How Can You Improve Your Ajax Performance?

How to Improve Your Ajax Performance


It is important for everyone to improve the Ajax performance. HTML that was using enough in the past that was pretty good to use. Due to increase in web page performances that’s mean to prohibit complex HTML markup and minimize the JavaScript code. In some cases the user faces with challenges because of advance technology. The challenges may include the load time as the users expect less than any for submission of form required.

On the other side there are other sites which depends on AJX for functionality and sometime the performance get critical than the normal JavaScript performance. In Ajax there are some of requests that work behind the scenes because of some differences. Ajax prefers to use a group of pre existing software technologies for creating interactive web applications. In this article we are going to tell you about the improvement of Ajax performances.

What is Ajax?

Ajax is a set of cross platform technologies and fundamental tool in today’s modern world. It provides help to the user to create web pages which are using interactively like application. Both Ajax and JavaScript become more prominent in the modern web technology and application. Ajax is also getting famous and important for JavaScript code and Ajax requests to provide optimal performance in a good way. Following are the ways to improve your Ajax performances;

Flow of Ajax Requests should be reduces

For beginners Ajax can’t be the best performance to beginners because it must be without any point and use. However, there are some ways that you can have benefits from Ajax. Firstly, no need to cut off all Ajax requests; best way is to cut off the wasted or unimportant. Being aggressive you can also cut the less important requests.

For example, suppose you are having a page in which the users can reorder the lists of items. So you may be tempted for performing an Ajax request with some changes in order. Sometime, it same like that the user would make several changes, resulting in many requests and it only the last order which is problem. Easy way to solution is adding a submit button for the user to click and have single performed Ajax request. For state changes you can use JavaScript for watching and reacting relatively in the same way. In the example in which you use the Ajax request at every X second and for changes a variable is important to use.

Var changed= false;

The next way to increase the number of requests performed is that you have to take advantages from browser catching.

Use GET Requests When Require

GET request is tending to perform best than POST whenever you are speaking of GET request types. The decision that is used by you must be based upon the specific parts of the requests. Like the GET requests are intended to have information from the server. Secondly, POST requests are intended to cause a server reaction, same like the updating of database record and sending email. But most often they GET requests are faster.

Reduce the Amount of Data Transmitted

There are many benefits of Ajax that provide service in some cases; the important is that Ajax provides to web pages that they could minimize the limit of data which needs converting back. Next to the conversion the data must be on forth between client and server. This is very simple because of some complete web pages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No need of downloading other important media by the browser and the Ajax request should write for sending less or more data. For starters data should be in limit for getting transmitted back to JavaScript. You should also choose the best data format that is following here below;

  • Plain text
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • extensible Markup Language (XML)

There are some other factors to select a data format, but here the plain text will transfer the lowest bits of data. JSON and XML are good in representing complex data and plain text should not be as an optional or option.

Performance of JavaScript code to be improved

To reduce the number of requests performed and the amount of data included in both sides of transaction is full of dramatic impact on your Ajax performance. When you want to have server changes on to order to provide help so some codes that you have in control base on considerations, you have to know before any reaction. First, you need to be vigilant about creating and ending XML HTTP request object at optimal times. Simple example bases on auction site that can perform two types of Ajax requests.

  • Submission of new auction bids
  • The retrieval of updated auction bids

Secondly, some users will view without bid auction so the XMLHTTP request object to perform bids, won’t  initialize. After the user submit a bid for the first time then it will initialize.  The XMLHTTP requests object are kept alive if auction remains open, on the other hand if the auction closes so both will be destroyed.


Ajax that is an important and a vital tool in our today’s dynamic websites. It uses a lot in JavaScript that is one of the common and useful programming languages. So we hope that you can take help enough from our article and for further more information you can visit to our website on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.

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