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Google Chrome: Chrome Will Soon Block Flash Content

Today we’ve got a bit of news that’s pretty interesting for anyone who uses the internet really especially those who use Google Chrome one of the most popular web browser.

It turns out they’re going to be making some big changes in the coming months they will affect flash content on the internet there specifically going to be starting to block flash content in favor of html5.

At this point html5 has really been starting to replace flash for a while.

It’s more efficient lightweight which means you’re going to use less data have more power efficiency for laptops and phones.

It’s usually just better overall.

And chrome is now prioritizing going forward html5 or flash content if it can so if a website has both it’s going to first try to use html5 not flash.

However, google has said that starting in September chrome is going to actually start blocking some flash content altogether probably mostly some flash that runs more in the background but either way this is going to hopefully increase the efficiency make your browser run a little bit more smooth and be more efficient power wise and just overall increase the speed of browsing in general.

Though it’s not really clear what exactly they’re going to be blocking and what they won’t because they say that in December they’re going to start blocking all flash content with the exception of websites that only support flash.

If a website doesn’t even have the option to use html5 if you go to that website you’ll receive some sort of prompt that will make you confirm that you want to use flash on that website.

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So it seems like right now they’re basically going to block just a little bit of flash content than later so if a website has both html5 and flash it will block the flash elements.

Now depending on how you look at it blocking might not be the best word for it the wording they use is they’re going to make html5 the default experience.

If a website has both html5 and flash and it tries to default to flash first the browser will block that and make it to html5 and in other situations if there’s flash content that’s not really necessary it will just block it not even ask you about it.

If things go smoothly most people won’t even notice the switch because virtually all the big websites use html5 at this point.

Also you might notice an increase in efficiency or your browser a little bit faster maybe less power usage it’s just going to be a better browsing experience overall websites are going to get a lot better.

This is good news for everyone because there’s not really a reason to keep using allotted legacy software for no reason and i think google is trying to make a push for companies and websites that have been holding off on switching just because they didn’t feel like they had to.

This is all really no surprise i think everyone’s been expecting flash to die eventually this is just another nail in the coffin and I imagine that a lot of other browsers are going to be following suit especially if more and more websites start to adopt html5 over flash because of this chrome switchover it makes sense for other browsers to do the same and eventually we’ll probably switch away from flash all together.

So it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out probably no one’s going to even notice and you’re not going to do anything at least although if there are websites that need to use flash it seems like you’ll still have the option to if that’s the only possibility.

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