Easy and Quick Ways to Remove a Background in Photoshop

This is the Photoshop that has provided different tools and techniques to create different sort of changes in image. The changes may occur background, body of images, cleanness, color and many other changes.

Well, in this article we’d love to show you how to remove a background in Photoshop in a quick and easy form. We are helping you step by steps which can make it more easy for you

Step 1: Open Your Image

If you want to remove a background in an image so this is the initial easy step which is very easy. Just start grabbing on the image to remove the background. You will be using this image as the features its areas.

Your Image

Step 2: Select Background Eraser

In this step you have to select the background eraser, you can take this tool from the Photoshop toolbox which might be hidden below the eraser tool. If it there then you have to simple click on the eraser tool and hold on it for revealing it.

eraser tool

Step 3: Keep Tune Tool Setting

In this easy step you have to just go to tool option bar and select a round hard function which is at the top of the screen. Brush size will be more suitable because it depends on the image that you are working on it. You can use square bracket key for fast scaling brush size.

tool setting

After this, secondly you have to set the Sampling to Continuous on the tool options bar, there is a limit to Find Edges and tolerance of somewhere between 20-25% which is a good place to starting.

eraser setting

Step 4: Begin Erasing

This step will erase your background to bring you brush over it. You must see there a brush size circle having small crosshair in the center. The crosshairs shows Hotspot and delete that color wherever it appears. It also performs smart color extraction.


Step 5: Choose an Effective and Sampling Settings

If you used a smaller brush to the side of or on the body of an image so with the background eraser there will be some dots or chunks out of the body.

Choosing Effective Limit and Sampling Settings

Some of options like Sampling Once that is for the color under the crosshair or any other body of an image. It won’t re-sample as you move your brush along with it. Here the Discontinuous Limit option let you to get rid of all pixels matching with sample color which you are erasing.

Choosing Effective Limit and Sampling Settings

Step 6: Quick Mask or Pen Tool

If you are removing the background in the given picture, so there are areas for the foreground subject that wrongly erased when you work close to foreground edge.

pen tool

If you want to delete the unwanted backgrounds so you have to use the pen to create a clean selection. For lighting you can use Photoshop’s Pen Tool which is easy. You can finish here your removing of rough background in order to have a good result.

finished result


Finally if you want to save your image without adding a new background so it is very easy to save it. Try to save it as a PNG to maintain the transparency. So we hope with the help of these steps you can easily remove background in Photoshop without spending much time.

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