on Iterative, Agile Design. Which mean you can create a small project with as well a large project with…
  4. Its programmers are one of the highly paid people. So if you are looking for $$$ then python is defiantly a great choice for you…
  5. For creating Security based apps python is your best choice..
  6. Python is the best choice in order to be used in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  7. Python is Diverse & Flexible language…

Hey just saying if you are interested in learning python here is a complete step by step guide…