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    • Learn to code the fun way by making games | c# and unity crash course – Course Intro – Forums

      If you have any questions related to this video don't hesitate to ask i will be here with an answer soon enough..

      Video link:

      Video description:

      The video is an intro video of the course we are creating for unity 3d this video will show you how the course is being designed and how you can learn to code the fun way.. to explain it a bit more the course is being designed in several playlist which will be uploaded soon and will post the link of each and every playlist as soon the playlist is being populated with videos…

      So here is a rough overview of the course..

      1. How to install all of software we need for this course.
      2. Learn basic scripting in C# and unity 3d by making simple guess the number game on console..
      3. Learn create text adventure game.
      4. Convert the guess the number to text game.
      5. Creating Arc anode ( block breaker ) game.
      6. Creating space invader game.
      7. Creating glitch garden.
      8. Creating a bowling game in 3D.
      9. Creating first person shooter game in 3D space.
      10. Moving own towards Virtual reality create some nice game for virtual reality gaming…
      11. And hopefully working our way towards AR (Microsoft HoloLens) ..
      If you have any question you can join by commenting down below or get in touch by our form section…
      Have a nice day..
      You can also follow us on our social accounts..
      You can follow us on our personal blog..
      You can also follow us on our social accounts..
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