How to Create Successful Fiverr GIG


A gig is basically a service that is listed on Fiverr marketplace. If you want to provide a service on Fiverr, you would first need to create a gig . Below we are sharing the right method for Create Successful Fiverr GIG .

Creating Successful Fiverr GIG – Start Selling

You would place your mouse over user name, if this is your first time to create a gig and then would click selling then click start selling and then create a gig.

Right Method Making GIG - FIVERR - Start Selling

Username    >    Selling    >    Create a GIG     as show in the image….

Step:1 ) Overview

Once you click on create a gig you will be redirected to a view where you are required to enter the gig title and other information about your gig like description etc let’s go through each one one by one…

GIG Title
  1. Your title should be cleared and short that describes your service specifically and it should be to the point.
  2. GiG title should SEO be friendly and should describe your service completely..
Category and Subcategory

Once the title is being set now you are all set to proceed to selecting a category and subcategory from the drop down list select an appropriate one for your desired purpose.


Once you are done with selecting category and subcategory you are now required to enter description.

Write description of the service you are willing to provide you need to enter the description upto 1200 characters.

Try to add details as much as you can.

If the service is perfect one i – e according to the buyer’s requirements. Here you need to keep track of few things.

  • You are not allowed to enter email address, Skype ID, or URL you can only add the approved url.
Meta Data

In the meta data area try to select the criteria relevant to the service you are willing to provide this feature is only available for few categories..


In tags field you are allowed to add minimum three phrases or words, try to add those one which describes your service Crystal clearly.

Now you are all set to click Save and Continue to head over to the next step.

Step:1 ) Pricing

Here you can add three different packages if you are a new user. Like

Package One: You are providing fast delivery

Package Two: You provide stock images with it.

Package Three : You provide source code with it .

Once you are done with setting up packages  you are now ready to head over to the delivery time.

Delivery Time

In the delivery time drop down select the days you can deliver the task.

Once you are done with the delivery time now you are set to select revisions from the drop down menu. Select the amount revisions you would  like to include for fast delivery.

You can add an extra fast delivery to your gig per which you can change some extra price.

How to set up extra fast delivery in your extra section?

Try to select extra fast check box and select how many days and how many will be charged if you select the amount of the days in extra delivery greater than or equal to your actual delivery time , it will give an error.

Try to select days less than or actual delivery time.

Extra services

Here add the extra services that you can provide departing on your status for further details see your next upcoming blog .

Well basically these fields are optional. In this gig extra section fill out unique extra facilities for adding more uniqueness to your gig.

For every extra section select the check box and fill out the appropriate felids with it. Make sure you select the amount days it will take to complete for the money you are offering it.

Revision and source file Pricing :

Here in fiver you are having complete control on requested revision while maintaining the buyer right to request by defining modification in your price , also charge your source code too .

Setting a revision

Mark the checkbox next to additional revision in my gig extra.

Select number of revisions , cost , and duration per each modification .

For selecting source file pricing

From my gig extra section mark check box next to source file select the amount you charge for source file in the days of delivery. if purchase you cannot deliver your work without uploading a source file .

Shipping and Handling

You can charge the shipping fees in the following manner .

Select the check box first and then how much a specific country is being charged.

If there are multiple orders enabled you can then select how much you can charge.

After passing through this now you are ready to check some and continue .

Step 3 : Requirements

The buyer is tols needs to start the order . you can help buyer by giving him instructed either through

Multiple chance questions or a file upload this requirements #1 field , enter the detail of your requirement.

  1. in this field of answer type ,free task is either selected ,multiple answers or attached file.Answer fields  would be displayed if one selects multiple answer ,multiple  choice answers are filled out if one want  the buyer to select .One have also the option to allow more than  one answers .
  1. The answers is marked as mandatory check box if the buyer is required to provide the data you selected .
  2. check add .

5.after finishing ,click save and continue .

Step 4 . Gallery
  1. In the portfolio photo area, an image is dragged to drowse is click and as image is selected.Such photos are uploaded thar aew uploaded to your gig that can be sample of your mark . these images should be in JPG,JPEG or PNG and upto 5MB . these images should must be owned and copyright images shouldn’t be used otherwise gid would be disregarded and it won’t be approved
  1. In the gig video is dragged or browse is clicked a video is selected . This Gig video is optional .
  2. In this PDF files area , A PDF is deagged or browse is clicked and a PDF is selected .
  3. After passing through the above steps now you are finalized to check save and continue button.
Step 5 : Publishing

For publishing and promoting following are to be followed

  1. Publishing GIG is clicked first. Various social networks are being seen in which one can promote one GIG for promoting Gig, an icon is clicked and details are filled out .
  2. After this finish button is clicked .


A new user can create upto seven gigs . LEVEL 1 sellers can create upto 15 ,Level  2 upto 20 and top sellers upto 30 GIGs.

If there  is a video in the gig ,its status will be pending until the video is being  received but if doesn’t contain a video it will be labelled active other than pending

There is an option either  to share Gig on Facebook , Twitter ,Google+, Linkedin or by email .

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