How to Bulid Twitter Cards in WordPress Beginners Guide

With the Twitter cards you can possibly attach media experiences to your tweets that link to your content. It is same like sharing a link on Facebook that show a preview with title, summary and thumbnail of your content page. Well, in this article we are going to tell you the tips and method of How to Bulid Twitter Cards in WordPress Beginners Guide

How does Twitter Cards Work?

Any tweet which is having a link to a site with twitter cars enabled, an option is occurred there to view the summary. Now if any other user clicks on the tweet, so he/she can see the summary.

Twitter cards increases the number of people following your twitter account with the help of content attribution. You might don’t know that most people tweet on your links without sufficient attribution.

We observed from most of the popular content caretaker who tweet our article without any RT @internetseekho. They can do it, however, the publishers like you and we miss out when other people tweet again your content with different attributes. It will be clear for you with the help of our example.

For example, @aamirali tweets again on a post from @internetseekho without any attribution and the people are retweeting @aamirali. Of course the users will be viewing those retweets that are more possibly to follow @aamirali rather than the @internetseekho. Most of the content keeper is doing this to keep the length of the tweet short and confirm the retweets of their own tweets. With the help of twitter cards, this problem will exist not anymore because you get credit to your site from every tweet in your article. Keep in mind that we are keening on content keeper, but twitter is helping to fix it with the twitter cards.

How to add Twitter Cards in your WordPress?

We are providing you the method to add twitter cards in WordPress and you have to follow our rules step by step.

First, if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, so it is very good for you. Yoast is having built-in integration for the twitter cards.

So simply click or go to the “Social” page of Yoast SEO setting page and enter your Twitter username then save the changes.

Then click on the Twitter tab, below the tab you have to check the box to add Twitter card Meta data. Now select a default card type for choosing to show summary with a large image.

In next step, you should go to Users>>My Profile page where you will see a new field under the Contact Info for you twitter username. Now enter your twitter username here to carry on.

If you have a multi-author site, so advise your author to complete the part in profile. This is the way through which each specific author gets credit by their work.

If you are running a multi-author site, then advise your authors to complete this part in their profile. This way each specific author gets credit for their work as well.

Finally, you have done to all the rules and successfully added Twitter Cards in WordPress. We hope our article helps enough for you. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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