How to Change or Reset WordPress Password through MySQL / PHPMyAdmin

Reset WordPress Password

Many cases can be occur where you need to change password and email while using into WordPress dashboard, if the same case happen so you will be requested to a “Forget Password”, then the reset password will be mailed to the new email but to yours. The result will be that you are losing the manage over WordPress site. In this article we are going to tell you that how you will deal or get handled on such a problem.

We are having the easy methods for you to solve these problems out, the first step is to contact with the Hosting Store in case of restoring your WordPress, the restoration might get some time that can be an hour, a day or even more because it depends on the service provided by the Host.

Change & Reset WordPress Password from MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

We are going to tell you how to reset or change WordPress Password from MySQL or PHPMyAdmin. We can help you by two important methods to regain full manage over your hacked WordPress admin account.

1st Method: Long Way by PHPMyAdmin

This method involves the editing and updating the wordpress users’ table value to reset the lost WordPress password. This is such a method that is very lengthy and also easy without knowing some technical things. Some of the important points are mentioned here,

1: Head over to PHPMyAdmin that is using your cPanel or the hosting panel that is your hosting service supports.

2: Here you will click on WordPress database

3: Click on the table “wp_users” and navigate to it.

4: The row should edit with the help of your WordPress username.

5: Now if you look at the “user_pass” field, so change the function to MD5 and enter your password in the values section, but the password should be new.

6: You can update the table values by clicking “GO” or the similar options.

Method 2: Short way by MySQL

This is the second way to reset our hacked WordPress password by implementing the direct SQL query execution for updating the wp_users table. You can do it easily following our instructions step by step.

1: You need to follow our first 3 steps of the 1st method.

2: Go to SQL or MySQL in your PHPMyAdmin

3: After this you need to enter the given query “Update wp_users SET

user pass

= MD5 (your password) WHERE


=’your username’. After all you will put the new password here in place of your password and your username with your WordPress username.

4: At the end click on “GO” or similar option at the bottom for executing the query. 

Finally it’s great news for you that without keeping in touch with your hosting provider, you successfully changed your WordPress password and got full control over your WordPress admin. So we hope that you can follow our methods through which you can change your WordPress password and for further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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