How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security in WordPress

Wordfence is a famous plugin that protects your WordPress site from any sort of attempts or attack. The Wordfence can also make your website’s security tighten. In this article we’re going to tell you about the steps of how to install and setup Wordfence security in WordPress.

What is Wordfence?

This is a WordPress security plugin that provides help to protect your website against the security threats such as malware, DDOS, hacking and other attacks. The Wordfence comes with a website application firewall that filters all traffic to your block and site. It is having a malware scanner that scans all the WordPress core files, plugins, themes and uploads folders to create changes. The basic Wordfence plugin is completely free and comes with a premium version that gets you to more advanced features such as country blocking, firewall rules update time, scheduled scanning and many more. Well, following are the ways of how to install the Wordfence security in WordPress.

Method of how to install & Setup Wordfence

The easy way we are going to provide you is to install and activate the Wordfence Security plugin first. After the activation the plugin will add a new menu item having label Wordfence to your admin bar of WordPress. If you click on it, you can get to the plugin’s settings dashboard.

After it a page will be open that will show an overview of the plugin’s security settings on your site. There will some other notifications that you will see like recent IP blocking, total attacks blocked etc.

The Wordfence settings are having many sections in which the default setting can work for many websites, however, you need to review and change them with them passage of time if required. So let’s have the start by scanning,

Use Wordfence to Scan your WordPress Site

In the first step you have to head over to Wordfence » Scan page, after this click on the click on ‘Start a Wordfence Scan’ button.

So the Wordfence will start scanning your WordPress files and the scan will search for changes in the file size of WordPress core. It’ll also check the files inside for suspicious code, backdoors and malicious URLs.

These scans require many server resources for running, luckily, the Wordfence provides the easy way of running the scans. The completion of time by a scan depends on your data that you have got. It will make you able seeing the progress of the scans in the yellow boxes in scan page. The information may be technical but you are suppose to get frustrate. When the scan finish the Wordfence will show you the result. Moreover, the free Wordfence plugin automatically runs full scans on your WordPress site

Free Wordfence plugin runs full scans to your WordPress site in every 24 hours automatically. On the other hand the premium version of the plugin makes you able to set your own scan timetable up.

Setting up Wordfence Firewall

Wordfence provides a website application firewall which is a PHP based level. In Wordfence firewall two levels of protection are using. The basic level is enabled by default and allows the Wordfence firewall to run as WordPress plugin. It can protect you from many security threats. The second level of protection that is also called extended protection which allows Wordfence to run before WordPress core, plugins and themes.

For detecting your server configuration, the Wordfence will run some tests at the background. In case you know that your server configuration is different than Wordfence has selected. After this you can choose the various that is quite different. After this click on the continue button to go forward.

Setting up Wordfence Firewall

Secondly, the Wordfence will ask you to “Download.htaccess” button and at the end of downloading the backup file, so simply click on the continue button. After this, Wordfence will allow you to run before WordPress.

You will have a ‘Learning Mode’ button. While you first install Wordfence so it attempts learning how your users and you interact with the website to be trusted that it won’t block the legitimate visitors. Almost after a week it will switch to ‘Enable and Protecting’ mode automatically.

Monitoring and Blocking Suspicious Activity Using Wordfence

Wordfence can provide you an important log of entire requests that are made to your website. It can be viewed by visiting Wordfence » Live Traffic page.

Monitoring and Blocking Suspicious Activity Using Wordfence

In this page you are able to block individual IPs and also the connection. It is easy for you to block the suspicious IPs just by visiting the Wordfence» Blocking page.


Some advanced settings in Wordfence

As you know that Wordfence is the most important and powerful plugin having more useful options. You can go to Wordfence » Options page for reviewing all the options.

Now here you are able to select the turn on and off features and enable or disable the email notifications, scans and other setting. On the Wordfence » Tools page, it is easy to run a password audit to make you sure that the users on your site are having strong password. The premium version users are also able to setup two-factor login to make the security more powerful on websites.

Finally there’s also another famous website security suite that is Sucuri which comes with a website application firewall and malware scanner. Both Wordfence and Sucuri are the best choices for improving the WordPress security. So we hope that our article can provide you enough information and for further information you can visit to our website.

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