How to Easily Indent Paragraphs in WordPress

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If you are interested in to indent a paragraph in WordPress or add space so you have follow our steps. When writing a paragraph, most of your text is going to left or to another direction so in such cases you need to indent the paragraph for better reading experience. We are going to tell about the easy ways that how to indent paragraph in WordPress easily – How to Easily Indent Paragraphs in WordPress

1: Use Indent Text Buttons in Visual Editors

This is the easy method for indenting the paragraph in WordPress. Most of WordPress themes show paragraph that will justify to left or right for right to left languages. If you really wish to indent the paragraph then simple click on increase indent button in visual editor that will add space to the left of the paragraph.

If you want to indent the paragraph more than one, then you need to select such paragraphs and click on increase indent button. You can click on the add indent many times for increasing space, and if you click it twice, then it will double the indent spacing. You can easily decrease spacing by clicking on the decrease indent button.

2: Indent Paragraph Manually Using Text Editor

The indent button in visual editor is the simple way to indent paragraphs. But this way doesn’t allow you to handle the number of spacing you want for adding. There are many users who can switch to text editor and can add spacing.if you want to do the same you have to wrap the text around paragraph tag <p> and </p> tags and then inline CSS to the paragraph text.

The paragraph text is mentioned here below;

<p style=”padding-left:25px;”>Your paragraph text goes here…</p>

Indent Paragraph Manually Using Text Editor

This method allows you to control the spacing you want to indent.

3: Indent Only the First Line of a Paragraph

When you indent a paragraph the spacing is added to the entire paragraph in WordPress. You need custom CSS for extra traditional spacing in some websites like news or magazines sites.

At the beginning you need to visit Appearance » Customize to launch WordPress theme customizer. Now click on the ‘Additional CSS’ tab that will show you a text box in the left pane and here you can add your custom CSS. There is a CSS code inside the box.

1-p.custom-indent {



This is easy for you now to edit a post in WordPress and can switch to the text editor. Secondly you have to wrap your paragraph inside <p class=”custom-indent”> and </p>

There are some other tags like this;

<p class=”custom-indent”>your paragraph text goes here…</p>

If you finished it once so then you can easily preview your post and you can notice that before only the first line of paragraph had spacing. With the help of these CSS rules you will automatically indent the first line of a paragraph in WordPress page or post.

That’s all we hope that these methods will help you the most while indenting the paragraphs in WordPress. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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