How to Become a Software Developer

Software Developer creates the Applications / Programs that runs on a computer or another device. Software Developers are the Creative Minds & Brainstorming Geniuses behind computer programs while some of them focuses on a specific App or Program.

That is why there are two main classifications of Developers:

  • Applications Software Developers
  • System Software Developers

Applications Software Developers

They are responsible for designing Computer/Mobile Applications. The nature of their work is to largely focused on the creations for customers. This involves understanding needs of users, Developing Soft wares, Monitoring Performance, Modifying Programs as needed.

System Software Developers

The System software Developer are focused on OS level Soft wares, Compilers, & Network Distribution Software. Their Role is more geared towards designing Soft wares for Enterprise Organizations which includes the development of Software for Medical, Industrial, Military, Communication, Aerospace, Scientific, Business & General Computing Applications.

Common Software Developers Duties

Depending on the company where the Software Developer work, they first analyze the needs of the users & then Create, Test & Develop Software.

Typically, They Do the Following:

  • Analyze Needs of users & then Create, Test & Develop Software
  • They recommend software upgrades for existing Programs & systems to customers
  • First design each Pieces of Application & then plan how these Pieces will work together
  • Through Software Testing & Maintenance, ensure that a program continuous function normally or not
  • They collaborate with other computer specialists

How to Become a Software Developer

Usually, Software Developer have degree of Bachelors in Computer Science.


Software Developers have usually Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, software engineering. Computer Science degrees are most common because they tend to cover wide range of topics. Many Students gain experience in Software development by completing an internship in a software company while they are in college. For some positions, employers may prefer that applicants have master degree.

Only Writing Code is not the first priority, Developer must have a strong background in computer programming. Usually, they gain their experience in school.

Important Qualities for Software Developer

  • Analytical Skills – Developers must analyze the needs of users & then develop software to meet those needs
  • Communication Skills – Developers must be able to give instructions to others who are working on the project. They must answer any question that rise & explain their customer how the software works.
  • Creativity – They are the creative minds behind new Software.
  • Problem Solving Skills – Software developers are incharge of the entire software development process from beginning to end, they must be able to solve problems.

Software Developers Salaries

The median annual wage of Application Software Developer is $103,620 while the median annual wage for system software developer is 110,000.

The median annual wages for applications software developers in the top industries are as follows:

Software Publishers$114,320
Finance & insurance$107,960
Management of companies & enterprises$104,420
Computer systems design & related services$100,080

The median annual wages of System software developers in the top industries are as follows:

Engineering services$113,250
Finance & insurance$111,380
Software Publishers$110,920
Computer systems design & related services$108,790

Working Environment for Software Developers

Applications software developers hold about 944,200 jobs. The largest employers of applications software developers are as follows:

Computer Systems Design & Relates Services34%
Finance & Insurance10%
Software Publishers10%
Management of Companies & Enterprises5%

Systems software developers hold about 421,300 jobs. The largest employers of systems software developers are as follows:

Computer Systems Design & Relates Services31%
Finance & Insurance6%
Software Publishers5%
Engineering Services4%

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