Unreal vs Unity The Best Game Engine For Your Project

So today we will be talking about Unreal vs Unity Engine which one is best and which one to choose so today all of your confusion will be removed and we hope that by the end of this article you will understand what works for you, So lets get started.

Hi there, Welcome if you are new to the website and if you are an old visitor mean returning visitor welcome hope you are doing great So when every some one is starting any thing they first take the right tool so do the developers or to be more specified game developer. When ever they are willing to start new project they first think about which game engine to use or if you are just willing to start game development its again more difficult what choose, Don’t worry if you are new or an old game developer we got you covered because today we will discuss both of most reputability game engine and try to clear your mind about which is best and which one would work for you… So lets get straight into it.

If you are game developer then you might have heard about both of these engine if not don’t worry and you are not a game developer still don’t worry cause i am about to explain what they are well Unity 3d and Unreal engines used in the gaming industry all over the world, Now to be honest and talk about both unbiasedly they both have their own specific qualities like unity is famous with its simplicity while Unreal with its performance and great graphics now both can be used to create some really high quality game and both of them are free up to some extincts ( As i say terms and conditions applied ) so you can choose any one for your project and work with it but what is that thing that keeps both of them separated well if you are beginner and don’t know anything we suggested you to choose unity cause that’s simple and easy to work also it don’t have much problems or complex thing just you need to understand simple C# scripting and some drag and drop thing the rest is really some while Unreal is also simple but in start your might face problem working with specifically with c++ cause that abit difficult for starter to get their head hold of but they also have a really nice blue print system for non technical people like you can even create some games without writing a single line of code.

Now that we know a little bit about both of them let go to abit more details and discuss both of them separately.


Lets start our thing by watching the latest trailer of unity so that you can take an idea what we are taking about.

Now that you have watched the video, Lets go further Unity 3d is considered one of the best engine out there having an average of 4.5 million subscribers and a market share of 48% which is because of the unity 3d is offering its users a wide range of tools and feature which are easily accessible with few clicks even if you are not tech savvy.

The of the most liked thing this platform provide is the cross platform support which allows you to create a game then ship to any platform you want the platform could be either IOS, Android Web GL etc. To elaborate this point more the Unity 3d supports as many platform as 25 which is a ton as compare to its competitor which supports just 10.

Unity 3d

Now lets talk about its community well unity 3d has a very large community having 4.5 million member which are ready to help you over come any type of problem also it do have a lot paid and free course just our channel on youtube. (Click Here if you want to check it out ) One the other best feature that unity 3d is popular for is it supports various number or 2d and 3d formats and say the least it just the best 3d gaming engine just because of this reason. The formats it supports are as follows 3D applications including 3D Max, Blender, CINEMA, Maya, Softimage and many more.


Further one of the other best thing about unity is its assets store consisting of more than 15,000 free + paid 3D models, audio, animations, editor extensions, materials, scripts, and shaders.

To say some last words about unity 3d it support C# language which is an industry standard language pretty easy and pretty straight forward also if you learned and you didn’t wanted to go with game development you can also use it for more other thing like desktop application development and mobile apps development etc.


Ok so finally let talk about UE4 or lets just first look at its intro.


Now that you have watched the trailer and you know little something about UE4 lets discuss it in details, So this is an engine which is quite famous in the market for its cool graphics and its been made by an American game making company know as Epic Games. The UE4 is inherited by the Unreal development kit know as UDK in the development industry.

UE4 comes with some incredible graphics straight from the git go that’s why its famous in the developer, because ultimately good graphic provide you good gaming experience. For achieving this goal UE4 uses something called advanced dynamic lightnings. The other that makes this engine one of the best is its particle system which is able to handle as many as million particles with in a single scene.

The other best thing about UE4 is that its completely free like you can download it completely free of charge and create your game and ship it once done, and you start earning then you will have to pay 5 % to the Epic Games which is an awesome thing for the companies who are just getting started. To sum it up Epic Games will get 5% in everything you make from ads or purchase or in game purchases but hay its worth the full version of unreal engine.

The other good thing about UE4 is it uses Blueprint Visual Scripting technology, which allows you to create game just using blue prints, so this mean even a non-programming person can also create games up to some limit But the only bad thing about this engine is that cannot create games for the past generation consoles also its way to heavy so you do indeed need a power full system in order to run it.

My Personal Opinion on Unreal vs Unity

For some final words both of the engines works great and both are usable to create some AAA Games and also both do have their pros and corns but I like Unity 3d more its because unity 3d is very easy to work with also its light, you can run on a slow system while UE4 is very heavy so you indeed need a power full system in end if you are very new and just starting your career in game dev i would suggest you start from unity and C# also also past a link to my channel which would help you getting started with game dev so have please day and by for see you soon…

Advice to Beginners by WordPress Community

WordPress Community

WordPress Community wants to know that what advice they would give to people who are new. Most of us are new and today many websites are inaccessible. WordPress asked designers, developers, hosting companies, security experts and themes shops etc to provide new suggestions and advice to the beginners. Well, in this article we’ll explore some tips for advanced WordPress users and the offers that WordPress community is recommending to beginners – advice beginners wordpress community.

Get Involved with the WordPress Community

From all over the world, WordPress is having a firm and fix community with active contributors. To wish for learning and get to help will take you far. You have a lot to learn, but the actual way to ensure you’re learning the right way to do things. It means that the more you learn, the more you can give back helping the community to grow fast. As you start to give back, you got the real help to learn even more. So be a part of WordPress community that is the way to bright your skills and experience. The second best thing in getting association with the community is to make friends and creating a support network. The network could be beneficial in case you go wrong in future so that the people can help you out.

Never feel fear to Experiment

Tinker is the best way to be accustomed with new products and it’s also a good way to learn to take stuff apart and put it back together. It will help when you want to break anything or to fix anything by force. Experts says that always be fearless even if things are going wrong. You can install a new copy of WordPress and start again. You can also add content to your website and utilize it and do try out themes along with plug-in. It is easy to take your time troubleshooting without worrying about your website to be down.

Try to Read & Write

As you internet is full of important information makes you confuse from where to start. A great place is WordPress.org and both forums and Codex are the ways to learn how WordPress works. You can have a few of advice outside of the Codex. WordPress has made it easy for you to achieve your goal by learning the tutorials. As everyone knows that today no one give time to read same like old jokes. Also people read fewer instructions as it has ever been.

You might remember at first when you start writing blogs, in case you find a solution to any WordPress problem so share it with all the community. This is the way you are helping people who have same problems. It will also help you in future when you go wrong, someone will tell you the better way to do it. Moreover, when you feel comfortable with writing on your blogs, do try writing on WordPress Codex. This is the platform where you can check to examine whether you can make your ideas as same in writing as it is in your mind.

Choose the Themes & Plug-in Wisely

Everyone at the beginning of WordPress prefers to free themes and plugin excitedly. Keep in mind that the free things are not important to be good. The same in the WordPress if something is commercial, doesn’t well either. There are more than enough powerful, secure, free WordPress themes and plug-in and also plenty of poor quality commercial themes and plug-in. we will clear you the differences in both of them.

Never install crappy plug-in and themes, if you are not confident to know which one is good, do not start to install directly but ask someone to help you while choosing. You have to avoid of using Google to search for free themes and plugin and also stop searching other websites. Whatever you need, take from reputable plug-in and theme shop.

Do Learn the Basics

According to the theme development, some experts have learned on default themes like Classic and Kubrick that are simpler that the latest. For example Twenty Twelve is the latest default that shows the WordPress beautiful but not useful tool for beginners. Following are the suggestions for beginners who are looking for simpler themes to learn from.

  • Creating a theme that lists blog post is having a single post template
  • Implementing comments should only be on a single post template
  • Creating a custom widget
  • Create a child theme which does nothing
  • Implement date, category and tag archives
  • Implement a custom output for comments
  • It’s also good to implement a widgetized sidebar
  • Create a child theme which changes the posts while displaying

Read the Code

You are not supposed to look only to Codex or online tutorials; this will take you to start but won’t provide you everything you need to be a developer. According to the documentation that the code is supposed to do while the code says what it actually does. All the documentation can lag behind the code, for example when core the core patches are getting merge. Moreover, when you poke around the code, you might notice about other things that are getting helpful. Also you can file them away for upcoming time or future.

Finally the last advice for the beginners is to set something basic up quickly and start writing if you have an idea for blog or website. We hope you can take enough help from our website. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Tricks You Should Know for Securing Your WordPress Website

Securing Your WordPress

Today everybody nags about WordPress security but my opinion is that yes indeed WordPress is vulnerable to all sorts of hack attack. But we shouldn’t blame WordPress – Tricks You Should Know for Securing Your WordPress Website

Why is the question here? If your website got hacked it completely your responsibly because WordPress have just provided you’re a starting point on which you go and enhance. So today we decided to provide your information on how to secure your WordPress website.

Securing Your WordPress -By Securing Default Login page of WordPress page.

Everybody knows the Default login URL of WordPress, From where you can access the back end of your website and the default URL is the reason why people try to brute force your website for hacking your website, and they can just do this by adding wp-login.php or wp-admin at the end of your domain name and that’s it.

So here we recommend you to customize this to something of your own choice and it should be something that only you know it. This is the first thing you should do for securing your website.

So below given are some step you should take for securing your website.

1. Setting up lockdown for your website and banning unauthentic users

Adding a lockdown feature to your website for failed login user can solve many of your problems. For example, it will avoid continuous brute force attacks. Whenever some buddy tries to attempt a hack attack by inserting repetitive wrong passwords your website will block that IP and will send you an email to inform you regarding the activity.

By doing some research we have found out that Word-fence security plugin is the best for this job, me and many of my clients have been using this plugin for quite some time now. It offer a lot of things in this field of security like you can customize number of attempts a user can make for login in and after this the user will get banned then if that is your authentic user you can unblock him by just one click so it a great plugin you should must try it out on the other hand you can use another plugins too like.

iThemes Security

Login LockDown and many more.

2. Always Use 2-factor Authentication for login in to your website.

Using 2-facture authentication (2FA) for login in to your website is another way you can improve your website security. Once you set up 2FA for your website login your user will be asked two thing to be entered that can be set by the website owner it can either be password and security question or password and security code etc.

We personally prefer to have password and security question while deploying 2FA on our or ourclients websites, Below are listed some of the plugins you can use for 2 factor authentication.

  • Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  •  Two Factor Auth
  • Two Factor Authentication

3. Use Email instead of username for logging in

By default, we have to insert username for logging in but you can customize that you can use email instead which is more secure way to login to your website. Why email why not username the reason is obvious because the username is easy to guess or find out unlike emails, emails are a bit harder also the whenever a WordPress account has been created it created with a unique email id.

Wp email login is the plugin which you would love for this job and it works out of the box for this job you just need to install the plugin and upon on activation it will start it work straight a way no configuration or settings required some of the other plugins are also listed below which does the same job.

  • Email Login                                                                                                                                                                  – Force Email Login                                                                                                                                                        – Email Login Auth

4. Customizing your login URL

Customizing the default WordPress login URL is an easy thing to do. By default, everyone can access the WordPress login page by just writing wp-admin or wp-login.php after the domain name which when the hackers know they will indeed try to brute force your website with their own DWDb which is the tool they used for guessing your password for each username :internetseekho password : internetseekho321 and millions or other such combinations they have stored in their Guess Work Database.

At this point if you have used all of our suggested security tips you have already restricted the user for their login attempts also you have swapped the username with an email and now if you replacement the default login page you will get rid of 99.9 % attacks.

So now here you can again use the iThemes Security for the job just install the plugin and go to its setting from their you can change your default login from

wp-admin to something like is-admin

and from wp-login.php to something like is-login.php or something of your own choice.

Also change the /wp-login.php?action=register to something only you know.

5. Keep a Strong password

Keep on changing the password of your website once in a week at least. Also try to generate a password using a standard free password generator and keep strong password that cannot be hacked easily.

Secure your WordPress Admin Panel

The most engaging part of your wordpress website to hacker is obviously your admin panel which should indeed be the most secured place of your website. And for attacking and hacking the strongest place of website is indeed attractive to hackers and this is the place from where they can do a lot of damage to your website.

Here are some to tips by which you improve your security of your wordpress dashboard.

1. Password Protect your WP-ADMIN directory

As you know everything is has a heart by heart we mean the main component or branch or thing on which the entire thing is dependent. So the heart of wordpresswp-admin directory if this gets hack you are done with your website this is the place from where you can get a lot of damage so let figure out ways you can secure this place of your website.

Ok so lets figure out ways we can protect the wp-admin directory one way to protect the directory is to password protect that directory which would be if the owner of website want to access the dashboard he or she has to give two password one for the website and the other master password for accessing the wp-admin dashboard by submitting tow passwords. If for some reason the users of the website are allowed to some parts you can unblock those part of the website by just making some simple configuration.

You can use the Ask Apache Password Protect plugin for doing the job which will automatically generate the .httaccess file for encryption and password protection configurations and the correct file access permissions which can be changes later own according your own use.

2. SSL Data Encryption

The smart move to secure your website is to Implementing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in website it will indeed improve your rank in google too and it will make your website more secure too. So what the SSL would do it will ensure secure data transfer between the clients browser and server browser, making it nearly impossible for hackers to get hands on the data.

Well setting up an SSL is not a big issue because you can simply request your hosting provider to enable your SSL certificates and they will and the good thing is that it is provided to you free of cost in most of cases.

Once they enable the SSL Certificates you just need to install this free plugin by the name of Let’s Encrypt free open source SSL certificate I use this for my own website as well for my clients too.

All the good hosting provider uses Let’s Encrypt with their packages. As previously described it will also rank you higher in google you can read its complete manual by clicking here.

3. Add User with 100% attention and Care.

If you are running your blog by multiple people like multiple authors write blog for your website so in this multiple user would access your admin panel so in this situation you are more vulnerable to security treats.

Don’t worry in this case you can use a plugin by the name of Force Strong Password to ensure that all of your users get registered and login with a strong password.

4. Never keep admin as your Username.

At the time of installing WordPress You should never keep “ADMIN” as your administrator account. The main key of hackers is guessing and admin is really easy and approachable key for hackers. Now they are one step away from hacking your website which is just guess your password.

I can share the screenshots of wordfence security that how many time they have blocked such attempts.

You can also use the word fence security to block such attempts.

5. Keep Daily check on your files

You can use wordfence security to keep track of changes in your website. It will ensure a bit more security to your website.

Secure Your website’s Database

The entire data and setting of your website is being stored in your website’s database. The most crucial thing it to take proper care of it. Below are some tips to take care of in order to ensure your website’s security.

1. Change your database table prefix.

If you installed WordPress on your website then indeed you might be aware of wp- table prefixits been used by WordPress database table by default. I would highly recommend changing it to something unique because using this default table prefix make to more open to hackers, because they know that wp- the default table prefix and they would really like to try some SQL injection with default table prefix in order to get some hints or even some use information about the table design and table data.

So, change it to something unique like mywp or something else of your own choice.

If the WordPress is already been installed on your website with the default table prefix then in this case you can use the iThemes security plugin to change your table prefix it pretty simple setting can easily help you do that.

You can also use another plugin by the name of WP-DBManager for the same job.

2.Set up a strong password.

Use a really strong password for accessing your WordPress database then one you enter at the time of installing WordPress. As always use the password generator to generate your password.

3.Back up your database daily.

No matter how much you make your website secure but there is always a way to hack in but keeping your self on the safe side is always a better choice so take your website backup daily in case your website gets hack it won’t be a problem for you to restore all you will do would to install the back up you have taken.

Secure Your Website theme and plugins.

WordPress themes and plugins are the most important thing in your website. Butunfortunately, the can also be the target for hacker to hack in your website. Now let’s find out how can we secure them.

1.Update your WordPress its themes and plugins regularly.

As you may or may not know every good price of software product is supported and maintain by developers and it’s been updated with respect to time like the developer try to overcome their mistakes and vulnerabilities in this software product.

So,updating your themes and plugins can save you from a lot of trouble because the hackers do know that many people don’t take time to update their themes and plugins so they will indeed target you through previous versions software loop holes.

2.Hide your WordPress version number.

The current version number of your WordPress can easily be found because it sits next to your source so it always better to hide because if a hacker knows what version you are using the its pretty easy prepare the perfect attack to target and hack your website.

Secure your hosting.

Every hosting company promise to provide the best but still there is always room for improvements lets see them step by step.

1.WP-CONFIG file protection.

Well WP-CONFIG is the file which hold all of your passwords and details about your site like your database name and user name etc which is really crucial data with respect to your website security. The WP-CONFIG is the heart of WordPress if somebody get access to this he can do what every he want to do with your website.

When you the WP-CONFIG file because inaccessible to hacker then its really hard to hack a WordPress website and the good news that its really easy to do so.

All you have to do is change the directory of your wp-config file which means just move it one directory higher and you are done. Now the question is that how will the server know that we have moved the config file one step higher WordPress routing engine is made in away that it searches all of the directories for finding it core file so it wont be a problem for WordPress where to find config file.

2.Disable file editing.

If you have given multiple user the admin access then in this case all of your admin’s can access your website theme and plugins core file, However if you disable this feature then if a hacker gain admin access to your website even then he cannot amend your wordpress core file and doing this really easy just go to your cpanel and in your wordpress directory find wp-config file and add the below given line in it.

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

and you are done.

3.Set up your file access role properly.

If you have using shared hosting then having wrong file access permission can lead to very serious problem in this situation setting up proper directory and file permission can really secure your website.

If you are willing to protect your website at hosting level you can set your directory permission to “755” and file to “644” this will protect your whole website at hosting level. Like by doing this your directories, subdirectories and individual file are all secure.

This can be done either using your file system in your hosting or you can do this manually from terminal using the chomd command.

For more info you can read the WordPress codex in order to understand everything about file system for WordPress website.

4.Using .htaccess disable the directory listings.

Suppose that you create a directory on your server or hosting by the name of “Website” and you don’t add index.html then you would be surprised that your visitor can access all of the listing of that directory by just visiting the link like “demo.com/website”. For this they don’t even need a password.

You can stop this by adding the below given code to your .htaccess file.

Options All -Indexes

Using an Ad-blocker will charged you by Publishers


As you know better that advertising is a big part of an online publisher’s revenue for various reasons. Most of us depend on ad revenue for keeping our blogs and online publications rely on the users to click on the ads to pay the bill. In this article we are going to tell you about the publishers who will charge you by using an ad-blocker.

Upcoming Software Update

The senior vice president of the Ads and Commerce has published information about the upcoming software update. He wrote that the majority of online content creators fund their work with the help of advertising. It means that they want the ads to be useful, compelling and engaging one that should be interesting and the people interact with them. To be honest, it’s too common most of the people encounter the annoying ads on the web like having awkward music. It also force you to wait for 10 seconds.

This is such a kind of frustrating experience that can lead some people to block all the ads. However, this is a source for content creators, journalists, web developers and videographers who depend on ads to fund their contents.

What does Google want?

Google is trying to develop a better web for everyone to make the online ads more and better. As a result, the popular web browser will start to block such ads that includes owned or serving by Google. According to the Better Ads Standards, the advertisement formats like pop-ups and auto-playing ads with audio will be blocked by the future versions of Chrome.

You know better how it’s frustrating to enter a website and with a few seconds in. After that you find various pop-up that interrupts your browsing experience. We are not interested in ads the way they impact negatively on your browsing experience. Most of the people are using ad-blocking software that cost the entire industry. In 2015, it was a massive loss of $21.8 billion, which is highest amount of money than some industries worth.

Coalition for better ads

Google is trying to create changes for all the publishers on ad blocking by joining the coalition for better ads. This is a group that focuses how publishers can improve the web browsing experience for users that are based on data driven result. Moreover, Google has launched a beta program by name of “Funding Choices” which is available in North America, U.K., Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. With the help of this program, publishers can show a customized message to the visitors using an ad blocker, inviting them to either enable ads on site or pay to remove all ads on that site.

In the future more other countries can be added to this program as they continue their beta. You might see more other sites that are now including this feature for such users using an ad-blocker. By using Better Ads Standards, Chrome will block ads for users from websites which are not sufficient according to the rules.

Finally, Google plans to add its ad blocker to both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome next year. This is our information about the annoying ads that will start to block next year. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM


How to Grow a Vlogging Channel on Youtube


By the help of one passage we can increase our YouTube channel’s viewers is to barter increase with other vloggers in our niche. In spite of it’s selling strategy that bloggers have been mannerly carrying to broaden our attendance for a while now. Should YouTube vloggers also do equal? –  How to Grow a Vlogging Channel on Youtube

Of course! We are going to look at precisely why that is, how we can use visitor to increase our YouTube channel.

What Is Visitor vlogging on YouTube?

Visitor vlogging is beautiful much just like visitor blogging. The main opinion is that we furnish satisfied for another YouTube channel, maybe in barter for a gust vlog from our colleague for our own channel. There are so many paths to obtain this- we can collaborate on an individual opinion together, create distinct videos for every other to upload to our own channels, and a lot.

Increasing Our YouTube Channel with Gust Vlogs

Many people like YouTube collaborations, guest vlogging can possibly grow our channel’s reach if done properly. The most clear path that this happen is by sharing each other’s viewers. Ideally, we will search a colleague whose viewer is comparable to our own.

Our audience will engage the guest vlog back to our channel, gaining we more audience in the far run. In addition, the equal process occurs when we host our partner’s guest vlog – our audience will visit to our channel to watch one of our selected designer, and some will likely stick around to watch what something else we can bid them.

You know how we can guest vlog on YouTube?

After deciding what we want to gain out of guest vlogging (solidifying our situation as a niche power? Increasing our own viewers? Getting more disclosure for our website or product?) We can then being searching the correct collaborator, and arrive out to them about guest vlogging.

The most straightforward way for guest vlogging is to invent our own video, just as if we were making it for our channel, and send the video to other YouTube vlogger to be advertised in our channel. Our collaborating colleague will also do the equal. You’ll cover a few important key points for fame when creating a guest vlog, shortly blow.

Collaborating with the correct colleague

Our guest vlogging colleagues’ viewership must be equal to our own. Maybe we don’t want to goal our own niche, but we can search other YouTube vloggers who goal a related sub-niche. Additionally, it’s a great opinion to work with a colleague that has a design that goes well with our own.

Any of them who make related substance with a similar format can be a good fit. Why? Well, because we will also be making a video for our audience, and having with equal interests will honestly help bring results!

Understand every other’s viewers on YouTube

If our viewers are equal, but not same, then we’ll need to do some basic research to realize who we’ll be talking to on YouTube. A good path to do this is to watch our earlier videos, putting our self in the shoes of our viewers. Take a look of our most famous YouTube videos and content that has the most reciprocal action.

We don’t want to duplicate our design, but this must give you a great opinion of what our viewers is interested in. it will help we understand what to clear on in our video to great busy our viewers.

Make satisfied this is related to audiences

On that note, it’s significant that our satisfied is related to our audience, specifically. Find a path to relate our channel to our interests, and decide on how it will link to the typical center of the host channel. Be positive we are not repeating article of discussion that our host channel has already protected before.

Add branding to our guest vlog

It is also significant that our content creates it not difficult for new audience to search our YouTube channel. In another word, be positive to add branding to our guest vlogs. Put our channel name and social media mange(s) in our intro or as in-video graphics. End the guest vlog by recognizing where audiences can best keep up with our pleased and new (keep it short and prevent too many self promotion).

A good strategy is to contain a link in the video description that indirectly the host channels’ audience to a tradition playlist containing videos that we have joined together specifically based on our interests.

It’s is more impressive than just linking to our YouTube channel’s home page.

Estimate the guest vlog busying for YouTube audiences

Definitely, all videos that we make for YouTube channel must be busying, and the guest vlog is not same. Not only do we want busy viewers, so does our host. Our clicks and interests are our as well, in a feel. If we make busying content that encourages conversation and interesting, there’s a good possibility we’ll have more guest vlogging opportunities in the future.

Just be yourself

Although we’re guest vlogging one someone else’s channel, be positive to showcase our matchless character. It can usually be attract to try out a new character for a new channel, but this will apparently just disillusion, for two reasons. The basic is that audience who like our guest vlog will want to observe more of the equal on our channel. The next is that the YouTube designer hosting we possibly contracted to do so based on our channel; if change our design now, we might sense blindsided.

However, it should be noted that, for the mainly piece, we must focus first on targeting the host’s viewers, and next on maintaining our own design, if our host usually offers speedily, bit-sized list videos, our audience possibly won’t a 30-minute long unboxing video. Check out our usual system, and then add our own style and character into a suitable vlog type. Be resourceful!

Avoid a sole focus on publicity

As mentioned before, don’t just waste the video talking about our own channel and why people must describe to us on YouTube. In place, focus on making a high superiority video that audience will like, and that will persuade you to visit our channel logically to see more great satisfied. The best path to do this is to film the vlog as if we were making it for our own YouTube channel.

Don’t Let Guest vlogs interrupt Our Timetable

Our YouTube audiences have come to wait for and look ahead to videos on our channel. When we’re hosting substance from our guest vlogging colleague, don’t give up an upload our own unless our uploading timetable is normally bendable.

Continue our own timetable reliable to continue our YouTube channel increasing, but insert in the guest vlog as additional substance on our channel. This will allow our daily audience to carry on getting the substance they want, but also offer them “something extra”.

It is also ensures that any fresh guests from the guest vlogger’s will observe brand new fabric when they visit our YouTube channel.

Construct buzz with our audience in advance

At last, it’s main for both associates to let our viewers know about the guest vlog substance in advance, and to support us to support and split the guest vlogs they watch. You can describe why we’ve determined to guest vlog and what we like most about our partner’s channel and contented, and get enthusiasm built up earlier than the vlog is upload.

It’s also a great plan to help advantage our colleague and our host channel, as it brings more audience to our substance. Our associate should be animated to do the equal when guest vlogging on our YouTube channel.

As we can observe, guest vlogging can be a truly cool path to increase our YouTube channel. Just keep in mind, the key to guest vlogging on YouTube effectively is for equally partners to create good vlogs for each other, while hosting and promoting the guest vlog published on our channel to our individual viewers. If done right, it can help both collaborating vloggers increase our YouTube channels.


Five Top of Vloggers with Famous Youtube Channels

Famous Youtube Channels

You know there are so many different you tube channels being updated with their good numbers and there are a lot of huge varied articles. It’s very difficult to trust that all will be very prosperous and famous youtube channels could have one thing in usual, let alone five.

However, no problem how their number or design alter in all of the high you tubers you’ll watch online show these five characteristic with their you tube videos or station

They Busy with their YouTube Spectator or Program Daily

In number one, you shouldn’t have to upload you tube videos daily, but you absolutely do have to busy with your vlog viewers in every day. Put in combine scheme and a timetable for routine social media like Face book, Twitter, Instagram or any another platforms that request to your viewers.

Examine your videos’ comments daily basis. Or examine in with any face book groups or Google+ together connected to your YouTube channel. Busy with your viewers in every day will growth brand loyalty and more inspire audience to join in the fun, too.

We are Steadfast to Uploading YouTube Videos

Definitely, just act on each other and busying with our viewers isn’t sufficient to keep them coming back for more. Famous YouTubers declare steadfast, daily uploading timetables, and we advertise those timetables on their YouTube channels, in our video depiction, in our video textbook or outros, and on social media.

Set yourself in a timetable that you can manage and create sure that you stick to it.

So why timetable is so significant? We are going to search, as our vlogging channel grows, we will have a lot of sights than subscriptions. Fans who don’t necessarily want to describe to our YouTube channel for one reason or another will still be able to jump over to YouTube to check on our new number. If you know when we upload videos every day.

We Invent Videos Particularly for our Audience

However we are creating YouTube videos based on audience articles’ requests, Q&A videos to response our audiences’ more important questions, and fan mail vlogs put on display cool texts from our audience, the more famous YouTubers always provide to our group of fans.

Creating YouTube videos particularly for our audience and in answer to our distinct questions, and requests is a good passage to exhibit that we concern about our viewers.

Also when we indicate our sponsors by name when we stimulate a article or video, we’ll support them to keep on in busy with us and our YouTube channel. All people admire to much identification and we can give to our audience precisely that, just by concentration on articles we concern about or giving us a shout-out when we conclude something important to one of our YouTube videos.

Our YouTube Satisfaction has a Matchless Angle

All famous YouTubers also search and use unequaled angles for videos in our channel. For example there are thousands (might even millions) of beauty vloggers out there, but if search the right angle and good position for vlog channel, we’ll definitely stand out.

The sky truly is the restriction our selection for a coming up with a matchless entertaining angle.

To help get start, think about your character, our feeling of quality or style, what creates you enthusiastic about our niche, and why we want to create a YouTube channel. These financier list will help us come up with a good angle that will help our satisfaction stand out.

We Concentrate on Making a Channel Community

In the last, all famous YouTubers they concentrate for making communities nearby in our channels. When our viewers sense like we are a section of a community, we’ll be more likely to comment on our YouTube videos, choose and select our social media accounts, and share our videos with our supporter, too.

By making a community for our YouTube channel, producing satisfied particularly for our viewers (our community) being steadfast, stay busy, and working from a matchless angle, we can make a YouTube channel that will grow and brandish in the weeks months and years to come.

5 Features of Vloggers with Popular Youtube Channels

Popular YouTube Channels

You might be confused to decide with many YouTube channels updating content and topics; it’s difficult to trust that all the famous YouTube channels could have one thing in common. However, you don’t have to be worry that how their styles are change, you can know it easily because the famous YouTubers expresses these five features or traits with YouTube video or channel.

YouTubers Daily Engage With Their Viewers

The first step is that you don’t have to upload YouTube videos on daily basis or every day. But you need to engage or get busy with your vlog audience on your daily basis. It’s good to make a plan or schedule for daily social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites that can appeal to your audience.

Try to check the comments on your videos regularly and check in with any Facebook groups or Google+ communities related to YouTube channel. The more you get engage with your audience can make your brand loyality.

YouTubers are Consistent at Uploading YouTube Videos

Interaction and engaging with your audience isn’t enough to keep them with yourself. The famous YouTubers maintain consistent, having regular uploading schedules and they publish the schedules on YouTube channels.  You have to arrange a schedule that can control that you are stick to it. In other words the importance of schedule is also related to the famous YouTubers.

They Create Videos Only to Their Viewers

All the videos they are making are based on viewers’ topic request. The most popular YouTubers most of the time carry out the fans request. If you are making YouTube videos specifically for your viewers and also response to their questions, is a great way to show your care about them.

The next case when you mention your supporters by name by the time they inspire any topic or video, you have to motivate them to carry on with you. All the YouTubers are appreciating their audience the same you have to do.

Their YouTube Content is Having a Unique Angle

Most of the popular YouTubers search for unique angles for videos on their channel. You will always stand out if you find the right angle and niche for your vlog. It’s also very important to think about your personality, your style, your sense of humor, what makes you passionate about your niche and what purpose to create a YouTube channel for. All these detail could help you coming up with a great angle that always help to your content stand out.

They Focus on Creating a Channel Community

All the famous YouTubers are staying focus by creating communities around their channels. It will provide you help when your audience feels like they are in your community so they will do comment on your YouTube videos. They will also comment on you other social media accounts and share your videos with their friends. By creating community for your YouTube channel and producing contents specifically for your audience can make them to stay engage. It can make your YouTube channel to grow in months and years to come.

Finally working for a unique angle can also make you audience engage. We hope this article can help you the most. If you like our article, you can comment and for further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Promote Your Youtube Channel on Facebook

how to promote your youtube channel

Facebook is the most popular and successful social media network in all around the world. If you have a good YouTube channel, you can promote it by Facebook. In this article we’re going to tell you how to use Facebook for promoting YouTube channel – how to promote your youtube channel

Create Facebook Fan Page & Start Branding

You can use your personal Facebook account and create a fan page. Just click on down arrow to right of privacy settings in the upper right corner in your home page. You have to click on “Create Page” and select a category and start filling out the profile to your to your fan page. Moreover, keep on branding in mind as you start filling in fields for Facebook page. As you start filling in the fields for your Facebook page, keep branding in mind. You can also a recognizable logo you’re your YouTube channel. Use another recognizable and branded picture for your Facebook cover photo, and you’ll be set to start marketing.
Also, remember to include relevant keywords and phrases (for search optimization), as well as all relevant links in your Facebook page like your YouTube channel, blog and other social media links.

Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

You’ll have a lot of followers on Facebook after creating your YouTube channel’s fan page. Once the people like your page, you entire posts will be shown in their newsfeed. Then they can like, comment on, share your posts and that can be seen by their friends and followers as they share your content. The more likes you get can make your marketing better while promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook. You have to make the page cool that people can get interest in it to give you more likes.
At every end of your YouTube videos, try to mention your Facebook fan page and link it to the first two lines of your description so that the link looks visible. Simply write like “If you like what you saw so like us on Facebook for fresh and regular updates”. You can also test out Facebook advertising if you have a marketing budget for promoting you channel’s brand.

Promoting Your YouTube Videos Effectively

Facebook is a good service to get more views for your YouTube channel. However, you don’t have to share your YouTube videos too often; it’ll make your marketing efforts to feel like spam. When your videos are getting a lot of views on YouTube so this is when your target audience is most active. So it’s good to start sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook at these times.
The next important point is that also having a look at where the majority of your vlog audience is locating. It’ll let you to keep time zones in mind when promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook. This way is to make you know the timing of your audience.

Sharing More than Just YouTube Vlogs

Related to sharing what more things you have to post on your Facebook fan page. If are posting links just to your videos, so you’ll have to post on Facebook whenever you upload a vlog on YouTube. So it’s better for you to have a schedule about one to four quality and engaging Facebook posts per day on weekdays. At least on the weekdays, you must have something interesting to post on Facebook to hold on YouTube channel on your follower. Following are the important points before posting,
• Try to post behind the scenes shots
• Set a Facebook up poll to determine what your fans wanna see from you
• Post interesting links related to your YouTube channel’s niche
• Create companion blog to your YouTube channel & share articles from it

Maintain an Active Social Presence

You know that Facebook is a social network so you have to get social if you want to get the use of it. Using the mobile technology, you can maintain having an active presence on Facebook throughout the day. You might be posting once or twice but you have to keep on you one eye on comments, shares and likes. In case the people are commenting on your Facebook posts so directly give them response but don’t hesitate. You have to answer to their question and can ask your own as well. You can invite them openly and get involve with them in conversation.
It’ll be a great part of becoming a successful vlogger. When your viewers come to know that you care about them so they will make a positive bond with you with your content. They will watch more of your YouTube videos and also share your content on Facebook and other social media sites.

Start a Facebook Group for Your YouTube Channel

According to your fan page where your viewers can find new information and related videos to your YouTube channel, you can create a Facebook group for debate with audience about your niche. It will show out the interest of your audience to your topics on your channel.
You have to motivate to join the group and post their ideas, tricks, suggestions, questions and tips. Don’t forget to have involved with the group. Try to respond to each post positively and watch grow of your following.

Keep on Attention on Facebook Activity

After doing all these important points, now try to keep an eye on your fan page acitivity. You have to know what’s happening to your engagement, likes and shares after you post. What time of days get the most views and likes? What sorts of posts are getting popular?
You’ll get more traffic by paying more attention to your page activity and tweak your content. You can make a Facebook group getting super involved with your vlog audience. You can keep these marketing tips in your mind while using Facebook to promote your YouTube channel to have more views.

How to create a blog to share your information


If you want to share your information and become a thought leader with blogging tools so you have to write important blogs. Writing blogs can provide you many benefits including having information, writing blogs could be easy for you, and many more. In this article we are going to tell you step by step that how to create a blog for your information – How to create a blog to share your information

Step 1: Find a Domain

Domain name is important for everyone and everything. When you are creating a blog so domain name is your first step, you have to find out the correct domain name. In case you are having a website, so you probably can make a page for your blogs. If you don’t have a website then you need a domain name. You have to pick an easy name that can be easy to memorize. When you choose a good domain name so you can have very good blogging information.

Step 2: Installation and Hosting

After the domain, you need to have a platform and can set your blog up. You can also prefer to WordPress as more people do which is the most popular blogging platform. It is customizable and easy to use it, it also provide you a huge number of information. If you have created your WordPress account once, so link it to your domain name.

Step 3: Logo Design                          

In this step about the blog is to add some visual elements. You need to provide precious and attractive design logos to your blog. Your logo should be attractive and eye catching and provide an easy text that people can easily understand. Square version should be made because it can easily transfer to your Facebook page and other related and social channels. Create some sources files that can help you in future any changes.

Step 4: Themes

You can add different sort of themes to your blog. Here you can take help from WordPress that provides you a huge variety of themes. Creating or working with develop specializing in the platform allows you to write perfect blogs. You have keep in mind the way your blog looks will affect people’s perception of your business. What you write should be attractive that can be praised by other developers and readers.

5: Content Creation

In the last step we are going to mention you the important step, now your blog is fixing up, so you have to put with content explaining about you and your job. Creating a large number of contents need a kind of value to your customers. Your content also make your SEO ranking boost able, that means you might be appear at first level in search results when someone is searching for topics. You can also contact with other people to help with your blog SEO, taking you to the top of search engines.


These are the important steps whenever you want to create a blog. Hope you can take help from our ideas and steps. For further information you can take help from our website that is WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

10 Tips to Get First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Subscribers

You might have seen some channels that grew their views up to thousand of subscribers. It’s also possible for you to have more views or subscribers in less that you have never thought. So we’re going to provide some tips which helps you getting more YouTube subscribers to your vlog channel.

Create Audience Profile for Your Channel

For getting more views you must know who your viewers are. Try to know to about your audience’s interests, hobbies, ages, groups etc. after that you have to use this information for creating a profile of your ideal target audience. The questions you ask them can lead you to target your videos to them and can create such of content that they are interest in.

Finish Your Video with Subscriber Call to Action

This is one of the most important tips to end your video with a call to action and in other words try to motivate your viewers to take certain actions. If you really want to have more subscribers so this is very important to end a video with a call to action like “If you like this video so you can click on ‘Subscribe’ to have more videos as usual”. In case your videos end with the same way, the returning viewers will skip past them so vary the things to ensure that more people will can action for having more viewers.

Create & Promote a YouTube Schedule

Creating a consistent uploading schedule and promoting it is the best way to get more viewers returning to your channels. Basically, you will need to at least one video or more in one week. Further more you will also need to tell your audience when they want content from you. So that’s why you have to decide when to upload a new video according to a schedule. Then publish that schedule on your YouTube channel, on social media pages and promote it at the end. You have to take every single opportunity to tell your viewers when they should come back for new videos.

Always Create Content for Your Audience

Creating your schedule is just the beginning; you need to stick to that schedule for getting more YouTube subscribers. Point it out the time does it take you to write your script, practice, film, edit and update your videos. After all working with that information, figure out the schedule for when you have to do each task to upload even one video per week. Try to upload the new content on the days you promised it for the audience.

Never Sacrifice Quality for Quantity

Never sacrifice your quality that comes to your YouTube videos. If you are too busy because uploading two or three videos in a week so it’s good. If you are uploading one video each week but if you get experience then you have to work fast. There are few steps to streamline the video creation process. Suppose you film your video with a specific design setup or background at home, may be you need to keep things in place between videos. If it’s not possible then look at ways to cut down on the time it takes for your video creation and completion. If you work more efficient in the process of creation, you will never feel any problem or rush.

Make Your Viewers Engage in YouTube Videos

You can take help from the camera like you are talking to your best friend to get more engaged viewers. Don’t end your YouTube videos with a direct call to action, but engage with them in your Videos. You have many ways to make them busy like

·        Talk to them

·        Ask them questions

·        Provide them chances to create questions

·        Share ideas with each other

·        Motivate them to leave a feedback

Respond to Your Video Comments

Never ignore your viewers comment but always answer. If they have positive feedback so thanks them and engages them professionally. When you post a YouTube video and want your comments to tailor to a specific subject area, just go ahead and have the conversation by asking questions in the comment. You can engage viewers in the comments and in your videos. If your YouTube channel’s community is strong, more people will start sharing your content. This is the best community for making your YouTube channel to get more subscribers.

Don’t Work Just for a Channel but Community

If you get engage with your viewers so start to think of your YouTube on the behalf of a community, not only a channel. You have to create the Q&A videos related to your viewers. Try to host chats on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. It is also good to create a Facebook group and Google+ community for your audience. If you work to build the community so the community will provide you getting more YouTube subscribers.

More Viewers Lead to More Subscribing

Most of the people are watching your videos by which you can get more subscribers. You can also promote your channel by engaging with your viewers on YouTube. You have to promote your channel and videos on YouTube on social media. After you finish all this marketing, so be aware that the people can your videos on their own as well. So make sure that you provide relevant keywords in your video titles and descriptions. Try to use high quality custom thumbnails and more relevant video tags as you can. Make it easy for search engines and then add interesting details for attention of people.

Use Annotations & YouTube Cards

With the help of annotations and YouTube cards, you can add links within your videos. It’ll be use to sell branded merchandise, taking viewers to your social media profiles, website, blog and collaborate with many other YouTubers.      These links are very useful tools as you work to get more YouTube subscribers, as they make videos more interactive and give you more options to link viewers to your other media.

The great use of YouTube cards are that they never visible on desktops or laptops. They just work on YouTube app and you’ll always have added level of interactivity. You don’t have to be worried that how and where you viewers find your content.

That’s all, if you follow these tips, it’ll be very easy for you to get your 1000 subscribers on YouTube. May you will have more than 1000 subscribers. For more information you visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.

How to change Trending Topics into Incredible Blog Post

Trending Topics

Blogging is the identification of you site to your audience that we all are agree with it. Whenever we start to be success in blog, so we require starting by picking a niche to get to the target readers. What we do isn’t for us but for them and for specific readers that we want to reach them. In this article we are going to tell you that how to find key topics or change trending topics into incredible blog post.

Blog seems quite easy but sometime it makes you confuse to decide your subject. However, you have to think deeper, know what’s working and try to know what points are asking by the people in your niche. The important job in any blog is answering the questions, giving the relevant information and motivating your readers.

Resources for that let you to Perfect Post

It’s easy for you to write the perfect blog post but never apply your greatness on your audience. You only have to keep on your target getting from your audience. Following are the useful resources that can be also important to your readers.


You might have noticed when you planned about post; you probably wished to check what your audience is sharing. Some other people are also having the same thoughts so they decided to have a tool which does the same. Well, the BuzzSumo is the tool that allows you to enter a topic or the competitor’s website. You can check the top articles from their websites or article to know how many times a single article is shared in social media. The website we are talking about is Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You can take help from the shared topics to make your concept and can rebuild in your own way.

Google Trends

Although Google is in your control of blogging success, they are generous providing you with the tools for help. Google Trends is one of the tools including in them, it allows you to check the topics being searched for more time in any given point. You can also know which searchers are trending now and can search for same trending topics in your niche. This tool can provide a broad start and narrow it down on selecting certain topics that use the Google Trends visualize. It will allows you to see subjects and when click on them you can find a list of websites that are better for learning more.


Quora is discovered recently and everyone must use it. it is providing a question/answer service where people can pose question on any of the topics. However the answer will be providing by another person having more knowledge regarding subject. It is very easy to use and you will have a list of questions that people are asking.


You might not be using Buzzfeed as a source of news which never stops this site from being great topics provider for blogging. In blogging some of the articles aren’t focused in general but you can also find a variety of lists and joke articles for motivating your next post. It’s not a joke but reality because here are some topics to choose from. In case you feel humorous, here you will find a great love here.


All the people know that how fast does the Twitter move. If we try on to keep with a single feed is same like to try to keep up like stampeding herd of rhinos. The Topsy tool can help you to look for topics and keyboards that are appearing in tweets dating back to 2006.


This is the last tool that allows you to get your information from the source. In some cases finding the perfect topic is very simple like asking your audience. In SurveyMonkey a quick little survey embed in your page in order to make it simple and easy for you to ask readers any questions. You can also present them some topics to choose from. At last this raw data change into topics that will resonate with your readers where it came from them.


These are the tools that can help you knowing your audience. You can take enough information from our article. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to make verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

verified PayPal Account

In Pakistan not only the PayPal but there are some other internet services that have been closed for Pakistan that has made the people frustrated. Almost 190 countries around the globe are entertaining with PayPal good services. However, there’s a solution that we’re going to tell you step by step that how make a verified PayPal account in Pakistan – How to make verified PayPal Account in Pakistan


This method isn’t illegal and many points have to be noted, the third party services will have been using to help us to verify a PayPal account. Following are the important resources to be need and it’ll be cleared how to get them,
• USA bank account
• Credit card or debit card
• USA address
• Patience of some days

Ordering a Payoneer Master Card

In the first step a Payoneer master card is important to have, but I’d like to elaborate you what Payoneer is.

What is a Payoneer?

Payoneer is the online payment of any solution like PayPal through which you can send and receive money. It’s registered Master Card Merchant Service Provider having partnership with USA bank that delivers the services around the globe. When you sing up for Payoneer, there you could be able to get a free real Master Card shipped to your address. It can take from any ATM of the world and in Pakistan standard chartered bank, allied bank and MCB supports the Payoneer Master Card.

Free Pyoneer MasterCard is very important to get to the verified PayPal. In the first step you submit a kind of application to order your card

1: A window will open for you that give a little information about the Payoneer as shown in the picture below.

2: In this step click on the Sign up Button

3: In new window you’ll have a signup form that should be filling with your authentic details. The details are including first & last name that should be identical according to Government Issued CNIC. Put your valid email address that’ll be your username as well in PayPal and we prefer to create one email on Gmail. At the end, submit your real date of birth as mentioned on your documents and CNIC.

Note: You have to be at least 18 years old in order to apply for personal Payoneer MasterCard. Otherwise, you can apply by the name of you parents or elder siblings from the family.

4: Select Pakistan from down menu on the next page, after that enter a street address, postal code and city as you have on your CNIC. Then at the end provide a valid Mobile or any contact number and hit next to submit.

5: In this step you need to enter your password and some security question. The best thing is to write it on any paper and store the paper on secure place. After all choose an easy password which is easy to memorize and hit the next if done.

6: In this step select the type of identity you are going to provide and pay attention to your CNIC. Then enter the CNIC number without any spaces or dashes.

7: This is the last step in which you’ll scroll down a little on the same page and accept all terms, agreements and rules as they have applied.

After a few minutes a confirmation message will receive from Payoneer, if their support team has verified your application and details so they’ll give provide you a welcome email from Payoneer.

Eventually, you are done to get a verified Paypal account in Pakistan. Now you can easily login to your account from Payoneer.com>My Account. Just enter your email address as your username and the password that you provided while signing in.

When to get your Master Card?

The Payoneer is responsible to ship your card to the given address. The card often takes 10-15 days to ship and sometimes within a week. However, shipping depends on your location as well, if your location is in a suburb so it’ll take a few days more.

Steps for after receiving Card

Activating your Master Card
1: Get login to Payoneer.com account.
2: Click on the “Activate Card”
3: Enter the username and password again.
4: Type the digit card number that consist of 16 numbers.
5: Choose a four-digit PIN.
6: Click on Submit.

Submit Questionnaire, CNIC Scanned Images and Get free USA Bank Account

1: Log in to your Payoneer Account
2: Under the menu option on the top menu bar click on US Payment Service

3: Move down a bit where you can see your personal USA “First Century Bank” account number with routing number. It’ll use to verify PayPal later.
You’ll see an option under your bank account number, the option is about to submit a questionnaire and CNIC Scanned images. You’ve to click on the questionnaire and next page that is written 2-5 lines telling why you are using Payoneer. Then you have to write that you want to receive payment from Freelancing sites or provide any other reason.
Here you will submit your documents for this you have to click on Submit, choose the type of identity and upload the front and back of your CNIC and hit submit. Using all these steps will make done with Payoneer MasterCard. Now the first head to do is towards PayPal and verify it with the help of Payoneer.

Sign up for PayPal & verify it Using Payoneer

At least we here almost at the end, now head over to PayPal.com. Then you’ll hit the sign up button.

Select “Personal Account” and click on continue.

Now here you have to enter the same email that you have used on Payoneer, choose a random Password and hit continue button.

Here on the next page, you’ve provide the first and last name. It should be the same as on your Payoneer MasterCard. In street address you have to enter the same street address that you have given on Payoneer. For the City you have to type “New York” and for state “NY”, for Zip Code type “10001”. For city you may enter any city of United States and for mobile number type the seven digits number which you gave on Payoneer. In case your mobile number is 0300-4323543, then just remove the first four digits and type the remaining seven digits like 4323543. If you are agree to the terms and conditions then click on Create Account.

Here you need to enter your 16 Digit Payoneer Card number, expiration month, date and 3 digit CVV/CSS which should on the back of your card. After this step click on the Link Card. So there’ll be a form that you can skip as well because we don’t need that.
Wow! This is the time that we have successfully created a PayPal account but not verified. In the top right corner click on the “Account” button. In the next step, confirm your PayPal account by clicking on “Confirm Email”. You might be asked for setting any security questions, so select some random and memorize it. You may be asked to set a security question. Just select a random and learn it.

Coming to the interesting part, click on a “Link a Bank”, next click on the next window click that is “I have a different bank”. Here you will select your bank type “checking”. You’ll require a routing number and bank account number then login to your Payoneer Account.

In this step you’ll click on Receive Payment>US Payment Service, then scroll down and copy paste the routing and account number. If you have done then click on Agree and Link!

PayPal will send two small transactions in your Payoneer card after one or two days. Then you’ll receive an email containing that amount. Now head upon the PayPal account and click “Confirm Bank” and you have to enter the two amounts you have already received. Hit the “Confirm” button

Congratulation!! Now you successfully verified your very own PayPal account in Pakistan. However, the simplest point is the mobile number verification that’s left. It isn’t a problem but better for safety and you can buy virtual USA number and verify PayPal. You can also take help of your friends or family members who is living in USA.

Important points to be note

• Never login again and again in your PayPal
• Don’t use various proxies for logging in
• Do send payment to a verified PayPal
• Try to enjoy whenever you want.


The steps that we mentioned are 100% useful and working. In case any mistake or loss, the author isn’t responsible. You can take help from them and for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.