Compared Freelancer Sites

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Compared Freelancer Sites – Freelancing website are great for both employers and for freelancer you can earn money easily working from home.

1) UpWork previously ODesk is one of the biggest website in the market. They have biggest collection of categories listed on it, its interface is really easy to use mean the website is user friendly.

2) Fiverr is famous for listing every type of job. like acting, programming, data entry etc starting with the price of $5 imaginable.

3) Elance is one of the website which has lowest fees of hiring freelancers one of the big job posting website you can choose from…

Best features of UPWork

UpWork lists most job category listings.
You will have to choose the paying method like paypal, back account or credit card..
Best for People looking to hire freelancers in professional services..

Best features of Fiverr

Every Job listed Starting with the price of $5.
People looking to Hire freelancers for any type of job on Fiverr including some funny and odd jobs too.

Best features of Elance

This website has the lowest fees price for every freelancers hiring sites at 8.75%.
Best for freelancer because of lowest fees price also best for lowest prices…

Compared Freelancer Sites

Compared Freelancer Sites


When oDesk and Elance made a joint ventured UpWork took birth in 2015.

When new company launched this was new thing with new commitment and Vision for the company to create the best and price the best services in the world.

This platform is great for companies to find out best individuals or independent professionals from around the world.

The goal of UpWork is to provide a trusted online workplace to connect individuals with companies and build a trust for working as a team..

The Jobs Offered by UpWork

Many different Categories are being offered by UpWork for freelancers for finding job or earn living and for Companies it provides to find a best professional to do their task efficiently.

In upwork jobs can browsed by Categories as well as by skills. Their Main categories are:

  1. Web, Mobile and Software Development
  2. Design and Creative
  3. IT and Networking
  4. Administrative
  5. Writing
  6. Sales and Marketing
  7. Customer Service
  8. Legal
  9. Accounting
  10. Consulting
  11. Translation
  12. Data Science and Analytics

Upwork has many different option for searching a best freelancer.

More on UpWork Features

On UpWork Every type of freelancers are available for every type of job. Weather the job is of mobile phone or desktop pc or you can get its professional on UpWork.

Freelancer of all type can be found by companies here on upwork well to make a long story short on upwork freelancer have to rome after project bid each and every project and get selected.

For UpWork if you are willing to do a job simply start with a writing a clear overview of your project, which includes your business overview and your project requirement.

When you are done with posting a project individuals will submit their proposal with their cover letter and links to their recent project after few minutes you post your project.

You will receive proposals from different peoples like freelancers, contractor etc and you will also receive personalized recommendations from UpWork.

As of previously explained one the job is done you can pay the freelancer via paypal credit card or paypal.

Costs and Taxes or Fees

When you post a job on UpWork and then hire freelancers they will receive the money to their account but 10% of it will be deducted by Upwork..

Compared Freelancer Sites

Compared Freelancer Sites


Well Fiverr is my favorite market place where i love to work. Its really easy to start with and its really helpful for new people or beginner to take a start.

For the people who are willing to get their job done fiverr marketplace is a really great place to get their job done because on Fiverr you can find any type of people for any type of job.

Thousand of freelancers have advertised their services in over hundreds of categories and if we make a rough estimate there are more than 3 million services listed.

What does the people Offer on Fiverr

Freelancer can be search on the base of job category, featured online or trending gigs Fiverr has also a really great section of blog where you can take tip and trick from..

The fiverr job categories includes

  1. Graphic and Design
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Writing and Translation
  4. Video and Animation
  5. Music and Audio
  6. Programming and Tech
  7. Advertising
  8. Business

To explain it more further fiverr has further subcategories in each of their main categories through which we can refine our search we can also refine our search by delivery time and other things like online users etc..

More on Fiverr Features

Here on Fiverr rather than posting your job you can look through listed gigs ( portfolios of people ) and select one for your required need then contact the selected person and make a formal deal..

How to earn money on fiverr

Fiverr is indeed a great platform for both buyer and sellers.. If you are looking to take a fresh start fiverr has their really nice faq section where you can take a complete overview and getting starting quickly.

Only thing you have to do signin for free then make gigs of the job you can do and then wait till customer comes in.

On Fiverr as seller you can do the following things
  1. Create a gig of the job you offer with the complete description, their specific photo, meta tags for seo complete offer of the packages etc.
  2. You can manage your sales on fiverr
  3. You can View your analytics like how many click do your gig have and how many views do did you got etc.
  4. You can view your gig statistics and you can view your earning and you can export your earnings..
Compared Freelancer Sites

Compared Freelancer Sites

How can i earn Money on Fiverr

On Fiverr all of the job takes their start from $5 but as you go higher the prices also go forward like then you can make different packages $25 $30 and so on.

For every sale of $5 fiverr will send you $4 to your account because they deduct 20% of your sales price and you can receive positive feedback with it too.

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