Get more YouTube Views with Custom Thumbnail Images

YouTube Views

Once again we are here to present you the best way of getting more YouTube views with the help of custom thumbnail images. Everyone is probably interested to get famous through the YouTube videos; however, there are many ways to use for getting more views. Custom thumbnail images are the easiest and best way and either doesn’t need to work hard for it. It isn’t very important to learn the entire skill to show to your audience what your YouTube vlogs are about. But you custom thumbnail can motivate your audience to click on your site and get aware what you want to say – Get more YouTube Views with Custom Thumbnail Images

Custom images can increase your YouTube CTR

It’s very easy to improve your CTR (Click through Rate) by video searches and on social media posts by creating good thumbnail images for YouTube vlogs. If you’ve already optimized your YouTube videos and when the viewers do search for the relevant contents on your vlog, so at least of them will likely to come on the SERP. SERP is the search engine result page. 85 % of the life might be showing up and when it comes to YouTube or Google search then you need to stand out or do a little more.

Use separate photo or relevant screenshot

YouTube uses a frame work of your videos like thumbnail, that’s why you can have so many videos with random images for thumbnail. We recommend you the best choice either a huge screenshot from the videos or have a separate photo for your YouTube thumbnail image. As comparison, the separate photo could be quite better to you. It’ll give you the flexibility for highlighting that what the video is about.

Never let Custom Thumbnail Images without Text

Most of the YouTubers don’t let it or leave but add some logical text with the images so that it can give an advertisement about the video. Well, you get understand with the help of this example. Just suppose you are writing the title for video or other information to any image like “Galaxy S6 – Complete review”.

For your YouTube videos, the important way is to observe different custom thumbnail images layout and designs. It’s also good to be creative to see what helps a lot for video thumbnails on your YouTube channel.

Never Create Misleading Custom Thumbnails

Be aware that the misleading thumbnails can draw the viewers in which is a bad idea. Because your viewers won’t get a hold to watch your entire video, if they click with the intention to watch something different. The building trust is very important to your YouTube channel’s viewers and this is the thing you need to avoid.

Big Thumbnail Images could get more Views

Such great thumbnail images are important to get more views and it should be relevant to the subject of your content. It also should be easy and stand out in reading to get understand the readers easily. If you apply these tips then you’ll feel more views on your YouTube channel.

When the viewers find your videos by searching on a social media and the image which they see for your thumbnail, so it must have a significant impact whether they click on it or not. So try to give some time while creating quality custom thumbnail images to all your YouTube videos.

We hope that our ideas can help you a lot while getting more views on your channel. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to make YouTube Collaboration work?


You might have watched videos of other vloggers on their YouTube channel that make you wonder what are they talking about. A YouTube Collaboration can be any collaborative effort that has been made by two or more than two vloggers on YouTube. It works to get more exposure and also helps in growing the audience to work together.

Reason for why YouTube Collaborations are effective

There are many reasons for YouTube Collaboration but the collaborations are the most effective marketing strategies in which new YouTubers can get more views and subscribers. These are important to work because when you collaborate with another YouTuber having the same audience, so you two can make your reach double even for a single video. The YouTube collaborations also provide you instant exposures to have more and more audience.

YouTube Collaboration’s Example

Sometime it may happen with you getting wonder how to collaborate with another YouTuber for growing your audience. Well, there are many options but we’re going to tell you the important and effective options;

Guest Appearances::: Do try to approach like as a guest in another YouTuber’s vlogs where they’ll interview you and will know that what you do and how you can add to vlogging environment. It’s easy for you to trade guest appearances for boosting your two YouTube channels. You can also guest appearances that have never been easier, now you can record and add Google Hangouts to your YouTube channel.

Create a Collab Video::: Now you can also make a video together but you have to work on this collab video together. Then you both will upload parts of the video to your individual channel and link to each other in your video descriptions. It could be a bit difficult but very important to motivate your partner’s YouTube channel by a call to have the action at ending of each videos.

Guest Vlogs::: You may have some problem while getting together to made a YouTube collab video. However, Google Hangouts make it easy for you to do guest appearance. It isn’t as same as making a video together but in alternate you can each make own video and after making swap them and upload each video to you channels. If your YouTube channel’s topic areas are relevant so it’ll work very well. The best thing is to write a good and interesting introduction in your video description.

Exchange Mentions::: Finally, we’re going to tell you the easiest way to collaborate that is exchanging mentions and shout-outs in each other videos. In the outro to your video with the thanking to your viewers to watch, you have to say like “If you are interested what I have to say about these topics so check my friend username’s vlogs out”. After all add a link to your collab partner’s channel in a description link on your video, so both of you will get enough views from the audience.

Find a Collab Partner having same Interests

When you want to do a collaboration video so you need to be sure that your partner creates content similar to your own. Suppose that if one YouTuber is having a gaming channel and the other has tutorials. Now it’ll make much trouble to find common ground.  You have to find a collaboration partner who makes his/her YouTube videos that are relevant and same to your viewers’ interests.

Similar Audiences

This is very essential and appealing to find a YouTube collaboration partner that is having 500,000 subscribers. But if you have almost 5000 subscribers so it might not work on both sides because of big difference. It’ll also be impossible if your level of exposure is change to your prospective collab so in this case they may not be interested in collaboration.

Be Clear on Your Intentions from the Get-Go

You might know that it common for a collaboration effort getting fail so it seems very important from the onset that both of you agree to a schedule. Also shows and clearly understand the responsibility of doing anything. This is the fact if your partner and you live at a distance and not able to record the video together in one location. If you both agree to work together once then set some expectations and desire but you both have to be decisive. Moreover, check your partner whether the collab partner isn’t committing well with you so it could be better to understand before dedicating hours to this project.

Reaching Out to YouTubers for Collaborations

If by chance you knew a great prospective partner and not having any contact with them so you can help from social media. It’s good to connect through email, blog and comments. The usual ideal collab partner already knows and commented on your YouTube videos. Whenever you identify the right collab partner then it’s easy for you to grow you viewership and subscriber count.

Finally, identification of right collab partner can provide you many benefits regarding your viewers. So you can use these tips to have a successful YouTube collaboration. If you like our ideas and want to leave a comment or feedback so you can visit at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Easy ways to promote YouTube Channel on Twitter

promote YouTube Channel

If you have account on twitter so you might be using it with the intention to share information and to tweet that’ll get hundreds of followers. However you can use your twitter as a great tool for promoting your YouTube channel and vlogs. You can use twitter to promote your YouTube channel and grow your vlogging brands. So following are the best tips to promote YouTube Channel on twitter.

Use Relevant Hashtags for expanding your reach

If you add any hashtag to a tweet, it’ll place it in that hashtag’s file. If anyone who searches for it could easily see your entire tweet. In case you are using famous hashtags which are relevant to your tweets and to your audience so you can spread the word about your YouTube channel. You can look at what’s tending and performing some hashtag searches if you are looking for the best hashtags for your tweet. For your vlogging brand you can also need custom hashtags. Then if any user clicks on this will see your other tweets and can follow them about your YouTube videos.

Host Twitter Chats for YouTube Audience

You can use the custom hashtags to host twitter chats. If you want to do this so you have to announce in advance hosting a twitter chat for specific amount of time on expected day. You have to tell to the users that can participate in order to use custom hashtags in their tweets while chatting. The entire tweets along with chat’s hashtag will be able to group together and you’ll keep on a great conversation with your audience. The conversation could be about topics that are relevant to them.

Tweet Multiple Times Without Spamming

On such platforms like Facebook and Instagram, posting many times or re-posting same ideas can consider spamming. The twitter moves so fast, even if you post a single tweet each day. It’ll be getting completely list in the mix. Twitter is the immediate medium; therefore, you have to pay attention to your social analytics. Do focus of your tweets on the time when your audience is online. Don’t be afraid of tweeting several times, even if the content is very similar.

Promote Your YouTube Channel in Your Twitter Bio

Whenever you are posting big tweets and getting engage with your twitter followers, keep the following points in your mind,

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • What to give to viewers?

You can use your profile bio for describing your channel and kinds of vlogs you uploaded and also provide a link to your channel. Most of the vloggers are committing such mistakes of not taking advantages of this. You can have this step further by linking to a YouTube playlist of your good videos to have more views per viewer visiting to your channel. 

Try to Mention Brands from YouTube Videos

This could be a bit more effective if you gain more exposure by mentioning the brands and products that you use in your YouTube videos. You have to find their Twitter usernames and simply give them “@” mention whenever you’re talking about their products of your YouTube videos. Most of the companies love frees advertising, while showing their appreciations by tweeting your tweets many times. After all that your tweet instantly gets exposure with their audience.

 Tweet More than YouTube Videos

As we once mentioned before that you need to tweet many times and also your must be valuable. It should be as same as Facebook or other social networks. You don’t need to tweet on links to your YouTube videos. The first point is that even if you’re working to make vlog every few minutes, you’ll be making a lot of similar tweets many times. The second point if you are posting funny, entertaining, and informative or providing ideas etc then you’ll get more followers on Twitter.

Do Engage with Your Vlog Supporters

Once you motivate your supporters then you can also get more famous by showing your followers that you’re honest and careful to them. Do appreciate them when they mentioned you in a tweet or give comment about you. Also when they mentioned you in a tweet, re-tweet to their tweet and thank them when they share any of your YouTube videos. Those who help in promoting your content can attract and encourage other followers to share your YouTube videos. This is a great way to show appreciation for your fans and also for your YouTube channel.

Ask Questions on Twitter for Audience Interaction

Asking questions is an easy and good way of sharing ideas or getting engaged with other people that can be on social media sites or else. Well, it’s easy to get engage with people by asking them questions on Twitter. You have to have ask them formally like what they’d like to see in upcoming YouTube video. You can also ask if they had a good experience with a particular product, and you ask for an interesting story if they had. Moreover, you can ask them for different suggestions, thoughts about your topic etc.

Finally, you have to give good response to them that the other people can look at your conversation and keep start joining to your channel. You can use these tips for promoting your YouTube channel that can grow your vlogging brand. For further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM



Top Clearance Sale on Gearbest

Clearance Sale

The top special deals are available on gearbest including new models of cell phones, watches and accessories etc. Many benefits you can have buying anything on sale or from gearbest. The prices and products that is provided by the site is guarantee at any product. We are going to present you the top sale products on gearbest – Top Clearance Sale on Gearbest

SISWOO R8 4G LTE Smartphone

SISWOO R8 4G LTE Smartphone

Siswoo is the multi-features new 4G LTE Smartphone that has 5.5 inch FHD screen and based on Android 4.4 system. This is unlocked for worldwide that can be use in all around the world.

The main features are including 5.5 inch FHD IPS OGS capacitive screen display, MTK6595 Octa Core, 2.0GHz CPU, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM memory capacity, Dual SIM card micro + nano SIM card slot standby, dual cameras 5.0MP front + 13.0MP back camera, great supporter of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, all networks supporter including 2G, 3G & 4G.

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LeTV Leeco Le 2 Pro 4G Phablet-ROSE GOLD

LeTV Leeco Le 2 Pro 4G Phablet-ROSE GOLD

 This is the best low price Smartphone that comes up with 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM available on It’s an Android 6.05.5 inch in screen. The cameras 8.0 MP + 21 MP that’ll be better to have the selfie.

The main features are including 5.5 inch display, Helio X20 Deca Core 2.3GHz CPU, 4.2 Bluetooth, Dual Nano SIM Cards Standby, the networks are 2G, 3G, 4G and the sale price is US $189.99. You can buy from internet and have also discount that’ll be less than the real price.

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I Radish X31.33 inch Smartwatch Phone

Iradish X3 1.33 inch

 This smartwatch is quite different from the common wrist watches and comes up with three different colors such as silver, rose gold and black. It supports Bluetooth take camera by watch from Smartphone and keep high quality photos. You can make phone calls by using the watch as phone and answer to messages freely.

The main features are including SIM card / Bluetooth phone call ( Bluetooth V2.0 ) for calling or answering from your wrist watch, 0.07MP camera, 1.33 inch IPS touch screen, 240 x 240 pixels, Music playing system.

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Ken Xin Da W1 Wrist Phone Watch

Ken Xin Da W1 Wrist Phone Watch

This watch comes up with slip cover touch screen with button Bluetooth camera and FM music. It gives chance to listen music anytime and can connect with Bluetooth. This is a new of communicating with your family members and friends by the internet.

The main features are including Dual SIM, dual standby, RAM 32MB + ROM 32MB ( TF Card up to 16GB ), V3.0 Bluetooth, providing tools are Internet / Bluetooth / Alarm / Calendar / Calculator.

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A6 Children Cell Phone Smart Watch

This is the Android 0.66 inch MTK6261 Call Gravity sensor A GPS support and available in pink color. It gives many entertainment chances to kids like GRS tracking watch, fall of alarm, long battery life and many more.

The main features are including 2G network supporter, 0.66 inch screen size, SOS Emergency Button system, magnetic suction charging and single standard SIM supporter. The price is $27.99 and can sell by internet.

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This is a compact portable USB Hub with 4 USB output to support data synching of up to 4 devices at a time and can help to save the space and easy to use. It comes up with such operating systems like Linux 2.4, windows 98/2000, windows XP / Vista.

The main features are including 4 USB output ports, Built-in wrap-around USB cable to be connected to laptop / computer, Compact size, portable, Transmission speed: USB2.0 / 480Mbps, classic design with round outlook.

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Doogee X5 Pro 4G Smartphone

Doogee X5 Pro 4G Smartphone

This is an Android/Windows device which is designed to use with the current Android OS installed on it and provides help in many ways. It comes up with 5.0 inch Android 5.1 Quad Core and 2 GB + 16 GB OTG.

The main features are including 5.0 inch IPS HD Screen display, MTK6735 Quad Core CPU, Android 5.1 system, 680minutes talk time, 72Hour standby time, back camera 5.0MP + front camera 2.0MP,  4.0 Bluetooth, GPS GPS/AGPS, dual SIM + Micro SIM standby and all networks supporter including 2G, 3G and 4G. The real price is $79.99 that you can buy from internet at any time.

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2.5D Anti-Scratch Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Screen

2.5D Anti-Scratch Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Screen

This is the anti- scratch tempered glass screen protector film for Leogoo elite 1. It has the following features;

  • Oleo phobic coating
  • Delicate & smooth touch
  • Whole transparency
  • 9H hardness anti-scratch
  • Ultra slim thickness, 0.26mm
  • Real glass

The main specifications are including different stickers, transparent color, and high smooth touch and made from long lasting materials.

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DOOGEE S1 3G Smartwatch Phone

DOOGEE S1 3G Smartwatch Phone

This is an Android and Windows device that is design to function with the current Android OS. It comes up with 2.5D Touch Screen MTK6572 Dual Core 1.0GHz,  4GB ROM. It is unlocked for worldwide use; try to check with your carrier/provider before purchasing this item.

The main features are including 4.0 Bluetooth, music playing, built-in- camera, 1.54 inch 2.5D touch screen, 2.0MP camera, 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM, Android 4.4 OS, GPS, AGPS GPS feature and 2G/3G networks supporter. The price $ 89.99 where you can have through internet.

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Original UMI full body PU Leather Flip Cover

Original UMI Touch Full Body PU Leather Flip Cover

This is the low cost Original UMI Touch Protective PU Leather Flip Cover that can keep. The main features are including Brand UMI for mobile users, compatible models, UMI Touch, full Body Cas, PU Leather, colors are Black & White
the weight is 0.033 kg, package weight is 0.152 kg product size, Package Contents are 1 x Leather Case.

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We recommend you the white color and the price is $6.22, you can buy online from any part of the world by internet. This is the secure cover for UMI full body PU leather flip cover.

How to Drive More Views on Your Videos to Youtube Metadata Tips

Youtube Metadata Tips

Sometimes we get frustrated when it comes to the points of how to have more views on YouTube channel or videos. You all want your users to see the videos and channel. Fortunately, it’s possible to have more views with the help of metadata tips that we are gonna tell you step by step – How to Drive More Views on Your Videos to Youtube Metadata Tips

What is Metadata?

Actually it’s a data that describes other data and includes all the searchable data related to your videos which could help YouTube, Google and another search engines. The YouTube metadata will provide titles, descriptions, tags and other source of detail for your videos. Well, it’s time to give your undivided attention to the important tips that how you can get more views on your videos.

 Produce Effective Video Titles

For search engine’s ranking the YouTube video titles are very important and useful. It’s good to make your titles to include relevant keywords and must be engaging. For example you made a video about WordPress Themes, so you have to type the keywords with an interesting way like “Top Most important WordPress Themes”.  Try to use searched keyword to your titles that can easily drop in search result that can give you a higher ranking.

Optimize the Video Description

This is the area that can make chances for getting more YouTube view along with good search result ranking. If you do keywords to find some phrases that are searched a lot by audience, it’ll provide more views. After all include the phrases and keywords throughout your description.

Add Relevant Video Tags

When you upload your videos, YouTube allows the option for adding video tags. So the best way is to add relevant tags, niches and specific keywords to the video. Give enough time by searching the most relevant keywords to provide enough views on your channel. Don’t add such tags that aren’t related to your video and may be penalized for this action.

Upload Custom Thumbnail Images

This isn’t related to metadata however, your thumbnail image will tell to viewers about your content. You’ll use a little from your video, but it’s not important than Creating Custom Thumbnails image for YouTube. Now take any of the photos as you film vlogs, later on use Photoshop or photo editing software for adding your video title, logo and graphics that stands out your thumbnails.

The thumbnails will help your viewers to pick your videos over other search result. It’ll never help search engines to find your videos.

Difference Maker is Video Watch Time

If you could give attention to the details, think that how accurate your titles, descriptions and thumbnails are. In one way this is important because YouTube’s algorithm is designed to “notice”. In case your video gets too much bounces so off course it appears lower in search ranks. It’s impossible that the people will watch the video from beginning to the end. The last and most important point is that you don’t just need to improve only the ranking but the goal to get more people watch and engage with your videos.

Update the YouTube Metadata of Previous Posts

Without any restrictions and rules you can update and change the YouTube metadata for videos uploaded to your channel. Optimize your metadata properly for your older vlogs to get many views.

Finally, try to focus on these tips that will make your able to make your YouTube channel gets more views. Creating the best and relevant titles, thumbnails and video titles will motivate your audience to get interest in your contents.

Ways that Will Make you Successful Online


This is the online ways that has provided many services for all sorts of people. You can earn money, improve your skills, and improve you language or health. You need important skills in your life and for upcoming future through which you can have a successful life. Such skills are very important for you to read, write, and participate in the digital life. In our today’s article we are going to tell you about different ways to be successful.

Impacts of Internet on people

In past it wasn’t easy to use technology but it’s very easy to use now in this new generation. Due to the technology internet is accessible to people around the world of all ages. However, the use of tools and software also makes the internet a bit necessary to know how to use it. In the modern era you can have more digital skills rather than the web and shows where are the contents coming from. The internet also provides news ways to improve your skills in every part of your life or section.

Universal Web Literacy

The Universal Web Literacy means that everyone should be able to read, write and participate online. It is useful for people to understand how to shape the Web, how to keep themselves safe online, or how to make a life with the Internet. The important point is to try on everyone to have skills that are important for being a competent internet user.


In now a day’s life there is a huge emphasis on bringing Internet skills into the school or college. First of all, computer is the an important machine that using to perform many work. You can use this particular machine in every field of life. Advance techniques are used with help of computers to diagnose dangerous diseases. You can use computer for advance manufacturing techniques to help to manufacture the products. In comparison, as you might know that internet is more effective as compare to books and the other types of reading stuff because internet contain a lot of information which all source are including. Therefore, it will give you a lot of useful knowledge to students.


Many people don’t understand how to use internet at the initial level. Especially when digital skills are stress in public policy, the aim is on training the people to have full commands on internet.   For example, without knowledge of how to verify sources online. Both young and old minds people become fertile grounds for fake news and rumors with bad effects for society.

Most often the young people who grew up with access to the Internet don’t automatically develop strong Web literacy skills. Some experts have studied about the young people in UK and USA the people can’t distinguish promotional content from the articles or new ads from search results. Some of the people living in south of the global who online for first time by mobile will naturally develop Web literacy skills that must change their economics. Web literacy skills not limited to coding, it will become more useful for jobs in near future.


No use of internet will end up where most people remain passive. You have to give attention to people or distinguish between the few who know how the technology works, and who do not. We should recognize to the people that Web literacy is more than coding. We have to make the government, educators and parents to be champions for Web literacy. Provide some chances for your people to develop these skills. The technology companies should think of more ways to include Web literacy and learning into how people engage with their products. Web literacy has become a 4th foundational skill next to reading, writing and arithmetic.

That’s all, these are the important ways of using internet that is related to our lifestyle. The use of internet can provide you the best way of life. For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

how to secure your website

how to your secure website

Website security that is very essential to the success of online businesses. With the help of few simple steps, your website can be a safe place to do business. Hackers are always working to outsmart every new security update. Some of the recent attacks that affected a large number of websites by the hackers. The majority of website security doesn’t want to steal your data, but instead attempts to use your server as an email relay for spam. In this article we want to provide you important tips to help keep you and your website. -how to secure your website?

Why is website security important?

Your website is your brand and your first contact with the customers. If it is not safe and secure, those critical business relationships can be compromised. The next important point is hacking that is not just about stealing data. Hackers want
to create watering holes where they can hide malware as a way to spread the
malware to any visitors to that site. The threats can come in many forms, such forms are the following,

  • Infecting a website with malware in order to spread that malware to site
  • Stealing customer information such as names and email addresses
  • Cheating in credit card and transaction information
  • To add website to a botnet of infected sites, and even hijacking or crashing the site.

Keep your all software up to date

This is something we cannot stress enough here at Sucuri. Countless websites are compromised every day due to the outdated and insecure software used to run them. Most of the sites are exploiting with bots constantly scanning and the next reason is that the hacking has become automated in these days. This is the easiest tip that can save your website from vulnerabilities. You should regularly check for updates to your plug-ins, your CMS and your ecommerce software, and other software that your website runs.

Use secure passwords

You might know most of the users use complex passwords, but that doesn’t mean they always do. It is crucial to use strong passwords to your server and website admin area which is the great resource for securing your website. You should not let anybody to hack your account because the hackers could easily find your birth date or any other favorite personal activity. Password-cracking programs can easily guess more than thousands passwords in single minute. If you have real words in your password, it isn’t random. Set a reminder on your calendar so you remember to update your password with some frequency.

Backup Regularly

Sometime if the worst happens anyway, try to keep everything backup. You can back up on-site, back up off-site and back up everything many times a day. Users save a file every time that could back up in multiple locations automatically. Backing up once a day means that you lose that day’s data when your hard drive fails. Remember every hard drive will fail. Making backups of your website is very important, but storing these backups on your web server is a major security risk. Most of them are containing unpatched versions of CMS that you find publically.

Invest in a malware detector or install SSC

As you know that Malwares are extremely common because hackers have an interest in infecting any website that people are likely to visit. That means your website could be felled by malware, or by which malware infects your customers’ computers. Secondly, you have to avoid both scenarios that are a strong malware detector. Anti-malware programs can spot malware fast and help you get rid of it before it has the chance to do much damage.

SSL encrypts communications between Point A and Point B – the website server and browser. This encryption is important to prevent anyone from being able to intercept the traffic. SSL is especially important for E-Commerce website security. The SSL certificate also protects your visitor’s information in transit that protects you from the fines.

SQL injection

SQL injection is the attacks when a web form field is used by the attackers. Whenever you use standard Transact SQL, so it is easy to insert rogue code into your query through which you change your table as well delete data. You can easily avoid by using parameterized queries everytime, most web languages have this feature and it is easy into implement. SQL injection vulnerabilities don’t seem like XSS vulnerabilities, they allow hackers to get a hold of the sensitive data stored in your database – which often includes information like your customers’ credit card numbers.

File Uploads

File uploads are a major concern that is the best solution to prevent direct access to any uploaded files. You have to store them outside the root directory and when important, use a script for accessing them. Your web host will probably help you to set this up and it is allowing users to upload files to your website can be a big website security risk, even if it’s simply to change their avatar. There can be a small risk that if any file uploaded, it may look comfort and have a script that when executed on your server to open your website. If you have a file upload form then you need to treat all files with great suspicion.

Not to hide your code

You can buy software that says it will hide the code on your webpage but it doesn’t work. The browsers are trying to get into your code to render your web page. You can get around the web page encryption by many simple and easy ways. The right click disabling is like a way for viewing your website code that is annoying to users. The reason is that it disables the other right click functions that almost all the hackers know.

XSS protection

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks inject malicious JavaScript into your pages. After that it runs in the browsers of your users, and can change page content and steal information to send back to the attacker. You need to ensure that users cannot inject active JavaScript content into your pages. This tip gets really technical and you may want to consult with your webmaster. XSS vulnerabilities are the weakest points in the code that you write. They also allow hackers to add code to your website that can infects the devices of visitors.

To reduce XSS vulnerabilities, you need to validate and for reducing the vulnerability, you may be able to insert this string on your webpages. CSP is another sort of tool in the XSS defender’ toolbox which is a header that your server could return which makes browser to limit how and what JavaScript is executed.

Change the Default CMS Settings

CMS applications are easy to use from a security perspective to the end users. Most of the common attacks against websites are entirely automated; these attacks are depending on default setting. This means that you can avoid or prevent a huge number of attacks just simply by changing the default settings when installing your CMS of choice.

For example some CMS applications are writeable by the user, also allowing a user to install whatever extensions they want. There are parts of settings that you can control comments, users, and the visibility of your user information. File permissions are another example of a default setting that is a bit difficult. It is usually easy to change these default details while installing CMS that can change later.

Use a DDoS mitigation service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the attacks that occur when attacker uses high number of compromised system to disturb he bandwidth of a website at one time. If you how common DDoS attacks have become, making an additional investment in a DDoS mitigation service can further reduce the risk. You might know that hackers are working to create new methods to get around these protections. In addition, you it allows you to execute server rules, including directives that improve your website security.


So there you have relatively simple steps that you can take to increase the security of your website. Some of the following tips will stop the vast majority of automated attacks. For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to be a Video Game Developer?

Video Game Developer

You might know when you played a game by computer at first time, you was in love with the idea of someday becoming a video game developer. Most of the users including me had spent a lot of time by playing video games. For developer c++ is very important. If you want to become a programmer because you wanted to make your own video games or that as a programmer now, you have at least some interest in the field of video game development. So in our today’s article we are going to tell you about the ways of becoming a Video Game Developer.

Becoming a Video Game Developer without Degree

It is not very difficult to become a video game developer because you can do it even without a degree. You can also join some kind of vocational training program to become a video game developer. If you prefer to create a small developer games that are releasing independently so you may leave all that. There is will no need of a degree as well. Now if you want to work with or get a job with a major game development studio so you are supposed to have more or completed education.

Luckily, there are some numbers of schools or institutes that provide the services to specialize the video game development. So the great news is that there’s quite a large list of schools which either offer video game development programs or specialize in video game development.

Skills that are required to be a developer

Skills are important and the truth is there are quite a few skills that you will need to become a video game programmer.

Is C++ important?

This will be hardly possible to develop any games without knowing C++. Plenty of games are written in all kinds of programming languages. But some of the larger game studios releasing massive games that rely on C++ that is one of the main languages for developing a game. This will be quite good in upcoming future.

In case you stop using C++ to be used, so there will be some other language that will be taking its place on order to get the high performances on hardware by which game is hang on. The next skill for video game developer is experience with a video game engine.

Working for a Big Game Studio

There are two ways in video game developing are having two major career ways. Fist one is to work for big a studio and the second one is to be independent.

So working for a big studio is because of most video game developers who actually want to make a living or life will be going down this road at some point in their careers. There are important points about in order to work for a big gaming studio.

  • There will be some major drawbacks.
  • Try not to work on the cool parts of the game that you would like to work on.
  • The good way is to work instead on one simple aspect of the game that seems ackward.
  • You will be working for really long time and find that video game development doesn’t feel like playing and creating video games.

How to work as independent?

For being a video game developer you have work in two cases. First, you should be working for a small or large video game studio and the second is to work as independently. This seems a bit difficult because creating a bestselling video game or creating a profitable video game isn’t easy. A good video game also needs huge amount of investment and there are chances of flopping the video game.

Required Suggestions

There are many good points so keep them in your mind before creating any video games. We want to suggest some statements that can help you in video game development field.

1: Get start work from simple and easy game, and then get a start from complex or complicated games.

2: When you want to create your own real games, do make some copies of the existing games.

3: You have to invent your game that can impress the people.


Finally these are the important points for video game development. Most of you know better when you touched the computer so you liked video game developing. We hope that our methods and instructions will help you a lot. For further information you can visit our website that is WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM



Top 10 Hidden Features in Windows 10

windows 10 features

Windows is the most popular operating system for computers, but most of the people don’t know about the main features of it. So we are sharing some of the cool hidden features in windows 10. These are all in windows 10 at least but many will also be in earlier versions of windows as well

Secret Start Menu

Hidden Features in Windows 10


Everyone knows that ever since Windows 8, Start menu generally sucks and it’s hard to navigate usually takes a while to get to where you want.

But if you right-click on the start menu button it brings up a different context menu with lots of quick access shortcuts.

You can go directly to the task manager, the command prompt or even command prompt as an admin the device manager network connections and even the control panel.

Storage Manager

windows 10 storage manager


Now for this, you do actually have to go to the Windows settings. Then once you’re there you click on the storage tab and this show you some basic info about all your drive but if you click on one of these you can get some interesting data.

It will show you which types of files are taking up how much space so you can get a better idea of where all your free space went and if you click on one of these again it will show you specifically what is taking up the most space.

God Mode Menu

god menu

It’s also been referred to as the windows master control panel where the all tasks folder and this one has been around since Vista but it’s still pretty neat.

Now, this is basically a list of shortcuts to almost every settings menu in Windows.

To get to it you simply create a new folder anywhere probably on the desktop and then rename it to the following string


Most of the time you see instructions that say to rename it to god mode period and then all those characters but really you can replace god mode with anything you want as long as the rest is the same.

In any case, the icon will change to the same one as the control panel and inside you will get a huge list of organized shortcuts to pretty much every window setting you can imagine.

Also, another thing you can do is if there is one of these settings you need often you can right click it and hit create shortcuts to put a link right on your desktop so you don’t have to search for that setting anymore.

Snipping Tool

Snipping tool

This is certainly one of my favorites and probably one that you guys already know about a lot of you but it’s not you’re going to like it.

Snipping tool is a built-in windows programs that simply let you highlight and screenshots things on your screen very simple but very useful.

You can get to it just by going to the start menu and searching for snipping tool.

To use it you just hit new and then highlight whatever you want and then you can draw on it or save the screenshot right away.

Also it doesn’t have to be just a rectangle, if you click on the drop-down next to New you can snip a specific window, the entire screen or even free hand it .

But keep in mind the freehand one doesn’t put a background of transparency it does a white background so just keep that in mind if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

This one is pretty simple. it’s another built-in app that you can find by searching in the start menu or looking in the programs list and it’s just a way to write notes and stick them on your desktop to remember stuff.

it’s extremely basic the only real options are to change the size and color the notes and you can’t even change the font or text size but if you’re on a tablet you can use Windows INK to handwrite on these.

However, one cool feature is if you choose to enable insights by clicking on the three dots at the top and then click on the gear you can enable it there.

With insights, it will look at the content of the notes and use Cortana the AI to show more info about that based on context.

Like if you type in what looks like a reminder like go to the bank tomorrow it will ask if you want to make an actual reminder and if you type in a stock symbol, for example, it will show you info about that all sorts of other stuff you can look at all the features that it has.

Windows Remote Assistant

Windows Remote Assistant

Remote Assistant makes it easy to either get assistance or give assistance to someone remotely who is having trouble with their windows computer.

To get to it you search for remote assistance in the start menu and depending on your version of Windows you might see something different but here we’re going to click invite someone to connect your PC to help or offer help.

Then the next window you choose whether you’re the one that needs help or not and it guides you through it.

You can connect a few ways including emailing someone to connect file or manually typing an IP address even or using the Easy Connect feature if it works.

Then you can just control the person’s desktop do whatever you got to do fix it pretty simple.

Problem Steps Recorder

Problem Steps Recorder

Another feature for fixing the computer is the problem steps reporter.

You can get this by simply searching four steps recorder and it should bring up a small and very simple window bar.

If someone’s having a problem with the computer like it’s showing an error message or something you can record exactly what you’re doing to reproduce the problem.

After you start and finish the recording it will generate a page with screenshots and a description of what you did such as what you clicked on it what time that sort of thing.

So, for example, if you’re trying to help someone and they’re not being very descriptive they’re just saying it’s not working without actually describing what the problem is in any way you can add them do this to figure out what they’re talking about.

Now the other possible use for this is if you need to show someone what they need to do to fix the problem.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to walk someone through what they need to do so with this you can just do it yourself and send them the file to show them and guide them through what they should be clicking on and when so it makes things a lot easier.

Voice Recorder

steps recorder

This one is dead simple so you just search for voice recorder in the start menu click it and it will bring up the most simple program you can imagine it’s literally one button you click on it and it just starts recording through the microphone.

During recording you have a wide selection of options including pause unpause and add marker or stop recording and once you stop recording it saves the file and while you can’t choose where it goes you can right-click on it and hit open file location to find it and then move it wherever you want to have to that or if you click on the recording it does let you trim the audio but that’s the extent of the editing you can do with it.

Malicious Software Removing Tool

You can get to it by searching for the whole name or just typing in mrt into the start menu and hitting Enter.

This one is kind of interesting because unlike the name suggests this isn’t a full-fledged antivirus program.

Its purpose is to search your computer for widespread viruses for windows and it’s also periodically updated through windows update as the program will tell you it’s not meant to replace your regular antivirus and it doesn’t do automatic scheduled scans it only runs when you manually run it.

it’s definitely best to run alongside your current antivirus and I’d say it’s a good starting point if you suspect you have a virus.

if the virus happens to be one of the very common ones detected by the tool this is an easy and quick way to get rid of it.

So if for some reason you currently don’t have an antivirus program which you should this is definitely something you can at least try first.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Before you run this keep in mind that it will try to restart your computer if you click on the wrong thing so pay attention before you go searching for it.

To get to it you can search for memory diagnostic in the start menu and then click on it but again watch out because you can see that the first option says restart now which you probably don’t want to do.

You see the tool is actually run outside of windows when your computer boots so your computer is therefore needs to restart to use it once you do it will check your computer’s memory AKA ram for any issues.

How to Start an Online Store

How to start an online store

We are going to show you how to create your own online store step by step. First, you need to prefer to these three things that are very important before starting an online store,

  • A domain name idea
  • Web hosting account
  • Your pure attention of just 30 minutes

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How to Customize Nav Bar Buttons on Your Nexus Device

nexus navbar

Google started working on a new system UI tuner that lets you remove reorder and add buttons to the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen but they apparently didn’t think it was ready for the public so they hide it from view. Developer Al Iraqi found a way to activate this hidden menu and all it takes is a flashable zip. So today I’m going to show you how to unlock the hidden navbar tuner to Customize Nav Bar Buttons on your Nexus.

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