Get more YouTube Views with Custom Thumbnail Images

Once again we are here to present you the best way of getting more YouTube views with the help of custom thumbnail images. Everyone is probably interested to get famous through the YouTube videos; however, there are many ways to use for getting more views. Custom thumbnail images are the easiest and best way and either doesn’t need to work hard for it. It isn’t very important to learn the entire skill to show to your audience what your YouTube vlogs are about. But you custom thumbnail can motivate your audience to click on your site and get aware what you want to say – Get more YouTube Views with Custom Thumbnail Images

Custom images can increase your YouTube CTR

It’s very easy to improve your CTR (Click through Rate) by video searches and on social media posts by creating good thumbnail images for YouTube vlogs. If you’ve already optimized your YouTube videos and when the viewers do search for the relevant contents on your vlog, so at least of them will likely to come on the SERP. SERP is the search engine result page. 85 % of the life might be showing up and when it comes to YouTube or Google search then you need to stand out or do a little more.

Use separate photo or relevant screenshot

YouTube uses a frame work of your videos like thumbnail, that’s why you can have so many videos with random images for thumbnail. We recommend you the best choice either a huge screenshot from the videos or have a separate photo for your YouTube thumbnail image. As comparison, the separate photo could be quite better to you. It’ll give you the flexibility for highlighting that what the video is about.

Never let Custom Thumbnail Images without Text

Most of the YouTubers don’t let it or leave but add some logical text with the images so that it can give an advertisement about the video. Well, you get understand with the help of this example. Just suppose you are writing the title for video or other information to any image like “Galaxy S6 – Complete review”.

For your YouTube videos, the important way is to observe different custom thumbnail images layout and designs. It’s also good to be creative to see what helps a lot for video thumbnails on your YouTube channel.

Never Create Misleading Custom Thumbnails

Be aware that the misleading thumbnails can draw the viewers in which is a bad idea. Because your viewers won’t get a hold to watch your entire video, if they click with the intention to watch something different. The building trust is very important to your YouTube channel’s viewers and this is the thing you need to avoid.

Big Thumbnail Images could get more Views

Such great thumbnail images are important to get more views and it should be relevant to the subject of your content. It also should be easy and stand out in reading to get understand the readers easily. If you apply these tips then you’ll feel more views on your YouTube channel.

When the viewers find your videos by searching on a social media and the image which they see for your thumbnail, so it must have a significant impact whether they click on it or not. So try to give some time while creating quality custom thumbnail images to all your YouTube videos.

We hope that our ideas can help you a lot while getting more views on your channel. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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