How to File a Complaint Against Your ISP

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Most of us especially if you’re in America have had run-ins and issues with our internet companies (ISP). Whether it’s bad customer service or bandwidth caps or faulty connections anything like that and a lot of times it’s easy to feel like you can make a difference especially when it’s the case of the internet company having a monopoly you may think that there’s nothing you can do when these internet companies essentially screw you over.

But there actually is something you can do and that is to file a complaint with the FCC the Federal Communications Commission.

Now if you’re outside the US there are other options that I’m going to talk about in a bit but first of all for the US actually filing a FCC complaint against your internet company is a big deal and these companies have to take them seriously and it also applies for cell companies as well.

What you do is go to and you click on file a complaint and fill out whatever issue you’re having whether it’s a low bandwidth cap or terrible internet connection that keeps dropping out or you’re getting speed they’re slower than advertised anything like that and you fill out the form.

How to File a Complaint Against Your ISP

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You might think that these complaints are just going to fall on deaf ears nothing’s going to happen but that’s not the case.

These internet companies are required to address these complaints.

After you file a complaint the company will contact you probably by phone and discuss the issue with you and hopefully fix it.

Then they have to actually write up a report to the FCC stating how they handled and solve the problem in the complaint.

 So it’s not like they can just ignore these FCC complaints the FCC really breeze down their neck about these and they have to take them very seriously.

If you’re not in the US, your country probably has a very similar government branch where you can file similar complaints against cellular or internet companies for example in the UK there’s “Ofcom” and in Canada it’s “CRTC”.

But what you can basically do is whatever country you’re in search FCC equivalent and then your country name and then once you find out what it’s called just do a search for that government agency complaint and then you could probably file a complaint through your government agency.

We definitely think that filing complaints against your ISP if they’re not is behaving is an important part of  being a responsible consumer especially considering that most of these internet and cellular companies have very little accountability normally, not only will  this make the internet company hopefully resolve your issue but it will also tell the FCC that people are having issues with these companies the more complaints they receive about them so it kind of puts a red flag on that ISP, so it helps you in multiple ways really.

We also think if your internet company has bandwidth caps you should consider finally complaint just about that if anything it will tell the FCC that people don’t like these bandwidth caps and give them a number of points choosing.

Look at how many people complain about these bandwidth caps if they move forward to ban these caps in the future they’ll have something to point to.

If you have been having issues with your internet company, then definitely consider filing an FCC complaint if you didn’t know you could do that already and hopefully that will motivate them enough to fix the issue.

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