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If you look anything that is getting popular in short time so everyone is getting weird and surprise. WordPress is the same that has made the users and people wonder because from the first days of WordPress till 2016 year (which is the 13th anniversary of WordPress)

has provided many services such as WordPress themes, widgets, and many more services that is using by a lot of users. Now we want to tell you that whether WordPress will keep its popularity in Future or not? – Future of WordPress

Well, you might know that everything has its expiry date if there is no ending date so it depends on the service that is provided by the company, may be some of the company or any other programs are losing its worth and value.

Anyhow,if we give a look to WordPress Templates, themes, plugins, so we examine if WordPress carry on the same in upcoming time so the future of WordPress CMS will be more bright. In this article we are making you sure about WordPress and what important things have to keep on by WordPress for bright future with the passage of time.

Better UI

Better UI

WordPress rival CMS companies have started attention with easier UIs for the average online users. While the WordPress team is focused on offering advanced functionality and services for power users. In this year we can definitely expect a simpler and better UI for the WP CMS. In fact, WP co-founder Mike Little has also expressed his team in progressing efforts in achieving better UI with WordPress to provide to people less deficiency.

No change to Backward Compatibility

Most of the WordPress expert developers said that the huge and big strength WordPress is based in its backward compatibility. The CMS platforms backward compatibility which can enable the developers to feel confident while creating the WordPress Themes, plugins, and extensions as they are aware that the future changes in WP will not be breaking their code. In fact, this is one of the main reasons behind WordPress’ widespread adoption, but don’t be worry the WP team is struggling hard on not making any big change with the backward compatibility feature. The backward compatibility makes WP more reliable.

JavaScript Makeover

javascript makeover

According to WordPress developers, the WordPress team is looking forward to bring and come up with solid JavaScript’s for maintaining its stronghold in the years to come. The point is especially important at a time when WP competitors are already offering great JavaScript-based used interfaces before which the WP admin is looking dated.

More Generalized Platform

It’s right that WordPress is primarily made for blogging but over time, it’s going to have a more generalized application across the web world. It is not limited to blogs but also having good host of e-commerce sites, magazines, membership sites, forums, enterprise services and mobile applications are taking to WordPres.

Now, some might ask whether the use would hamper WP’s identity as its specialized platform for blogging, especially in the competition against specialized CMS portals with clear use-case and clear user-base. But the WordPress have the power to retain its specialized identity despite being increasingly adopted for other web portals. This generalized application of WordPress shows only strength but not weakness.

Implementation of REST API

Implementation of REST API

This discussion about the future success of WordPress would remain incomplete without the talks of implementation of REST API. REST API, the abbreviation for “Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface” provides opportunities to recover pure data over HTTP without loops. It carries the great potential to transform how users traditionally display the contents. According to leading WP developer WordPress API development signals are the most important powerful happening the WP world right now. Some WP experts says that If the same actually happens, then the users can build the WordPress websites entirely separate from WP. It will enable you to come up with amazing apps which can easily integrate with the WordPress and that should be compare too with it.

There are some good benefits for the users by the WordPress new developers

1: Better engaging and user experience

2: High speed and better experience with the mobile platform

3: Having good control on failed or low connection

4: Lesser server load

Plugin-driven development

Plug-in Driven Development

This plug-in-driven development introduced by Matt Mullenweg and trends to continue in full plan in the future upcoming years as well. The process counts on developing any new feature for the CMS. The plugin quotient allows the WordPress team to have an effective test on the functionality of the first feature to integrating into WordPress core, which is a safe and smart way to do things. Actually, the plug-in stage for new features that changes up the development cycle and helps in avoiding the difficulties of creating things directly.

Premium Plug-ins are going to Rule

We can predict that the WordPress plug-ins are going to rule over the premium themes.The present era has gotten the WP plugin with the help of talented reference,that are presented professionally and the plugin makers seem to be developing potential business models.If you want to buy a certain WP plugin such as “Visual Composer” it is 27,000+times at 30 USD.So this is the success of most popular WordPress themes.

International Plugin

Only English is not the language on the internet and the non-English speaking circle is steadily making its way into the virtual world. Now the WordPress team is looking forward to internationalized some plugins that would be more helpful in language and very informative. In addition, the WP translation project has already included themes and plugins that are including very soon. The good thing is that language packs would be extended to plugins in near future time.

Responsive Images

responsive images

Now a day the whole world is getting “smart” and trying with a high speed, websites are rapidly going important to ensure a browsing experience from the the screen of small mobile devices as well, but there are some challenges in which one of them is the challenge of making the images actually responsive. The fact is that the responsive images can’t change the file size and just shrink the big picture to befit it out in the small frame that could mean a compromise with picture quality in some cases. The important thing is that WP is now working on how top cut edge solutions to make the images more responsive for a wide and  big range of screen sizes.


Finally it said that 1 in every 5 websites that is powered by WordPress,the popular CMS platform points to a bright future.So, with the help of this article you can understand about the future of WordPress that how it will be in next year or anytime in future.

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