How to change Trending Topics into Incredible Blog Post

Blogging is the identification of you site to your audience that we all are agree with it. Whenever we start to be success in blog, so we require starting by picking a niche to get to the target readers. What we do isn’t for us but for them and for specific readers that we want to reach them. In this article we are going to tell you that how to find key topics or change trending topics into incredible blog post.

Blog seems quite easy but sometime it makes you confuse to decide your subject. However, you have to think deeper, know what’s working and try to know what points are asking by the people in your niche. The important job in any blog is answering the questions, giving the relevant information and motivating your readers.

Resources for that let you to Perfect Post

It’s easy for you to write the perfect blog post but never apply your greatness on your audience. You only have to keep on your target getting from your audience. Following are the useful resources that can be also important to your readers.


You might have noticed when you planned about post; you probably wished to check what your audience is sharing. Some other people are also having the same thoughts so they decided to have a tool which does the same. Well, the BuzzSumo is the tool that allows you to enter a topic or the competitor’s website. You can check the top articles from their websites or article to know how many times a single article is shared in social media. The website we are talking about is Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You can take help from the shared topics to make your concept and can rebuild in your own way.

Google Trends

Although Google is in your control of blogging success, they are generous providing you with the tools for help. Google Trends is one of the tools including in them, it allows you to check the topics being searched for more time in any given point. You can also know which searchers are trending now and can search for same trending topics in your niche. This tool can provide a broad start and narrow it down on selecting certain topics that use the Google Trends visualize. It will allows you to see subjects and when click on them you can find a list of websites that are better for learning more.


Quora is discovered recently and everyone must use it. it is providing a question/answer service where people can pose question on any of the topics. However the answer will be providing by another person having more knowledge regarding subject. It is very easy to use and you will have a list of questions that people are asking.


You might not be using Buzzfeed as a source of news which never stops this site from being great topics provider for blogging. In blogging some of the articles aren’t focused in general but you can also find a variety of lists and joke articles for motivating your next post. It’s not a joke but reality because here are some topics to choose from. In case you feel humorous, here you will find a great love here.


All the people know that how fast does the Twitter move. If we try on to keep with a single feed is same like to try to keep up like stampeding herd of rhinos. The Topsy tool can help you to look for topics and keyboards that are appearing in tweets dating back to 2006.


This is the last tool that allows you to get your information from the source. In some cases finding the perfect topic is very simple like asking your audience. In SurveyMonkey a quick little survey embed in your page in order to make it simple and easy for you to ask readers any questions. You can also present them some topics to choose from. At last this raw data change into topics that will resonate with your readers where it came from them.


These are the tools that can help you knowing your audience. You can take enough information from our article. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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