Easy Tips to Make your WordPress Site Multilingual

Site Multilingual

You need different tools, plug-in and translation services to make your WordPress website multilingual. According to the new survey, in top 10 languages using on the internet, English ranks first with 950 million users. The Chinese ranks second with more than 750 million users then Spanish with 270 million users – Easy Tips to Make your WordPresss Site Multilingual

These three languages make a great market for the customers all around the world. If anyone want to expand business, it’s better to make the website multilingual. So in this article we’d like to provide you easy tips to for making your WordPress multilingual.

Why to make WordPress site Multilingual?

Making your WordPress site multilingual could help you to get more global customers. For example, if Chinese online store translates its website into English, it can easily provide its product to nearly 900 million extra users. It also helps the people in the daily life when they want a better place for lunch, so just Google it in English version. Multilingual site magnifies your professional image and your brand awareness.

Different cultures and countries can understand your products through multilingual. It’s better for the users to understand your services and the process that your business runs. You can boost your CEO with multilingual and you can get your site visitor’s trust.

Method for Translation

You can translate your site with the help of a few different methods in which the fastest is machine translation. This is very important and good for urgent translations and messages to be translated quickly. However, machine translation is full of misspelling and errors that lead to misunderstanding the actual content.

You can also use a Google Language Translator plugin but the results will unreliable. On the other hand, human translation is a good source of translation and only human beings are able to understand the different cultures, linguistic and lifestyle that are able to understand and translate the context fully. Moreover, human translator is important for things like poetry, jokes, idioms and expressions etc.

You need to follow the method before sending your website for translation. Following are the points to be considered;

  • What effect you need to get?
  • Are you interested to translate your whole site or such parts that allows different language users to find their content?
  • Are users from same cultural circle?
  • Would it work to change only specific website elements language like text, headers, buttons and etc?
  • How the translation will affect the layout of your site?

In most of the cases you don’t need a plug-in like you can create only one page in the second language with required information. Furthermore, if you have enough knowledge, you can run a WordPress multisite installation.

Useful Plugins

We suggest methods for you, if none of the methods work for you then you ought to use a plugin. All these plugins are free and you have to try to check before you choose a premium solution. You have to check that how they work for you.

1: Multilingual Press

Multilingual Press is bases on multi-site and a powerful WordPress core features. It allows you to create a network consist of sites in different languages, all interconnected with each other. You can this plugin in two versions the Free and Pro along with dedicated Premium Support.

2: Polylang

Polylang is also a free plugin through which you can write posts, pages and create categories. You can create post tags as usual and then define the language to each of them. The language is set by the content or by language code in the URL. You can use a different domain or subdomain per language. It comes with customizable language switcher provided as navigation menu or widget.

3: Bogo

You can Bogo easily and it is also a free plugin. It needs to assign one language per post and doesn’t create any additional custom tables in the user’s database. In case this free plugin is not acquiring your needs, there are some other premium options that you can use.

4: Straker Translations

This is a high quality translation services along with top level automation of workflow processes. In this plug-in you need to do is select the content that you want to send for translation. Get the quote and enjoy your content being that are professionally translated and directly published to your website.


This is the most famous paid multilingual plugin. WPML is a massive solution with tons of features and support globally. It allows you to create translator accounts on your website. WPML is highly integrated with translation service (icanlocalize.com) and it allows you to send your content to the translator.

That’s all, most of the common issues are related to performance where the resources are minimal that are less enough to support you website. We hope that you can take enough information from our article. For further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to learn WordPress in one week

learn WordPress

Most people come up with an idea and free time that can develop a product or service on WordPress to start a business easily. If you have free time, there are different resources available for free on WordPress. But you need to have full command on WordPress to use for more uses. So in this article we’ll guide you step by step to be master with WordPress over one week – How to learn WordPress in one week

Points to be known before learning WordPress

  • You must have installed and used WordPress
  • Provide two or three hours per day to learn about WordPress
  • You need to accustom with HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Follow our step by step information till the end line

We have divided the expected week in which you are going to learn WordPress. The week is divided by a single day through a schedule and you must have to complete each day routine.

Monday (WordPress Codex, TV & WordPress Core)

This Codex is not only for beginners but necessary for all of us. It contains everything that you ought to know about the WordPress. Codex will tell you to quickly look to new things. As you know most of the articles are encyclopedic, however, there is much information from working with themes, writing plug-in for contributing to core development.

WordPress TV contains many hours of presentation that are recorded at WordCamps around the world. You can learn easily to search any topic from well known developers. If you want to contribute with core and want to know where WordPress is headed, the better way is to Bookmark Make WordPress Core. If you want to keep yourself aware of what’s happening in WordPress, this is the place what you want

Tuesday (How to Getting Most of Themes)

Get to know how vital is learning WordPress, choosing a theme is the first customization to your site. In Codex, first port call is the Theme Development section. This is the section that offers you to know how themes are building. It’s a worth reading even if you know enough about themes. You need to check the Child Themes section of Codex before reading A Guide to the Options for WordPress Theme Development. This is a great read which looks at different approaches to development like building theme or hacking an existing theme.

The next one is the theme frameworks; the WordPress Theme Frameworks Starter Guide at WPTuts+ is an entrance to frameworks if you have started. WPTuts+ will also guide you to Developing Your First WordPress Theme.

Wednesday (Getting the Most of Plugins)

As you know WordPress is nothing without plug-in, to develop any plug-in is very easy. The first post of calling is writing a Plugin in the Codex. The Smashing Magazine’s WordPress Essentials: How to Create a WordPress Plug-in is the greatest introduction to plug-in development.

Thursday (Hosting & Backup Solutions)

Web host is important that make your site to run smoothly without downtime. There are more than hundreds web hosts where choosing one is not easy work. We pointed you five most popular hosting options. Managed WordPress hosting is more and more famous as new competitors enter the space. Wp Kube is guiding you an up-to-date guide for hosting in 9 Best Options to the Managed WordPress Hosting section.

Some of the hosts are providing backup solutions, if you want to have it so Snapshot by WPMU DEV is the greatest solution for scheduling backups. Whether you use them in Dropbox or Amazon S3, it depends on your choice. Recently we published How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for WordPress Site, a superb guidance to make you for the worst.

Friday (SEO Optimization)

Moz provides you an important Beginners Guide to SEO and makes you able to know about everything that you need about SEO. It contains engine marketing, keyword search, measuring, tracking access etc. Optimizing your site is beneficial to make the most of SEO, whereas, the Codex offers a basic guide to optimization. WPTuts+ takes it another step in 10 quick tips: Optimizing & Speeding up WordPress Site.

Saturday (Customization)

You might be stressed, of course after consecutive 5 days work on WordPress can make anyone feel stress. This is the time that we are going you to customization. Press-coder serving you step by step guide to How to Customize a WordPress Theme with full guidance. After carrying out this guidance, you won’t be any problem while customization.

Sunday (WordPress News)

Well, after your hard work of a week, now you are free to enjoy coffee with a piece of cake and read news. WordPress community has viral network of news sites like ManagerWP.org, WP Tavern, and Post Status etc. The sites provide a window for products and other services built on WordPress. You can check these news sites that can help you to know how WordPress is evolving.

Sunday doesn’t mean that your learning week is over but to check different resources of how to be a WordPress Developer and some other. Finally, we hope that you can take enough help from our article. For more information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Disable Pings & Trackbacks in Existing WordPress Posts


Both Pings and Trackbacks allow blogs to notify each other they have linked to the post. These days, the spammers are using it to send trackbacks from spam websites. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how to disable pings and trackbacks on your existing WordPress posts.

Why you need to disable them?

You might know, in the beginning stages of blogging, both pingbacks and trackbacks were used as a way for blogs. They were introduced to get notify each other about links.

For example, you are writing an article and add any link to a post at your friend’s blog. After that your blog will automatically send a ping to the blog.

Then this pingsback could easily appear in their blog’s comment moderation queue with a link to you website.

Nowadays, the spammers are using this feature for sending thousands of fake trackbacks and also pings. Even these trackbacks are probably using in Akismet.

WordPress make you to turn off this feature with easy tips. You have to just go to Setting>>Discussion page where you’ll see a box. So here uncheck the box that is next to ‘Allow link notification from other blogs on new articles’ option.

Why you need to disable them
Why you need to disable them

But it turns them off in case you are writing new articles that are you going to publish. If you have old posts, they still have trackbacks and pingbacks that are enabled. WordPress can even easily add trackbacks to those posts when you link them on your blog.

Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts

We are going to provide you step by step information for this process. First you have to visit Posts>>All Posts page. After that, click on Screen Option button at the corner of the screen.

Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts
Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts

Secondly, enter 999 next to ‘Number of items per page’ option and click on apply button.

It’ll reload post’s list and will show up to 999 posts in the same page.

Next, select all the posts by checking the box which is next to title label.

Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts
Tips for How to Disable Trackbacks & Pings to Posts

Then, select ‘Edit’ from Bulk Action drop down and click on the ‘Apply Button’.

Here, WordPress will show you bulk edit box along with all posts on the selected page
Here, WordPress will show you bulk edit box along with all posts on the selected page

Here, WordPress will show you bulk edit box along with all posts on the selected page.

There in the bulk edit box, you shall look for the pings options and convert to ‘Do not allow’.

There in the bulk edit box, you shall look for the pings options and convert to ‘Do not allow
There in the bulk edit box, you shall look for the pings options and convert to ‘Do not allow

Moreover, you should to click on the update button for saving all of your changes that you have done.

Now, WordPress will update and also will turn off pings on all the selected posts.

In case you have more than 999 posts on your WordPress site, so the better way is to go to the next page and should repeat all the process.


We hope that from this article you would learn how to disable trackbacks and pings on the existing WordPress posts. If you like our article or want to share your ideas with us, you can visit to our site. For further information you can visit to our site at


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/

Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website

Beginner Guide

All the companies are trying to create different experiences to their customers. However, some companies willing to bring some changes required delivering on the promise and some don’t realize how bad their experiences are. This year 2017, WordPress crossed the 27% mark which runs fast than a quarter of entire websites. In this article we’re going to provide the best way to run a WordPress website for those who either are new or regular users. You will learn about working with domains, installing WordPress, managing content, using plug-in and theme that secure the websites and content. Regarding this article, we will tell you the important points to be noticed – Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website

The Domain Name should be proper

Domain name is an identification of your website to users. So the best way is to keep an easy domain name which should not be confused with the URL. The domain names are also a part of URL. The only part you shall focus in the domain name because this is the way where users will refer to get to your website.

Choose the Right Name

Choosing a domain name is not very easy because it needs some tips that domain keeps the name short and easy to type. In case you are having such a brand consist of proper English word, then the domain name will already be taken.  All tips can be finding in order to choose a domain name, but try to keep it short and memorable. The Smashing Magazine has a long domain name, now it lost much traffic due to the name. Finally we advise you to have short and sweet domain name for your website. You are not supposed to choose the copy name or copyright to your domain name

Buying a Domain Name

You can get hosting through buying a domain name and for sake of security, your domain and hosting should be separate. Someone could easily get into your hosting account to steal data and files; they could possibly transfer the domain away if your domain name is registered. So this will leave you with nothing, if this is your first project, I suggest you to buy domain name providing hosting. All this will make your process easier and you could easily transfer domain to another company at any time when you want. Two points that you must know while buying a domain, if you are serious about branding and have funds, you have to buy a number of TLDs with the same name. For example, if you want to register mydomain.com, so you might buy the .net, .org, .info or the local version likes .co.uk. Finally, if you are having funds then register for five or six years that is the most convenient way.

WordPress.com & WordPress.org

Lets us to make it clear for you about WordPress.com and WordPress.org, but first it’s better to know about WordPress. WordPress is a source of software package that you can get it free from any part of the world.

WordPress.org is a central location of WordPress software projects where you can download it, view the documentation, answer and ask questions in the forms. On the other hand, WordPress.com is a service serving websites that run on WordPress. You can get full functioning websites and sign up for free account. Here you will only use a WordPress.com subdomain like mywebsite.wordpress.com. However, if you are a new user for the first time, the restrictions are negligible.

Choose anyone is same digging well for water, in somewhat places water is close to ground water commonly, which is better for watering garden for free. You don’t need or stress for the municipal water system. You can also dig a well if you have machinery where you won’t pay for water but for the service of forming well. So this all is same like WordPress.com, you are paying for using WordPress but to pay for subdomain, file hosting and management of the software.

Choosing a Hosting Package

It’ll be a bit difficult to choose a hosting package but switching hosts is easy enough where you can change it at any time. You have to follow one way among three if you are looking for a good package.

  • Shared hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting

Any one you are going to pick depends on your website’s needs and your funds. Because all of them are having their own pros and cons that can make you decision easier.

How to set up a domain?

First point is this that you must have a hosting package and a domain name and in case you buy a domain by your hosting provider then you can skip this step. All domains need to point to the hosting provider so that users access it by their browser; they are directed to suitable server. You’ll also need to log on into the website that you registered your domain name and change the nameservers for the domain. Through Media Temple, you can add nameservers by using an easy form. After that you host will inform you that what nameserver to specify and SiteGround account has different information like,

  • While changing nameserver, you’ll wait for 72 hours
  • It depends on where you relative to the server
  • If the server is in the US and you are in Europe, the website will work fine in a few hours
  • Changes usually take more time for propagating overseas

How to install the WordPress?

You can do this with the help of filling a simple form if you managed WordPress host. Adding a number of WordPress installations to your account depends on your account type. With Kinsta, you shall fill out a quick form and you will be finished. If you a VPS account or shared, then follow two options, first click installation  or manual installation and many hosts offer WordPress installation tools for minimizing the work in this step.

If you want to take the manual root which is not difficult, you need to download WordPress. Upload all the files in the domain folder, create database and then follow instructions on the screen. WordPress Codex is having a complete installation guide. In case you are stuck or want help to create a database then take a look for short time.

How to choose a Theme and Plug-in?

You can choose theme in many ways and plug-in are more specific where you can install one to perform a single task. Themes are simple to add the visuals to the front page and testing them are getting more complex. You might don’t know, theme has parts such as the 404 page, search page, the archive etc. Some themes provide many features like support for WooCommerce, bbPress and many more. Choosing plug-in depends on your website like having a personal blog, a store, a forum etc, you will need different sorts of plug-in.

Keep your WordPress Secure

We have already mentioned our steps with backup and security plugins; however, I’d love to provide you a section of simple rules to follow. Most of the time hackers follow the least resistance path. They find the common flaws to be exploit easily. There are two tips to get by all right with the help of these two rules;

1: Keep all plugins, WordPress and themes up to date.

2: Try to use strong password and change your password after every two months.

So follow these rules, you will get rid of all attempts 99% on your website. For the rest of 1%, use a variety of tactics. If you like our article, you can leave a comment. Moreover, for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Best WordPress Themes of June 2017 for Business & Personal use

Best WordPress Themes

There are numerous premium WordPress Themes available on the Web designers’ market. You can use these themes for your business purposes and for other usages. We’d love to present you some of the best premium WordPress themes for 2017. Such are categorized according to their relative fields and features – Best WordPress Themes of June 2017 for Business & Personal use

Porto: WordPress + eCommerce Theme

Porto has the ability to work with indefinite variations. You can choose Header Style, Select Colors, and Styles etc. With Porto it’s easy to customize the styles, color and layout in a few minutes. Porto is also a fully responsive theme and suitable for any type of portfolio, business, blog and ecommerce sites. It’s a great choice for your custom projects. Porto is having almost 20 homepages and huge variation to be ready for every purpose.


  • Woo Commerce compatible
  • Different 17 headers
  • Many shop pages
  • Power full Page Option
  • Multipurpose design
  • WordPress Multisite tested and approved
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Indefinite Colors and Layouts
  • Having Wishlist, Ajax Search, Filtering & Sorting
  • Single Page Template
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social sharing features
  • WMPL support
  • Bunch of useful demos

Salient: Multi-Purposes Theme

It is multi-purposes WordPress theme that has many header layouts and responsive ready to Retina. Salient offers premium Woo Commerce integration with multi product form. This theme is a stunning and makes a great first impression. It builds a beautiful website without any prior coding knowledge.

Main features

  • Amazing theme option
  • Ability of creating online store
  • Feature of single-click demo
  • Lifetime updates & SEO optimized
  • Different 9 Portfolio styles
  • Having smooth animation
  • Strong social media integration
  • Highly documented
  • More heading layouts
  • Nectar full screen rows
  • Advance adaptive images
  • More than 500 short codes and configurations options
  • More than 150 useful templates

Shopkeeper: eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopkeeper is a fully responsive Premium WordPress theme for Woo Commerce that comes with a great design. It puts your products in the best light and saves most of your time. It doesn’t require any coding and providing you unlimited header styles. You can sell anything of your own choice online through this theme. You can get that only for $69 online whenever you want

Main features

  • Custom header images to categories
  • Portfolio Functionality
  • Fully responsive designs
  • Fast loading & build for performance
  • Blogging in style
  • A flexible shop layout
  • Things can sell online
  • Drag and Drop page building
  • Saves most of your time
  • Support YouTube videos
  • Woo Commerce Theme

Uncode: Multi-use WordPress Theme

Uncode is a perfect creative multipurpose WordPress theme that is designed with terrific attention and performance. It is features by the biggest web design blogs and tech magazines. Uncode is fast and powerful with unique content block headers. If you are searching for any innovative, modern and clean WordPress Theme, we recommend you Uncode.

Main features

  • Fully integrated for Woo Commerce
  • Limitless layouts
  • 100% responsive
  • Superb media galleries
  • Intensive Thumbs variation
  • Easy to customize
  • More than 6 menu types
  • Smooth CSS3 Animations
  • Having big text fonts
  • Having custom maintenance page
  • Single blog layout
  • Modern Pixel and perfect design
  • Single Blog Layout

Bridge-Creative Multi Purpose Theme

Bridge is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that can customize anything without going to the code. You can create the perfect website navigation for your needs. It also comes with a tremendous collection of flexible short codes and fast loading. In addition, Bridge is the feature rich, easy to customize, compatible with many plugins and other features are following below;

Main features

  • 100% customizable headers
  • Easy to use powerful admin interface
  • Customized title area
  • Customized mega menu
  • Full Screen menu
  • Section video background
  • Fixed and sticky headers
  • Different Logo Version
  • Section and content menu
  • Ajax Animation On/Off
  • Woo Commerce ready
  • Portfolio and Blog Layouts
  • Single page site
  • Full screen sections layout
  • Add custom styles and retina ready
  • Full responsive and fresh, modern, & professional designs

Finally, these are the best 2017 selling WordPress themes for your business, education and many more. We hope you can take enough information from our article. Moreover, you visit to our site for more information at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

What are the features in New WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 is released recently that is the first major release of 2017 with many new features. Before starting the update, you need to have a complete WordPress backup. Well, in this article we’ll present you the new features WordPress 4.8 that you could try after the updating of you website.

There are many features in the new WordPress 4.8, but the most important is the Widgets that are three in number. Most of the users had been asking for a long time for these widgets. We are going to describe all the widgets step by step.

Image Widget

When users wanted to add an image to WordPress sidebar, they used to write custom HTML or any plug-in. However, with WordPress 4.8, you have to just drag and drop the image widget to a sidebar. You can click on ‘Add Image’ button in the widget setting to have a familiar WordPress media up loader. Now it’s up to you whether you upload image from previous media library or from your computer.  Once you upload, just click on the ‘Add to widget’ button, you would see the image in the widget preview. Finally click on the save button to keep store your widget setting.

Video Widget

You are supposed to upload any video to WordPress sidebar or you display a video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video provider app. We recommend you to select a video from hosting provider like YouTube or Vimeo. First, you have to click on the ‘Add Video’ button that will open up a media uploading popup. Second, click on the ‘Insert from URL’ and paste the video URL. As you paste it, WordPress will bring the video thumbnail and show the video. Finally, click on the ‘Add to widget’ button where you will see the video thumbnail in widget area. Never forget to click on the save button for storing your widget settings.

Audio Widget

Audio Widget is as same as the image and video widgets. It allows you to easily add any audio files to your WordPress sidebar. Simply click on the ‘Add audio’ button to upload your audio file. So the widget will easily embed the audio file in a HTML5 audio player. It also supports MP3, WAV and OGG and other audio file formats. If there is any setting then don’t forget to save the setting.

Visual Editor in Text Widget

In the previous the default text widget was simple a plain text area where you had to add your own HTML even for basic formatting. However, the new WordPress 4.8 serves new and improved text widget along with visual editor support. This is the light version of same visual editor for writing posts and pages. You can make the text italic or bold with the help of button that it takes. Furthermore, you add lists and different sorts of links.

WordPress News & Events Dashboard Widget

WordPress 4.8 introduces ‘WordPress News and Events’ dashboard widget this time. It is fixed on the dashboard screen of the admin area; it displays WordPress news and events closer to your area. Each user can see the events near their own location, in case you many users on site. Moreover, the widget automatically tries to guess the user location with the help of their IP address and timezone. You can also change the location in order to see events near to you or from different place almost all around the world.

Improvement & changes under the hood 

The new WordPress 4.8 has come up with some interesting changes for developers. We are going to present you some of those under the hood improvements.

  • Change in editor API: New API for the TinyMCE editor that is dynamically expressed via JS.
  • Variable Customizer Width: You might have used live theme on huge screens where you might noticed that sidebars are looking narrow. So WordPress 4.8 makes the customizer sidebar width that can be proportional according to the users screen size.
  • User’s name displayed on edit user screen: In WordPress 4.8 the edit user screen will display the user’s name in the heading where it’ll be very good for all the users.
  • Tag cloud widget won’t use title tag: The previous tag cloud widget was showing number of posts in the title popover. Now the title tag in the code is replacing with more accessible attribute.

Finally, this article served you a good scope of the new WordPress 4.8 version. If you want to share your own idea with us, so you are warmly welcome to our site. For more information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

24 Best WordPress Themes for Family Blogs (2017)

Best WordPress Themes

You can use WordPress to build small family blogs as most of the users are using. The question is what family blogs are important for. This will allow you to share your family news, ideas, photograph and events with friends or other family members. You can also entertain yourself with the help of WordPress themes. So, in this article we are going to tell you about the best and important WordPress themes for family blogs – 24 Best WordPress Themes for Family Blogs (2017)

How to create a family blogs with WordPress

It’s our duty to provide the easiest way and method to you for creating blogs in WordPress. Following are the required points to notice for creating a family blogs

  • Your family need a right platform to choose
  • You will need a domain name and web hosting. Domain name can be your website’s address on internet and website’s home is your web hosting.
  • For family blog, installing a WordPress is important.
  • After using our step by step information, your website is up and ready to run. You can choose a theme for your website.

Check out our step by step information that how to install a WordPress theme tutorial and how to create a family blog.

1: Pretty Chic

This is the pretty and the most beautiful WordPress theme which built on top of Genesis framework. This stylish theme is well to use for family blogs, wedding websites, and baby blogs and for many other actions. It comes with 3 navigations bars, full width widget area and beautiful page templates.

2: Family

Family is a free WordPress theme for family blogs. This minimalist theme is design to express your family photographs with minimal clutter. Family theme is also child theme of Omega and inherits all its capabilities such as custom logo upload, custom header, custom colors, custom menu, and custom CSS and custom header through featured image.

3: Family Board

Family Board which is famous as a bright family blog theme, it is also free WordPress theme. Family Board is famous for bright colors features and a slideshow of latest posts on top using full width images. Beside this, it also has multiple post formats, built in support for galleries, custom header, widgets and more than 80 shortcodes. This theme is fully customizable and very easy to setup.

4: Wedding Day

You can understand from its name, Wedding Day is a WordPress family blog theme that is using for wedding websites. This theme features a filterable photo album to easily share photos, a countdown timer, an RSVP form and some events section. You can easily share wedding photographs with friends and family, share event details, guide guests to location by using Google Maps.

5: Minblr

This is a free WordPress theme that can be an important family blog. Minblr is a responsive, tumbler like micro blogging theme. This theme is ideal for personal and family blogs; it comes with having 10 skins. Minblr is also multiple page layouts, multiple widget areas, and support for post formats.

6: Baseline

This is a free and a minimalist style WordPress theme that is suitable for family, photography, and for personal websites. Baseline is also an ideal theme for magazine websites. Baseline has many features like content carousel, category header menu, and stunning typography. It is also having multiple page layouts, custom widgets, social media integration, and having the easy theme setup panel.

7: Aesthetic

Aesthetic is a modern WordPress blog theme that is designed to elegantly show images that makes it ideal for family blogs. Aesthetic comes with a visual drag and drop and drop builder, contact form, slider, mega menu and lots of other features that is same like a premium theme.

8: Kiddo Turf

This is a WordPress theme for kids that are related to websites. It features are bright colors, beautiful illustrations and an attractive look. It comes with HTML 5 animated slider, contact form. Furthermore, you can also have SEO options, page layout builder and a very easy to use theme setup.

9: Paperbag

For family blog Paperbag is a minimalist WordPress theme that is also for personal or photography websites. This theme has two fantastic features that are image display and beautiful typography. Paperbag comes with multiple layout choices like more than color, template schemes, theme customizer, multiple sidebars and widget ready areas.

10: Candid

Candid is a brilliant WordPress theme that is ideal for personal and family blogs. It most often focuses on displaying beautifully and also makes it ideal choice for sharing family photos. Candid is highly customizable and also using the live customizer. You can choose your own colors, upload logo, background etc.

11: Extant

Extant is a free WordPress theme that is also very for photographers. It is also a perfect choice for sharing photos of family or your own photos. It has a top bar as header, sliding panel menus, slide panel search, colors, custom background, and multiple layout choices.

12: Brigsby

Brigsby is a free WordPress theme and has very good features including light color schema with beautiful display of featured images. This is a multipurpose theme so it can be easily uses for a blog, personal and family websites, and photography and for magazine sites. It has two navigation menus that are social menus and live customization.

13: Salt and Pepper

This is a WordPress recipes theme that is ideal for a family website with food and recipes related content. The theme includes a handy recipe filter, ingredients list and cook methods. On the homepage there is a section that beautifully display recipe gallery. There is one another blog section and more than tons of customization options.

14: Wedding Bride

This free WordPress theme is very important for wedding websites and is perfect for all kind of family blogs. The features are including a front page template which can be setup using theme customizer. Wedding Bride is a good resource of sharing a special day by large header images, beautiful menus, and elegant typography. It makes an ideal choice to share your special day with family and friends.

15: Hueman

This is the most popular free WordPress theme and also a multi purpose theme that uses for any kind of website including family blogs. This theme has two and three column layout. Hueman has two navigation menus, custom widgets, custom header and background support.

16: Brittany

Brittany is multipurpose blogging WordPress theme with gorgeous typography and also beautiful display of image. This is a perfect theme for family blogs with lots of videos, photograph and text.

17: Uberto

Uberto is a free WordPress theme that is suitable for personal and family blogs. It is having multiple color schemes and even lets you assign color schemes on per page basis. This theme also includes several custom widgets for content discovery, social media, flicker, Twitter, etc.

18: Memories

Memories are gorgeous WordPress theme that focuses on photography. This is also very perfect for photography, fashion, and family blogs. This theme is having 2 or 3 column layouts, multiple page templates, and multiple color schemes. With custom widgets and tons of customization options you can select it for your family blog.

19: Peak

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that focuses on the beautiful display of photos. Peak is perfectly well choice for family blogs to share photos, events, or general news. It is having sliding menus, sliding sidebars, full-width single pages, and multiple layouts for the display of single posts. It also comes with a mega menu that expressing your most prominent entries.

20: Ruffie

Ruffie is a uniquely free WordPress theme that is inspired by comic books; this theme features bold typography and colors. This is having 6 color schemes, social media icons, breadcrumbs, and 7 widget ready areas. This theme has very easy customization using the live theme customizer.

21: Wedlock

When you need a website for family wedding, so Wedlock is a suitable WordPress theme. Wedlock features a simplistic approach to design focusing on photos and typography. It has a page templates, custom header and background, widget ready areas, and live customizer.

22: Nightjar

This is the free WordPress theme which is a good design special for sharing photographs. It is also very important theme for family blogs, photography, and blogging. It has full screen featured images and beautiful typography. You can add your own logo and social media profiles.

23: Foodie

Foodie is a WordPress theme for food, family, and healthy living blogs. It is having a recipe-builder; you have to enter ingredients and quantity in order to create beautiful lists for you. A food blog is incomplete without lots of photographs. Foodie always focuses on beautiful display of photographs, large featured images and thumbnail displays.

24: Byline

Byline is free WordPress blog theme that displays entire articles including comments on your homepage. It is having a beautiful unique layout focusing on readability and photographs. It also has custom header, featured image headers, custom background, editor styles, widget ready areas, and a beautiful sliding menu.

Finally, we hope this article helped you find the best WordPress theme for your family blog. For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM







Best WordPress Resume & CV Themes for (2017)

WordPress Resume

You might be searching for resume or CV theme for WordPress that can help you building a personal brand, finding job and making new contacts. WordPress is the ideal platform where you can build your professional online presence. In this article we’ll show you the best WordPress resume themes to start your career.

Let’s Start With Your Online Resume Website

You need to have a domain and hosting in order to create an online CV or Resume website in WordPress. So we’d like to recommend you to use a Bluehost which is an official hosting provider. Once you setup your domain and hosting then you must install the WordPress. Also once you install WordPress, after that you can install a WordPress resume theme in your website. You can pick the best WordPress resume themes and the ways by following our information

1: Freelo

Freelo is a free designed WordPress theme that can help in resumes, portfolio and geographical websites. This theme is having a portfolio section with different styles to display it using beautiful CSS animations. You are also supposed to choose from different color schemes and also create your own as well. Freelo has support to use Google Fonts and it allows you to change the fonts easily. There are a number of multiple page templates and unlimited sidebars.

2: OneEngine

This is the one page WordPress theme for professionals. OneEngine is having a fantastic layout builder and sections for adding different services and portfolio items. It is having a homepage features and beautiful animated counters, skills section, contact form and social media integration. It has the easiest way of setup with indefinite customization options.

3: Marvel

Marvel is a free theme uniquely designed WordPress theme for resume websites. It has important features including two column layouts with a sticky sidebar on the left. The second one is a full screen slider to the right. It can be used as a single page theme along with vertical navigation.

4: Get Noticed

When you need to create your personal brand on the web, Get Noticed will help you the most in this case. It is the most expensive and premium WordPress theme. The setup is very easy and is very flexible while using. The perfect place to use it is the personal website.

5: Resume

This is the important theme for online resume, CV and personal website. Resume comes with an online built in portfolio type and easily use as one page theme. It has been created with different sections such as skills, about, projects, portfolio, blog and forms for contact. You can also use it as a multi page website.

6: Creative

This theme is having highly flexible options and a multi-purpose WordPress theme that includes many layout choices. Creative can be use as a single page theme. It has built in sections for making easy to add services, portfolio, photo galleries etc. It ships with slider plugins and premium page builder.

7: Nico

It’s the interesting design WordPress theme for resume, photograpy and portfolio websites. Nico will help you to showcase the important in your work with the help of filterable portfolio with grid layout. This theme is also a bit flexible with having custom colors, background, header and social media options. Nico comes with custom theme panel to setup your website quickly.

8: Hired

Hired is a free WordPress theme that is designed to make an online resume website. It has many features but the most important is a two column layout with social media menu on the left. It also has a full screen header image on the right. The homepage shows a welcome message, email, address and phone number.

Hired has a lot of templates for the regular pages and for a blog section. It has quick and easy setup to customize. The premium version of this theme has additional page templates and new customization options.

9: My Resume

My Resume is specifically designed to create a quick resume websites and a free WordPress theme. My Resume comes with a pre defined sections for education, skill, experience, work etc. You can set up all theme options by using live theme customizer.

10: Personal Page

Personal Page is a WordPress theme for all the personal websites and resume. The feature of homepage parallax layout with the help of bold typography animation.  This theme has built-in portfolio, services and testimonial sections. It comes in multiple colors and layout choices for customization. The social media widgets and live theme customizer support.

11: Designer

Designer is creative free WordPress theme that can showcase your resume and portfolio. The homepage is having two column layout on desktop and one single column layout on mobile. Designer has collapsible sidebar, crisp typography and very simpler to setup.

12: Aperture

This is a free WordPress theme which is perfect for a resume any website. It is specially design for photographers and artists and it pay attention to beautiful display of any image. It’s an interesting full screen slider on the hompage that allows you to display your photographs in full glory. A full screen background image can also be used. This theme has beautiful gallery layouts, blog and page templates.

13: Parallax

This is also an interesting WordPress theme having full screen parallax backgrounds and also a unique layout. Parallax comes up with 40 more different layouts and an easy to use like drag and drop page builder. It includes the custom widgets for the social media, portfolio section and for image filters. It can also be used as a single page theme or regular multi-page theme.

14: Eclipse

Eclipse is the simpler theme for your resume website. It is design specially to showcase all of your creative work with elegant typography and earth tones color schemes. It has a portfolio section, custom widgets for the social media profiles and Instagram photo. Eclipse is also fully WooCommerce supported theme.

15: North

This is an amazing WordPress portfolio theme that is use to showcase your resume along with a work. The features are including a grid layout with minimalist approach to design the typography. There are multiple templates in this theme for your blog, portfolio and static pages. It comes with different colors and support the post formats, custom header and some social profile menu.

16: Remi

This is a clear WordPress theme all artists and designers to express their skill. Remi includes a portfolio section that can show your project easily. It is having different templates for your homepage, blog and for static pages. As usual the homepage features a two column layout with a sidebar on the left. Remi theme is very simple while using to setup a professional resume website.

17: Freelancer

You can understand from its name, Freelancer is a personal WordPress theme that can be used for freelancers and for professionals. It is design to showcase all of your professional skills and a profile. This is also having a one-page layout with vertical navigation. The homepage is divided into various sections to show your skills. The first one is portfolio profile and second is contact form. You can also use it as a multi page WordPress theme with a blog section.

18: Ambianco Pro

Ambiance Pro is a WordPress theme for the professional through which they can show their resume. It is having built on top of the Genesis theme framework and a Ambiance Pro features layout with a welcome message. It has different templates for homepage, blog, and for landing pages. This theme comes with a straight forward setup along with full live theme customizer.

19: Argent

This is a free WordPress theme for all the personal websites. In Argent the homepage layout is design to show your portfolio items on the FrontPage. It is also having navigation menu on top which is followed by a large header image along with custom welcome message. All theme options can easily setup by using the live theme customizer.

20: Online CV

The Online CV is a new and modern WordPress resume theme having a corporate look. It has many features but the important is a fullscreeen background on the homepage with your name or site title displayed in the large font size. A video can also be used as the background. The homepage is also having a parallax scrolling effect with an interesting animations. The Online CV provides multi layouts and color schemes choices among many other customization options.

21: Saturn

It is a one-page WordPress theme that can showcase your resume, product or any of your businesses. You can it as single page theme with an interesting slider on top followed by different sections. Saturn is having a built-in support for adding your portfolio, services, skills or professions and also about section. You can start by importing the demo content with single click and can replace content by your own.

22: Web Designer Resume

Web Designer Resume is a WordPress theme for all the web designers to show their work in any part of job. In this theme the homepage layout features full screen background with bold site title and welcome message. You can use it as a single page theme with sections for showing you work experience, skills and also a contact form.

23: Libretto

Libretto can be used as a simpler classic blog theme for all the personal websites. It features an earth color scheme with interesting typography which makes it ideal for any resume website. It also a single column layout for blog as well as static pages that provides help to set it up.

24: Profile

Profile is designed to build an online social media hub with your resume, blog and social media activities. It is also a personal website theme with a custom recent Tweet widget, social profiles menu and slider. The homepage features your profile photo at the top and followed by your Twitter feed and social profile link. Finally this theme is easy to customize and having several short codes, page templates and also custom widgets.


We hope that this article can provide help finding a good resume and CV theme for your WordPress site. You can leave your feedback after reading this article. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM


How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Wordfence Security

Wordfence is a famous plugin that protects your WordPress site from any sort of attempts or attack. The Wordfence can also make your website’s security tighten. In this article we’re going to tell you about the steps of how to install and setup Wordfence security in WordPress.

What is Wordfence?

This is a WordPress security plugin that provides help to protect your website against the security threats such as malware, DDOS, hacking and other attacks. The Wordfence comes with a website application firewall that filters all traffic to your block and site. It is having a malware scanner that scans all the WordPress core files, plugins, themes and uploads folders to create changes. The basic Wordfence plugin is completely free and comes with a premium version that gets you to more advanced features such as country blocking, firewall rules update time, scheduled scanning and many more. Well, following are the ways of how to install the Wordfence security in WordPress.

Method of how to install & Setup Wordfence

The easy way we are going to provide you is to install and activate the Wordfence Security plugin first. After the activation the plugin will add a new menu item having label Wordfence to your admin bar of WordPress. If you click on it, you can get to the plugin’s settings dashboard.

After it a page will be open that will show an overview of the plugin’s security settings on your site. There will some other notifications that you will see like recent IP blocking, total attacks blocked etc.

The Wordfence settings are having many sections in which the default setting can work for many websites, however, you need to review and change them with them passage of time if required. So let’s have the start by scanning,

Use Wordfence to Scan your WordPress Site

In the first step you have to head over to Wordfence » Scan page, after this click on the click on ‘Start a Wordfence Scan’ button.

So the Wordfence will start scanning your WordPress files and the scan will search for changes in the file size of WordPress core. It’ll also check the files inside for suspicious code, backdoors and malicious URLs.

These scans require many server resources for running, luckily, the Wordfence provides the easy way of running the scans. The completion of time by a scan depends on your data that you have got. It will make you able seeing the progress of the scans in the yellow boxes in scan page. The information may be technical but you are suppose to get frustrate. When the scan finish the Wordfence will show you the result. Moreover, the free Wordfence plugin automatically runs full scans on your WordPress site

Free Wordfence plugin runs full scans to your WordPress site in every 24 hours automatically. On the other hand the premium version of the plugin makes you able to set your own scan timetable up.

Setting up Wordfence Firewall

Wordfence provides a website application firewall which is a PHP based level. In Wordfence firewall two levels of protection are using. The basic level is enabled by default and allows the Wordfence firewall to run as WordPress plugin. It can protect you from many security threats. The second level of protection that is also called extended protection which allows Wordfence to run before WordPress core, plugins and themes.

For detecting your server configuration, the Wordfence will run some tests at the background. In case you know that your server configuration is different than Wordfence has selected. After this you can choose the various that is quite different. After this click on the continue button to go forward.

Setting up Wordfence Firewall

Secondly, the Wordfence will ask you to “Download.htaccess” button and at the end of downloading the backup file, so simply click on the continue button. After this, Wordfence will allow you to run before WordPress.

You will have a ‘Learning Mode’ button. While you first install Wordfence so it attempts learning how your users and you interact with the website to be trusted that it won’t block the legitimate visitors. Almost after a week it will switch to ‘Enable and Protecting’ mode automatically.

Monitoring and Blocking Suspicious Activity Using Wordfence

Wordfence can provide you an important log of entire requests that are made to your website. It can be viewed by visiting Wordfence » Live Traffic page.

Monitoring and Blocking Suspicious Activity Using Wordfence

In this page you are able to block individual IPs and also the connection. It is easy for you to block the suspicious IPs just by visiting the Wordfence» Blocking page.


Some advanced settings in Wordfence

As you know that Wordfence is the most important and powerful plugin having more useful options. You can go to Wordfence » Options page for reviewing all the options.

Now here you are able to select the turn on and off features and enable or disable the email notifications, scans and other setting. On the Wordfence » Tools page, it is easy to run a password audit to make you sure that the users on your site are having strong password. The premium version users are also able to setup two-factor login to make the security more powerful on websites.

Finally there’s also another famous website security suite that is Sucuri which comes with a website application firewall and malware scanner. Both Wordfence and Sucuri are the best choices for improving the WordPress security. So we hope that our article can provide you enough information and for further information you can visit to our website.

How to Change or Reset WordPress Password through MySQL / PHPMyAdmin

Reset WordPress Password

Many cases can be occur where you need to change password and email while using into WordPress dashboard, if the same case happen so you will be requested to a “Forget Password”, then the reset password will be mailed to the new email but to yours. The result will be that you are losing the manage over WordPress site. In this article we are going to tell you that how you will deal or get handled on such a problem.

We are having the easy methods for you to solve these problems out, the first step is to contact with the Hosting Store in case of restoring your WordPress, the restoration might get some time that can be an hour, a day or even more because it depends on the service provided by the Host.

Change & Reset WordPress Password from MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

We are going to tell you how to reset or change WordPress Password from MySQL or PHPMyAdmin. We can help you by two important methods to regain full manage over your hacked WordPress admin account.

1st Method: Long Way by PHPMyAdmin

This method involves the editing and updating the wordpress users’ table value to reset the lost WordPress password. This is such a method that is very lengthy and also easy without knowing some technical things. Some of the important points are mentioned here,

1: Head over to PHPMyAdmin that is using your cPanel or the hosting panel that is your hosting service supports.

2: Here you will click on WordPress database

3: Click on the table “wp_users” and navigate to it.

4: The row should edit with the help of your WordPress username.

5: Now if you look at the “user_pass” field, so change the function to MD5 and enter your password in the values section, but the password should be new.

6: You can update the table values by clicking “GO” or the similar options.

Method 2: Short way by MySQL

This is the second way to reset our hacked WordPress password by implementing the direct SQL query execution for updating the wp_users table. You can do it easily following our instructions step by step.

1: You need to follow our first 3 steps of the 1st method.

2: Go to SQL or MySQL in your PHPMyAdmin

3: After this you need to enter the given query “Update wp_users SET

user pass

= MD5 (your password) WHERE


=’your username’. After all you will put the new password here in place of your password and your username with your WordPress username.

4: At the end click on “GO” or similar option at the bottom for executing the query. 

Finally it’s great news for you that without keeping in touch with your hosting provider, you successfully changed your WordPress password and got full control over your WordPress admin. So we hope that you can follow our methods through which you can change your WordPress password and for further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Add Filter Post & Pages in WordPress?

Add Filter

You might not aware of why to allow the users filter posts and pages in WordPress. In this article we’re going to tell you the easy method of allowing the users to add filter posts to their WordPress site.

What’s the purpose letting user Filter Posts & Pages?

WordPress is having many categories and tags to use as an easy way for you sorting contents into topics. But users can view only one category, tag or archive page at one time and also shows one post type. If you want your users to be able to filter content in more than category or tag, this kind of filtering could be quite helpful while having a lot of content.

How to allow users filter Post & Pages?

For allowing users to filter posts and pages easily, you have to notice our following important instructions. The first point is that you have to install and activate the Search & Filter plugin. After the activation the plugin will be able to add a new menu item that’s labeled Search & Filter to your WordPress admin bar. If you click on it, so it will get you to the plugin’s usage page with full documentation how showing how to use plugins.

Now the Search and Filter plugin comes along with a shortcode that can accept various parameters to display the filtering options. There is a shortcode that you can use in post, page and inside a text widget.
[search and filter fields=”search, category, post_tag”]

The shortcode can also be used like a template tag in your WordPress theme files for example:
<php echo do_shortcode(‘[search and filter fields=”search, category, post_tag”]);?>

So it will show you the filtering options with search, category and tags fields. The plugins by default accepts the search, taxonomy, post_type and post_date as fields. Now we are going to show you another example in which we’ll include category, tags, post types and date fields. Here you have to use the shortcode like given below;
[search and filter fields=”search, category, post_tag, post_type, post_date”]

In case you are using different fields, types and heading then you have make sure that items are similar for each parameter. Here you have got another example in which we will add category, tags and post type fields with different headings and form field types.

[searchandfilter headings=”Post type, Category, Tag” types=”checkbox, select, select” fields=”post_types,category,post_tag”]


Finally you are supposed to refer to plugin’s documentation page for having many ways for the shortcode. Finally you can use the shortcodes inside the text widgets. That’s all, we hope that you get easily understand how to allow users filter posts and pages in WordPress. For more information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.